The Authors Guild v. Google, Inc.

Filing 171

ORAL ARGUMENT STATEMENT LR 34.1 (a), on behalf of filer Attorney Mr. Seth P. Waxman for Appellee Google, Inc., FILED. Service date 07/16/2014 by CM/ECF. [1272879] [13-4829]

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SECOND CIRCUIT ORAL ARGUMENT STATEMENT (Local Rule 34.1(a)) TO REQUEST ORAL ARGUMENT, FILL OUT THIS FORM AND FILE IT WITH THE CLERK WITHIN 14 DAYS AFTER THE FILING OF THE LAST APPELLEE BRIEF. IF THIS FORM IS NOT TIMELY FILED, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ARGUE IN PERSON. Short Title of Case: The Authors Guild v. Google Inc. Docket No.: 13-4829-cv Name of Party: Google Inc. Status of Party (e.g., appellant, cross-appellee, etc.): Appellee Check one of the three options below: ✔ I want oral argument. I want oral argument only if at least one other party does. An attorney whose preference depends on whether other attorneys will argue should consider conferring before requesting argument. After the appeal has been scheduled for oral argument, a motion by counsel to forgo oral argument, even on consent, may be denied. I do not want oral argument. If no party wants oral argument, the case will be decided on the basis of the written briefs. If you want oral argument, you must appear in Court on the date set by the Court for oral argument. The Court may determ ine to decide a case without oral argument even if the parties request it. If you want oral argument, state the name of the person who will argue: Name: Seth P. Waxman (An attorney must be admitted to practice before the Court in accordance with Local Rule 46.1.) If you want oral argument, list any dates (including religious holidays), that fall in the interval from 6 to after the due date of this form, that the person who will argue is not available to appear in Court: August 26; September 5, 8-9, 22-26; October 3; November 28. I respectfully request that, if possible, oral argument not be scheduled the same week as In re September 11 Litigation, Nos. 13-3619 and 13-3782 (see attached letter). . Filed by: Print Name: Seth P. Waxman Signature: /s/ Seth P. Waxman Date: 7/16/2014 weeks

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