Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Rheem Manufacturing Company

Filing 42

CONSENT DECREE; case dismissed with prejudice as set forth. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on April 1, 2009. (Attachments: # 1 Appendix A Notice, # 2 Appendix B Neutral Reference)(lw)

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APPENI}IJ(A NOTTCE J l "Rheem')hnr agreeit part of a sottlement es (hercirrafte,r Compauy RlrccmManufaoturing with tho EEOCto poetthis notiooof throemonthgto reinforcsthe compmy'epolioros with DisabilitierAct. conoerning Americwrs the and to has Rheem agreed bain ita maneger supuvisorsin tho As part of the settlement, prevefldon diEsbilitydiscdminstion theworkplace. in of . Act. Il iethcpolicy with Rheem committed cofrplyitrge/iththeAmoricsfle Disabilitios to in with DieabiliticsAot. Rhsemroittuttosite of Rlrcernto comply wilh the Americans with a disebilityae to obligetionto provideressorebleaccommodatione any employee Ditabilities Act, f,l enended. tequlrcdby the Amedcanr with and/or Employment Commission Op'portuflity under law by filing charges theBgual the with or hearing patticipated snyms,nner tny investigntior, in in or tcstiffed, assisted, Proceeding Aot. with Disabilitiea undertheAmoricans their becf,uoe hsvs oxorcised rlghts they r + , Rheem trot takesnysctioneg$inst ployee$ wlll bocauso yourdisability,or dueto of agsinst 5 , If pu believethatyouhaveboondiscriminatod (EEOQattlro Oppolil[ity Commisdon retaliationyoumayoortacttheEqual , Employmc,trt for Ifyou havea TTY devioo hearing toll followingnational frsenurnber:1-800-669-4000. the LitileRock is 1"800-669-6820, msyalso contsot EEOC'g You im p a i rc dfiY Number t (TTY), A ro aOfliceat thefollowing numbet:1-50I-3245014 This noticc must remain posted for three months ftom the d8le below, end mu8t not be altorod,dofaood,or coveredby eny materlal. DOYI,ETHRESHER Plant Meflagcr DONRAINES LaborRohtioosManager

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