Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. et al

Filing 560

EXHIBITS re #559 Declaration in Support, filed byApple Inc.. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit 2.01, #2 Exhibit 2.03, #3 Exhibit 2.04, #4 Exhibit 2.05, #5 Exhibit 2.06, #6 Exhibit 2.07, #7 Exhibit 2.08, #8 Exhibit 2.09, #9 Exhibit 2.10, #10 Exhibit 2.11)(Related document(s) #559 ) (Jacobs, Michael) (Filed on 12/29/2011)

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EXHIBIT 2.05 APLNDC00024955 APLNDC00024956 APLNDC00024957 APLNDC00024958 APLNDC00024959 APLNDC00024960 APLNDC00024961 APLNDC00024962 APLNDC00024963 APLNDC00024964 APLNDC00024965 APLNDC00024966 APLNDC00024967 APLNDC00024968 APLNDC00024969 APLNDC00024970 APLNDC00024971 APLNDC00024972 APLNDC00024973 APLNDC00024974 APLNDC00024975 APLNDC00024976 APLNDC00024977 APLNDC00024978 APLNDC00024979 APLNDC00024980 APLNDC00024981 APLNDC00024982 APLNDC00024983 APLNDC00024984 APLNDC00024985 APLNDC00024986 APLNDC00024987 APLNDC00024988 APLNDC00024989 APLNDC00024990 APLNDC00024991 APLNDC00024992 APLNDC00024993 APLNDC00024994 APLNDC00024995 APLNDC00024996 APLNDC00024997 APLNDC00024998 APLNDC00024999 APLNDC00025000 APLNDC00025001 APLNDC00025002 APLNDC00025003 APLNDC00025004 APLNDC00025005 APLNDC00025006 APLNDC00025007 APLNDC00025008 APLNDC00025009 APLNDC00025010 APLNDC00025011 APLNDC00025012 APLNDC00025013 APLNDC00025014 APLNDC00025015 APLNDC00025016 APLNDC00025017 APLNDC00025018 APLNDC00025019

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