Strojnik v. Costar Realty Information, Inc. et al

Filing 189

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Strojnik v. Costar Realty Information, Inc. et al D Doc. 189 Att. 1 DANIEL G. KNAUSS United States Attorney 2 G. PATRICK JENNINGS 3 Trial Attorney, Tax Division U.S. Deparment of Justice 4 P.O. Box 683 Ben Franlin Station 5 Washington, D.C. 20044-0683 Telephone: (202) 307-6648 6 Facsimile: (202) 307-0054 Guy.P. Jennings ê 7 8 9 10 11 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA 12 13 GOLDEN WEST HOLDINGS TRUST; TRISTAR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT; WADMAN; WILLIAM CASE NO. 05-2237 PHX SMM (LEAD) DECLARATION OF A VRAM SALKIN 14 Plaintiffs, v. 15 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and 16 INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, 17 Derendants 18 AND CONSOLIDATED CASES 19 20 21 I A VRAM SALKI declare as follows: 1. I am the sole shareholder at the law firm of 22 23 HOCHMAN SALKI RETTIG TOSCHER & PEREZ, P .C. (the "firm"). The firm has offices in Beverly Hils, California and Honolulu, Hawaii and some 24 of its attorneys practice in the field of taxation, among other areas. I have been a member of the firm and its 25 predecessors since 1960. I have personal knowledge of the business practices and record-keeping practices 26 of the firm. 27 28 1 DECLARATION OF A VRAM SALKIN 1 2. Attached hereto are copies of the initial pages of tax returns provided to me by G. 2 3 PATRICK JENNINGS ofthe United States Deparment of Justice, which appear to be as follows: (a) The 2003 Form 1040 of WILLIAM G. WADMAN. WILLIAM G. WADMAN. 4 5 (b) The 2004 Form 1040 of (c) The 2003 Form 1041 of GOLDEN WEST HOLDINGS TRUST. GOLDEN WEST HOLDINGS TRUST. 6 7 8 (d) The 2004 form 1041 of (e) The 2003 form 1041 ofTRI-STARREAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST. (collectively the "tax returns"). 9 10 11 3. I have directed a search of firm records, and this firm did not prepare the attached tax returs. 4. We have no record of WILLIAM G. WADMAN (with or without the "V"), GOLDEN TRUST having ever been clients 12 13 WEST HOLDINGS TRUST or TRI-STARREAL ESTATE INVESTMENT of this firm. 5. Each of 14 15 the attorneys currently employed by this firm who were here between 2003 and 2005, when the returs were purortedly signed have looked at the pages referred to in Paragraph 2 above and 16 17 18 have represented to me that the signatures on those pages are not theirs. The signatures also are not mine. 6. Except for members of this firm and related paries and entities, this firm does not prepare income tax returns, absent extraordinar circumstances. 7. The tax returs purport to be prepared by an attorney from a firm called "HOCHMAN SALKIN DEROY RETTIG." This has never been the name of 19 20 21 this firm. This firm was called HOCHMAN the firm was changed to SALKIN and DeROY until approximately the year 1998. At that time the name of 22 23 HOCHMAN SALKI RETTIG TOSCHER & PEREZ, A Professional Corporation and was changed again in 1999 to its present name, HOCHMAN SALKIN RETTIG TOSCHER & PEREZ, P.C. 8. The EIN by the preparer signature block of the tax return is not that of 24 25 this firm. One digit is missing. 26 27 28 9. We would not use the terms "Tax Attorney's" (sic) or "Attorney's at Law" (sic) as stated in the preparer block on the tax returns. 2 DECLARATION OF A VRAM SALKIN 1 10. The social security number on the individual tax returs matches that of GARY A. 2 EMERSON a former client of the firm. (I understand that the number wil be parly redacted before the tax 3 returns are fied with the Cour.) Our records show that Mr. EMERSON's fie was opened in 1999. Our 4 billng records do not reflect any bilings for any period after March of 200 1. 5 I declare under penalty of perjur that the foregoing is true and correct. 6 7 8 Respectfully submitted: DATED: June --, 2008 A VRAM SALKI, ESQ. 9 10 11 ¿~ 280221.1 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 3 DECLARATION OF A VRAM SALKIN

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