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MOTION RENEWED MOTION FOR DIRECT CONTACT WITH CLIENT by GUANTANAMO BAY DETAINEE LITIGATION, HAMOUD ABDULLAH HAMOUD HASSAN AL WADY (Attachments: # 1 Text of Proposed Order, # 2 Exhibit A, # 3 Exhibit B, # 4 Exhibit C, # 5 Exhibit D)(Gunn, Carlton)

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EXHIBIT C I. .Hamud al-Wady - Wikipedia, th fre encyclopeia Page i oD Ham ou d al!1á1fye Wikipedia by supportlllg ¡'finallclally. / From Wikipeia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Hamoud Abdullah Hamoud Has AI Wady) Yemen, held in extjudicial detention in the United States Guantaamo Bay Naval Ba, in Cuba.ll) Al Wady's Guataamo detainee lD number Defen report tht AI Wady was born on Septmber 5, i 965, in San'a, is 574. The Deparent of "amoud Abdullab "amoud Hassan AI Wady is a citizen of Yemen. Contents I . i Combatat Status Review Tribunal . 1. Allegations . 1.2 Trancript . 1. Confuion over the Tribunal pross . 2 Administrtive Review Boar hearing . 3 References Combatant Status Review Tribunal Initially the Bush adinisttion assert tht they could withold all the protections of the Geneva Conventions to captives from the war on terror. This policy was challenged before the Judicial brach. Critics argued that the USA could not evade its obligation to conduct competent tribuns to deterine whther captives are, or ar not, entitled to th protections of prisoner of wa st. Subseuently the Departent of Defene intitute the Combatat Status Review TribunaL. The Tribunals, however, were not authrized I Combatat Status Review I Tribunals were held in a trailer : the size ofa lai RV. The to deterine whether the captives wer lawful combatants - rather they were merely empowered to make a remmendation as to whether the captivc had previously been correctly detrmine to match the i cative sa on 8 plasic gaden , chair, wiih his hans and reet , ¡ shakled 10 a bolt in the floo. 121\3) Three chairs were : reerved for members orihe : ¡ pres, but only 37 orih. 574 i L!!ib~nal.s~",ere..~~!Y:ii~~ _ Bush administrtion's definition of an enemy combatat. To comply with a Freedom of Information Act reuest, during the winter and spring of 2005, the Deparent of Defense relea 507 memoranda. Those 507 memorada each contaned th allegations against a single detainee, prepared for thir Combatat Statu Reew Tribunals. The detainee's name and JD numbe wer reacted from all but one of the memoranda. However J 69 of the memoranda had the detainee's ID hand-wrtten on the top right hand of the first Defense complied with a court order, and released offcial lists of page comer. When the Departent of the detainee's names and lD numbers it wa possible to identify who those 169 were wrtten about. Hamoud Abdullah Hamoud Has AI Wadv wa one of those 169 detainees.IS) http;// AI_ Wady 8/12/008 Hamoud al-Wad - Wikipeia, the free encyclopeia Page 2 oD Allegations a. The detainee is asociated wit Taliban and Al Qaid I. The detainee traveled to Afghanistanfrom Yemen via /ran and Syia in early 2001. 2. The detainee was recruted to go to Afghanitan an a religious educator financed his trl1el. 3. The detainee went to Afghanis'an to jight Jihad. 4. The detainee stayed in multiple safehoes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. 5. The detainee is knowledgeable in the use of a Kalashnikov rife. 6. The detainee was a money courier. 7. The detainee delivered money to the Talian in Herat. 8. The detainee was capturd in a safehoe in Pakistan. b. The detainee supported military operations agailtt the coalition. I. The detainee served at the Said Center for ,he rear guard near Bagram for ,he Talian. Transcript Al Wady chose to pacipate in his Combatant Status Review Tribunal.(6) Confusion over the Tribunal process Al Wady's trscript reords him desribing his confuion over the Tribunal pross. Administrative Review Board hearing Detainees who were determine to have ben prperly clasified as "enemy combatats" were scheduled to have their dossier reviewe at anual Admnistrtive Revew Boar heangs. The Administative Review Boards weren't authorize to review whether a detainee qualified for POW statu, and they weren't authorized to review whet a detinee should have been clasified as an "enemy combatat". They were authorize to consider whether a detainee should continue to be detaned by the United States, beuse they continued to pose a thrt - or whether they could saely be repatriated to the custody of their home country, or whether they could be set free. al- Wady chose to parcipate in his Administtive Review Board heang, tellng the panel that he was entering his fifth year of imprisonment and "wat(ed) to see America justice, where is it?,,(7) References i. A list of prisoners (.pdt) (htt://ww.dod.millpubslfoildetaineesldl0060515.pdt). US Department of Defense, May 15,200 2. 1\ Guantánamo Prisoner Getting Their Day, but Hardly in Cour (htt://ww.nytes.coml00/1 i I08/natina08gítm.btml? ex=125757oo00&en=4af0725bdc086&ei=5088&paner=rssnyt), New York Times, November i i, 2004 - mirrr (htt://cagepñsoners.comlaricles.php?aid=3838) 3. 1\ Inside the Guantánao Bay heargs: Barbaan "Justice" dispensed by KGB-stle "military AI_ Wady 8/1212008 Hamoud al-Wady - Wikipeia, the free encyclopedia Page 3 00 tribunals" (http://ww.chrstsrex.orglwwl/newsl-12-II-04a.htm). Financial Times, Decmbe i i , 2004 4. 1\ "Anual Administrative Review Bods for Enemy Combatats Held at Guatao Attrbutable to Senior Defens Offcials (htt://ww.defenslin.milltrptstranscript.aspx? transcriptid=J902)". United States Deparent of Defense (Marh 6, 2007). Retrieved on 2007- 09-22. 5. 1\ Summar of Evidenc memo (.pd ( prpa for Hamoud Abdullah Hamoud Hassa Al Wad's Combtant Status Review Tribunal - October 13,200 - page 256 6. 1\ Summarze trript (.pd (htt://ww.defenselink.millpubsfoildetaineeslcsrSet_39_ 2629-2646.pdffI), from Hamoud Abdullah Hamoud Hassa AI Wady's Combatant Status Review Tribunal- pages 1-13 7. 1\ Retrieved from "htt://en.wikipeiaorgfkiloud_al-Wady. Categories: People held at the Guantamo Bay detnton cap I Yei.ei extrjudicial prisoners of the United States I Living peple Hidden categories: NPOV disputes frm Deembe 20071 All NPOV disputes . This page was las modified on i 0 May 2008, at 09:03. . All text is available uner the terms of the GNU Free Doumentation Lice. (See Copyrits for details.) WikipeiatR is a registered trdemark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a U,S. registered 501 (c) (3) tax-deductible nonprofit chaity. http://en.wikipedia.orglwikilHamoud_Abdullah_HamoudJlassan_AI _ W ady 8f i 2/2008

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