Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. et al

Filing 560

EXHIBITS re #559 Declaration in Support, filed byApple Inc.. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit 2.01, #2 Exhibit 2.03, #3 Exhibit 2.04, #4 Exhibit 2.05, #5 Exhibit 2.06, #6 Exhibit 2.07, #7 Exhibit 2.08, #8 Exhibit 2.09, #9 Exhibit 2.10, #10 Exhibit 2.11)(Related document(s) #559 ) (Jacobs, Michael) (Filed on 12/29/2011)

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EXHIBIT 2.10 APLNDC00025275 APLNDC00025276 APLNDC00025277 APLNDC00025278 APLNDC00025279 APLNDC00025280 APLNDC00025281 APLNDC00025282 APLNDC00025283 APLNDC00025284 APLNDC00025285 APLNDC00025286 APLNDC00025287 APLNDC00025288 APLNDC00025289 APLNDC00025290 APLNDC00025291 APLNDC00025292 APLNDC00025293 APLNDC00025294 APLNDC00025295 APLNDC00025296 APLNDC00025297 APLNDC00025298 APLNDC00025299 APLNDC00025300 APLNDC00025301 APLNDC00025302 APLNDC00025303 APLNDC00025304 APLNDC00025305 APLNDC00025306 APLNDC00025307 APLNDC00025308 APLNDC00025309 APLNDC00025310 APLNDC00025311 APLNDC00025312 APLNDC00025313 APLNDC00025314 APLNDC00025315 APLNDC00025316 APLNDC00025317 APLNDC00025318 APLNDC00025319 APLNDC00025320 APLNDC00025321 APLNDC00025322 APLNDC00025323 APLNDC00025324 APLNDC00025325 APLNDC00025326 APLNDC00025327 APLNDC00025328 APLNDC00025329

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