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REPLY to Response to Motion re 205 Joint MOTION for Partial Summary Judgment of Invalidity of Claims 19-20, 22-23 of the '700 Patent filed by Microsoft Corp.. (Attachments: # 1 Affidavit John D. Vandenberg# 2 Exhibit 1# 3 Exhibit 2# 4 Exhibit 3)(Vandenberg, John)

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Anascape, Ltd v. Microsoft Corp. et al Doc. 227 Att. 3 EXHIBIT 2 GRANDIA demo impressions | Google Groups Recently Visited Groups | Help | Sign in Message from discussion GRANDIA demo impressions View parsed - Show only message text Search this group Search Groups From: Subject: GRANDIA demo impressions Date: 1999/10/13 Message-ID: <7u2iso$3tk$>#1/1 X-Deja-AN: 536313401 X-Http-Proxy: 1.1 (Squid/1.1.22) for client Organization: - Before you buy. X-Article-Creation-Date: Wed Oct 13 18:26:49 1999 GMT X-MyDeja-Info: XMYDJUIDldrelick Newsgroups: X-Http-User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt; AT&T WNS I just went down to a stationary store on campus and picked up a copy of the latest Official US PlayStation Magazine, I didn't get it to read (I can care less about shitty American games like Crash Team Racing!), I got it for one thing... GRANDIA demo! Finally, I've waited for SO long to just play this game, and now I can play it in English! Here's the impressions I gather... 1. Intro When you first start, you see an opening CG of events in the game, with the staff names on it. The CG is decent, though a little dark, and the characters are drawn in an SD anime style over it (which looks very awkward compared to the CG backgrounds). But overall, the music 2. Videos From the demo menu, you can see 3 short videos of scenes in the game, a Ghost Ship (which is a CG ship rocking back and forth in the ocean), a Military Base (which shows a big base made out of iron and steel, and some hang gliders taking off from it), and a scene of a giant red airship taking off. The CG quality is pretty good but has nothing on FF8. 3. Town Demo Another playable part is (what I'm guessing is) the first town, Parm. The first thing that caught my eye was the size of it... The town is much bigger than most other RPG towns, and you can press Select to view it as a whole. There are many different houses that you can enter and people to talk to. The graphics in the town are very very good, they're fully rotatable 3-D (but they look much better and cleaner than Xenogears), but in the houses, you're not able to rotate the camera. The only problem with the graphics in the town is that the frame rate is VERY low (about 15 FPS). In the town, you basically have to go to the harbor to get a ship, but you need a passport to get on the ship, and the passport is obtained through this guy named Java who's in the Cafe, but the Cafe key is missing, so you need to go to the harbor to get the Cafe key from this one guy. Then, when you go to the Cafe, Java's not there, he's over exploring some mines, so you need to go to the mines (that's where the demo ends, you don't get to go to the mines in it). So, from what I gather, the game's graphics look very nice and the towns are big, but the game looks like it'll have a lot of stupid fetch quests in it. Another thing I noticed was the awful dialogue in Page 1 of 2 GRANDIA demo impressions | Google Groups it. The game is very reminiscent of Lunar in how the characters in your party actually have DIALOGUES with the townspeople (instead of monologues like most RPGs), and from here the personalities of the characters are evident... Justin sounds like a real dumbass (who doesn't know the difference from "cold bread" and "not very warm bread" :P ), from what I gather, and Sue is sickengly cute (and annoying). The dialogue in this game is very terrible, too, with lots of grammatical errors and expressions that don't make sense. Lately Sony's been doing half-assed jobs of translating games, but oh well. Some of the dialogue is so bad it's laughable. Look at the screenshots at GIA and you'll agree. 4. Field Demo The Field Demo has you playing through a mountainous area of the game, this time you're accompanied by a green-haired woman named Feena. In the fields, you can rotate the camera around, but you can only see an overview of the current area you're in when you step on little circlelike spots (they look like save points). This one particular area is pretty big, with lots of places to explore, which is a refreshing change of pace from games like FF8 with their simplistic dungeons. Although the graphics on this particular board were nothing to write home about, they served their purpose. Another thing is that you can see the enemies before they attack you, which is a positive. So far, the battle system is pretty cool. It's set up like a normal turn based battle system with hints of Star Ocean... At the bottom of the screen is a meter which shows which characters and enemies get to attack first, so you're able to actually go and attack the enemies that are ready to attack. The enemies and characters are both sprites, and both are fairly detailed. The battles are pretty fast-moving and are a change of pace from other more traditional combat systems (FF, BOF, etc.), I like the battle system as there can be quite a bit of strategy used, but in the demo, it was easy to survive just by using critical attacks. There are spells that are levelled up in the old-fashioned FF2j style by the amount of times you use them, and I believe weapons are levelled up in this way too. It's good stuff. So, overall, this game is coming out October 28, I believe, and I'm gonna definitely pick this game up! So far it looks like it can be THE RPG of 1999 (right behind Star Ocean 2, of course)... Sent via Before you buy. Create a group - Google Groups - Google Home - Terms of Service - Privacy Policy 2008 Google Page 2 of 2

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