Lonas, Dessie v. Greisbach, Judge et al

Filing 45

Transmission of Notice of Appeal, Docket Sheet and Judgment to Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals re 43 Notice of Appeal. (Attachments: # 1 Orders, judgment, # 2 Docket sheet) (jef),(ps)

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DOC NO APPENDIX OF FORMS TO FEDERALREC I O/FILED RULES OF APPELLATE PROCEDURE 7011 APR 19 AM 10: 1 1 FORM 1. PETER OPPENEER NOTICE OF APPEAL TO A COURT OF An4V1J% DIST COURT FROM A JUDGMENT OR ORDER OF A DISTRICT OGIMMi United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin A. B., „Dessig- 1--olJAS Plaintiff(s), File Number Notice of Appeal Th-c1-- '780 -Jar /6- tv-790-i P 771 V. 07017-£. C-REASBAC-14 Cr AL; C.D., )97.04 Jewidsoei r /09 ft or todosisvir Defendant(s) Notice is hereby given that (here name all parties taking the appeal) (plaintiffs) (defendants) in the above named case, * hereby appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Circuit (froip the final judgment) (from an order (describing it)) entered 0CS ?MeV , 20/7 in this action on the i9 day of AC (s) 444Le Attorney for Address: *See Rule 3(c) for permissible ways of identifying appellants. . , - . OD&LS / -4Plf1OE Se.reP_AL 'ern- 0107-5 73 roc 1 c,acuir Et0410 This Coott- I WAS •F;i0/41-tX kir -on) ME kifri-l-r 73 -Pat-c to Appg.9c_. niCSE Ds-re, iSon.) Ic.Tbs 1 WAS mot- fli3a. ro eE_TA-Al Dipyr-reevo ,F}Osin_W to 174£ AidEsreoA) RS 73 WHY /Jo 0A.Ja (JAS . fur -7 4At 6 ELLA s) er- l., £. i F TI-ls 4-' , MA-0 2CCI:WW Abrice- r0 A fitgc Cit2tUrr _ g2MEM,BEC /1./1 AnL ts,,, 31,,ie,- mizzi(1epred Advo . DE-sr-roYeo . A- PAr.40,6-e 1.-,4-zra tow- snow) *u This awcitro AS A- Alordbp) lifv- ecoc Men'. . _Port'. WO6-£ Da Ale c 12... . . ' i_ Am Sspoini6- A fAck4FE &At& 7741S HAS aCeni PT,ectUED ...lb/ MAT" fAc_,O9fr-E A reicc or- eui0EALE.. (AMA.- cone- -70 5-too Yot, ThAr 99 .9 9 .freer: /Or of--- m S- LE6-41 AriAit, 's trnz-e (bog-7'S Lot7H 2,00enzio (Akar.) ,.30 re-14 -r eA-Am.)or //urge Erf S -- :. a 1 r": - .1 xso ',oat .i-lAve -7; Fits Itts A6VtAL .1._,KC .1 FL-co THE 7 War-tour Thig F,LA,,m- Frrs cro. Z Kiva& Yoe.< di0OF.4.s - 440 i 0;5E5 ; . LUMerr 449,04) — - t HIS Biukt 7- A,'Se . CDOLZ) OF BCrAl 004IC SocAJEC i F NAloin) floc,w.AA10 711cA) ri i-ko 75 avo A &At- 73 . 0Cr . 75 /3 LAO 1-48,e4e1 Foe. F:::92.4n, i i-kis lismar is Jon E78,,,ii_ 774 y t4)cj agothadr reU cilitr A) °Pont ataScia , ef", or= Th4c. MAA/C5ou. - krai4 , . g tok,“ /9f113/1 1SE€ VIR At 11 1 -nrondA/ OSW KCl// eo,eRcc vox ) iAls :AP3 120 €,Box 33/0 001-igos ok 01/903- 330 FOREVER USA •OMCC OF ThE CLERK Bank Swallow OAnTEO STAT-cs Di 5 MKT coa-r cocs-izedu 1),s7-21c7 m Al Oe 714 deivety k 32-0 114-01Soni 10/. No c: As OAIC 0.26E PL&SE , Nor 3 53703 - 1111111 I ?Hit HI I 11,11-11111 lid1111111411111pIllibitill S3703-4304c49 (j rzi cOli

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