Spreadbury v. Bitterroot Public Library et al

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NOTICE by Michael E. Spreadbury re 259 MOTION for Summary Judgment DEFENDANT LEE ENTERPRISES INC'S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit) (APP, )

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Bitterroot Politics » Beneath the Beauty Page 1 of3 Bitterroot Politics No, I'm not making this stuff up. Posts Tagged 'Beneath the Beauty' "Beneatb the Beauty" Monday, March 15th. 20 to You may have begun hearing that the docwnentary "Beneath the Beauty" is now out. It's been showing in small venues around the valley and there are a few copies of the DVD floating around. One county department I know of actually held a video viewing party. Beneath the Beauty claims to be about "divisions and perceptions" and Ravalli County as the icon of what's wrong with America. It's really more of a manufactured drama about people who got arrested at one point or another and did not think it was fair. (Funny side note: when searching for a link to the trailer on YouTube for some reason I kept typing in "Behind the Beauty," which brought up cheerleader videos. Nice, but not what I was looking for.) Being a newcomer to the valley, I found the movie confusing and hard to follow, especially since although it was supposed to be about Ravalli County it spent a considerable amount oftime taping people talking at a meeting in Libby (or was it Eureka). r may not be the best critic, however, since I only sat through the first hour. ! stopped watching when failed Hamilton mayoral candidate Michael Spreadbury and a friend went into a prolonged argument that Hamilton was not a legal political entity. A DVD of the movie can be purchased through the Web site if you have a PayPa! aecount.1t will also be shown Saturday March 20 at 5:30 p.m. at The Roxy in Missoula. Tags: Hcneath the Beauty, documentaries, police state Posted in Uncategorized I ~o Comments » . Find Us On Facebook http://www.bitterrootpolitics.comltaglbeneath-the-beauty/ 4/2712012 Page 2 of3 Bitterroot Politics» Beneath the Beauty [-J 3IY,--'-; Ravalli Republic '.."t;,?ttl.I-;;: If you are a plirent of ~ student .... ho has to F~'1j,'C : ~352 Promote Your Page Too · Archives o o o o o o o o October 20 I 0 (4) September 201 0 (6) August 2010 (5) July 2010 (9) June 2010 (17) May 2010 (14) April 2010 (19) March 2010 (22) · Popular Topics Ableairport boor.Bitter Root Ilumane AssociationbudgetburialCariotta Gral1dstaffCasino Chris HQffmancommissioJl calldid.tescounrv commissionDa.e Hc"<lditchDavc Ohnstad!)."n;S UnsworthDiamond discussi"nI'Q[~!!L:;"r:viceeoyernment collapse Greg Chi1 ttgonshumanities montana] •R. co ImanJim RokoSChJoAnne JohnsonJoede Vauekloh" LavcyJudilh slcwartKathleen DriscollKlamse Murph:yLew Bamettmcelings ?,c1ona DocteurMontana state 1!ovcrnmen1Ncz f'erce KuadReglna PJettcnbergrcwlutiQU Scqmd Amenument;,!lOoting pie:t:onsStcvensvillernxesum center for cthicsWiHiog Hands\Villing ServantsYQl1th detcnlionzack rogalazoning · Blogroll o o o Bitterroot Recreation Ravalli Republic Themes • · About http://www.bitterrootpolitics.comltaglbeneath-the-beauty/ 4/2712012 Bitterroot Politics» Beneath the Beauty Page 3 of3 This blog is written by Jetl'Schmerker, a reporter at the Ravalli Republic. Feel free to write me at jeff.sehmerker@ravallirepubJic.eom with suggestions, praise, complaints (constructive only, please) or offers to buy me drinks. Bitterroot Politics is proudly powered by Word Press Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS), I.,) Powered bv FireStats http://www.bitterrootpolitics.comltag!beneath-the-beauty/ 4/2712012 Hotmail Print Message Page I of! Photographs From: Michael Spreadbury (mspread@hotmail.com) Sent Wed 10/20/10 7:47 PM To: sherry.devlin@missoulian.com Cc: crystal (crystal@crystalcox.com) Dear Ms. Devlin, Editor. Missoulian Newspaper I am the owner of www.Bitterroot-rising,org which contains many photographs from the Lee Enterprises newspapers. Under every photograph I take great effort to link the source, or the photographer who took the photograph, no matter if it is a Lee Photograph or from a site based in Australia, It is my understanding that any photograph that is not copy protected is free domain for use on the internet. The Lee Enterprises photographs are not protected on your sites. and therefore not subject to copywrite protections. People from all over the world are copying images from my site, and Google is using them as displays for people like Oliver North. and executives from the NRA. amongst other images, The copywrite symbol (a circled c) was not present with your photographs, and are not unique property to Lee Enterprises. The internet is a medium to share information, and if the Lee Newspaper group wishes to protect its property, it needs to protect its photos from copy, or not post them at all. To ask Ms. CO)( to remove photographs that were not copywrite protected is not a professional, nor an ethical position to be coming from. This memo is asking Lee Enterprises to refrain from publishing the ownership of websites prior to actually knowing the owner. The employees at Lee Enterprises seem to mis-represent my site, and the fact that I do not own many sites. but I have been asked to contribute to the content of sites owned by others. As an editor of a newspaper, to ask for removal of photographs that were legally obtained and published is problematic. As a request for respect for both parties, I would ask that Lee Newspaper personnel refrain from asking any individual to stop a protected activity. In this regard, any furtherance of demands. or requests would be seen by any neutral party as harassment in this matter. Ms. Devlin, I have seen what Lee Enterprises does within Montana. Perhaps you are blinded as to the effects, and alliances this company entertains. While I will not interfere with any communication between you and Ms. Cox. information is free on the internet. Your messages speak in an opposite direction. Thank you for your time. Michael8preadbur;r http://snI06w.sntI06.maiLlive.comlmaillPrintMessages.aspx?cpids=OtOdc6Of-4ade-452e-b... 4/27/2012 ••• On Tue, 10/19/10, Sheny Devlin <Sheny.oelflin@ml$$OlJllan.com>wrote: From: Sherry Devlin <Sherry,Devlin@mlssoulian,com> Subject: RE: illegal use of copyrighted photographs To: '"Crystal L. Cox'" <savvybroker@yahoo,com> Cc: "Kristen Bounds' <Kristen,Bounds@missoulian,com> Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 1:50 PM Ms. Cox, Again, you are violating our copyright. It doesn't matter where you say you got the photographs. They are the exclusive copyrighted content of the Ravalli Republic. You do not have permission to use them. You must remove them from your website immediately. Sherry Devlin Ravalli Republic editor Hotmail Print Message RE: The newspaper experiment From: Perry Backus (MIS) (pbackus@ravallirepublic,com) Sent: Fri 11/21/08 3:44 PM To: 'Michael Spread bury' (mspread@hotmaiLcom) Cc: 'aldtaluck@gmaiJ,com' (akitaluck@gmaiLcom) Michael and Michael, I've reviewed the information you sent me on this story. We won't be dOing a story. End of story. Thank you for your time. Perry Backus Ravalli Republic Edllo] 406·363·3300 ext. 30 pbackus@ravallirepublic,com Page I of2 Hotmail Print Message Page 1 ofl RE: La Salle resignation request From: Perry Backus (MIS) (pbackus@ravallirepublic.com) Sent: Man 11/03/08 12:21 PM To: 'Michael Spread bury' (mspread@hotmail.com) Michael, I spoke with the police chief this morning about your letter. He said Mr. LaSalle didn't leave the scene of the accident until after the police arrived. He also told me LaSalle was cited and the case has already worked its way through the court system. The police chief also told me he was sure the Ravalli Republic had written a story on the incident I could~t find the story our electronic archives, but I will look through hard copies as soon as I have the opportunity. Thank you. Perry Backus Ravalli Republic Editor 406-363-3300 ext. 30 pbackus@mvaUirepublic.com From: Michael Spneadbury [mailto:mspread@hotmail.comj sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 11:21 AM To: Perry Backus (MIS); editor@bitterrotstar,oom Subject: La Salle resignation request This letter is less than 300 words. It is bringing to light the hit and run accident that occured on September 14, 2007 involving Mike laSalle. I encourage you to make this front page news. If this remains silent, please look for me on the evening news from Missoula. Thanks, 363-3877 PO Box 416 Hamilton Michael Spreadbury You live life beyond your PC So now Windows goes beyond your PC """Cl,!l,I"'­ http://snl06w.sntl06,mail.live.com/maillPrintMessages.aspx?cpids=b 1063atb-9c08-4688-... 4/2712012 per indl, wIlid! is Obituary guideIlIIes dlllS are free; additional indies cost $7.95 e first 4 in CIlI11. published topy. Th obiIs@r.avallirepublic. coIumo~ndl of ·1767 or email to llS, billed by . ootk 59840, tal{ to m Obituaries are paid , Hamilton, Mont., 30 word5. 232 W. Main Slreet about Ravalti Republic. tfle Send obituaries In ere tunniltgin Thursday, Aug. 16 rv, 36, Mike E. Spreadbu rted inmlv, Theft was repoa Stevensville ing shoplifting at business. a ,iola­ adul woman was issued call for an elderly . ville from Stevem rba.n<:e in A verbal distu onded to. was t<.lp her Hamilton d wonlan were 'I'be rom an orderly conduct. warned fuJdis residence was . . A ~e rpartuer/iilm­ responded to .fuult ily member assa dence was A Florence resi spicious . n o f. rio a­ su Y in communic in A priv.lC responded to fur port!:d 'violation was re harassing aC'IMty. tions ergency llg a Tile hospital em d to regard ­ Haroilwn invol;ia woman. The de on phone call from ed a w'rning as room was resp ho reported ing a woman wtten by ht e dog . woman was issu d. that she was bi woman requeste A llimilton mischiefto . Aug. 18 reported criminal Saturday her mailbox. man reported a tton, 20, Alexander J. Gra ilton on a A Hamilton . as arrested in Ham w warrant. damaged component. The an fur tres­ WolS warned inal mischief. passing: and crim oman A llimilton w stl.l.tbance. di report!:d a fumily aled that no vestigation reve In ..ome happened. nt reported . A Victor resideperson stoie that II! \ unknown op from his pt . his e-maehine lance. locked reside s,37,~~ un on EnUlyB.SUn ed fur throwing lightonto dted a vehicle .matenal from Ighway. tile Eastside H oman reported A F1Qreru:e, w in contrnu­ violadolt of~ ()tret:lSivt e· g ni<:ariQns involvin11;' a maMnd her . mails sent to woman; Police The SW<e!!S'Iille sted by a ent W11S assi om a Departm port fr deputy taking a recell phone vo~illg woman in r cJ(-hl1llband. messages from he te.. .. . livin$ out-of-sta friday; Aug. 17 40, was Thomas E. S~, nr. arrested on wm-a , 42, was Tina L. Carlson r disorderly -1' fu dned in Florence acy in com· nduct and priv co munications. Anderson, 25, Brenden C. er, 26, and Jeremy Perling 24, were cited Alison Smith, that , i \ i, dogs w yard. The tllli !9a •"" WQ.o:!art's his A ror()nerr¢spom t lll,an .. ,~'rOadway and a warning, tt stopped to w,.!.- .0" sale. ded to a A coroner respon in t man call fur an adul Hamilton. es for Almost pecial Loans, Rat OVES You S Anything that M 2002,,_ V~MS ~i~.-R ,~S·I~ aft ercr Boats -ATVS • wat

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