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SURREPLY to in Support of its Proposed Claim Construction filed by ABLAISE LTD., GENERAL INVENTORS INSTITUTE A, INC.. (Attachments: # 1 Affidavit Declaration of Seth A. Northrop in Support of Ablaise LTD. and General Inventions Institute A, Inc.'s Markman Sur-Reply Brief in Support of its Proposed Claim Construction# 2 Exhibit Exhibit A to Declaration of Seth Northrop# 3 Exhibit Exhibit B, Declaration of Seth A. Northrop# 4 Exhibit Exhibit C to Declaration of Seth Northrop# 5 Exhibit Exhibit D to Declaration of Seth Northrop# 6 Exhibit Exhibit E to Declaration of Seth Northrop# 7 Exhibit Exhibit F to Declaration of Seth Northrop# 8 Exhibit Exhibit G to Declaration of Seth Northrop# 9 Exhibit Exhibit H to Declaration of Seth Northrop# 10 Exhibit Exhibit I to Declaration of Seth Northrop# 11 Affidavit Second Affidavit of Christian B. Hicks Regarding Claim Construction)(Downey, Jeffrey)

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DOW JONES REUTERS BUSINESS INTERACTIVE, LLC v. ABLAISE LTD. et al Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 1 of 17 Doc. 30 Att. 3 EXHIBIT B Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 2 of 17 ______ . .- -. .. .. . . . . . .. .. __ ._ - I .. . . . . . __ _-. In re Application of RITCHIE - Serial No. 0 8 / 6 4 7 , 7 6 9 Filed: May 1 5 , 1 9 9 6 For: SERVING SIGNALS Art Un't: 2 3 0 7 Examiner: < -3 I ----- Id:C,;k j\4L-!J m'9 3 f996 INFORMATION DISCLOSURE STATEMENT 1 I I f ti b :a~$egcf To the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks Sir: Pursuant to 3 7 C.F.R. 1.56, 1 . 9 7 and 1 . 9 8 , applicant hereby brings to the attention of the Examiner the following references: Agosti et al., Automatic Authorins and Construction of Hmermedia for Information Retrieval, Xultimedia Systfma, vol. 3 , no. 1, pages 1 5 - 2 4 (February 1995); Handley et al., The World-Wide Web: How Servers Work, ConneXions, vol. 9, no. 2 , pages 1 2 - 2 4 (February 1995); Vetter et al., Mosaic and the World-Wide Web, Computer, vol. 27, no. 10, pages 4 9 - 5 7 (October 1 9 9 4 ) ; Francis Heylighen, World-Wide Web : A Distributed Hwermedia, Paradism for Global Networkinq, Proceedings of SHARE Europe Spring 1 140 Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 3 of 17 Conference, pages 355-68 (Spring 1994); Gee et al., Novel Armroaches to Automatins the Gatherins of Intelliqence from the Online Communitv Throua? the Internet, Proceedings of Eighteenth International Online Information Meeting, pages 501-11 (1994); ' A Medium in the Makinq, EXE: The Software Developers' Magazine, vol. 9, issue 12 (May 1995) ; What is Versatile Virtual Vendins?, article; Mary Ann Pike, gow the World-Wide Web Works, The World-Wide Web, Chapter 30, pages 677-690; and In the Stores. In the Online Stores, Personal Computer Magazine, page 44 (July 1994). The Agosti article describes the complete process and a tool for the automatic construction of a multimedia hypertext starting from a large collection of multimedia documents. Automatic The authoring is discussed in the left hand column of page 16. automatic authoring process is schematically represented on page 19. The Handley article describes how servers for the World-Wide Web work. Beginning on page 16, the authors discuss proxy servers. The Vetter article discusses the Mosaic browser. Page 51 of the article discusses writing HTML documents. automatically using special software tools. On page 52, the article states that existing files can be converted to ETML Figure 3 on page 56 I 141 Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 4 of 17 shows a Mosaic extension model. The Heylighen article reviews browsers, servers and editors fox use on the World-Wide Web. interactive World-Wide Web. The Gee article describes a server that automatically constructs and HTML document and captures responses. The EXE article discusses tools for creating KIWL pages. The VW article describes the WV virtual store software system. The Pike article discusses the history of the World-Wide Web and important World-Wide Web concepts and provides instruction on how to access the World-Wide Web. The Personal Computer Magazine article discusses the projected future for interactive shopping. Applicant has provided copies of the references in compliance with the Rules. In addition, applicant has prepared an Information Disclosure Citation, Form PTO-1449, and has included this with the Information Disclosure Statement. Pages 362 and 363 discuss the . November _I, 1996 Meera P. Narasimhan, Reg.No.40, 252 1493 Chain Bridqe Road Suite -300 McLean, Virginia 22101 Tel: (703) 442-4800 . P a : ( 7 0 3 ) 448-7397 3 142 Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 5 of 17 -_ . .- -. . . .. . .- .. . . .. ... 143 Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 6 of 17 ti 1 144 Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 7 of 17 :' .. . -. .. . ' .. ... Q .. ... , Xqwords; Mark! r m c h pl~lirmmirl~, Infanct, World Widc Wci, Mosaic, MML, M1??D, URL ' I 1. Obtaining market research data for informatlon service providers questioMaLes hes of come been m a c e extensively over e rhd many years. Guiddines for the construction of queshwrnairPsare a d a b l e for most fields. (5hneklmmgives a gwd set of r i d e k e s for Ha in Dcslipnmg the Usrr Intafncc (Xef4)).i However, there am st% many pro lems with response rates and adm&hation (Ref I. ) I DesiSning market resea& Online Infannation 94 Ptocesdlngs Page 501 .. .... . ... _lll-ll _l.-.ll .. ..... .... 1.1" . ...................... -... ...... .... ... 191 . Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 8 of 17 I .. 1.1. CPmpul~-bmed.quesfionndres .. Since the 6Os,e l e e t m n c ~ w e y have changed the process of design and administration of ' s questionnaires (nef 3). Lhirig intelligent computer programs, complex context m v e quetionnalesCM be pmduced. With dlrecf-todirlc answers, tramposition from paper to disk is not reqrdrrd, thus Increasing the speed and acrurncy of data eaphxe. Stmeinoted that online iiulveys r a m v e printingcosts and reduce admlnlshstion(Ref 4). Other Hniters found that responses to these cmnputeriSed methods are mmparable to the tradb tionalpapersrw~s(RfRcf7).WihtheincrrasingpervasionofWomcation t&dogy,itfs possible toextend datacaptul.eandperformanalysisias~tly.ThisinstantanerrusRspcnse c a n b e d a s a m o t i v a t o rforrqmndents to answerthequestlonnafre.1tfsalsofDundthat whenusersueraked tommpfeteaquestiormaire,inaeaJinglythefrclpectationisthatthe questionrairewiUbe provided h the form of an interactive rogmn.A widerange of usen with a divene range of s W t and nrlhlres is M W O b s e r v ~ t complete a computer-hased o questionnairenahmily, acnvately and e n t h u l a s t i d y (Ref 6). rates are enhanced by producing onltte questiomaites.SprouU used electronic mail for data collection (Rcf 5). This W d many Issues on the aopropriatenenr of thia media for confidential s w e y s . "be Quest system (Ref 2) was d e d o p e d to address these h e s b y presenting the respondent wrth an online questionnakebesedsystem The aim waa to increasaconadence in confidentiality and also to prcduce an interiace which lwks as dose as possible to a conventional paper questionnaire The Quest s y s t e m used many dwer hterface components such assliding range bars and check boxes. The rajor b h g ofthissystemwasits reliance on respondents tohave parjdarcomputerhard:y4I.e , and the spedfic Quest software. Further enhpncement of questioMaka systems may combine the accessibiliht of an e-mail s s e wtth the usability of the Quest system. The obvious solution is to'use the ytm same in&mhlaUre as emall and to combine this with a usable inkrface Global e - d uses the Internet, whlch has 25aco+ interconnected networks in over I o combes. j Currently there are 35 mflllon lhtemet users worldwide and U the present growth rare conhues, by 1995 there will be 200 4 o n ugers. With thei n w i n g numbers of conncc2. A novel system to capture market research data from internet users tio~in~~EuropeandAiricathisstatisticmaybeanurrderes~~eRli~hese'int~et users provide a large potential group of respondents. The conventionnlaporoad~ would be to dwelop a bepoke ppplication p p m (itltherbv direct coding o u & an authoring system such as Quest). Wowever, data can only b i rs captured if uses can be persuaded to install and execute the applicatioa Our new approach lies insedudng users into providing responses durirrg their normal navigation through the Internet. We achieve this by exploitingWorld Wide Web. . World Wide Web is a wide area hypermedia information t e M d initiative mncented toaveunivPssala~~stotfreeno~ousuniverseofdonunenttandMorm;ttionarossthe Intemetltwas star:ed byTLmaemcrs-Leeando~ersataRNinCcneva,Switrer!andI J a means of organiskg documents and access to documents ln'a standard wav thmugh 8 standard vehlde. It uses the w l known concept of hyperibb, whereby rek&ces in one el dDNmentorllrtbecomejumpkkoffpointstoothvdonunents,litts,resourcesora~ons.' T h e aim was to merge the tffhniques of information retrieval and hypertsxt to produce an intuitiw and powerEul global fnfonation system M s usestreat Worfd Wide WebwanInbmetmviptormthesamewaythatgophen ot and othersu& tools ennbIe users to eylore the Internet universe. It'm be used to link to and f o a n y h g - g o p h e r menu items, WAIS databases. fp directories. Usenet news rm aftides or n e w s p u p s -because all these objects are made to look just like hyperteyt . Online lnformatlon 84 Proceedings Page SO2 ! . . - .__.......... ~ ' ... ___I,.___.. .. . 192 , .- - .' ". .- .. .... Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR .. .. * : Document 30-4 _____-.. Filed 05/30/2007 Page 9 of 17 ____ . .I . ~ _ I _ _ I _ I "___ ., __ ..... ... __. .... , . .. w Fr-1: Thet@rennd#tauimcfah4wnic m ~ ~ o ~ i n S r r r i f i a k n d M f h c ~ a ~ ~ ~ ~ r y * r A l l s r m I i n : a p a the c k i n g o n di text 'IJU!NationnI Lamy o Austral&'(shomn on the @ , catls the f Moylic I Natiaal Librmy o Au+hnIia ruhicfisaufs fhc rquuai page (shaDn m the right). f I erfa;jumpfmmtheWmIdLfbmry I normal we, the WWW dient such a Mosaiccapn s the responseor went triggered by the ue' r q o n s e Thm a user might edit a text box, &ck a button &&a hyper-sensrs skive hotspat and so forth, causing a event ( F i r lb). The coding i the HTML n n dcament describes the action t be p e r f 0 4 w en the event occws. Again, this h o zornally to implement the approprfate hyperlink We have lpeM suceeaful i using the n standard features offered by WWW EIThfLFLosaicin novd way-that is t extend the a o huraio~i~~tt,opturetherrsponxsmadebytheuserssam~ofm~ecting/Qp respsrse~ (data) fmm the war. Caphdng data as response3to questionnabsi the% s exam&. Thus we are using the standard feahues of the system in a way for which they werenot origlnallydestgnedorcvnceived.The advantageofthbapproachI thatitrs Online lnfonnatlon 9A Pmcadngs Page 503 .. . _" k.,. ... ........... .................. ......... Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 10 of 17 .noadditioMlresowresorsofhvantOLwswhaLalo~of thesystem) andituse thesamastandardHlMLmding.UseKmightnotqrenbeawarethat theywere responding to a structured monitored request for information-as far a they are mns cemed their perception is that theyareJust&ganavi&atorand makingresponsesinordar to navigate to thenext point of their choice. mere are obvious skrUlarities to systemr that monitar and capture w a r d responses to track user behavlour. Thus,whilst &e users perceive they are in control of their navigation (as in any mra\nt Mosaic session), in fact control has b e taken Overby the author of the HRvndocument that h uw is viewing. e We have d w e ed a set of mxiules for the N m ' s HTTPD server to d o w the sewer to be a q u e s t f d e sewer. Tiwe modules use the Common Gateway Interface ( G o f e w of Nx;4's m D . mir & o w programmes to be used to mnsmct r e p k to Mcsatcrequest$dyMmity. WeinitfallydeveSopedCGIprogramstoallcwuws t0ames.s theInlemational~atlonofPalatobio~sOradePiantFosill databazefittp://nmnne.uelacuk/palaw/index.html)) via the htyyt. 3. Exploiting HTML for capturing user responses ,- HTML is a sped& implementation of the Standard Generalised Mark-Wp ta4grrage. Simple donvnents can be produced by using any wordprocessor or &tor with the knowledge of only a few of these mmmands and d e s . The most important rules are that filenames should end in html (or htm in ws) and they should be saved as ASCU text All theHTMLbnmands are embedded InASCII textbybeingsurroundedbyless than' (c)and 'greater t a ' +) signs. hn Emmple commonly used commands are: ' <Mu Name 4titlo <hbHeading a n t &lS <b> BOLD u'b> P l ~ c e Name 19 khe page title. s Heading one is wdttut in the style of defined by heading one. BOLD is wrfltmkl bald. End of pa,ngr;lphmarker. (Insertsa rehlrn) Include the picture a n h e g i f This ir a hypertext jump to p a g e l h t d <P d m g nr&"'ntinincglf"> cn href ="pageZhtml"> Page h u o J ~ Thus a sample HTblL page would be coded as: Online HT?vlL page </title cimg src="onIine.gifu> <hl> A slmplc K M L page Ce / <p> , This is a cb> simple clb> demonstration on how to write an KTML page. <P> Press ca hmf="p~g&htmi">here4~ continue to or (iihreh"home.html"r herecla> to return to the home page. <title> files should be in the same directorv as the current page, unless the full URL is used. To give the file path: for instance. pa&htmi's URL m y be htt.j://w,ueLacuk/on)int/pageZhtml. The URL l~ one of the most important id- on the Internet as Itprovides a unique merhanism for refemng to MYdccument or service on the Internet ?his will b6 translated into a more user friendly form by a WWW dient (e.g. Mosaic) (Finue2 . 1 Thls pege has two links,one to page2bmtl and a second to homehtmL Thee M e r . Y . Online Informallon94 Proceedings Page 504 . .'I .. I:' Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 11 of 17 f M M L provide no a priori support for questionnaires,but it does provide the perfect h h s t r u To produce an HRVIL queS&mnaise rentice. the control of the sew= has to ~ be changed so that the server takes the role of the master. lnnavfgatorusk,MeWWWwviarwor~onthefamiliarconarptofadient(eg.Mosaic) requestinga server for B partktdar page, and the server's only function is to execute this serticeThe dient in this (nwmaI) scenario can be seen as the htigatox and controller of the procus.WSth out hmvaMve approach, m d to d3reci that the user completes our e r queskt6nnatre,the roles are reversed as the server must effectively take over-control ?heWWW is currentlydesigned tosupporta f o ot controlfmmifte~dient h e sewer. lw to Therefore, to operatain a questionndue-likemode can only be achieved by monitoring the *'ient's requ-ts and manipulating the replies back to.the client This is done i such a way n to fora the dent onty to ba able to answer the questions.The options available to the -emhave to be embeddedln to the reply to the last question We have implemented this by using a simple file namfng system, a d an additional n program to the H I V D server whtch can deal with these changes. In normal use, Mosaic processes the avent "fggued by the wer to call a new & ? $ I dccument by virtue of its URLWhentheuserghtasaresponsetaaqwestlononeofo~quesMo~d-en~, Mcs~cthenrcspondstotheeventbyQUingourbespoke~rogamtogetherwithamntext control variable. Ihe function 06 this besgoke p m is ta: save te response to a partinrlar datafiie; h Online lnbrmatlon 94 Proceedings fam 90s . . ... , . ........_ ~~. . , .. ,. ., .... .".~_.,.,.."....I._______.__ .. . Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 12 of 17 ' . C : ' I dedhce the branching required to fkther questions or lr~truction~. ?he Mtial.URLis hap:// Thb has no varkble and thustheprogramdeducesthatthe ndenthasjuststarted,bd thereforesends t h e h t questioh~process*ocreatesan~penrthedestinaHonddtaAleforthewern?sponsea. Thus, If the Fmt question ir: Question I Are you planning to ittead Online 1994? Yes No then the foUowing will be the source of the KIML page sent badtb the client: <titlo n i . l 9 9 4 J t i t b 0 Jrq shb Quutioh 1 , d b A r e you plurnlng to attend Online 19947 <P> < P ' < P ' ' p c uil h r e h " h t ~ J / ~ . u c l a ~ ~ a ~ b ~ ~ u ~ t i o n c h ~ ~ ~ l O 0 7 . ~ l ~ > Y ~ ~~ ca kefPYhttp.Jlwmv.uel.aGu~c$b~qu~ tion?TZI?.1?13.MM11007.W1">No</u If the response is Yes, the URL h t r p : / / w w w . u e l ~ c . u k / c g i - / ~ ~ tion~I2221%001W)2001is called by the M s i c k n t . In a oac @ t i URL the queshs tion program is exenited together with the context variable R12121344M)lM12001. The variable cnn be broken down into f i v e h j o r components: Example : f.. Length Nunc TZ 2 8 1zaw.i OD1 002 001 3 3 3 Internalcontrol used for complex Contextdependent queshons. The &name for saving the ahnverr of thFc particular respondent k genemted autometially 0 x 8 the questionnaire has been started and I appended dynamically to each question s at runtime. The question number of the current annver,lf this 1s set to ? I T than the -ply is not stored. The next question number. The answer to the last queshon,Le. would have been set to OM if female When the program receives a valid context vanable it a p p a d s the mnmt question number (M)l) and :he answer (001)to the file indicated by the alename (El21M).If the c~tquestionnumberissettoTITthenthepmgnmauumesthatthe~tpageisa text page and that it reqequires no Wormation to be stored. The program then infen which qWShOn should be asked next. In simple svstems, this will bs the next question number in sequence. (For mare complex quesHonnn6es a bok-up table, a l p n t h or chairling algor t m ornet may be wed) The program then changes the URLS in the Ale m n t a h g the ih next queshon tu match the filename athe cunMt diene This page is t e p t e d bv the hn server to diene Thus the user now sees the next question disptaved by Mwaiis, with'new unks already embedded which have b e a ~ detemlned by the w&s responses. Onlhre hformat~on'%Proceedings Page 506 .. .._,. ... ' . .. '196 , .--_..L__.. . 1 Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 13 of 17 f .. 1 ', .- . ofth*.maf~pmble~ ~dealmgwiththehiqand thewrver'sze@rementtbteachpage should be in a stngk file. Tu simplify this operation we have adspced cur filebased questfamakelanguage (codeveloped with the Cenhe for International Business Stud& &nsterdam) to admtdster all of the h k d and to mnstzuct multiple KIML pages from a @Ie lnput fl. ie The major commands are: 'Header.: *Fbotcr? .. I '& I 'Qud 'AnP Thr tcxt at the Lop of all of the pages (QpMotul) The tutatthcfoptofUof theptigcr(Ope[otrzU A text pag? T h e first h e L c o n s i h d to be *heading unlou it i s left blank. /Aauue[onrIhtBntUneLconsiderrdto bcaheadingqnluzitis left b h n f r Arlnglr~nverwhiehshouldfaUow aqucstion i The difference bkvten %. t. and .Qua*s that the saver Hdll only record the reply i from a 'Ques' page. Other mmmands are pmvided to comtnactmniext-dependentquqtiorwlres with complex cadem or optional geaions: 'lInkTP2dNt-4 PP is a context N"is the number of the nqt page to v p t. If this is o omittedUIenUIesystcm~bsntmethatthenutpageinthefiieis~t ' srcp"nnlJne9.Lhtmi"> wadd place tfre online Information 94 logo at the top of each page, as shewn in our example (Figure2). Th&questionnairecanbetypedfntoanywordpcesscrortwt editorwhichcan produce ASCII text fils.An example file is shown below: 'XeadaP Online Danonrhtion *Fwtu'byDavid Gee utdPeterWooUI;uns -Put" A two question questionnaire to demrutntc this questionn&eystem. I hope you enjoy using ttsryatun ii *Quss' What gender you 1 'Am' Male 'Quts' *An$*Female How old zreyou 7 'Am' lfas than 25 .. . I , ! . i . Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 14 of 17 ' . I: When the respondents call the Questionnaire they will be presented with the Arst page, and on answering a question or selecting a new page the server will deduce which paga should be sentnext and record any answers.The respondents only ever see the h,yperte.a vfew of the example (Figure 3). Online InlormallDn $4 Proceedings Page 508 . * ... _..I. ..-. --_ I . _ _. ...."..... .... . . ... .. ..I. ......... I .. 198 . I_..I .... ' ..................... . . . . ...... .. Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 15 of 17 , . 4. Question fpnnats and user interfaces M s i i currmtiy the oac s modt pcpular g~~uhical-based and IscurrentIy the only one t support " Lforms. dient o M Itrequi~Mme6Rnofgraphicailrserinlt.*ac%e~.X-Wuldows,MSWindows,Amigaor Mac OS M r diats such as Lynx and CERNS WWW can use character-bascd systems e such BZ W terminals and MSDOS. This produces two t y p of systems: Type 1, the O O charader-biued: and Type 2, GUI-based. The Type 2 GUI systems can read all of the text-based Type1 pages. QuertioMake ~ysnms Type I svskms allow for texkbased multi-=hde questions, on withonlyaaingfequcst+onperpage.&e totheAniCnatureofmulti~oin!qugtions,thP/ arevxsiqle toanalyseusingcomputerisedkhniquer"IhisAniteiimiIlmitationmmpUmtes gene questionsw~ertabiishthebad;groundofaraspanden~Wehavenowprexluced a general set of queatlone which allow the user 0 s e k t their background via a set of Merarchlcalmenus. One o thee seh mn-a f structured Ust of wexy county and parah of every wumry in thewodd: thia allows respondenk accurately to pinpoint their piam of birth or airrent location. As a loation d e i produced, autonomous computerbed s 6tatisHcal analysis Is made available. To produce a fast svstem there should be only one questionper page, and thenumber of answersshouldbe mkmised as each answerrequires more processing of the Mosaic dlent. MostofthdnewerTyeeZsystmu the abilitfeso aType 1 system witkthe additional have f features ofmultiplequestionsperpage,imagemaps,andtheindusion of thespedaltoolsets contained i H M L forms (Figure 4). These allow the CONtruLhOn of gtaphical hk, n As stated above, the WWW servers can be read by various dents, Online lnfermatlon 94 Proceedings Page SO9 199 Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 16 of 17 \<, multiple &&on &xes and buttons, which can be used for scalar questforis, multiple selection bo= or to enhanut multi-choice quertians. One of the most important tools of " I forms is the text box'which supports the ability to ask open-ended quesstious.Text M. boxes do nbt currently assist i autonomous uomputerired analysis, as the system has to n be able to pane and understand the entry typed t the textbox Even i a spedlrccontext o n this is very c o m p l and-huzher resesrch needs-tq be undertakeq i this fidd ~ n F&um 4: A Type 2 questionnaire slrowing.thc onriaus lwlsets pmoidal b Mmaic Fonns. y ' One of the more viiuaIh hoceaiing elemmk of J. T p 2 svStem i the imagemap. Tnis allow respon2enn to s e i i Gore3 of B $?;re. A simkle e&,mFl.mcie wouid 5e to d&!ay a ~ p i e r e of an oifice and (0 ask respondents to selec: where thev would like to sit. Rerpondents can then answer the question by moving :he m o w and hcking on the ictura in the required I d o n . This sends the server the x,y coordinate on the imm mmfthe lwtion Mbe deduced. Unfortunately, imngemips ?lacs B heavy netwa&ng load on &e sfstem Onllna Infomatlon 34 Procecdlngs Pege 510 Case 1:06-cv-01015-JR Document 30-4 Filed 05/30/2007 Page 17 of 17 .. -pared netepsary. to tcxt.based multiple choice questions,and should only be used where really 5. Conclusions .. ' m e lntemet mntinues b enjoy an expla~hre w t h in interest and new usezs The p hnavative sppmachdewibed herein provides a wpful law-cost method of acquting markettesearchdata&omapotentialof25(pius)~onusers. t q u i r e s thempandents i to have no spedal software.These days virtually P machines comead to the Internet have Mosalc The very few that do not have some form of text+& viewer. c a ~ d nspondents QR be athacted. As Mosaic/WWW is an Internet browser Pis highly k l y that with the correct signpds, questionnslre responserpte would behigh. The aeXiSty of usbg the in-ljuilt form bob can pmduce an lnhlihve and 8esth-y pl.intufacewithmlourandmul~~aobjects.Ihe~ qucstionnaherlbemadeQlwk like a s m d d Mosaic page and thus exploit the advantages of the respmdents'pundamdingof Mosaic Assuggesred,thequestionnaire serveranbe adapted to use vari~w algorithmaorz\rtifidalMelli@neep mstOmnsh'UctarupondaudrivencontextualLed qmtionnake dynxnican h x t e feedback to the respondent aKdtfre questionn a k h a s been mmpleted also be offered.'Ibis can be used BS the mativatorforthe rerpondmt ts answer the questionnaire.Administration is very low aa the systein is automaticOur current system can generate graph and perform statistical analysis automaticalty an the datz Using hdcmsoft's OLE technology. it Is pcssible to pmduce Irving papers which update theit statistics and graphs dynamcally CMlrd Online Information 94 Pmceedlnas

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