Widen et al v. Menu Foods et al

Filing 16

Attachment 1
MDL CONDITIONAL TRANSFER ORDER. Case transferred to District of New Jersey and assigning to Honorable Noel L. Hillman, Case No. 07-cv-2867. Documents transmitted as requested. (Attachments: # 1 Letter from District of New Jersey)(tg)

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Widen et al v. Menu Foods et al Doc. 16 Att. 1 Case 5:07-cv-05055-RTD Document 16 Filed 06/28/2007 Page 1 of 1 Willi0mT. Walsh Clerk DISTRICT COURT UNITED STATES MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR, F E D E R A BLD& U.S.COURTHOUSE L 5 0 WALNUT STREET P . O .BOX419 N E W A R KN.J, 07101-0419 , C A M D EOFFICE N 4 u '& Cooper Streets P . O Boxl7$7 , Camden,l{.J. 08101 T R E N T OOFFICE N 4 0 2EeEt State Street P . OBox515 . Trenton, t{.J,08903 J u n e ?007 25, A r k a n s a sWestern l)istriot Coutt Clcrk C h l i s t l p h c r R. .lrrlinson. P . 0 . Ilox 1547 t r o r t Smith, AR 72902 R E P L Y CAMDEN TO: R e : MDLl850 ln rc Pet Food Products Liability Litigalion Charles Ray Sims,et al v. Menu Foodslncotncl;utrd,et al 5:07-5053 R i o h a r dlicotl Widcn. ct al v. Mcnu Foods,Inc., et al ,5:07-5055 Civil Action No. I :07cv2867NLIIXAMD) D i s t l i c t ol'New Jersey D e a rClerk: l - l n c l o s e d a cerlifierlcop1, is ol'the (lrder ol'thc JudicialPanclon Multidistrict Litigation,transflrringthc prescntlypcnding in your Courl to the f)istriot cl New .lerscyand assigningit to the a l r o v e - e r r t i t ] eaoLion(s) d prctrialproceedings prrr$uant 28 IJSC 1407, to or H o n o r a b l cNocl L. I lillman, USI)J lbr ooorclinated consolidatcd tlre I f your court is currently on CM/IrCI; Vcrsion 3.0 you can tr:ansfer caseto u.t viir flasc Lxtractjotr in you haveatr"r" please call nreat 8-56-757-5021. U t i l i t i c s , lf cluestiotrs. your Iile(s)andccrtificdcopyofthe docketsheet(s). Plcasc rcturnthc copyofthis letterwhen tlansrnitting Sincerely, W I L L I A M T. WALSII,Clerk M ar c yBarralt / s / DepulyClctk Errc. c c : JctlicyN. Luthi C l e r k ,.hrdicial Panel Multicli on stlictLi tigation Dockets.Justia.com

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