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ORDER approving the proposed redaction by the government relating to 1 MOTION MOTION FOR PUBLIC ACCESS TO CERTAIN SEALED COURT RECORDS filed by THE NEW YORK TIMES COMPANY. Signed by Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth on 11/25/08. (Attachments: # 1 Return in 02mj458, # 2 Warrant in 02mj458, # 3 Return in 02mj459, # 4 Warrant in 02mj459, # 5 Warrant in 02mj460, # 6 Return in 02mj461, # 7 Warrant in 02mj461, # 8 Return in 02mj462, # 9 Warrant in 02mj462, # 10 Chegne Motion to Seal, # 11 Chegne Order to Seal, # 12 Hatfill Motion to Seal, # 13 Hatfill Order to Seal)(jeb, )

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In the Matter of the Search of Residence a t Frederick, Maryland, TO: UMIFED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF C O L U M B I A C FILED l-\!j, 0 2 2002 . . .$ fl .,(:- a n d associated b a s e m e n t storage room, l e a s e d to Steven Jay H a t f i l l , DOB SSN ; i-I.* -? !Gr$EARCH WARRANT I it! m 0 2 - 04581- 0 1 CASE NUMBER. S p e c i a l A ~ e n Ann C o l b e r t t and any Authorized Officer of the United States on Affidavit(s) having been made before me by Special Agent M a r k P. Morin who has reason to believe that the person or on the premises known as (name, description and or location) residence at ~ r e d e r room, leased to Steven .Ja> 1 1 a t f i l 1 , ~ ~ i c SSNk Maryland, a n d associated basement storage , .. in the Distrist of Maryland, there is now concealed a certain person or property, namely (describe t h person or property) ~ hairs, textile fibers. lab equipment o r materials used in preparation of select agents, papers. tape, pens, notes, books, manuals, receipts, financial records of a n y type, correspondence, address books. handwriting samples, photographs, computer files, cellular phones, phone bills, electronic pager devices, other digital devices, o r o t h e r docurnentary evidence I a m satisfied that the affidavits(s) and any recorded testimony establish probablecause to believe that the person or property so described is now concealed on the person or premises above-described and establish grounds for the issuance of this warrant. YOU ARE :HEREBY COMMANDED to search on or before (not to exceed 10 da s) the person or place named above for thc making the search (in the daytime - 6:00 A.M. to 10:OO P.M.) cause has been established) and if the person or property be found there to seize same, leaving a copy of this warrant and receipt for the person or property taken, and prepare a written inventory of the person or property seized and promptly returr) this 4arrant to the undersigned U.S. JudgeAJ.S. Magistrate Judge, as required by law. d [ [l:b~iz(.-. in Washington, DC pursuant to the domestic tenorism search warrant provisions of the Daw and Ttme Issued RETURN I .a - IN\'ENTORY MAClE IN THE P R E S E N C E 01: u*d~, + 4. Y * LCp \ 1 +<, \ Q I\ Y INVENTORY OF PERSON O R PROPERTY T A K E S PURSUANT T O T H E WARRANT "*s+ AfAJ,4. CERTIFICATION I swear that this inventory is a true and detailed account of the person or property taken by me on the warrant. Subscri'2ed. sworn to. and returned before me this date dglslrate Judgc Page 2 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION On (date) itern(s) listed n Received Returned Released / below were: From To To Weized (Name) (Street Address)(City) Description of Item(s): 63 % -( ---CZL(~U lsry 9 I c s - t ; c an+=<nec U S . J ~ < ~ ( (2IotClin a d b~uq SO;~CC x 0C,or\%ininc mi><. r I '4 I ' n c Cr , i-C,?d d o c d M t & , X Received By: c; FD-537 (Rev 8-11-94) Page UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION File # On (date) 8- 1 - o z 0 L item(s) listed below were: n Received From Returned To Released To wed (Name) (Street Address)- 5-k~ c0 Description Item(s): 23 b o x e ~ f;Acnc ~o~-hir,\~c. c (vi\s , ;a\ recordJ Received By: L Received From:

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