NIELSEN et al v. DESANTIS et al

Filing 1

COMPLAINT for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief against MARK ANDERSEN, CHRIS ANDERSON, SHIRLEY ANDERSON, PETER ANTONACCI, MARY JANE ARRINGTON, KIM A BARTON, BOBBY BEASLEY, MICHAEL BENNETT, MARTY BISHOP, STARLET CANNON, VICKI P. CANNON, CHRIS H CHAMBLESS, SHARON CHASON, DEBORAH CLARK, BRIAN E. CORLEY, BILL COWLES, NITA CRAWFORD, VICKI DAVIS, RON DESANTIS, TOMMY DOYLE, MARK EARLEY, JENNIFER J EDWARDS, LORI EDWARDS, ALETRIS FARNAM, SUSAN A. GILL, JOYCE GRIFFIN, DIANE HAGEN, JOHN HANLON, THOMAS R. HARDEE, TRAVIS HART, ALAN HAYS, MIKE HOGAN, BRENDA HOOTS, ELIZABETH P HORNE, LAURA HUTTO, TAMMY JONES, WILLIAM KEEN, SHIRLEY G. KNIGHT, CRAIG LATIMER, LAUREL M LEE, KAITI LENHART, LISA LEWIS, WENDY SARTORY LINK, PAUL A. LUX, GINA MCDOWELL, THERISA MEADOWS, ASHLEY MOODY, MARK F NEGLEY, VICKY OAKES, PENNY OGG, DEBORAH K. OSBORNE, CHARLES OVERTURF, HEATHER RILEY, CAROL F. RUDD, CONNIE SANCHEZ, LORI SCOTT, DIANE SMITH, DANA SOUTHERLAND, DAVID H STAFFORD, PAUL STAMOULIS, SYLVIA D. STEPHENS, LESLIE ROSSWAY SWAN, THE FLORIDA ELECTIONS CANVASSING COMMISSION, RON TURNER, TERRY VAUGHAN, TAPPIE A. VILLANE, GERTRUDE WALKER, HENRY WELLS, CHRISTINA WHITE, WESLEY WILCOX, GLENDA B. WILLIAMS ( Filing fee $ 400 receipt number AFLNDC-5172996.), filed by DONESA JACKSON, PRIORITIES USA, MORGAN OUTLAW, KIRK NIELSEN, RAY DAVIS, REVEL LUBIN, FLORIDA ALLIANCE FOR RETIRED AMERICANS, ALIANZA FOR PROGRESS, INC., FELICIA BRUCE, BARBARA DEVANE. (Attachments: #1 Civil Cover Sheet, #2 Summons M. Andersen, #3 Summons S. Anderson, #4 Summons C. Anderson, #5 Summons Antonacci, #6 Summons Arrington, #7 Summons Barton, #8 Summons Beasley, #9 Summons Bennett, #10 Summons Bishop, #11 Summons S. Cannon, #12 Summons Chambless, #13 Summons Chason, #14 Summons Clark, #15 Summons Corley, #16 Summons Cowles, #17 Summons Crawford, #18 Summons Davis, #19 Summons DeSantis, #20 Summons Doyle, #21 Summons Earley, #22 Summons J. Edwards, #23 Summons Elections Canvassing Commission, #24 Summons Farnam, #25 Summons Gill, #26 Summons Griffin, #27 Summons Hagan, #28 Summons Hanlon, #29 Summons Hardee, #30 Summons Hart, #31 Summons Hays, #32 Summons Hogan, #33 Summons Hoots, #34 Summons Horne, #35 Summons Hutto, #36 Summons Jones, #37 Summons Keen, #38 Summons Knight, #39 Summons Latimer, #40 Summons Lee, #41 Summons Lenhart, #42 Summons Lewis, #43 Summons Link, #44 Summons Lux, #45 Summons McDowell, #46 Summons Meadows, #47 Summons Moody, #48 Summons Negley, #49 Summons Oakes, #50 Summons Ogg, #51 Summons Osborne, #52 Summons Overturf, #53 Summons Riley, #54 Summons Rudd, #55 Summons Sanchez, #56 Summons Scott, #57 Summons Smith, #58 Summons Southerland, #59 Summons Stafford, #60 Summons Stamoulis, #61 Summons Stephens, #62 Summons Swan, #63 Summons Turner, #64 Summons Vaughan, #65 Summons Villane, #66 Summons Walker, #67 Summons Wells, #68 Summons White, #69 Summons Wilcox, #70 Summons Williams, #71 Summons V. Cannon, #72 Summons L. Edwards) (WERMUTH, FREDERICK)

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AO 440 (Rev. 06/12) Summons in a Civil Action UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the Northern District of Florida __________ District of __________ Kirk Nielsen, Morgan Outlaw, Revel Lubin, Felicia Bruce, Barbara DeVane, Ray Davis, Donesa Jackson, Alianze for Progress, Inc., Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, and Priorities USA Plaintiff(s) v. Ron DeSantis, in his official capacity as Florida Governor, et al. Defendant(s) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Civil Action No. SUMMONS IN A CIVIL ACTION To: (Defendant’s name and address) Paul A. Stamoulis Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections 226 Taylor Street Punta Gorda, FL 33950 A lawsuit has been filed against you. Within 21 days after service of this summons on you (not counting the day you received it) — or 60 days if you are the United States or a United States agency, or an officer or employee of the United States described in Fed. R. Civ. P. 12 (a)(2) or (3) — you must serve on the plaintiff an answer to the attached complaint or a motion under Rule 12 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The answer or motion must be served on the plaintiff or plaintiff’s attorney, whose name and address are: Frederick S. Wermuth King, Blackwell, Zehnder & Wermuth, P.A. 25 East Pine Street Orlando, Florida 32801 If you fail to respond, judgment by default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. You also must file your answer or motion with the court. CLERK OF COURT Date: Signature of Clerk or Deputy Clerk AO 440 (Rev. 06/12) Summons in a Civil Action (Page 2) Civil Action No. PROOF OF SERVICE (This section should not be filed with the court unless required by Fed. R. Civ. P. 4 (l)) This summons for (name of individual and title, if any) was received by me on (date) . I personally served the summons on the individual at (place) on (date) ; or I left the summons at the individual’s residence or usual place of abode with (name) , a person of suitable age and discretion who resides there, on (date) , and mailed a copy to the individual’s last known address; or , who is I served the summons on (name of individual) designated by law to accept service of process on behalf of (name of organization) on (date) ; or I returned the summons unexecuted because ; or Other (specify): . My fees are $ for travel and $ for services, for a total of $ I declare under penalty of perjury that this information is true. Date: Server’s signature Printed name and title Server’s address Additional information regarding attempted service, etc: 0.00 .

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