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EXHIBIT 3 .!. The New Oxford American Dictionary SECOND EDITION FIRST EDITION Elizabeth J. Jewell Frank Abate SECOND EDITION Erin McKean OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRBSS 2005 e; Durrance Declaration EXHIBIT 5 — Page 1 Page 7 s•••••••• 4I/ StOppep Not an a point or place at which it is nr sh: . t ty g tl ;tie rtopaIkirinp uney or ac:I a stopper or plug. popsy an,sto soma p er Mkldle E PartJonah% of Dld Wench estouppod 'bung,' re- 1 1.tinr he mate %lopping mid itinenzt. slim a baud ol Inner., 11 flooding. tppi lila. et traIhting any ,4 bialbe ver giLtart) Olaf Informal alterno stobma apping and startling geogressing interrupt, toossopmart mai ride. in jun a rhythmic device whereby a • ra'accinr is played only on the first beat of every other. bar, typically accompanyItaroc 011 asyntintinou. f hits dna hulk me hole I ransinhenin lernally 141111.11,q1 lid ur gas I Ilmag11 be, a valve used to stop the flow ofliquid steplikr pain id 4 mirth IllillIligI t• ' ground or rorkt mamas by wh irh "'tall hi' the np Id lath cent: ap ly way of ch•alteg Ommthreas air eaterannwa am ing a stop on an term ibr 'merle n• term Ihr °Mee mtically omitted Mance or India. Is, which would !at Malin to KR ity at a specified Mink Or ram ing forcibly rm ain l their tykes:II inelnatugmplair is repeatmlly 3 give animated /ER. 30 Stays ma late a journey: the Mere ajourney Quebec city and MOW/Del% KC Mped: IIIL RIM production. • a ts the barna id loyees protest• ers. • Boxing a INJURY MeE. font (1937- 3. dovakia: WOO ays are C)w al and ighkal eel Guildrastern ten in Hamlet. lthhokling iii mow ended a • as ti 11111111 rent, moaning :on o check.* lg a hule. em (ner. 2 a per willed Ming: cer nod other block attack% . Baseball O game DT SlOr al to prevent In sailing or ng a loPe her term lor ler to seal IA WOK FEETC111 rmai es msa • Fife e Eauda stops thePlayed close toforceful oo player a volley ball without a the net wh • Lit, sending itjest barely back over the net. , r... golifstap admen. a special watch with but=,a . 'msatat mit, stop, and then zero the hands, used ao " Wane awei swage/WV Oa the action ormethod of storing • oegang for future use: the chair can befeadeaflatfor gas acid the room lacked Storage space. is the 'riv tionofretrierable data on a computer or other o . *dorm system; memory. n space available for : mkt something, esp. allocated space in a warehose comer hadput much of *garniture huo storage. cosYafstoring soniething in a warehouse. . temp bfaaoll (aldi storage cell) a n. a hammy (or Awed for nadirs electrical enemy. sterage deelce art a piece of computer equipment whim inforomelon can tie stored. aseage heaber an. BM an electric heater that acarauhtes heat in water or bricks duds* the night tdertelectricity is cheaper) and releases it during &relay. dome dog an Physics an approximately circular accelerator in which particles can be effectively ma by being made to circulate continuously at *mew. KOMI Patevake/ (also sty-rax rall-a n..1 a rare flame; gam resin obtained from arl eastern Mediter mean tree, sometimes used in medicine, per finery, and incense. • (liquid atomic) a liquid Mum obtained from the Asian liquidambar tree. Zs tropical or subtropical tree or shrub with showy Ake flowers in drooping clusters. • Genus Arms. badly Styracaceam several species, irt particular S. ifildnalls, from which the resin storax is obtained. ihte Middle English: from Latin, from a variant of Cada sena --->lhasfelarf ari I a retail establishment selling items la the public a health-fbod store. la las ad./.) storeMight there's a loaf of store bread. 2 a quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed: the iphrel has a store offood figurative her Vast store of *date. • a place where things are kept for future mem sale: a grain store • (stoner) supplies of equip ment aid food kept forum by members of an armY,u‘Y. or other institetion. or the place where they 31' kept.. at a coinputer memory. chiefly sketo steer. cove, or pig acquired or kept for fattenha. • 't Ileum) keep orbecumulate (sonaething) for future sea small room used* storingfimature. • retain or Met (nfbrmalion) fpr future electronic retrieval: fedotaisstored en disk. (be stored With) have a sup* ef (sometliing useful): a mind well stored with moth browledge. • iintenna.) remain fresh while being ,terl: !hey do not ship or store well. aMiddle English: "a , outing cd'Old French estore (noun), estorer (verb). ame Latin irutaurare 'renew% compare with Rancor. —storm.ble —stow re. L /1448ES OM atom 1 in a safe placewhile not behm • ce or displayed: terns held hi gore. 2 coming III .61Ittirt about to happen: he did noun blow what Yin storefor hint set (or lay Or put) store by (or on) consider (something) to be of a particular dett of importance or value: many people set much am byprivory. ilertaand-fonward NM* iatInli4 Telecommunications . ting et TO or denothm a data network in which :noages are routed to one or more intermediate attions Where they may be stored before being for ;Lamed to their destinations. e-bought berg bought ready-made from a store: hoMemade. slow 11—tont asifirtrenn tna. 1 the facade of a store. loom or set of rooms facing the street on the t ground floor of a commercial building, typically imitas a store: (as 4) a bright storefront eatery. store-hbuse retor,housl an. a building used for nor ing goods. I a law supply of somethinm an Nor mous stemhouse of frds. storrakeep-er astOr,kaper/ an. 1 a person who owns or runs 'a store. 2 a person responsible for stored goods. ! . MoreanoM astOradam; -"dam/ bn. a room in which items lie stored. Mom astarq n. chiefly BM. variant spelling of STOWS. stmfbated astarb,Atiq >eq. rare decorated with historical, legendary, or emblematic designs. olate 19th cent: compare with illaTORIATED. —sto.d.a. non latonl'asneni rt. sicaried lastartiq bag. lauriN poetic/literary celebrated in orassociated with stories or legends: the island's storied ppst. stork Meade/ an. a tall lone-legged wading bird with a long heavy bill and typically with white and black plumage. • Family Ciconiidae: several genera and species, in particular the white stork (Monks c(cortia). with black wing tips and a reddish bill and legs, often nesting on tall buildings in Europe. • the white stork as the pretended bringer of babies. ornd English nom of Germanic origin; probably related to STARK (because of its rigid stance). storm Alarm/ n. 1 a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strongwinds and usually rain. thunder lightning. or snow. • (als0 Morin system) an intense low-pressure weather system; a cyclone. Is wind of force 10 on the Beaufort scale (48-55 knots or 55-63 mph). • a heavy discharge of missiles or blows: twomen were taken by a noon ofbuliets. 2 IUSKILIsktgl a tumultuous reaction; en uproar or controversy: the book caused a storm in South America l shehas been at the center of a storm concerning payments. sl a violent or noisy outbuxst of a specified feeling or reacticm: the 'disclosure raised a storm of pima 3 (storms) storm windows. 4 a direct assault by troops ono fortified place. OK .1 !howls( move angrily or forcefiilly in a specified direction: she bunt Into tears and stormed off he stormed out of the house. • (with direct speech) shout (something) angdly; rage: "Don't maronize mei" she stunned. Is move forcefully and decisively to a specified position hi a game or contest: Ire barged pan and mooed to the cheektredjlag. 2 (trans.( (of troops) suddenly attack mid capture (a building or other place) by means of force: Indian commandos stormed a hijadced plane early today ) pas n.I (storming) the storming of the Bastille. See note at ATTACK. 3 (Mena) (of the weather) be violent, with strong winds and usually rain. thunder, lightning, or snow: When it stormed In the day, I shoveled the drive before Harry came home. POld English, of Germanic originarelated to Dutch storm and German Stunn.- probably also to the verb stint. The verb dates from late Middle English in sense 3. —stormproof J.,prefla sq. bpliflOSEE o go down a Storm Brit, be enthusiastically received by an.audience. a the calm (or lull) bea tore the storm a period of unusual tranquility or stability that seems likely to presage difficult times. o stoma and strrise another terra for STURM CND MANG. 13 a storin In a teacup British term for A TEM, PEST ATEAPOT (seelerapest). o take someMing bY storm (of troops) captare a place by a sudden and violent attack. • have great and rapid success in a par ticular place or with a particular group of people: ha Pot collection took thifashion %Odd be storm. 0 — up a storm perform the specified action with great enthusiasm and enetgy: the band could really play up a sum storm beach b n. an expanse of sand or gravel thrown up on the coast by storms. stormbound astarm,bouncif aaca. prevented by storms from starting or continuing a journey. storm cen4or et the point to which the wind blows spirally inward in a cyclonic storm. •the central point around which controversy or trouble happens. storm cloud A0. a heavy, dark rain cloud. • (storm clouds) used in reference to a threatening or ominous state of affairs: the beginning of the decade saw • storm clouds gatheringover Europe storimcock astOern,kala bn. dialect the misde thrush. atorm cuff an a tight-fitting inner.cuff, typically an elasticized one, that prevents rain or wind from getting inside s coat. storm door n. an additional outer door for protection in bad weather or winter. storm drain afl. another terro• foe moms swot atooner asteirmed an (usu. in sing.) BM, informal something particularly impressive or good of its ldnd: a stanner of an album the engine is 11 real dormer. storm flap On. a piece of material designed to pro. tea an opening Or fastener on a tent or coat from toe e gr ofi. m a stli nnffc ss rain *sealed tube containing a solution tx.ltose clarity is thought to diange when storms approach: . storming rat/remise/ *eq. (altria) BM.. Informal (of a pisformance. esp, in sports or music) outstandingly vigorous or impressive: his stonnuAg finish carried him Into third place. Stormln' Norman astfamlq see SCHWARZKOPF. stogn JIb Vit. Sailing a small heavy jib for use in a hiih wind. storm pebrel n.e sinall•seabird of the open ocean, typically having blackish:plumage and- a white nunm and formerly believed to be a harbinger of bad weather. • Family Hydrobatidae: several genera and many species. e.g., Hydrobates pelaglcus of the northeastern Atlantk and Mediterranean. storm sell An. a sail used in stOrMy weather, o`f smaller size and stronger material than the corresponding one used in ordinary weather. storm semer toner! I-fl, a sewer built to carry away excels water in times of heavy rain. storm sig•nal an. a lamp, flag, or other device used to gir a visible warning of an approaching storm. storm surge an. a rising of the sea as a result of atmoSpheric pressure changes and wind anociared with a storm. storm troops bplural n. another term for airoca TROOP& • (SHSTITI Troops) historical the Nazi political Militia. —storm trooper n. storm wrater an. surface water in abnormal quantity Molting from heavy falls of rain or snow. Storni wlmd ow s'n. a window fuced outside a normal window for protection and insulation in bad weather whiter. or. *stormy astarmai aca (stormier, atom-Waist) (of weather) characterized by strong winds and usually rain, thunder. lightning. or Snow: a dark andstormy night. • (of the sea or sky) h eying large waves or dark clotids because of windy or rainy conditions: gray and stonnyskles. a full of angry or violent outbursts of feeling: a fang andstanny debate I a stormy relatimuhip. —slorm44y /-mal8/ adv. —storm-Moss n. Nterm foan p orwegi r wro slocj t y S i.rinhag139/1"sta rold)hanoranth e er oth m aEr elL. arlip mR t ("Norwegian, from nor 'greae sting 'assembly.' -1845). U.S. Supreme Mora( astOra/. Joseph (1779 Court assoeiate justice 1811-45. Appointed to the Court by President Madison, he was the youngest as• sociate justice ever to serve. lie established the supremacy of Supreme Court rulings. sto•ryi ratOrd/ bn. (pi. -ries) I an account of imaginay or real people and events told for entertainment: an adventure story lint going to tell you a story. • a plot or story line: the novel has a goad story. • a report of au iteM of news hi a newspaper. magazine, or news broadcast: storks in the local papers. • a piece of gossip: a rumor: there have been lots of stories going around, as you can imagine. • informal a false statement or explanation; a lie: Ellie never told stories—she had always believed in the truth. 2 an account of past events In someone's life or in the evolution of somethini: the story of moderssfanudng3 the film is based on a true stag. • a particular person's representation of the facts of a matter, esp. as given in selfdefense: during police Interviewt. Hagler changed his story. • (in shall a situation viewed in terms of the information known about It or its similarity to another; having such Information is useful, but it is not the whole story mono childmn with lealletnia now survive—twenty years ago it was a very different story. ['Middle English (denoting a historical account or representation): shortening of Anglo-Norman French estorle, from Latin histories (see HISTORY). b ',ERASES 0 but that', another story informal used after raising a matter to indicate that one does not want to expand on it for now, 0 end of story informal eised to emphasize that there is nothing to add on a matter just mentioned: Men don't cry Os public. End of story. o it's a long story informal used to indicate that, for now, one does not want to talk about Pkonunciati on Key e ago: or over: 'a or ,a up; 'or or ,or fur; a hat: S roe; a can Ort chew; a let 8 see; e(e)r air: Lilt I by; Kok ear; NG sing; il go: &for: ol boy: a good:125 goo; OU 011C SH she: Ta thin; IR that (h)w why; zit vision Durrance Declaration EXHIBIT 5 — Page 2 1 Page 8 Store I Define Store at Page 1 of 3 Thesaurus I Flashcardsama I Quotes I Encyclopedia I Translator 1 . Dictionary • Related Searches store Login J Regi So c Did you know: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcancconiosis is our longest word. What does it mean? Clothing store Grocery store Department stores Shoe store Online stores Cartoon store Fashion store Food store store - 6 dictionary results Ust of department st... Shop Vermont Country Store Toy stores www.VermontCountryStore.corn scurrilous anfractunsity Candy store Free TMS Webinar kaleidoscopic ambage Synonyms accumulation repository accumulate a bonds nce inventory Shop for Unique & Vintage Apparel, Toys and More. Shop Online Today! Learn Best Practice KPIs Visibility Optimization, SaaS, Sign Up Nowl Grocery Chain DireCtOrY Directory of 3,000 Grocery & C-Store Chains for only $395 sponsored Reulls store 4}) (stawr, stohr) Fr' Show IPA noun, verb, stored, stor-ing, adjective provision warehouse -noun Mom Synonyms a 2. candy store dime store leeky store an establishment where merchandise is sold, usually on a retail basis. a grocery: We need bread and milk from the store. 3. Slang 1. a stall, room, floor, or building housing or suitable for housing a retail business. a supply or stock of something, esp. one for future use. 4. 5. Nearby Words storax family Storax-family stores, supplies of food, dothing, or other requisites, as for a household, inn, or naval or military forces. Chiefly British . a storehouse or warehouse. 6- store away store bzelt Word of the Day to supply or stock with something, as for future use. to accumulate or put away, for future use (usually fol. by up or away ). 10. to deposit in a storehouse, warehouse, or other place for keeping. 11. store and forward Confusing words Games - verb (used with object) 9. store Style guide Blog 7. quantity, esp. great quantity; abundance, or plenty: a rich store of grain. 8. storaxes Free tools Computers . to put or retain (data) in a memory unit. - verb (used without object) 12. to take in or hold supplies, goods, or articles, as for future use. 13. to remain fresh arid usable for considerable time on being stored: Flour stores well. Related Questions What store sells proactive? Learn on the go with! Our award winning motile ape are providing over 15 minion Pennie with the words they seek. find out rnore here - adjective 14. bought from a store; commercial: a loaf of store bread. —Idioms 15. in store, in readiness or reserve. a. b. about to happen; imminent: There is a great deal of trouble in store for them if they persist in their ways. 16. set / laystore by, to have high regard for; value; esteem: She sets great store by good character. Use store in a Sentence Origin: 1225-75; (v.) ME storen, aph. var. of astoren < OF estorer < L -+ instaurare to set up, renew, equiv. to in- jn_-2 staur- (akin to Gk staurds across and to gage-) + -Sre inf. suffix; (n.) ME, aph. var. of astore < OF estore, deriv, of estorer —Related forms storer, noun o-verstore, verb, -stored, -stor-lng. substore, noun well-stored, adjective —Synonyms 9. amass, save, husband; hoard, stockpile. Durrance Declaration EXHIBIT 5 — Page 3 11/30/2010 Page 9 Store I Define Store at Page 2 of 3 Dictionary.oarn Unabrklped Based on the Bandon, House Dictionary, 0 Ranoom House. Inc. 2010. Cite This Source J Ink To store Vicileffirrera 0 About • Privacy Policy • Terms of Use • API • Careers • Advertise with Us • Link to Us • Contact Us • Help Twitter Facebook LLC. Copyright 0 2010. A11191110 reserved. gr egitg M,AT d5 fli ed ra n lC c'd.e, kT it : Dully Beast I Urbanspoon_l_Ask.Answers_l_Askials Bloglines Sendon ol . 0 , .' 64,Y.1:24. 1-THESAlkr I Mold Answers US • shop, hive away, lay in, put In, salt away View moie related words e store , . . . . ._ . . Explore the Visual Thesaurus s GenIV TechnOlgcne High-De? CCTV DVRs -1.1.264/01 Lowest Priced HD DVRs, Best Quality The Base Rating Objectively assess circular ads to find potential sales lift. Sponsored Revues World English Dictionary store (sto ) [:".a — vb 1. ( tr ) to keep, set aside, or accumulate for future use 2. ( tr ) to place In a warehouse, depository, etc, for safekeeping 3. ( tr ) to supply, provide, or stock 4. ( intr ) to be put into storage 5. computing to enter or retain (information) in a storage device 6. a. an establishment for the retail sale of goods and services b. ( in combination ): storefront 7. a. a large supply or stock kept for future use b. ( as modifier ): store ship 8. short for department store 9. a. a storage place such as a warehouse or depository b. ( in combination ): storeman 10. the state of being stored (esp in the phrase in store ) 11. a large amount or quantity 1.2. chiefly ( Brit ) computing another name for memory 1.3. Also called: store pig a plg that has not yet been weaned and weighs less than 40 kg 1.4. a. an animal bought lean to be fattened up for market b. ( as modifier ): store cattle 15. in store forthcoming or imminent 16. lay store by , put store by , set store by to value or reckon as important [C13: from Old French estor, from estorer to restore, from Latin Instaurfire to refresh; related to Greek stauros stake] 'storable — adj Coigns English Dictionary. Complete a Unabridged 10th Edition 2009 0 William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979. 1986 0 HarperColms PuUishers 1998. 2000, 2003. 2009.2000. 2007, 2009 Cite This Source Word Origin & History store 1264, "to supply or stock," from 0.Fr. estorer "erect, furnish, store," from L. instaurare "restore," from in - "in" + -staurare, from a noun cognate with Gk. stauros "pole, stake" (see graL- (v.)). The meaning "to keep ln store for future use" (1552) probably is a backformation from store (n.). Storage is from 1612. Durrance Declaration EXHIBIT 5 — Page 4 11/30/2010 Page 10 Store I Define Store at Page 3 of 3 store c.1300, "that with which a household, camp, etc. is stored," from store (v.). Sense of "sufficient supply (of anything)" is attested from 1471. The meaning "place where goods are kept for sale" is first recorded 1721 in Amer.Eng. (British prefers shop ). Stores "articles and equipment for an army" is from 1636. Storefront first attested 1880. In store laid up for future use" (also of events, etc.) is recorded from late 14c. Store-bought Is attested from 1952, Amer.Eng.; eatlier store-boughten (1883). Online Etymology Dictionary, 0 2010 Douglas Harper Cite This Source Computing Dictionary store definition jargon In some varieties of Commonwealth hackish, the preferred synonym for gam. Thus, "bringing a program into store' means that a program is being =aped In from baCkino store to main store. .)arcion File) (2006-12-06) The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, 0 Denis Have 2015 httolgoleoc one Cite This Source Idioms & Phrases store see in store Mind the store' 5et Store by; variety store. The American Herita9e0 Dictionary of ldiorna by chrimme Norner. Copyright 0 1997. Published by Houghton Main. Cile This Source Famous Quotations store "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, wher..." "If you can't smile, don't open a store? "Every third year you shall bring out the full tithe of ...'' "The home is a woman's natural background.... From the b..." "Farmers in overalls and wide-brimmed straw hats lounge ..." More Ouotes Popular Subjects: Friendship mut Inspirational Lle Una Prover . Search another word or see store on Thesaurus I Reference Has your health insurance changed with you? Vermont Country Store Shop for Unique & Vintage Apparel, Toys and More. Shop Online Today! Free TMS Webinar Learn Best Practice KPIs Visibility Optimization, SaaS, Sign Up Nowl Grocery Chain Directory Directory of 3,000 Grocery & C-Store Chains for only $395 Sp0.0. ROSIAIS Durrance Declaration EXHIBIT 5 — Page 5 11/30/2010 Page 11 Disc in ways The Ant Languai enhance maps, In looking day, yo' New and awn reflectis froin co: and edu constant] are dear, or cents.. our Dicti quotation words are Trust% The Americc by offeriz Fourth El " updated IT style, and . surveys so than .20 Notes hell questions The I00 Regi colorful . areas of ti this exubt at such ez and lumina coverage it 'Words are included in this Dictionary on the basis of their usage. Words that are known to have current trademark registrations are shown with an initial capital and are also identified as trademarks. N investigation has been made of conunon-law trademark rights in arr. word, because such investigation is impracticable. The inclusion of ar word in this Dictionary is not, however, an expression of the Publisher's ophaion as to whether or not it is subject to proprieta ry rights. Indeed, no definition in this Dictionary is to be reprded as affecting the validity of any trademark. American Heritagee and the eagle logo are registered trademarks of Forbes Inc. Their use is pursuant to a license agreement with Forbes Inc. Copyright C 2000 Houghton Mifflin Company All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocoming ant recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system without . the prior written permission of Houghton Mifflin' Companyunless such copying is expressly permitted by federal copyright law. Addres inquiries to.Referinsce Permissions, Houghton Mifflin Company, 222 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116. Visit our Web site: www.hmco.comitrade. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data The American Heritage dictionary of the English language.-4th ed. p. cm. ISBN 0-395-82517-2 (hardcover) — ISBN 0-618-082304 (hardcover with CD ROM) 1. English language-Dictionaries PE1628 .A623 2000 423-dc21 00-025369 Manufactured in the United States of Anaerica Durrance Declaration EXHIBIT 5 — Page 6 Page 12 stoop3 1 storm • survived there from colonial times until dm present Stoop, "a amidl porchr comes from Dutch noes diir word is now in general use in the Northeast and Is probably spreading. The word olicook, which appears to he dying out, means "doughnut," and comes from Dutch elftbek--4iter. ally% "'Amite And the Dutch word kill for a small running stream is geed throughout New York State. stoop' (stoop) n. Variant of stoup. stoopoball (attsopabOP) n. A game patterned on banhallin which a stopwatch stork 1708 stopped; a halu called for a work stoppage stop payment n. An order to one's bar* not to h liu d por. (stoptar) n. gge eir. 1. A device, such as a cortr °1,, serted to dose an opening. 2. One that causes soni..j_ r.11 venation sawyer. 3. Computer Science The toornosi-Za a device or system. 4. Gaines A card or .urae end '017 one's opponents from winning all the sticks hs a p ert ..of bridge. + ma -pared. -wring. -pars lb ace. player throws a ball against a stoop or wall and the number of bounce indicates the bases reached. steeper (atootpar) n. 1. One that stoopa. 2. Slang One who looks Ktglie:Pie (stilpaal) es. A aloPPaG,!Pinit. * s -pi wig. for winning pari-mutuel tickets carelessly discarded by others at a race'lb close with a stopper or plug. ltdie English sion4 track. t te t Engli Stap t to stop. S e ersa stoispst NO stop (stop) v. stopped, stopaping, stops -in 1. 'lb dose (an roe n.Agerce ection at which a vehide opening or hole) by covering, filling in, or plugging up: The tea leaver , stopped the shahs. 2. To constrict (an opening or orifice): My nose is stconipl a opta: tetf5p# tedn aAth:41Ptha ce Ll rnewillch') s7 ai stopped up. 3. 'lb obstruct or block passage on(a road, for example). 4. bi pushing a button ind used to measure an exactbe saadedan duration 7b prevent the flow or passage of: stop supplies from geltiuphrousjs. 5a. sgoraage (saorsij, stOra-) n. 1a. The est of doling goods of or lb halt the motion or progress ofr stopped me and as.W &anion& b. To of being stored. b. A space for storing goods. c. The pri, block or deflect (a blow, for example); pury or ward ofE c. lb be or get in the Way of (a bullet or other ndstille); be ldlied or wounded by. 6a. Tit cert ain:co pu:recalinli kee 3. g:mp ter ce te ji.41 C odsustor la . TIp harof ormrege th at stoles" cause to de&t or to change a course of actimustopped usfrom continuing ior niu q ent use or u.E r stara geub attery retrlezi irity A group of reversibu or b the argument. b. lb prevent or watrain: stopped him from ping. 7. To discontinue or cease: Ile stopped his complaining 8a. 'lb defeat (an opsecondary tells acting as a imit. Also clanducanda y battery ' ponent or opposing team). b. To defeat in boxing by a knockout or techstorage cell n. 1. See secondary cell. 2. Computer nical knockout. 9. 'lb order a bank to withhold payment of: stopped the check. 10. Music a. Tb press down (a string on a attinged instrument) storag de ei:ger dtile n. i71; mriter Science A hardware deltice, i n:W az on the fingerboard to produce a desired pitch. b. 7b dose (a hole on a herd disk or floppy disk, uW to record and store data wind instrument) with the finger in sounding a desired pitch. -bite 1. sto•rax (stOtailksa, start-) a 1. See snowball. 2. An aroma 'lb cease moving, progressing, acting, or operating come to a halts The obtained from the snowbell. Also called slyrax 3. A brolvnish clock stopped la the night 2. To put an ea to what one is doing cease: resin need in perfume and medicine and obtained from say of had to stop at an exciting place in the book 3. lb interrupt one's course trees of the genus Ltqufsfambar, especially I. orientalis, of Ihrkem or journey for a brief visit or slap Often used with ks in, or offt stop by at a friend's house; stop in at the Vice; stop off Indic gas statiox. n. 1. called sly= [Middle English. from Latin, alteration of nyr Greek stems, perhaps of Semitic origin. See Ow in Appeodix 114 4 The act of stopping or the condition of being stopped; ceseation. 2. A finish; an end. B. A stay or visit, as one taken during a alp. 4. A place -motors (at6r, star) n. 1. A place where merchandise is offered fek a shop. 2. A stode or supply reserved for future use: a spin,* at which someone or something stops: a regular stop on my paper mute a bus step. 5. A dtviceor mains that obstructs, blocks, or plugs up. 6. eclaj rditull do torehou m .40:, a l rthereg° res o drtresies keptr atoi o eor stbing. oir ar;L pc:ce . comm SuP l aree9 An order giv to a bank to withhold payment on a check. 7. A part in .= quantity or number; an abundance. * tr.v. stored, awi ng. static a median's= that stops or regulates movement B. The effective aperture 1.1b more or pat away for future use. Z. 'lb supplp or stoVill of a lens, controlled by a diaphragm. 9. A mak of punctuation, osie To deposit or receive in a storehouse or warehouae foz safekeeplog't .daily a period. 10. Musk a. The act of stopping a string or hole on an Computer Science Tb copy (data) into memory or onto a storage der* instrument. b. A fret on a stringed instrument. cit hole on wind in• such a; a hard disk. -Idiom In store 1. FordtC0111113g gnat:rad* , strUment d. A device such as a key for dosing the hole on a wind inin stare for her. 2..hi reserve; stored. [Middle English star, supply, IAA strument. se. A tuned set of pipes, as in au organ. f. A knob, kep or pull •4 Old Preach ester, from estarer, to build, from Latin introordus, to watolai that regulates such a set of pipes. 11. Nautical Aline that is wed for securing something temporarily: a sail stop. 12a. Linguistics One of a See stA- in Appendix I.] --storrerble ad]. -stoeer u. store-bought (sterrldita, stora-) 4 Manufactured and plasma set of speech sounds that is a plosive or a nasaL b. A plosive. 13. The at retail; nett homemade: stare•bought cookies. between the muzzle and top pf the skull of an animal, eapestore cheese ri. Cheddar. dsJl1,a dog. 14. Gemes A stopper. 15. itrchitature A projecting stone, often carved, at the end of a wading. *4 Of, relating to. or being of storeefront (stetrafrtine, ateirt-) n. 1. The aide of a store or shap WC at the end of an operation or activity: a gap mak -phrasal facing a street. 2. A room or suited rooms in a commercial bandit:gat ' oohs: stop down lb reduce (the aperture) of a lena. stop out lb street level: a political office in a storefront gr adj. 1. Of, relating mei withdraw temporarily from college. (Middle Englials suppen, from Old being that side of a store fadng a raga: storefront window bout Z. Op. English .stopplan, probably Irons Vulgar Latin *stupplre to caulk, from crating ha a room or suite of rooms in a commercial building at Mot Latin nava. tow, broken flax, from Greek stuppi.J-stopfpaable adj. level: a storefront brayer. • storeahouse (storahous', sari-) n. 1. A place or building in which Synonyms sop. cease, desist, discontinue, halt quit These verbs mean goods are storeek a warehouse. 2. An abundant source or supply:a Ora to bring or come to an end: stop arguing ceased cryins desist from comuse of knowledge plainins discontinued the anfair hutment halting the convoy of trucks storeokeep•ote(stbrike'par. Me n. 1. One who keeps a mull quit taughint Store or shop; a ehopkeeper. 2. One who is in charge of receiving or dlr. Antonym start tributing stores or supplies. such IS military or naval supplia. -starch stop-and-go (stOpfand.gor) adj. Alternately proceeding and halting: saddle-billed staiik ElthiPpliellyntus sangek'n4s stopopage (stOpflj) n. The act of stopping or the co mop-and-go traffic stop bath n. An apfd solution used to check the developing process of a photographic negative or print. stopocock (05pale0W) .n. A valve that regulates the flow of fluid through a piper a faucet. stop codon n. Any of three codons, UAA. UAG, or MA, that signal termination of the synthesis ok a protein. Also called chain termina- lioncodon stojielabp) rr. An excavation in the form of steps made by the mining of ore feonisteeplibiclined or vertical veins. Ma stopecl. stopeinfh stopes 7b iemove (bee) from or mine by Means of a stope. [Perhaps from Len/German, step...from Middle Low German stops.] -stoprer es Stapes (dope), Marie Carmichael 18804958. British paleontolo. go social reformer who opened England's fiat birth control clinic ' and (1924) in London and later promoted family planning in the Par East. stop°12111, (setlpFgsp') re An improvised substitute for something licking a temporary expedient See synonyms at makeshift. + adj. Serving se a stopgap: a stopgap budget bill to keep she government running stopIlIght (MOOR') ii, t A Eght on the rear of a vehicle that is activated when thebras are applied.Also called brake light 2. See triffit light. ' stop order n. An order to a broker to buy or suit a mode when it reaches a specified level of decline oi gain in price. stop-out (stops-out') n. A temporary withdrawal from college. stOpoover (stOpeoNar) it. 1. An interruption In the course of a journey for stopping or visiting at a certain place. 2. A place visited briefly in the course of a journey. keep,Ing storeoosvmer (stbrIO'nar) n. One who owns or operates • store or shop. on ser w -do Ks tIns dec da rsto Its of I act - dm rot Itt Par . Of ha • ate ring throughout a whole store: a statewide sok storewide renovation& stoorey (MOS, sued) n. Chiefly British Variant of story'. stourayed (MAI start-) 4 Chiefly British Variant of storied'. stoorled' (steered, stOrr-) ad). 1. Celebrated or famous in hiatos7t nom the stories, jams). of the Mayflower. 2. Oniamented with representing scenes from history, kgaid, or storr storied weal • stoorled5 (steered, earl-) adj. Having or consisting of a Specified •••, number of stones. Often used lit COMbinati0.11: a three-00W koala a multistoried office buildiax stork (stork) n. Any of various large wading bitds of the family ao' Midst chiefly, of the Eastern Hemisphere, having long legs lid a kg atralgls t bill. Widdle English, from Old English store See MO in AP' • itt storeoroom (stdrarribm', -rdbm', atori-) n. A room in which thinp irt btdde (storawida. stbrt-) ad). Involving, applying to, or snow s eosre see tin Its 2.1 stt Ins blo Gel stt dre API sh storksabIll (stacks/MP) n. 1. Any of various plants of the r, &odium having fruit with a narrow beaklike tip. 2. See flora"(masa 2). storm (stOrm) tr. 1. Pin atmospheric disturbance manifested in OA tar Ap; sti Ito at' winds accompanied by rain, snow, or otherprecipitation and often bythunder and lightning. 2: A wind with a speed from 64 to 73 oiles(lteo 103 to 117 kilometers) per hous according to the Beaufort ecde. called violent monn. 3. A heavy shower of objects, such as build, ar sites. 4. A strong or violent outburst, as of emotion or excitel11itS• storm of tehrs. S. A violent disturbance or upheaval, IS in politica. Nob vat tan ho St Durrance Declaration EXHIBIT 5 - Page 7 Page 13

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