Warenback v. Neven et al

Filing 60

ORDER of USCA, Ninth Circuit. USCA Case Number 17-72096. The application for authorization to file a second or successive 28 U.S.C. § 2254 habeas corpus petition in the district court is denied as unnecessary because the applicant has a sectio n 2254 habeas petition currently pending before the United States District Court for the District of Nevada in case number 2:15-cv-01789-APG-VCF. The Clerk shall transfer the application and supplement to the district court to be processed as a motion to amend the currently pending section 2254 habeas petition. The motion shall be deemed filed in the district court on July 16, 2017. (Attachments: # 1 Application, # 2 Supplement)(Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - MMM)

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Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 1 of 13 E CEIVE 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, R ~t1 < MOLLY OU E R OF 4 '0 D CL ERK R JUL 21 2017 Form 12: Appendix to the Rules UNITED STATES COURT of APPEALS for the NINTH CI1~EI 95 Seventh Street San Francisco, California 94103 'N,TIA ° Application for Leave to File Second or Successive Petition Under 28 U.S.C. § 2254 or Motion Under 28 U.S.C. § 2255 Y~ (to be provided by court) Petitioner's name Oo.GLP S 14ArRIZY WPrREfv8ACK Docket Number 2 92... 4 Prisoner registration number t Address_ N 3 ('0iG`n o D e-ser}" STcik P b s _ P0. B s65D. 1Q pringS . L9e\/ .c Gt. P130- -- 0650 Instructions - Read Carefully (1) This application, whether handwritten or typewritten, must be legible and signed by the petitioner under penalty of perjury. An original and five (5) copies must be provided to the Clerk of the Ninth Circuit. The application must comply with 9th Circuit Rule 22-3, which is attached to this form. (2) All questions must be answered concisely. Add separate sheets if necessary. (3) The petitioner shall serve a copy of this application and any attachments on respondent and must complete and file a proof of service with this application. 4) tp,4 See, The petitioner shall attach to this application copies of the magistrate judge's report and recommendation and the district court's opinion in any prior federal habeas proceeding under 28 U.S.C. § 2254 or § 2255 or state why such documents are unavailable to petitioner. <--- You Must Answer the Following Questions: (1) What conviction(s) are you challenging? 2O 1, 3OO L. (,),. -: k a FM « Effective July 1, 2002 '_. Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 2 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, (2) In what court(s) were you convicted of these crime(s)? Ne-ULL& S# k . ', 6 ' U-Jd~aUkk d(s+r~ci c,)jrf- C_tcrV' CvJn (3) What was the date of each of your conviction(s) and what is the length of each sentence? TOL Pied Decernber' it 2O13 4c5 -l2J 3-213c hS .tue rID, For questions (4) through (9), provide information separately for each of your previous §§ 2254 or 2255 proceedings. Use additional pages if necessary. (4) With respect to each conviction and sentence, have you ever filed a petition or motion for habeas corpus relief in federal court under 28 U.S.C. § 2254 or § 2255? Yes®® No u (a) In which federal district court did you file a petition or motion? U.5. cx 4n"ck Cou4, OiS4rIck oc (5) i Aa. (b) What was the docket number? _2 :155 G V-0 7 9 -AP& -y'Cc '. Pending 5ubrrItke o' striIc,R,rr A'3 tea Ik4U61 e' v1 "' C'5(Y Se Ct w k l ear -l) (c) On what date did you file the petition/motion? 1. ' (i 31►-1 o-MeJ'e'1 pkhtteJ 3113 11 1 What grounds were raised in your previous habeas proceeding? (list all grounds and issues previously raised in that petition/motion) on P~_ ~ eY'4rcnscrih, 2 7n edi' e_ orlc yrcxr4S u,ss;s ce QFcJSetJIAC Of" trj ►n *he, uvres4 ^ n4- , 3~ZRC ) Cra& ~ cline ,Ic1- m cpker a+Sen nc fl . 4 Z' "Sz' 4k&+-3'he 4 ke pr'ot;e{"a-1 AeP ec-6 CD-)1c pI{ac( 4D ike Pi;4 &s (6) Did the district court hold an evidentiary hearing? Yes u (7) How did the district court rule on your petition/motion? pend fr' j u Nofa pIicae p d,'j e District court dismissed petition/motion if yes, on what grounds? u No u District court denied petition/motion; 2_ JP _ 1 3 Ef,k iIv July 1, LOO2 Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 3 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, r u District court granted relief; if yes, on what claims and what was the relief? (Attach copies of all reports and orders issued by the district court.) (8) On what date did the^district court decide your petition/motion? (9) Did you file an appeal from that disposition? Yes © December t3-2O16 No u (a) What was the docket number of your appeal? -7 (9 022 rmecI (b) How did the court of appeals decide your appeal? y l, 2.O(1 (10) State concisely each and every ground or issue you wish to raise in your current petition or motion for habeas relief. Summarize briefly the facts supporting each ground or issue. See p'-~e S : 57 -1 , \ 'a. See B r s4 c emeif v 4ke A r-oLn (11) For each ground raised, was it raised in the state courts? If so, what did the state courts rule and when? See p cjes `, S— I1 (12) For each ground/issue raised, was this claim raised in any prior federal petition/motion? (list each ground separately) ho, (13) For each ground/issue raised, does this claim rely on a new rule of constitutional law? (list each ground separately and give case name and citation for each new rule of law) .52~-fie'• n o 3 OF. 3 Enrti+,n .. 2nm i,.l Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 4 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, (14) For each ground/issue raised, does this claim rely on newly discovered evidence? What is the evidence and when did you discover it? Why has this newly discovered evidence not been previously available to you? (list each ground separately) Seer e;0, (15) ars b For each ground/issue raised, does the newly discovered evidence establish your innocence? c4l\ ; 3 How? cr- a C (cd rc C ve e g r. con c • '~ (See pc&4 (16) For each ground/issue raised, does the newly discovered evidence establish a federal constitutional error? Which provision of the Constitution was violated and how? 11e-5 l'c a,nenv(. clie prows lt~~ See p&Gle e (17) Provide any other basis for your application not previously stated. 0 Date: 1 d t-7 6 ./Iz Signature: el Proof of Service on Respondent MUST be Attached. Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 5 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, PeJei-c4l (rp -4:' &rOuf The. d+cc-coor4 DL c*&ed1 or 1Ot yfca+e (f e c rdeç ( co S7 MeS-1cb )371T a,5-9 201 ,300 ).1' T \cVCk 0c''4k4- a On io1 cJ krrAsed)Ptk'ci S4'h Oc'V\ (Y rcj pe.. SC', s 6-7 s4aArcs' es see_ 0c " 4c+€.. Sct4es1 L. A po4'ioc\ pe'- iviv8ijes,elr4ices of campels , vFio, (a) c. i'r c pros ii+fuIe or46 co"inuc_ persor +D become a (NA Person iks Fou 3u +y Op Z -j H-1Oyers' 1 0 year Base8 on rn j secretc Me Os, m&i oj-hc-v rs+b skecI NRS 2oI3 00 C3Xb2J, o h I I r o COrIc4 )yt s'Mx o tJ R.S 2o( 300 £tX-),, pw - cev , ci , c a 7)CFd ecro I ' ci i4-A 4: 30O(ct..) Zo thvo1 Z oF4t'. 4-e3Qc. ho3kt. 5y 20,33O. e rr',see 2; 4 + rmc'\ce , wevc, uj ,Xz). on 31241 14, ad tee. -1-ks 's c 5' c , Vhit, 3) 1V \3 m pl ea 3-k +I- e S4-a4-e cvd *e- Oece, The tJSc fuea -b B'c!-dous pecu.. ..J'.. +cot• ( pcuj C.. *k I (',CS 14 -1,5 ce s,-rkt# es-kUshec( -'- CAC> C a couA$J wcvect 4ke 6ncl c4-3 c c ol c\ pkcc4 ckshc,s ckar5e. Cours e ct c v'4 ,iu'ie CA.nV , -ker" t'4e dc-ec4-s4", 1h. +D Ake S'2 PO-5e5 ckr\J 4 - is cpp( c4- ar> £D ciPcf% j Qrj S4r..4e hbec,s p4ifibA., in 4ka4 Vie L+ te Pe Js o s4t.4ec( 'cu ojc" ? Ca..se no.C,4 5b-ihi ak pe.. 3 l ines r f..i*a -1- k. JSC. #e( '+ke.. -V~OLO rrct #s 4e. ccd y213 00 C1Ya(z)( se oke.r , A00 \Z. --W-s opica.+uv.. () - - Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 6 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, c1 TL_c\crecJ 4k 4 ocRC tA'oos C S'7t& ~. s W v C use l beLcse can c sew-a ender (rx1or1 i`O1 \ertl e J Lk ckPec4 20 .3 0 (or w h "C )`' ) ~S pec c I&jc sy1)+ax '(i&)1 Cz)Cb i , 4oes_r fh *i'1 apR'r• 4-+on~ pw6e Z, (ine& 2 U rQ+ c. ve8 6j n s cc ed the e tI Cov' Porr 4o1c 4 r j (cj c 1+e. , "_ _ u F' 'enS i v l "n pa cl erg°' o( ( S- 4sh_o _p rsucM -o JR-S 20t-300 1`o Z31,34O iiiclv Sive_." C 1 79 O. 4f r s 3 -(& 2-to (3),zoo-71,see 4ke m iv 1_~ ' Okk' r-s fv4her soppo#mod btj ur_ô-N er_ case 1aw,1Ua1 I e++ v. 11b._Ne', 3A-6 C2o92). S+a- "n j,` W. Conclude Oka: Ue—Va a's Sep a9enc~er rS+cc on cv nz F'cccfi of ?,s c0L G~ er .f c r se& oe" ce O1 a j of [+y pka. - _ - 1ueice fcc. en`m►r c \ oo+ cc 'un_ anti otJ seven+_offc c4la -err l ccn,sec Co►~v(Gl~or~ i srtc ' u prerejjisike, ves1-16 o P1e—a , '(&e~ +6 /O - - e er o4a Cons-}4 }lf'o y \"ol iced h'eee, coj1 pIIead" 0-+on) t -bdccJa t-` 4e P cUi 5r' e " er c 4s 4kat be we ived bj cOur ceJ -6 er er Gt- Cv s+fhJ ionatl y f'e r2yi+ c p► " p r~ ec1e~o 1 bel eve-L ppert cvnc{ 1e34((' concluc(ect 4b+ Cox :~Sel J J hci - wcJ 4he Co eraI roCeclUc it C e~ec} t4-+acWnj x-ceir (`e T r4-t 4 -e 'c oJs Ck"e y 4he 1V5C i3rn3r cj rn~ come- icwj u d loot Id4e case tc, i'n i r - c c I -[ d e cnoc. -- -re ed ~ kc- Cou - e(' cecc , u ~ o afi\n3 nm " cv'ls 7 v~1v t v`u t ► a p1 G~." / t W h cyneA~~n-\en 4u P roc- S s sex - a1 ui e cLr i'ct_S4r .t:o,, Z n Me aP-irmc4,)Ge! p o q e 1, l t'n es -e4 `` UJl bcic . c sse r4ei m A nee O.P cohvC"c14vn con+aenecl cL +\/ I~oj r .Ph`cJ err o r--3j N5C U-c400 1l cc \+roctt"As 5 +er'e(c+ FFr~sv 'he, ,nb pcjc Un, lines Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 7 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, - ut be deos+rded his Is rO+ oie rmioh~ Cq+5 sAr\ct - ie !"JSC ro4r5 Ake. dck hfc'\tWU5 cvJ 6Cv'S 1rc4fr' rn n mc+1c" ehovr oc4he CO3)14. CD 'I CkCl-~ aP PeCjV)5 Co'.YS& 4it.i2A" it pecctk ecec-cc pe+oi) rourJ 4-, •u suck docue+ s arQ su' Resps -1-1:, pe co'e r 'N3F 763 •As frc6#e5:1rn- oc 1'r- ' bcte4. O'n\es %s (our4 Can provide D\eepe) 'J too co 5peciAl .eerso' j rc(er-O 4Y A (,kJQ( 4L0i me--kr(vcct.e -7 (op'eS oicle410 4ke. ori1ctt ccr_ pr o P orders; a 4t tr CAr 1 ôr11, be +c pnitck hw -'rrec coces O 4ke eue(ope,i N S P" ' *xed 4ke UecV pe* wck"; 11ctir tcke'* N+ 3uF\c(er\ p'csv' pnidec &'ore—Hme ii - c kK, -c cy bude41'. Loo co +14t o ervj nofne (W3 rcesW k ki esko,u4e4 Wer 0 WO copy Y1J4 bocte4, vd areevr' or 3ubSe1ue1 u 1 C)U (4 çdeJ'- Wc p-wv fJOOçpDesrs cD +spYc1J OrtLrCACe e1-ccEe 1 ijU '" t j. )' 73 1eck& -or%5 Copie.s use. rn Op5 bue4 ++J Cp c4- are each. -3 I' Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 8 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, C'. The i ®Yew\ d~SCOVQl2c orcJr,se f pa.e.. 12 — irnra, 's -}he J&c's s l videcice. i~ ti liret ~c e~ne~► ~' ~~n v - 'kS cpl~ ra+iG'i_ 'Tke t SC s sA-cL+e nen+ eS-66lksheJ +ke €ovnd-(' on f or+he. D C rreck lke3c.l s?n nc.e. pLjrsu~iri 4- f, 7SSS, ~l he+ e yr ev i--wiJkc( _have_ been f~ossibk -b Mclud€. ►i5 -4 he dlai\m ,F hts ,o ion yo(,s e ciSc r'x,s eU-,c h'ck,s -1-ke. ba-s+'5 fôr+kc p cittn5 feckr ,( pe+fi'wi, -T'h +i \elitress v&4h'S p--? Ct p p(`c&. ' for s cc'* z. Pec era.(_ rUes a~ [7 55S," Corre u , c Re j t sehkwceJ Cou 4 ._(r y Coriec' ew) (l Iejal sei er)ce et,-E-c(,-)y + meJ . aecaise_ 'Wtef- oc) l~`m~ a inn on ) 7 s ,--28 o, , c..§ 2244 1 k e ~ (`m;# bean can TL)Ib (2ilot1l+k f;te da.-te'F /JS/Js c) 4-n O ~Ua,11 0 CCurr ec era.l l , L* t''aMe jci, r h - -b d,je- pr~ccss S 4 f+ When - ke on j)a-+ cie crs counse_I ctC'c( CQAS4 1"4(tcc e cJ' did . ._T14-- K itrn f',r nne - ~I ~a 1 Ff,Dcec(.uf-eL( G-e C '(c)A-~ 4.-~- c,~GLS e) a~- C,c1 %t b5 covcs -1 ~~r -lam d e-f~ery,me Ae p'p'c appee b le- PrcedL'r._ — rr&l -e. ` cIai'm a&-°- h~,s { nc d c4. Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 9 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, n 4he Lour o / ppe .c c 4he S e_of OtOL) G i.. -s t-lA R R `1 WpslZGN~3/-CK, ,U 0 , _'11 b ~ 2 TH-C STPrTL OF JE / OA, F9\ec JUL 12Z0t7 r n~ Or e!'OF AT'?' n-n41 . Do 3\s 4 cr) (oui - G( wren to'tcl c ea1S Frôtrcin yr r v h' c1s c .• Gcoh4h_ •idic ct( ofi_c _.+ correck c- iUeJ s"-rki 1 D 54r c* COJ4 Clc~rV J tt'(M O. p - V"1 ud9._ i fed vc CbbPc 4, 2o\ , lccrnhbarl c&med -huh his VS L. VL)aj ) bacfKcer4c( his 5 dye en 4- 0c c ,i J,'C 7"1 t. `` I IrS s _ se 4-e ce I_ I I Ccy\-4zAwed cc +~Oc~Tcr Phl ca( e rrL)c'--a.s i-l-s (ed kc comrnrf+mac{_pun d er,'n j is tt_I.3 ° c,' hs " -he s' oF- child prsJci4 ti I -. t, t.t_ _t_ Ii _( ~e icd_ r~ a ~I li_ lark G c-TL) ttl j W/17L4i qSVLVI Cr-JU CC Of I , Vv wL'IvcL f-% Lt ' CA TV -- - 1 I' _ i' i _i • ic- rnecv~-4-h\s cr re 1cs _n-a~- c~fvuil cvuer ci 'der ses o cerAec e s4rcch'oi ctnd her vre.,--he des rr"cf i~ Ure5 6-7„ '' Q I, npvsec e(i4e,1 e- uInT y hlhy +C3t c-)'r us Sex c4, ter v(Do\ S cetease- f rv'cU ij, Ware(b&Ck 1uLd13eroons$ +e. S sentence cwc~S c J i Ilejl o r 4k JAS ~c coJr+ ' o Keel jur:sciicllu , _ 3232A- (99C). See Cctv'c~rctt V, 5+c i 2_1J& id1O4-,7a , `I 44ecl k s o Tense / NttS Chop+ r• -1T1S C) r- t red \rJ Vntn ctrC back\ c t)nes olv,'i3 - ch,.lcj, 1c( d'i~ a'i pers,As c t'c+ecl Z (,3` 1 lan pvrSJcn+ h NR-S 2vi.3vco tnvo vrn5 pcv dCrr'nj riff ?rr5 -s o Se'?' o -\{ (ers fi (law n re Ie se. frwr, cus)-d c.h )6,S5 t ((3)j a.4 2757 (Fner vrsiv uF.N2S See, Z007 JJev, S -7c)o1o3S-7)~ see- c.Lso t9'Y1 )vet, S`c- ' 1 ch_ 137,§_21 cc-- 25S-. -94 Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 10 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, (furmerv'(S?c?.n c,f tJaS 2o~ 3oo), As r erb K's F PJS wa-s (J vivn1 Ise -did no-l'cefnvNS e. h~ cleCAH 2ncv-r p&sse &x'w *,cftu^ d eprr'eci -4- e j p yruph,`caI error +he jJdEeme4 tr en bczc( 3 t'S ri c+ C) r+ 0P4 sex c ef-cler *z c ~jts+r as 4 ~Thee -o , vie- come oJe. 44, c err ivi ct n y id r3 V "Gv en b,a.c.R `s n~ o i-iun A-Cco rcC i l _ w_ ~ O R D1(Z +k ere-' c &r _ of+ke ,2 This Peal k &s been .57i6- ed Jr dee sip C, A vJe. - t -c s+rc - canors +he uc(yerie, v~f ~~n~'c UI b 1 e cool ► hvrt 3 peen' yi'nq MRS r~c/e, 1e4l . _cfocad error r. cvi y -1wv2, c'mecfed jjd jem ,i+ e l\cfen irk 9 2OI.30O _.as r' 11` v'Qn b a k's cr+`, P ~J UACOA r-~~~rn oa -~ 1,~ ~~~ nt = _ lecje r►'Ny S-~a-~e (oirE 3et4cnce is_ 4o die princess a~ c t1 I t &LIJ b i l ~ c~ll ~ jethk rre- -o Se -0 terd~~ re s+r -i o/\ 10 o_\3 Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 11 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, t d&( ( a cjrcefs) On)j tvLcivenv* orcer 4 cA- C0'r 1 (lclrV\_CUv(\+tj IL)e t/'t.G14 F~'1e d SZpzL_o J L W DA_) Pt-A 1N-tt FFj 2095 -7 D den can ',_ Per DJ'endanfs pr per (YNL h' C ryer_d po rs~l can+ t~J IZS I-_6, 3,S7Y o C _ -V . o- i 4r :rn Q-h'v ivthri f r7 Da- e vF heGrmI ' 0c verr,ber 2, LO( recvns4 d er ~On, e ariv1 j: 1 y\ e T _currcc.+ il[c@ 1_Sei ice. SN1 ct4- u (- kau S _ (V r e, Un fur' k ear;'n j_ before Qnvi+lecd c.vjr* on 4 ke 2 r ( cJo ove 2O( ) - -- - Co0RT no+ed +he o Dense ocwrred v Oslo 3/2v02 £ dc - 2-001. ,sh ,.jd be 2vi?_J vj S` . 5 ctpp Ibli an #hi..fda4e- wv~ld yvver u he-~`her^ or no+ 'Oe 'od+ world i s+'c as t se_X _t encler'..l r-!-i- r,_ ui ct e. r +he. r m\s iur fo 20c17 bIE 7/312012 "3'~ and _i's o4l o led i,i Z of.. E. SI'G S2/ N►2S (7'W r s cc l rC ids chu-ida4-ecJ b y .sUec,'cI L LJ i½ --his cases fAerefivr; ni)+ c Prose dvral d k ec.4 (-UV 2T Q2.O E 1-~ b C) I\f ' 1 U U e3 41 S efi4e L~ pirsJ/4 - a4e(I)A mohvn fr s1 II b Dia+ed +kcs &+ _JLaa off- ice\ber/ 2D Fen ~14'+'5 W'o Per' .v hi. R-S I'7( L, f ,s Se U '' _,v f en tGO , Wt i liran-\ 1 eph&rf O1S7. C`c JuQ&c Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 12 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, DOOGuS l-~ t2 Ia tx~ rz J L 3, G f- P PELLAM-T N0a 6625 4- jS f '.JVAOJ VA r -ES Ft,-d Apc A Zo(S C l'G~er o ^C hi AP rr►7~irce vM /I ~e _ i - hc&be s eor-M, ebb +k 3LOic l David 3, 3crVer Y A e. -l~N k S pei-i+Ui filed w) s Oy 1Z2 ~4 ~~Il ~ _ v jlas_W ire'► bacl ce ved _lne ec uc ass s ince o~ cov(\~ei4 ~- -D)irC1 voGtrPt c cC,c K c1Gi(nned 4k Co( o 5_~~"►Q c+i , G~_ci rnd Aka, __ r -}o G~.-fI\GT1~fouS _cYlll~' Ce'._7l-5 c On is llecl.b1_4ke__re -crcL iNaretibac K L 3 4%o.rDL3 t ( cat) f9L _ cte cardJ ' 4\e TBt ,'+ Us chrome. A,'\ J JL& S _ co s-Q f \aivecl. 4 c ProcwdL'cJ c( e64s sc - \ ke c \d p\eaJ 4w— ~'(:441ojs y `IU S s6" ui et dtc1 nb~ wc4vp- ao L4 - 1vr P rviceAurot( 4 C1 i3Ar(( cw,ri Uld m4— err In ~c~r~i~nc► -1'~iS (;~A,ltinl --}~ / " cYl(l~f~ e Ct n w('r coins (S nab" -t ie _ [42+ coor+ A ~2MEJ- d eb ps ' n %~ nc~ c o► \ c.I)ced —\- 4 RD -~l,e uc~Prmen o4— ~s4'ic{- l2of t3 Case: 17-72096, 07/21/2017, ID: 10518471, DktEntry: 1-2, Page 13 of 13 11/16/2017, 10656532, 6-2, I Unch'r Perctl+y ciFper'cyr~ 4k f''P-'3c)~nn 12 poobes _cry Gtn Correc(- , f Respect t LsL)b chTec , pap' t (12 24, _ l- 5 UQsera e~'ssan Ps naian._5~pr~n3S,, e ► tic(& ju (y ► 6, —'201T1 P oo F of Sc rv'ce ' , D WSlu„s (<<Ja►enb .cA h~reb~_ CP~~~-,`F( -~'h4+ on G1n_ur(6t)oat "h .ie ari a_Cvrre. cF_ io ►~ i`~ UI1JPr' 2~ yr ~jJCC 5S1'Le I -\ ke_ C1ed v- k U S (Our* o Z. al s o se `vet{ +h o I y 16 , 21) 17 spoAd u1 y 16 _ f 20-7) ~pl C6L c ,Sc pe'als f +he c) r 22 4- `t c`rcvt+. d - ' aw 9cne_ raI Ovvy 1 3 w arm&dK 4e , 1 /l ZiZ , HDSP di C Pns n "Dvkgovj teec\l 'nc I " çeyu Iresne'j-- ; c\\ trait o.A, l(PSSed-4--he dmey j 9er~eco) N24urre5 inspecfiur , Oue-6 firm #oJ c~CLe3s- -+hc taw li6w where +his in,5pec im uctof-s, 7. will be Secw'fj c ke ce,Spercle ~- ►o (a r ►' ZtJee4

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