Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Rheem Manufacturing Company

Filing 42

CONSENT DECREE; case dismissed with prejudice as set forth. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on April 1, 2009. (Attachments: # 1 Appendix A Notice, # 2 Appendix B Neutral Reference)(lw)

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DETRICT COTJRT TINITEDSTATES OF WESTERN DITITRICT ARKAN$AS FORTSMITII DIVISION BQUALEMPLOYMEhTT0PP0RTUNITY coMMrssroN, v, ) ) Plaintiff, CIVILACTIONNO. 07-2ro1 COMPANY RHE$MMANIJFACTURJNG Defendsnt, CONSENTDECNEE (hcreinr'fter Commiesion Oppommity This aption wasinstitutedby theEqualEmployment 'Defendnrf (hereinaffer against Manufact ing Comparry R.hcem the'Commiesion'J Defendant, ), Act pursuant Sction 107(a) theAmericarrs Disabilities of 1990('ADA'), 4? U.S.C, of with to and Sootions 706(0(1) (3)ofTitlo VII ofthoCivil Right by $l2l l7(a),whiohhoorporEtes refe,renoo 102 to and Acr of 1964 f'Title VIf'), 42 U.S,C,$$2000e-5(D(1) (3),andpusr.rant Section of ths a,llsgod the U.S.C. l98lE"t0 remedyufllf,$'fuIprectice fur Complaint Civil Rights of 1991,42 Act $ filcd in this action. by of Decree an oftho allegations ThisConserrt doee constituto admission theDcfendant rot and thc Conrplaint All partiesto this actiondosiioto avoidthe addilimal expense delayin the litigEtiffi of this case. In thewent this p,ropored Dooroo notapproved doesnotbeoodte iB Coneont or final,thenit proceoding thir rotion. ThieDc&roo in shall ehallnotbe admissible widencoin anysubeequent in of Ac! Dotconstitute of with svidence anyviolationbythoDefendant thsAmerioans Disabilities as out arieing ofthe oths thenactione arrd in amended, shallnot boadmiasible enyotheroivil aotions ofthe paniesunderthis Deue. rightt andobligations Decreo hghtofthc epplicable in thc Conscnt TheC.ourt revleured tonnsofthe propored hss and the ofoourrsel oll parties hereby for laweandroguletioffiard the Etetome,trE ryproves Coneont Dooroe. NOW' THEHEFORE, the Court being fully advisedin the premisea'it is hcreby ORI}ERED,ADJUDGED AND DECREED: JTJRISITICTION Fort Distriol Courtfor theWeetern Drsfrlctof Arkansae, SmitlrDividon' 1. TheUnite.d States jr:riedictionovcr thc p4fiiesandsubjoot matterofthie litigation. has SCOPEAFIDI}I,JRATIONOF I}ECREE Decreeresolvess.ll issusand claims arising out of tho Commission'e 2, This Consrart policiesnrd practioes msintsined by Complaint thiscaulealleging awtulomployment in w flled by Chtrgiflg Psrty and arisingout of Charge No, 493-2006-01293 the Defendant Leonard Lyonswith the Coffmission. shall not be in 3. Notwithstending provisioflsconteined this Detreo,this Agreement sny nowpondiug beforoanyofnceof !o of oonsideroin anyrnannsr bodispositive anychargp d theCommission thanCharge 493-2006-01293. other No. the of Decree shelloontinue be effeotive brndingtrpon to and 4. Theprovieiona thie Ctinsent parties this aotionfor aporiodof thleomonths of to ftom thedateof thee'ntry this Dtffee' pormanently. with theexception $ectionVI E (uoutral of rcfucnco)whichshallboh effeot ' f,. NON-DISCRIMINATIONPR,OVISION offiorro,sgefltt,utd all its manuftctruing employoes, TheDefendant, Fort Smith,Arkanser reasoeble from failingto provicle pc*oneactingin concert with theDefendant cnjoincd are with to with a disability 8s rcquiredby the Amerioans accommodatiors any employee DisebiliticsAot, asafiiffidcd. officore, aEpnb, all and marrufarhring cnnployeos, TtreDefendantits Fort Sinith,fukanres ifl are peroouactingin conoert e with theDefondurt cnjolnodftom engaging anyffiIploynent on the or of against iudiviclual thebasis any FrasqcewhichhBB pwpose Effect discriminating s with Dlsabllltiee Act. of a diaabilityundertheAmericans ssd manufacturing crnployees, offioors,age'nte' sll Defondaatits Fort $mith, Arkansas , persous are aotingin concertwith the Defendant erl'oinedftom retalintingagainstany emploS,ee, TRAINING of with to a ofl Defendanagrocs conduot trainingEession thercquircalonts theArneric+tls t for offlci8l8at it8 Fort Smithfacility, This Disabilihes Act, as amended, all management periodof thieDeoree. A withif, 90 drysof theoffeotive will tra.ining Bession be conducted thet a the Ii6tofthe employees attENrd heiningsersion, copyofthe ryllabus,nnda copyoflhe following thefiaining will hainingmateriels be providedto Plaintiff within tcn (10) da1's teseion, that ofdisabilitydisc,rimination its Fofl Smithfaoilitywill be at 9 . Defrrrdanagrees all reports t convoyed theplantmarrBget, to NOTICE poBt 10.Dofsndsnt and Ehallconepiouously in its Fort Smith faoility the notice(poste'rJ hes pumuant ths Amencane Disabilitiot Act asal1lEmdod. requirod bepootod to to mth poe,t 11. Furthennore, Dofondant shallconspicuously thenoticeatAppendix ofthit Decrec A for threemontlu commencing within tcn (10)daysefierenty of this Decreo the Court. by INDIVTDUAL RELIEF personnol 12.Defcardant cxpunge shall from Loonard L5aons' records anyunfsvofable sdve$e of personneooffrmonte l regiarding aspoct hieanploymontwith Dsfsndant.Defeildiffi afly of shslle)$ungcfrom l*onard Llonl' pereonnel records reference EEOCChngoNo. any to 493"?006"01293 Mr, Lyone'participntion tlus litigation, and in payable "LeonardL5,oue" the I 3. Dofrmdant ehalldelivorto l-cona'rd Lyonsa ohock made to in gross amount ofNinagr Thousand DollarsandNo/100($90,000).Thirty Thou*fid Dollara ($30,000.00shallconstitute ) backpay, spplicable leB vdthholding taxes, Sixty Thousand The *rouldbomailsd Dollare($60,000.00) constitute shall compenestorydamagee,check(s) to Loonard L5,ons accordance thotormsof a Separatc in with Rclea*o eigredby Lyons 14.Defendant ehsllforwardaoopyof ttrecheck(e) P*melflB. Dixoil, Esq' ntthcEEOC to office in Little Rock,Arkarrras. cosrs fees, 15.Plaintiff sndDefeMentshallbearthelrowncoets, includingBttomel's' SOOR D E R E D T H IS I \..\_DAYOF ',rse, ,est[H,r$pjf{$i'nffi APROIMM cHRls iof{s(t{, 0-ffi1( f,. ET ffiTIIYd.EI{ FORPLAINIIFF COIJNSBL JAMBSLEE Counsel DoputyGcncrral Gilkor CWEND0LYN YOUNG REAI\4S Gercml Coursel Associate OPPORTTINITY EQUALBMPI.OYI\4ENT COMMISSION DietnctOffice Memptus UnionAvenue. Surte 621 1407 ' 38104 Tennessoe Memphrs, ( 9 o l ) 54+0088 SeniorTrial Attomey EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTT.INITY COMMISSION Little Rook Ar6a Offioo Suite200 8 2 0 Louigiana, Little Rook, Arkansas 72201 Tetephon(501) er 324-5539 ( 5 0 t )324-5065

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