Southern California Institute of Law v. TCS Education System et al

Filing 1

COMPLAINT against Defendants David J. Figuli, Global Equities, Ltd., TCS Education System. Case assigned to Judge Philip S. Gutierrez for all further proceedings. Discovery referred to Magistrate Judge Andrew J Wistrich.(Filing fee $ 350 PAID) Jury Demanded, filed by plaintiff Southern California Institute of Law.(car) (Additional attachment(s) added on 10/26/2010: # 1 Notice of Assignment, # 2 Summons, # 3 Civil Cover Sheet) (ds).

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Southern California Institute of Law v. TCS Education System et al Doc. 1 Att. 1 UtrIITE,I} STATES DISTRTCT COUR.T CBF{TRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA NOTICE OT'ASSIGi{MET\TT TO UNTTEI} FTATES MAGISTRATE JUDGE FOR DISCO1IERY This csse has been assigned to District Judge Fhilip E.'Gutierrez alrd the assignd diocovcry Magistrote Judge is Andrw J. Wistrich The ca-se number on all docnmmrts filed with the Cotrrt sharrld read aq follows: 91710- 8025 PSg (A,I}I!E) Pursuant to General Order 05-07 of the Udted States District Court for the Central Distri*t af Califruniq the Magistrate Judgc lras bcen dcsignated to hear fisaovcty rclatcd motions. All disccveryrelated motions should be noticed on the cale;ndar of the Magisfate Judge HOTICE TO COUN$EL A copy of flti* fiotim fitust he served with the surrrtions afid can Naint on atl defendants (if a removal ectr'on rs frled, a ffipy of this notiffi mu# be servedon Fil plalntltrs/ Subsequent documlnts must be filed at the following location; [xI weste]fl olvtsion - ' uz N. $prlng St, Rm. G-8 Loe Angelgs, CA 9001e I I Sout]rem gtvtslon H 4ll Weet Fourth St, Rm. t-053 t I H $anta Ane, GA gz70t45t6 Eeatsfn Division 3470 Twelfth St, Rm. tB4 Rlverslde, CA gAF0f Fallure to fle at the ptqper loaation will result in ]rour doailments heing retlmed to yau. CV.18 {03/06} NOTICE OF AS$IGNMENTTO UNITEB STATE$ MAGI$TRATE JUDGE FOR DISCOVERY

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