City of Winter Haven v. Cleveland Indians Baseball Company Limited Partnership

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EXHIBIT 20 Conf ident.ial- - Alfr e d Paufson Page 1 I N THE SUPERIOR COURT O F THE STATE OF DELAWARE I N AND FOR NEW CASTLE COL]NTY TN RE: S E R O Q U E L LITIGATION : MDL NO. : T H I S DOCTTMENT REI,ATES : T O ALL ACTIONS : IN RE: RISPERDAL/SEROQUEL/ Z Y P R E X A LITIGATION 1,769 S U P E R I O R COURT O F NEW JERSEY L A W DIVISION M I D D L E S E X COUNTY CASE NO. 274 I N THE CIRCUIT C O U R T OF THE C O U N T Y OF ST. I.,OU]S S T A T E OF MISSOURI 05cc- 004759 D]VTSION 6 i AIMEE DANIELS, V. ASTRAZENECA PHARMACEUTICALS, L.P. ET AL, S A N TO S MALDANADO t ml ir^ ^ ]-L / r L rr hr, y r, -r \ a F rA r I N THE CIRCUIT C O U R T OF THE , his natural mot.her : C O U N T Y OF ST, LOUIS :nd navrf r-i and S T A T E OF LOUISE WILSON : MTSSOURI 06cc-003930 . T A N S S E N PHARMACEUTICA ; D I V I S I O N 6 L.P., ET AL. : f Ly^rr.rL. urrr\JLaYrr; .Tune 20 , CONFlDENTIAL _200'7 30(b) (5) deposrtion of ASTRAZENECA P H A R M A C E U T I C A L S ,. P . , b y a n d t h r o u g h L A L F R E D PAULSON. Golkow Technoloqies, Inc. one Liberty Placel 51st Floor 1650 Market SLreet Pennsylvania 19103 Philadelphia, 877.3'70.3311 Gol-kow Technol-oqies. fnc. - a-877 -370-DEPS Confident.iaL Page t 2 3 - Al- f r e d 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 8 9 10 Paul- s o n L E N A BARNEI' 1 ,m , n o r r IN THe CIRCUIT . b r andthroughher : COUR] OF IHE n a t u r a l o l h r a n d: COUNIY Or S' 1 . m LOUIS n e x tfrend. STATE OF MARYBARNE]-I MISSOIIRI : 06CC- 0 0 0 3 1 1 V DIVISION (r J A N S S E NPrlARl\4ACEUTICA: LP.ET AL. i L O I SaAER,fls : IN THE CIRCUIT ofrhe: COURI OF II.l8 Rrpresenhtive F s r a l N1ATTHEW COUN' I Y O I r S I I.OUIS ot B A E R , Deceased STATE OF MISSOURI V O6CCOOI4OI JANSSEN PHAR]T4ACEIJTICA 6 L P . ET AL : DIVISION IN THE CIRCTJ|I T L R R Y STRINCER : COURT On THI V COLNTY OF ST LOU]S : STATDOF J A N S S E NPltAR\{ACeUTICAT MISSOURI L. LP.El :06CC-002173 : DIVISION6 S T F P H E NROSAS IN THE CIRCUI'I' : COURT OF THE CO1INTYOF S1' LOI]IS V : STATD Olr ASTRAZFNECA TM I S S O U R I P H A R M A C E U T I C , { L S , r 05CC'00475s 6 L P . El AI". I DJVISION PAMELA OORL, :lN IHhCIRCUIf M : COLiRTOF TI-IE V COLINTYOF ST ]-OUIS r STATE OF lCr IANSSEN PHARM A C E T ) l \ l\flSSOtiRI L P . E] .\L. : 05CC- 0 0 6 3 7 5 r DIVISION 6 APPEARANCES: C R U S E . SCOTT, HF,NDERSON& AI,LEN, LLP b\ r . s c o l - r A L L E N .J R . .E S Q U T R E 7thFIoor 2 7 7 1 Allen Pafkway H o u s t o nT e x a s77019- 2 1 3 3 . 1 7 t 3 ) 650- 6 6 0 0 s a l l e n @ c r u s e s c o tcom t C o u n s e l for the Plaintiffs L A M I N A C K . PIR T L E & M A R T I N E S ,LLP B Y : T H O M A S W . PIR T L E .ESQ U I R E 4 4 0 1 - o u r s i a n Sui l e | ?50 a. I l o u s t o n . Texas 77002 t 1 t 3 ) 292- 2 7 5 A t o m p @ l p m - t r a i l l C o u n s e l tbr the Plainlilti! H P E P P E R A M I L T O N LLP B Y : ALLYSO N LAN E BAC C I N I , ESQU ] R E 3 0 0 0 Two Logan Square | 8th and Arch Slreets P h i l a d e l p h i a ,I'ennsylvania 19103 ( 2 1 5 )9 8 1 - 4 7 8 1 C o u n s e l for Eli Lilly & Co. B A K E R BOTTS I,I,P B Y : RICHARD L. JOSEPHSON.ESQUIRE and E L I Z A B E T I I EVE BAKER . ESQU I R E O n e Shell Plazn . t l 0 Loui s t a n a t l o u s t o n . Texas 77002 ( 7 1 3 )2 2 9 - 2 3 4 1 r r chard hzabetb.baker@bakerbotts com C o u n s e l for Astrazeneca 5 I 9 10 tt 1? 1l 14 15 16 t? 11 L2 13 15 15 I'l 18 19 2A 2I 22 23 24 ]E t9 2Q 21 22 23 24 I 2 3 4 5 6 1 I 9 10 11 L2 1.3 14 t5 1.6 t7 18 19 2A 2). 22 23 24 C K A T H R Y NS C H U L T Z . : S U P E R I O R O U R TOF : T H E S T A T EOF F l ' f .AL . : CALIFORNIA IN.{ND V. :F O R T H E C O U N T YOF i : SA \ I.' R A N C I S ( ' O : CGC-06-453676 ASTRAZENECA P H A R M A C E U T T C A L S ,: I t , , P . ,ET',AI,. 1 3 A P P ti A R A N C I S (cont'd.): DRINKER BIDDLE& REA'IHLI-P ESQtjlRE B Y : VIK'l-ORIYA MEYEROV. O n eLogan Square l SthandCherryStreets P h i l a d e l p h iPennsylvania 03 a. ) 9l ( 2 1 59 8 8n 3 6 ) v i k t o r i y a . m y e r o v @com dbr C o u n s efor Janssen l Pharmaceuticals H O C A N& HARTSON, LLP B Y I MONICAN, SAHAF,ESQUIRE C o l u m b i aSquare 5 5 5Thirteenth Street, NW W a s h i n g t o nDC 20004 , ( 2 0 2 )63'1-5s32 mnsahaf@hhlaw,conl C o u n s efor BflstolMyers l ALSO PRESENT; 4 3 0 ( b X 6 )deposition ASTR.{ZENECA of P I " I A R I \ 4 A C E U T I C A LL.P,,by andthrough S, to A L F R E D PAIJLSON, takenpursuant notice, w a sheldat the FourSeasons Hotel,One Philadelphia, L o g a nSquare, Pennsylvania 1 9 1 0 3 o m m e n c i na t 9 ; 0 5a . m . o n the c g , LindaRossiRios,RPR, a b o v edate,before P C S Ra n dN o t a r y u b l i c . 9 l-0 11 r2 14 15 Paralegal C H U C KHUNGER, JENNIFER MARTIN,Paralegal videographer ROBERT McDONALD, 1? 1B 19 2A 21 22 24 .'! z / T-r- ^^ \rqYED ^ a 4 rrl Lr l Golkow Technol-ogies, Inc - 1--877-370-DEPS Confidential- - Alfred Paufson Page 104 P a g e l" 0 2 t 2 3 + 5 6 I I 9 1o 11 12 l-3 T4 15 16 L't 18 19 20 2L 2 3 4 involved any haveyou everbeen in privy to any or forecasting been for whileyou've forecasting Seroquel beenat AstraZeneca? A. No. Q. Ever? A. No. n Q . O k a y .O n y o u rr e s u m ie 1993to 1994,it's listed,the second bulletpoint,thatyou lcadthe of from organization conr,ersion the sales retailoutlet-based to IMS data prescription-based while you wereat data Zeneca2 A. That'scorrect. for a. Hasthatstructure the organization fiom IMS retail sales data outlets-based to prescription-based in dataremained effectup until today you arc at AstraZeneca? while A. No. Q. I think I know. but I want what thejury to makesureI understand, it rnean, whenyou leadthe does Page 103 7 2 3 4 5 6 '7 8 9 l-O 11 12 13 L4 15 16 t'7 18 19 20 2I 22 : 24 got dara better, dataactuallythen the to couldbe reported approximation the in physician level. Q. Right. Sowhatyou're sayingis -- andyou got this datafrom third-party vendors, you not? did A. Correct. still Q. Okay. And AstraZeneca data getsthis prescription-based from third-party vendors, doesit not? A. Correct. a And what you'retelling me has is that AstraZeneca the ability, ofdata from through gathering the what a third-party vendors, determine to particularphysician'sprescribing behavior in regard not only is to but Seroquel pafiicular, all CNS in products general, you not? in are A. Yes. this Yes. So before a in professional sales specialist who Philadelphia walksintoa physician's sales office.thatprofessional Page lO5 1 2 ofthe sales organization from i 1 conversion data IMS rctail or"rtlet-based to 3 4 s 6 prescription-based what doesthat data, mean? A. Sopriorto '93,theway the data suppliedto AstraZenecacame in z 8 9 10 11 new RX fbrm, it wasprescription, prescription, TRX prescription. to Q. Wait. You need -A. Got it. New RX prescription. L2 13 L4 that? a. Howdoyouspell A. RX. A . N e w ,N - E - W ,R - X . a New RX? ls 16 17 18 19 o r I knowwhatyou meant.t a yo didn'understand u. t A. Sorry. a New RX, andwhat did you say? A. T, for total,RX data. 22 23 + a. Right, A. to Reported an outletlevel, , a m e a n i n g r c t a i l s t o r ea p h a r m a c y .f h e a s p e c i a l i shasat his or her disposal t which identifies d a t a b a sof information e 12 specialist sales i 3 f o r thatprofessional that 4 w h a t medications doctorprescribes i the I 5 i n the CNS area, numberof medications, p r e s c r i p t i o nof particular s \6 or versus Seroquel \ 7 b e it Risperdal The 8 Z y p r e x aversus Seroquel. 1 has sales specialist data i 9 professional sales l1o t h a ttells that professional that s p e c i a l i show much Seroquel doctor t i11 thatdoctor p r e s c r i b e s , much Zyprexa how ir2 prescribes, what areold prescriptions ,13 tr4 a n dwhat arenew prescriptions. that ls ir s t r u e ? A . I'd like to breakthat 116 L 1 question downintoall of its components. Sure. Please I'd love do. a t18 1I9 y o u to. :,2a the A . So if you couldrePeat questlon? ,2! this. Whatdata a . How about i22 prescription, what to :23 i n regard '.24 professional r i o t i o ndatadoes a 27 Golkow Techno]ogies, Inc. (Pages 102 to 105) - l--877 -370 -DEPS Confidential * Al-fred Paulson Page 108 Page 106 1 z : 4 s 6 7 I 9 10 11 L2 13 L4 15 15 1-'7 18 19 o 1 22 23 24 t 2 3 4 5 6 7 s haveon an individual sales specialist physician beforethatprof-essional sales gocsinto that doclor's specialist office? A. So they havenew RX, andTRX data. Q. Tell thejury new l{T means new prescription data? A. New prescription. And TRX means total a prescription? A. Correct. Whatclsedo theyhave? a A. They havethat -- they have for that information Seroquel other and atypicaantipsvchotics. l And the other atypical a Abilify, wouldbc Geodon, antipsychotic olanzapine, Risperdal, whatelse? A. Correct. Clozaril. a Q. Clozaril.That's second generationantipsychotic? A. Right. lt's the mosteffective a Page 107 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 L4 l,s 16 L7 18 19 20 2L 22 23 24 told you that? A. No. Objection. MR. JOSEPHSON: BY MR.ALLEN: sales Q. As thenational director, you ever-- do you ever are with the scientific haveany interaction affairs or affairsdepartment medical who department anydepartment updates or safety and you on themostrecent beingdoneon second efficacystudies generation in antipsychoticsgeneral in particular? and/orSeroquel A. No. sales a. Okay. As national role director, and/orin your previous as leader, haveyou ever regional commercial a of beentaught, informed received on, reporton, givenany information in your roleat Astrazeneca, the CATIE on on study,on theCLASSstudy, the youever have statement. consensus on or received information reports any those typesofdala in your roleas Page 109 9 10 11 12 13 14 l-s 16 17 18 t9 o 1 2 : 24 or leader regional commercial either director? n a t i o n a sales l A. No. a . Is thereany method, policyor procedure protocol, mechanism, the whereby professional a t AstraZeneca theirdirectors, and/or ;t sales specialist Clozaril. managers regional b e it areadirectors, :I Q. And is it the mosl effective anybodyin whether in directors, generation antipsychotic your I 9 o r national second given is updated, department training? i 1 0 t h e sales A . I d o n ' tr e c a l l . r 1 1 r e p o r r son, written informationon the studies or epidemiology You don'trecall. You've a 112 m o s trecent scienti{icstudiesconcerningsecond been trainedon thc CATIE results? lr: in or generation antipsychotics general A. No. i14 l a, Do youknowwhattheCATIE i15 S e r o q u ein particular? j16 A . No. study is? it A. No. 117 a No. So,therefore, would for impossible a literally you fanriliar b e impossible, with the a. Are ,18 -- hasanybody pharmaceutical specialist infotm to sales fact told you in vour role 119 sales of astheprofessional i2a a physician themostrecentscientific ',21 a n d / o r information cpidemiology spec ialist/national director sales that generation ,22 concerning second the discontinuationratesfor second in 2 3 a n t i p s y c h o t i c sgeneral Seroquel in or g e n e r a t i o n t i p s y c h o t i c sh eC A T I E nt an sales theprofessional i c u l a rsince studv werealarminslv hieh? Hasanvbodvi2s generation Have antipsychotic. I second you beentrainedon that? Did you know | I Clozarilis the mosteffective second generation Havethey antipsychotic? I you on thatthercat AstraZeneca? I trained ' tra A. I'vebeen inedon r 2 3 4 s 6 28 Golkow Technoloqles, Inc. (Pages 106 to 109) - r-877-370-DEPS Confidential - A]fred Paufson Page 200 Page 198 1 2 3 4 5 6 ? 8 9 0 I 2 3 4 5 6 7 B 9 o 1 2 3 4 into theTouchstone system andlook at a callhistory, thatis how manytimes this doctorhasbeencalleduponby any sales rspresentative AstraZene for ca? A. That'scoruect. There's limitedhistoryin there, that's but correct, they could look back. Q. Okay. And the call notes in arein there, what tlanspired the -doctor's officeprevious on previous visits? A. Again,limitedhistory. Q. Okay. But there's information that? on A. That'scorrect. Q. You saidselling.You said on this database sales aidsthat are the available thedetailor the to pharmaceutical rep on sales areavailable this software system? 'fhat's A. correct.Our pieces on the promotional are approved softlvare. Q. And canthey be downloaded Page 199 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 q 10 11 L2 13 I4 15 L6 L7 1B ')^ 22 23 24 LJ a n t i p s y c h o t i c sIs that correct? . A . That'scorrect. how a . Theycoulddetermine the doctoris writing of m a n yscripts and R i s p e r d aor Abilify, or Zyprexa l, S e r o q u e lls thatright? . right. A . That's They candetermine dates the a. whether they'renew o f t h e prescriptions, p r e s c r i p t i o nor whether s they're -old ls r e f i l l s ofold prescriptions. that correct? A . That'sincorrect. a . Okay. Well,tell me what t h e ycantell aboutthat. A . So they can-- theyseenew R X e s ,which the definitionof that is a ofpaperor a refill. There's n e wpiece with n o dateassociated that. A . And thenTRX, whichis t o t a l ,so thatwould be new and refills. refills of I ' m sorry,new pieces papers, o n all historical. Page 201. a . Okay. 1 z 3 + 5 6 7 B 9 10 11 1,2 13 14 ls 16 L7 18 19 20 2\ 22 23 24 by thc sales representative? A. NoQ. Okay. lt just givesa listingof what's available? are A. No, thc actualmaterials download.The there. The rep doesn't materials, whenthey'reupdated, are pushed the rep. to Q. Actuallythe physical materials in the representative's are hands? A. They do havepromotional materials theirhand.Theyalsohave in promotional on material thc laptop. Cotcha.And they canusea a laptopwith the physician and/or provider. thatright? Is healthcare A. That's correct. a And thethirdgeneral you is category information the data. of saidthe datawould be the prescription history, sales coulddetermine the rep does does or how muchthisdoctor not prescribe generation second 1 2 -) A 5 t) l 8 9 10 11 t2 13 I4 15 I6 I7 18 t9 20 2l 22 23 24 -O . Now,whatsystem is if the T o u c h s t o ntheprimary, that's e youtell me if it' word. or system T o u c h s t o ntheprimarysoftware e on utilizedby thePSSes that's database a dailybasis? A . Yes. was a Okay. Whatsystem used p r i o rto Touchstone provide sales to the r c p r e s e n t a t i vwith thesame es information? in A . It waslimited the it all i n f o r m a t i o n had. It didn'thave has, whatTouchstone butCompass. of Okay. Whenwas a . Compass. you've approximately, Compass, -at a c t u a l l y you know,we'velooked involved in y o u rCV a lot. You'vebeen at Zeneca AstraZeneca or safes either -wasCompass when did 1994.When since by i t begin be utilized thePSSes? to A . Again,an approximation. a Yes,sir. 2000. A . Around 51 (Pages l-98 to Golkow Technol-ogies, Inc. - 1 - 8 7 7 - 3 ' 70 - D E P S 201)

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