Wisconsin Interscholastic, et al v. Gannett Company, Incorporated, et al

Filing 26

Original record on appeal filed electronically. Contents of record : 20 vol. of pleadings. [26] [6274573] [10-2627]

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Wisconsin Interscholastic, et al v. Gannett Company, Incorporated, et al United States District Court Western District of Wisconsin Office of the Clerk Post Office Box 432 Madison, Wisconsin 53701 (608) 264-5156 Doc. 26 Date: 12/15/10 Gino Agnello, Clerk United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit 219 South Dearborn Street, Rm 2722 Chicago, IL 60604 RE: WI Interscholastic Athletic v. Gannett Company D.C. Docket #:09-cv-155-wmc USCA Docket #:10-2627 Dear Clerk: I am sending you herewith the original record on appeal. The record consists of the following: _1___ Volume of Pleadings on CD; (#1-7,11-17,19,23-24,26-28,31-47,49-54,55-56,63-64, 67-69,72,74-81,83-86,89-92,94-96,98-100,103, 105-109,111-112,114-119,123-124) _____ Volume of Transcripts on CD; _____ Volume(s) of Depositions; _____ Volume(s) of Exhibits: _1 __ Volume of Sealed Documents on CD: (#90,101-102,104) Please acknowledge the date of your receipt of the above-mentioned materials on the enclosed copy of this letter and return same to this court or by electronic notification. Sincerely, Peter Oppeneer, Clerk of Court By: s/Marlene Olson Deputy Clerk cc: All parties Dockets.Justia.com

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