Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. et al

Filing 172

Declaration of ITAY SHERMAN IN SUPPORT OF SAMSUNG'S OPPOSITION TO APPLE'S MOTION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION filed bySamsung Electronics America, Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit A, #2 Exhibit B, #3 Exhibit C, #4 Exhibit D, #5 Exhibit E, #6 Exhibit F, #7 Exhibit G, #8 Exhibit H, #9 Exhibit I, #10 Exhibit J, #11 Exhibit K, #12 Exhibit L, #13 Exhibit M, #14 Exhibit N, #15 Exhibit O, #16 Exhibit P, #17 Exhibit Q, #18 Exhibit R, #19 Exhibit S, #20 Exhibit T, #21 Exhibit U, #22 Exhibit V, #23 Exhibit W, #24 Exhibit X, #25 Exhibit Y, #26 Exhibit Z, #27 Exhibit AA, #28 Exhibit BB, #29 Exhibit CC, #30 Exhibit DD, #31 Exhibit EE, #32 Exhibit FF, #33 Exhibit GG, #34 Exhibit HH)(Maroulis, Victoria) (Filed on 8/22/2011) Modified on 8/29/2011 cannot link entry-opposition has not been efiled (dhm, COURT STAFF).

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EXHIBIT CC 7ΣZዖኾ ZWTW[X_\[^ OX`P╖₢݂ῃ᷿ℎ៳OryP OXYP 7ΣZዖኾὋ࠺OzP O\YP ࣊Ҟ oZTZW O[\P Ὃἶዂዖ OXXP 7Σߎⅾ OY[P 7Σዂዖ O\XP ῃ።࣊Ҟ OYXP ᣢሖߎⅾ OYYP ᣢሖዂዖ X[TWZ ZWTYWW\TWWZW_Y_ YWW\⎚W`ሚW`ዂ O^ZP Zዖኾῢዖ ᄞᔆፊዖ ᑂร⇒௲ ౢᇾ᷿ࠊย ᅇ7ἲῂ ᄲኞ☚☯ YWߎᔆ O^YP ឃ዗ዖ ᑂႊ፛ ࣆ௶ ⁞፛ῂ ያፊY☯ ᅮ២₺☯঒˂ \WXⅾ O^[P ╖Ӳኾ YWW]⎚W^ሚW]ዂ ZWTW[X_\[^ YWW]⎚W]ሚY]ዂ ‫ݛ‬ያሖ ╊╏า௲ὖ ₖ౦ᔊ O\[P ≺╖ἶ Zዖኾኞ ╖ఇኺ ♮⓪ ‫῎ڂ‬ ≺╖ἶ Zዖኾኞ ౪‫׋‬ XU ዲᔎኆ ⁞೓S ቦӲ ‫₯ ݕ‬౷൞ᔆዲዊU YU ႎᲒ⋮Ṗ ⌊ያ♮ჺ ዎ⓪ ᦺ"ᰆዋኞ ᡎෲԂ⅛ ≺╖ἶዊU ZU ‫ֺݶ‬ᄖ ῂ౷♲ ᦺ֚˂ӂ ᳻₺ ௲ᔊ ᡲᅇኊ ₦ ൞ ዎ☚Σ ♲ ộዊU [U ፊֺ Z෪⁒͎ኺ ឃ ₞┾ᄖ ፊ↚௲ᇯ ‫˂֚ᦺ ݕ‬௲ᇯ 7 ፊሖኺ ᩢ፾ ↢౷↚ ♶’Ԓ ࠺ዂ ൞ ዎ☚Σ ₢ ᱶᦞ ‫ݯ‬รኞ ₆⓻ ‫ ݕ‬൱ዖߊḂኊ ‫ݶ‬ᄺ₢ ộኺֶS ↚ֺኞ ឃᄖౢ☚ ᱶᦞ ෪᮲Ӷ‫ݯ‬รኊ ដᰣ₞ᄲ ṗᏋ ≺╖ἶ ₆⓻ኊ ௲ᇯ₦ ൞ ዎ☚Σ ₢ ộ ዊU \U ZᄦঊOktiP₆⓻ኊ ᰗዲ₞ᄲ ᔆఇṒ ‫ݯ‬೧ኊ ย៳₦ ൞ ዎ☚Σ ₞ᅆኂֶ ఇ┾ Ꮢᥧᄖ ῂ౷♲ ෪₂ᨪӂ ᳻₺ ‫ݯ‬೧ ⌊ᇯ ኊ ៳᤮₦ ൞ ዎ☚Σ ₢ ộዊU Zዖኾ ឃ዗ ⌊ᇯኞ ᇚፖ ࠾ሖ ≺╖ἶ Zዖኾኆ ࠾៺ ఇ┾ࣆᄖ ෪₂ᨪӂ ⅛౷₞ἶ ፊֺ ߊḂࣆӂ TXT 7ΣZዖኾ ZWTW[X_\[^ ᱶᦞ෪᮲Ӷ ‫ݯ‬รኂ΢ ┾ൢ₞ἶ ☛᷿₢ ⅛ఇኂ΢ ⋮ᰆ⌊ᄎኂֶ ፊ៺ፇኂ΢ ☢ᣢࣆṖ ᄌ⓪ ₪⊪₢ ኺܾᔆӂ ṫᎶ₢ ộኊ Zዖኾ ឃ዗ ⌊ᇯኞ ᇚፖኂ΢ ₮U ૺ ௲ย☚ ૻ ૺ ፛ֺ☚ ૻ TYT 7ΣZዖኾ ZWTW[X_\[^ ૺ ‫ૻ ☚ֺݶ‬ ૺ Ꮢᥧֺ☚ ૻ TZT 7ΣZዖኾ ZWTW[X_\[^ ૺ ᇶᥧֺ☚ ૻ ૺ Ἇֺ☚ ૻ ૺ ፆֺ☚ ૻ T[T

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