Bond v. USA

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Transmission of Notice of Appeal, Order, Judgment and Docket Sheet to Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals re 5 Notice of Appeal (Attachments: # 1 Order, # 2 Judgment, # 3 Docket Sheet) (voc)

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IN T~E UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DOC NO FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF WISCONSI:NEC'D/FIL.ED 20iBAPR-9 AH 9:51 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,. Plaintiff, v. LEROY BOND, JR., Defendant § § § § § § § § § PE .rER OP 0 E' :t·:- -' t I L CL.Ef<K US DIST C:.., :·: \'!0 OF \'f I I ""· CASE NO. 18-cv~212-JDP (15-cr-01-JDP) NOTICE OF APPEAL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that LeRoy Bond, Jr., Defendant in the above named case, appeals from the Order or Judgment entered on March 27, 2018. under 28 u.~.c. $2255. Denial of Writ of Habeas relief This appeal follows a guilty plea. This Honorable ~ourt has jurisdiction pursuant to 28 §1291. u.s.c. This appeal is brought because the named Defendant's above constitutional rights were violated. RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED T H I S ~ DAY OF APRIL, 2018 .. L~&~ FCC-Petersburg P. o. Box 1000 Petersburg, VA 23804 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that I caused to be filed the fo~egoing motion with the Clerk of Courts office via U.S. Mail on this Lf day of April, 2018., by placing it ·in the institution ~ x , postage prepaid, and a copy has beeh forwarded to Plaintiff at their address of recdrd. LeRoy Bond · ; Case: 3:15-cr-00001-jdp Document#: 27 Filed: 06/29/15 Page 1 of 1 To Whom it May Concern: Leroy bond Jr is my friend and has been for many years. He was like my brother and my kids uncle. I'm not sure what happened but life went cloudy for him and he made some huge mistakes. No I wouldn't leave him alone with my kids anymore but do I still care about him. Yes, I do very much. And I forgave him for what he's done and so has my daughter. Yes I think he should get prison time for his actions but I wouldn't say 30 years. He would learn his lesson after his first year. This did not affect my daughter at all as she knew nothing about it because she was asleep. Thank you for your time. Brenda Visger Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet ~ 03/19/2018 Page: 1 of 12 &U&&UYM L CT 4 # Case Information :ussw UE1 SEX OFFENSES - Sexual Abuse of Children &&&£&I MADISON District: Mag Dkt#: j14-MJ-141 Branch: Dist Ct#: Case ID: 9076645 FY: WIW-MA-2015-00025 Attorney [15-CR-01-JDP !Bugni, Joseph Civil#: §015 Case Type: ~R Appeal#: Sub Type: ~R6110 Info#: Severity: ~39 Assist#: Level: \Felony Priority: ~.49 Rule: Opened: [11124/2014 Additional Sentencing Information USAG Death Penalty D Approved D Denied Appointed: j11/24/2014 Closed: Detained Location Lauk County Jail Closed#: Incarceration Facility LJ of LJ LJ of LJ Counts#: Client#: Case Flags: &&Ma&S&MJA Jil !Z&ii&i I Client Information C&&WWWCCWWW Mr. Leroy E. Bond First: Middle: ~- Last: Work: ~eroy ~ond CSZ: Other: Suffix: POC: DOB I Age:p2!27/1973 SSN: Line 2: I~ f396-76-1491 SID: Email: DI - ,, Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet I Page: 2 of 12 03/19/2018 e .: aawwwm& & WWW Charges 1) 1 08/16/2014 - D D 18:2251.F: SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF CHILDREN waw 1a:t£aail1&L2ii11& ' 11/24/2014 10:33 am -· g il&&iZl&i&Mi&&Z Schedule Information 22222EZ &Zli!S!Si&JWWWSS 4#1 IIM&&b &&SW: &&ma@ Description Date/Time Duration Participant ._§E_N_T_E_N_C_IN_G_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____JI p6t30/201511:00AM I ._I_ _ o_.5_0_hr_,~ ~ugni, Joseph D All Day Event Subject: ._ifE_L_E_P_H_O_NE_C_O_NF_E_R_E_N_C_E_ _ _ _ _ _ _~j p6t26/201511:00AM I ._I_ _o_.3_0_hr_,~ Subject: foo8) 355-3492 ID ._~E_L_E_P_H_O_N_E_C_O_N_F_E_RE_N_C_E _ _ _ _ _ ___,j p5!06/2015 03:00 PM 11 _ Subject: K608) 355-3492 j ._IPS_R_O_BJ_S_D_U_E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 0 Subject: ~I p3t25/2015 09:30 AM ~._E_L_E_P_H_O_N_E_C_O_N_F_E_RE_N_C_E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ All Day Event ID ._~_EL_E_P_H_O_N_E_C_O_N_F_E_R_EN_C_E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __,I p3!19/2015 09:30AM D ._IPS_R_D_U_E_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Subject: __,I p3!13/2015 08:00 AM 11 ~--------------------~ ._~E_L_E_P_H_O_N_E_C_O_N_F_ER_E_N_C_E _ _ _ _ _ _~I p2!20/2015 01:30 PM _ D Reminder 0.50 days! I._M_oy_e_rs_,_Pe_te_r_ _ _ _ _ ___, All Day Event D Reminder 0 All Day Event D Reminder 0.50 hrs! ._IB_ug_n_i,_Jo_s_ep_h _ _ _ _ ___, _ All Day Event D Reminder 0.50 day~ jMoyers, Peter All Day Event D Reminder I ._I_ _o_.5_0_hr_,~ ~ugni, Joseph D All Day Event Subject: ,_~E_L_E_P_H_O_N_E_C_O_N_F_E_RE_N_C_E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Reminder !._Bu_g_n_i,_Jo_s_ep_h_ _ _ _ _ ___, 11 Subject: D 0.30 hrsj._~u_g_n_i,_Jo_s_ep_h_ _ _ _ _ ___, I Subject: ~608) 355-3492 Reminder· jsugni, Joseph D All Day Event __,I p3t27/2015 08:00 AM ! I D D Reminder __,I p2!19/2015 03:30 PM I._I_ _ _ o_.5_0_hr_,~ ~ugni, Joseph D All Day Event Subject: D Reminder ~I p1!30/2015 02:00 PM I._I_ _o_.5_0_h~r~ ~ugni, Joseph ._IPL_E_A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ D Subject: All Day Event D Reminder ~l 11211112014 02:30 PM I._I_ _o_.5_0_h_,r~ ~ugni, Joseph ,_~R_RA_IG_N_M_E_N_T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Subject: ~--------------------~ ,_j1N_IT_IA_L_A_P_P_EA_RA_N_C_E_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Subject: _,l l11t24/2014 02:00 PM D All Day Event D Reminder j ._I_ _ o_.5_0_h_,rsj ~ugni, Joseph D All Day Event D Reminder Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet ~ Page: 3 of 12 03/19/2018 Related People ta I ! Court :··- ··--- JUDGE i I_ ____ Iii AUSA Mr. Stephen Crocker 11/24/2014 10:33 am Mrs. Elizabeth Altman 12/05/2014 01:30 pm Ms. Denise Henry 01/26/2015 02: 10 pm Non-Court I L•.• ·--- FAMILY Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet Page: 4 of 12 03/19/20.18 &I & . Midf&Ji&l&S.D&&iiii\ Closing Information M&a!i&E& Closed JEl.&W&&W& &&&&&&! Disposition p?/07/2015 Closed Case # Storage Location ~@0_1_5-_00_2_33_~1 ~IBA_·N_K_E_R_s_o_x_#_14_2_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____,I po10010000 I Sentence Incarceration Facility Additional Sentencing Information Additional Closing Information life Incarceration: Supervised release: C C yrs mths days CJ ~ CJ LJ CJ CJ Supervision Q Probation: Home Confinement: C C Community Corrections: With 0 Without CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ (Halfway House confinement) ---~I hours Community service:j~ I Fine: I Restitution: Special Assessment: j Processing Fee: I O Waived O Remitted 0 0 0 Waived O O O Waived Waived Remitted Remitted Remitted None Q 0 Variance or Departure: 0 .ool .ooj 100.ooj .ool Up Down D Pretrial diversion referral D Misdemeanor only charged D Reduced to misdemeanor D Plead to lesser charge D Case sealed Appointed: j11/24/2014 I Entry of JudgmenUFinal Order: p6!30/2015 j Open to JudgmenUFinal Order: && 'm :a I 7.0j months SWWWI Notes Jessica Westphal Today we received Leroy Bond's additional discovery (Discovery Discs 129-137) that contain audio/visual, from the AUSA. The discs, except for Discovery Disc 129 which I was unable to save, have been saved to the network in Leroy's discovery file. Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet ? Page: 5 of 12 03/19/2018 Notes Case Notes 12/22/2014 01 :29 PM WIWMA201500025 Jessica Westphal 12/10/2014 02:25 PM Today we received Leroy Bond's additional discovery (Batches 1-4) on paper from the Wisconsin State Public Defender Fredric Anderson. The discovery has been scanned and saved onto the network in Leroy's Discovery file as Discovery-Batches 1-4. Nothing was mailed to the client. 0 Jessica Westphal Schedule Notes 06/25/2015 02:21 PM Today we received Leroy Bond's discovery (pages 1-127) on disc along with Discovery Item disc 128 which contains interview videos, from the AUSA. The discovery and disc have been uploaded onto the computer and saved on the network in Leroy's discovery file. Nothing was mailed to the client. 0 0 0 03/19/2018 01 :29 PM Joseph Bugni TELEPHONE CONFERENCE 03/25/2015 2:30PM Call in: (608) 355-3492 Jessica Westphal Time Entry Notes TELEPHONE CONFERENCE 05/06/2015 8:00PM Call in: (608) 355-3492 Jessica Westphal 03/24/2015 10:58 AM TELEPHONE CONFERENCE 06/26/2015 4:00PM Call in: (608) 355-3492 Jessica Westphal 05/05/2015 08:26 AM WIWMA201500025 ~ CLIENT 03/19/2018 12:00AM Dear Leroy, I hope that this finds you well. I am glad that you got all the records I sent, and I hope they are helpful. As far as the appeal goes, I think that we remember things differently. I have attached some of the notes from our online records system that I have. In it, I have recorded that you did not want to appeal. It was right after sentencing. If you had changed your mind, I would have filed one-believe me. You might have it confused with Fritz and the state case, but with the federal you didn't want to appeal. I am sorry. - 02/26/2018 04:07 PM Joseph Bugni CLIENT 02/26/201812:00AM cindy, this is not important. But sometime, print Leroy's file (all filed documents) and all discovery and send it to him. Also, please send him the court reporter's information so he can order a transcript of his plea and sentencing. And add this letter. Dear Leroy, It was good talking with you. Everything that we· have, you now have. And here is the court reporter's information. 1wish you all the luck in the world getting your sentencing reduced. Sincerely, Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet !· Page: 6 of 12 03/19/2018 Notes :dAf[;iJ}~j ~~-i'~~~{~~,1~~/~~~~:;:1~:110A~•-· Joseph Bugni took his call and he wants his file -· . 9i??-'.f¥i~qJa,}f:'MAKA·Joseph Bugni cindy, please put this in a letter to him and print for him his plea agreement, his waiver, his letters in support, and docets 38-41. Dear Leroy, I am sorry I missed your call but thanks for leaving the message. I think that this is everything that you mentioned in the letter. I hope that it helps. And I hope that all is well with the family and that you're safe. Let me know if you need anything else. Sincerely, 02/0:1'/2018:04:19PM ·. · . . . . - .... , ··. :· ::· .,.·~-:.~- ~,>'-·:-~~-' !ET , cL1eNrnWi'2fo'.1i201 s :12:ooAM; ._ .. -·· Cindy, Please send him his docet sheet. I think he's at a new prison. And send this letter, you can sign it. Joseph Bugni Dear LeRoy, It was good to hear your voice. You sound good, and I wish I could have talked with you. I was working on a brief and told them to hold my calls. But please call back so I can hear how you're doing and how the kids are. Until then, the docket sheet is enclosed. Let me know if you need anything else. Sincerely, 11Yosi2dis.69::12-AM,'._ <:·,:-,···: ,_., ~. Joseph Bugni ;~·< :~9.¥,~<JtiHiosi21hs'12:00AM Cindy, Please put this into a letter to Leroy. He has been moved to hazelton, wv Dear Leroy, It was good chatting you up. The incident that you want overturned is from 5/31/2007, docket number 07CM412. Once you get the reports the people that can help you are at the Remington Center in Madison, [cindy put in address, please]. They have a wrongful conviction clinic and can help. Whether they will or not is up to them. And, Leroy, please know that whatever you need I will try and do. Sincerely, jJJd$tlQ15'R9:o~.AM, -· Joseph Bugni .''JI] .•. .·COMM01: 111osi2ofst2:01>AM talked to him about his case and his problems. Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet Page: 7 of 12 03/19/2018 Notes Time Entry Notes COMM0108/06/201512:00AM Jessica Westphal jess, he's at the usp terre haute, please send this to him · Dear Leroy, Your mom told me where you were placed. You need to check in to protective custody, just stay there and wait to be transfered. Above all, you have to be safe. Stay safe. You didn't go to Superior because the prosecutor there dropped the ball and failed to do the proper paperwork. You will be brought back there soon. Until then, stay safe and go into protective custody. Sincerely, 07/08/2015 11 :26 AM :i O letters to others and to fritz. Joseph Bugni 07/02/2015 04:01 PM 0 · COMM03 07/02/201512:00AM emailed about the j&c for bond and getting him to a somp Joseph Bugni 07/01/2015 09:34AM 0 0 0 Joseph Bugni 06/29/2015 02:37 PM 0 Joseph Bugni ATTY19 06/24/201512:00AM drafting sentencing memo and handling business with discussing it with everyone. 0 , ATTY19 06/23/2015 12:00AM drafting sentencing memo Joseph Bugni 06/29/2015 10:25 AM ATTY19 06/26/2015 12:00AM drafted and filed sentencing memo Joseph Bugni 06/29/2015 02:36 PM ATTY19 06/29/201512:00AM just geting ready. Joseph Bugni 06/29/2015 03:26 PM ATTY20 06/30/201512:00AM long, hard sentencing. client does not want to appeal. this hurts. Joseph Bugni . 06/30/2015 07:39 AM COMM03 07/07/201512:00AM 0 COMM03 06/10/201512:00AM email with beth Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet i· Page: 8 of 12 03/19/2018 M&IM IM & i 4 WU Notes Ti~~:Ent~/N~t~s"': . :.· ()6/~gfa'cf~'.s'9:~:.{~~@:,;:::: : ; : ;- <:• ,;: I;; ,,_ '.:~ ~;•;'~ ~!1'¥1:~~-~~~/~_81:20j·s ,·12.~o#A,~~(:,?:·:·' {_, -~:~\1~\~:::frt~W~:~i:t~:!::dW:~:{;t::·;·;;::'.~~~;~i;' Joseph Bugni CINDY, In his sentencing folder there is a letter to the court and a letter in support of him. Can you please format the one to JDP and file it with the other one as an attachment. Finally, please file the letter in support under seal. thanks, jab Q.6/t5/2(f15 O!;i:54 Ptvf .· ·.· ·. :[IL :AT:l":'l1 s oa11s12015 .12:ooAM, reviewed video with rauh editing Joseph Bugni O~liatic>1qJ)?:~9 PM . · iEJc· staff brainstorming re: sentencing Kelly Welsh 9~/~~iio1:s:oto4;Prl.··. · CJ] ·• ·Afu1 g o:s12s1201 s t2:00AM. . lunch meeting about the case. Joseph Bugni q~tb612q1$:04:1gpM: Amt9 0512s,201512.oo'-'\M• _·{~t-·· AID1905/06/201512:00AM Cindy, we got some more records from essentia but none that are recent. There should be some from 2013-14. Can you give them one last call and see if they have anything more for us. Joseph Bugni thanks, jab O§(O~t?015_02:11. PM Joseph Bugni :.: : J~l .: '~~~9_0.~!06/2015·:1~:-~o.~l'.!1\ ... cindy, also, low priority but leroy bond's release for dane county jail is in your box. send it off when you can. jab iJ?YPWf§~•~::pa:ii AM• Jessica Westphal i.{~l-'" c0Mrino2 0510512015 -12:ooA:nii< jess, can you set up a call with leroy bond for tomorrow at 3. jab §:s,1.0~1~01§··9~ntAM··.•· ••·. ·.·· Joseph Bugni [J';'·ATT¥19.·o5tos1201512:00AM:{ emailed with yackovich. Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet 1 Page: 9 of 12 03/19/2018 If 81¥1 1 %$19 J 4 Notes [' _·_ ·- 5:!U_r~:~~) ... ,.,, zt\l:,~tg~t. Time Entry Notes 04/24/2015 08:33AM _ j _j,.' .._ il::T~~~~l:\.rc :· ~ Joseph Bugni iff ...• }~. ··.L···· f ...··:cvN,Qj!''A: :_··, ~\---~·., .....· COMM01 04/24/201512:00AM Cindy, Please put this into a letter to Leroy Bond and send him two medical releases one for dane county jail and one for Saulk. Dear Leroy, I got your letter dated April 22, and I am so sorry you're having these side effects. I will get you everything that I can and do everything that I can. But before I can do anything you have to sign these releases and send them back. I am in trial next week, so it won't be until the first week in May that I can get anything done. Until then, stay calm and just don't do anything rash or dumb. You have a lot to live for and your kids need you. They need you to finish your invention and get rich. Sincerely, 03/30/2015 09:53 AM ~ ATTY19 03/30/2015 12:00AM Jessica, Can you fill out an expense request for a sex evaluation for the same guy that we used for Matt Phillips, same hours and cost. and in the explanation put: Jessica Westphal I took this case early in my time here and I hoped to leave behind getting everyone an evaluation. I never had one in Milwaukee. The PSR just came back and his guidelines are 360-life and it's bad. The first victim is a 15 yearold who he slept with and took pictures of. No problem there. But the other two are 9 yearolds that he babysat for and took pictures of in their sleep. Creepy. The driving point at sentencing will be his risk to the community, so this isn't really prophelactic covering my ass so we don't need a sentencing memo, but this is legit. 03/26/2015 09:27 AM 0 03/24/201511:16AM . ATTY18 03/25/2015 12:00AM went over psr Joseph Bugni ~ COMM0203/24/201512:00AM Jessica, Can you please set up a call for me with LeRoy for tomorrow at 11. Jessica Westphal Thanks, jab 03/19/2015 09:44AM Joseph Bugni 0 ATTY18 03/19/201512:00AM Alley mom's name is Brenda. Della is D.S. Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet 1, Page: 10 of 12 03/19/2.018 Notes tirB~YE,ntr/N9fei'./>}9~zq~!%'q:r~:~~!#~t1t@(f.I;{,': :/.;.~· :fa -~~M~:cf~~ir~zo:aj~o.1 ~~:12:0~:~~:~~'i;::3{:~;;{fi:; Jessica Westphal Jessica, Please put this into a letter for Leroy Bond Dear Leroy, I hope that you're well. My intern had some extra time, so I had her get these for you. Enjoy. Sincerely, --.D ;Am:11tn1201201 s 12:00AM'. . - . •- Mt621261 sds!36).rvf did second round of psr Joseph Bugni O~I0?1i,g~·5Q8{2_~:AM: _-· [] Artv,2102/19/201512,00AM - talked with bond about sentencing and the second phase of the psr Joseph Bugni 92d$1201~o~;?(fFM>-<:'-----· cindy, in bond's correspondence file there is a letter marked sentencing and dated today. can you please format it for me, sign my name, and make 25 copies. Jessica has the letter that goes with it for Denise Henry. That is Leroy's morn. Joseph Bugni thanks, jab 91'!i'at~Q~t;$)~~19~H1i~V ,: > .El' COl\111\1103 01/,28/2015 12:00AM >· -•. called and morn and to set up psi. Joseph Bugni ~jJO~(ggJ5 q:3{~.1)R~( >-- -. ~ Jessica Westphal . ;, c(;)MMOio110:s1201 s-12:ooAM Jessica, Can ·you put this in a letter to Bond. Dear Leroy, Your court hearing will be on January 30. You got a very good and fair judge for your case, Judge Peterson. I am optimistic. Also, your mom wrote me about the stuff in pawn. Whatever you need me to do to help you, I will. So get the letter that you need and I will take care of it. Write me and let me know. Sincerely, 0'1/0·012015•69:26..Arvt :, '.~:-: Joseph Bugni 0 c~-~~~:~Aizoa1201s 12:00Ailn :.:· email about plea agreement Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet T 03/19/2018 Page: 11 of 12 Notes iii}}p~ Time Entry Notes 01/05/2015 03:19 PM 0 Joseph Bugni 01/05/2015 12:30 PM went over plea, possible guidelines, and why to raise appellate waiver. got plea signed, sent to court. 0 Kelly Welsh 01/02/2015 02:11 PM ATTY11 01/05/201512:00AM ATTY11 01/05/201512:00AM meeting with JAB re: plea agreement ~ Joseph Bugni COMM02·01/02/201512:00AM Cindy, I got the releases for Bond's mental health records, it is scanned into his correspondence folder. please send that off and so we can get the stuff. Also, please format this into a letter and I will get you an enclosure. Dear Leroy, I hope that this finds you well. I got the release and I will get the information soon. I have more questions for you, though. First, I understand the divorce was painful, that is evident from your letter. I am very sorry. But I need to know more about your life than what you provided. Why did you leave school; where were you working before this happened; what are all the places and jobs that you've had; what was your relationship like with your parents and the rest of your family. Write back and let me know about those things. Also, start reading the enclosed articles and working on the exercises-use this time to be at good use. Sincerely, 12/31/2014 03:04 PM 0 went to jail and met with leroy told him 15 minimum. Joseph Bugni .12/31/2014 03:04 PM 0 0 Joseph Bugni COMM0312/22/201412:00AM ran into ethical issue with zwicker. spoke with albee and stiller about it. need more research to find proper path. Joseph Bugni 12/15/201411:46AM ATTY11 12/30/2014 12:00AM met with beth altman and saw the cp. looks like all three are closeups of the pubic region, which is naked. the 9 yearolds is the most troubling. talked to leroy and he understadns that the hammer is coming on this. Joseph Bugni 12/29/2014 04:17 PM ATTY11 12/30/2014 12:00AM 0 ATTY06 12/11/2014 12:00AM met with him and talked about the case and his mental health issues. Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Case Diary Sheet Page: 12 of 12 03/19/2018 &WWW!RM a 21& swm1 v .a'* ua ss & £®- §;i . Notes· s@a ea;; rrm.~~p~~J}¥.:_~fri~~y;;:1?79§(~Q,1.l j'.4" ??:P:M; \ .,,:;::.~'.~:.~·._;.:.:.;.: t;JW,:;'7.~ ~~~:(~;§~~~'¥:~-1.!~~:2,·~o~AM, >...•. ·.·: 1 Jessica Westphal C :: ·, _;; ~· :·:; ..• '.' •• : .\~'. :. ; •• -~ ••' . :>::r,s::::.4I~ jessica, in his draft pleadings folder there is· a letter to the judge crocker. can you please format it and put a copy in my box. thanks, jab 1'2164/2014: b5:l~f"Prl .• ... . ,. '.;'.'(,:',,•;· , . . Joseph Bugni ~~/~~Z~O.t{9~f:S.~:PM' · Joseph Bugni ·-·. ·. ;:· '-: .. :/D ·:: ·Amli'H2io:ido'-1'4,:·f2':·00AM, . ·:::,;-· ....... talk with fritz anderson about charges and plea . met with client talked about potential defenses. : -:~ - ~ ·.·.: .· . :

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