Apple, Inc. v. Motorola, Inc. et al

Filing 32

Declaration of Rebecca F. Kennedy filed by Defendants Motorola Mobility, Inc., Motorola, Inc. re: 28 MOTION TO DISMISS OR SEVER AND TRANSFER filed by Motorola, Inc., Motorola Mobility, Inc. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1-Copy of Joint Motion to Stay, # 2 Exhibit 2-Copy of Memo in Support of Motion to Transfer Venue, # 3 Exhibit 3-Copy of redacted version of Apple Inc. and NeXT Software Opposition to Defts. Motion to Transfer Venue, # 4 Exhibit 4-Copy of Motorola Declaration of mailing, #10-867-GMS, # 5 Exhibit 5-Copy of Motorola complaint, #10-867-GMS, # 6 Exhibit 6-Copy of Apple and NeXT Software Complaint,#10-cv-00166-UNA # 7 Exhibit 7-Copy of Apple Complaint,#10-cv-00167-RK, # 8 Exhibit 8-Copy of Apple Answer, Defenses and Counterclaims, #09-1002-GMS, # 9 Exhibit 9-Copy of Apple Answer, Defenses and Counterclaims, #09-791-GMS, # 10 Exhibit 10-Copy of Order in #09-10020GMS, # 11 Exhibit 11-Copy of 12/6/10 Order in #10-cv-166-UNA,10-cv-167-RK,09-791-GMS,09-1002-GMS, # 12 Exhibit 12-Copy of Apple Answer, Defenses and Counterclaims, #10-cv-249.) (Frihart Kennedy, Rebecca) Modified on 12/27/2010; added exhibit descriptions. (mmo).

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