STC.UNM v. Intel Corporation

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DECLARATION re 110 Brief of Brian Ferrall by Intel Corporation (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Exhibit 3, # 4 Exhibit 4, # 5 Exhibit 5, # 6 Exhibit 6, # 7 Exhibit 7, # 8 Exhibit 8, # 9 Exhibit 9)(Atkinson, Clifford)

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Exhibit 9 -. "",'Ç-",,",:""'" 4 McGRAw-Hiii . DICTIONARY Of CIENTlflC AND ECHNICAl ERMS fifth Edition , Sybil P. Parker Editor in Chief ~ ~" ~~ b I l t.' ~ Auckland Bogotá Ne~.;:~ t~E~::~~::",hi:::~~;tc. MexicoCiiy Mil :~1 Montreal New Delhi San Juan Singapore Sydney Tokyo Toronto . On the cover: Photomicrograph of crystals of vitamin 8,. (Dennis Kunkel, University of Hawaii) f published previously in the following works: P. B. Jordain, Condensed Computer Encyclopedia, Copyright @ 1969 by McGraw-Hil, 1m;. All rights reserved. J. McGraw-Hil, Inc. Markus, Electronics and Nucleonics Dictionary, 4th ed., Copyright@ 1960, 1966, 1978 by' All rights reserved. 1. Quick, Artists' and Ilustrators' Encyclopedia, Copyright @ 1969 by McGraw-Hil, Inc. All rights reserved. Blakiston's Gould Medical Dictionary, 3d ed., Copyright @ 1956, 1972 by McGraw-Hil, Inc. All Engineers, 7th ed., for Mechanical rights reserved. T. Baumeister and L. S. Marks, eds., Standard Handbook Included in this Dktionar are definitions which have been Copyright @ 1958, 1967 by McGraw-Hil, Inc. All rights reserved. In addition, material has been drawn from the following references: R. E. Huschke, Glossary of Meteorology, Standardized American Meteorological Society, 1959; U.S. Air Force Glossary of Terms, AF Manualll-l, vol. i, 1972; Commur¡ications-Electronics Terminology, AF Manual II-i, voL. 3, 1970; W: H; Allen, ed., Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use, 1st ed., National Aeronautics and Space Ådministration, 1965; J. M. Terms and Abbreviations, Royal Aircraft Establishment TechGillland, Solar-Terrestrial Physics: A Glossary of nical Report 67158, 1967; Glossary of Air Traffc Control Terms, Federal Aviation Agency; A Glossary of Range Terminology, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, National Bureau of Standards, AD 467-424; A DOD Glossary of Mapping, Charting and .Geodetic Terms, 1st ed., Deparment of Defense, 1967; P. W. Thsh, compo and ed., A Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms, Bureau of 2d ed., Atomic Energy Commission; F. Casey, ed., Compilation of Mines, 1968; Nuclear Terms: A Glossary, Terms in Information Sciences Technology, Federal Council for Science and Technology, 1970; Glossary ofStinfo Terminology, Offce of Aerospace Research, U.S. Air Force, 1963; Naval Dictionary of Electronic, Technical, and Imperative Terms, Bureau of Naval Personnel, 1962; ADP Glossary, Deparment of the Navy, NAVSO P-3097. McGRAW-HILL DICTIONARY OF SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL TERMS, Fifth Edition Copyright@ 1994, 1989, 1984, 1978, 1976, 1974 by McGraw-Hil, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Except as pennitted under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, no par of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any fonn or by any means, or stored in a database or retreval system, without the prior written pennission of the publisher. 1234567890 DOW/DOW 99876543 ISBN 0-07-042333-4 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data McGraw-Hil dictionar of scientific and technical tenns / Sybil P. Parker, editor in chief.-5th ed. p. cm. ISBN 0-07-042333-4 1. Science-Dictionaries. 2. Technology-Dictionares. 1. Parker, Sybil P. Q123.M34 1993\ 503-dc20 INTERNATIONAL Copyright @ 1994. Exclusive rights by McGraw-Hil, Inc. for manufacture and export. This book cannot be reexported from the country to which it is consigned by McGraw-HilL. The International Edition is not available in North America. When ordering this title, use ISBN 0-07-113584-7. mass absorption law Martin's cement 1216 where the conditional expected value of xn+ I givenx1,x2' ...,xn, negative or positive that is used to correct color. 2. In offset equals xn' ¡ 'märt-m,ga1 I lithogrphy, opaque material that protectively covers open or selected areas of a priting plate durng the exposure process. Martin's cement (MATERI A gypsum cement made with po- tassium carbonate instead of alum. ¡ 'mär';mz si,ment I martite (MINERAL) Hematite occurg in iron-black octahedral crystals pseudomorphous afer magnetite. ¡ 'mär,tit I martonite (MATER) A poison gas composed of 20% chlorolacrimator. acetone and 80% bromoacetone; acts as a powerful Marvin sunshine recorder (ENG) A sunshine recorder in which the time scale is supplied by a chronograph, and consisting of two bulbs (one of which is blackened) that communicate through a glass tube of small diameter, which is parially filled with mercur and contais two electrcal contacts; when the 100 200 Hz 80 charging resistors, and then connected in series and discharged though the test piece by the simultaneous sparkover of spark 40 80 gaps. ('märks ,s:lr-k:lt I Marx effect (SOLID STATE) The effect wherein the energy of photoelectrons emitted from an iluminated surface is decreased when the surace is simultaneously iluminated by light of lower frequency than that causing the emission. ¡ 'märks i,fekt I mA's See miliampere-second. mascagnite (MINERAL) (N4)2S04 A yellowish-gray mineral found in guano, near buming coal beds, or as lava incrustation; specific gravity is 1.77; hardness is 2-2.5 on Mohs scale. 60 ¡ ma'skan,yit ) mascaret See bore. ¡ :mas'ka:ret ) w 20 "0 ~ 0 ;(a) .f 100 " I': ii' instrment is exposed to sunshine, the ai in the blackened bulb is wared more than that in the clear bulb; the wared ai expands and forces the mercury though the connecting tube to a point where the electrcal contacts are shorted by the mercury; this completes the electrcal circuit to the pen on the chronograph. ¡ 'märv:ln 'san,shfu ri,körd'ar I Marx circuit (ELEC) An electrc circuit used in an impulse generator in which capacitors are charged in parallel though 60 ~ 3500 Hz " Mascheroni'sconstantSee Euler's constat. ¡ ,mäsk':l'rö,nëz 'kän'st:lnt ) 40 20 ~I mascon (GEOL) A large, high-density mass concentration below a ringed mare on the surace of the moon. ('mas,kän) masculine (BIOL) Having an appearance or qualities distinc- o tive for a male. ¡ 'rnas'ky;i'l:in I masculine pelvis (ANAT) A female pelvis similar to the nor- (b) 0 mal male pelvis in having a deeper cavity and more conical frequency of masked tone, Hz Masking of pure tones by pure tones at masking freqùencies of (a) 200 hertz, (b) 3500 hertz. The number above each curve is the level in decibels above the threshold of audibilty of each masking tone. (From H. Fletcher, Speech and Hearing in Communication, 2d ed., Van Nostrand, 1953) ¡ mask) maskable Interrupt (COMPUT SCiJ An interrpt that can be allowed to occur or prevented from occurng by software. ¡ :mas'k:l'b:ll 'int.;i,r:lpt I ¡ 'mär':ln,it I MASKING (MET) A protective device in thennal spraying agaist blastig or coating effects which are reflected from the substrate surace. shape. Also known as android pelvis. ¡ 'mas'ky:i'I;in 'peJo:is I masculine protest (PSYCHI The strggle to domiate, exhibited priarly by women but to some extent also by men, with the desire to escape identification with the femie role. ¡ 'mas'kY:l'I:ln 'prö,test I masculinize (PHYsiol To cause a female or a sexually immature animal to tae on male secondar sex characteristics. ¡ 'mas'ky;i'I:l,niz ) masculinoma (MEO J Adrenocortcoid adenoma of the ovar. ¡ ,mas'kY:l'I:l'nö'm:l ) maser (PHYS) A device for coherent amplification or generation of electromagnetic waves in which an ensemble of atoms or molecules, raised to an unstable energy state, is stimulated by an electromagnetic wave to radiate excess energy at the same frequency and phase as the stimulating wave. Derived from microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Also known as paramagnetic amplifier. ¡ 'ma'Z:lr ) maser ampliier (ELECTR) A maser which is used to increase the power produced by another maser. ¡ 'mã'z:lr 'am'pl:l,fi:ir ) mash (FOOD ENG) 1. Mixture of grain and other ingredients fennented to produce whiskey. 2. Malted barley or other grai mixed with water to prepare wort for brewing operations. (mash I mash seam weld (MET) A seam weld at a lap joint in which the overall lap thickness is reduced plastically to the approximate thickness of one of the lapped pars. ¡ 'mash' sëm ,weld) mask (COMPUT SCI) A pattern of characters used to control the retention or elimination of portions of another pattern of characters. Also known as extractor. (DES ENGJ A frame used in front of a television picture tube to conceal the rounded edges of the screen. (ELECTR I A thin sheet of metal or other masked messenger ribonucleic acid See maternal messenger ribonucleic acid. ¡ :maskd 'mes.;in'jer :ñ'bo'nü'klë'ik 'as':id I face seen in certain de- mask face (MEO) An expressionless generative and inflanatory diseases of the basal ganglia and the extrapyramidal system; volunta movements are near normal while involuntar movements are inrequent. ('mask ,ms ) masking (Acousl The amount by which the theshold of audibility of a sound is raised by the presence of another sound; the unit customarly used is the decibeL. Also known as audio maskig; aural masking. (COMPUT scil 1. Replacing specific characters in one register by corresponding characters in another register. 2. Extracting certn characters from a strng of char- acters. (ELECTRI 1. Using a coverig or coating on a semiconductor surace to provide a masked area for selective deposition or etching. 2. A programmed procedure for eliminating radar coverage in areas where such transmissions maybe of use to the enemy for navigation puroses, by weakening the beam in appropriate directions or by use of additional transmitters on the same frequency at suitable sites to interfere with homing; also used to suppress the beam in areas where it would interfere with television reception. (ENG) Preventing entrance of a tracer gas into a vessel by coverig the leaks. ¡ 'mask'il) I masking agent See maskig reagent. ¡ 'mask'il) ,ä'j;int ) masking reagent (ANALY CHEM) A substace that decreases the concentration of a free metal ion or ligand by conversion into an essentially unreactive fonn, thus preventing undesirable chemical reactions that would interfere with the detennination. Also known as masking agent. ¡ 'mask'il) rë,ä'j;int I mask matching (COMPUT SCI) In character recognition, a method employed in charcter property detection in which a correlation or match is attempted between a specimen character and each of a set of masks representing the characters to be recognized. ('mask ,mach'il) ) mask register (COMPUT SCI) Filter which determes the pars of a word which are to be tested. ¡. 'mask ,rej':l'st:lr ) mask word (COMPUT SCI) A word modifier used in a logical AN.operation. ('mask ,w:lrd ) masochism (PSYCH). Pleasure derived from experiencing physical or psychological pain. ¡ 'mas':i,kiz.;im ) masonry (CIY ENG) A constrction of stone or similar mate- rials such as concrete or brick. ('mäs':ln'rë) masonry cement (MATERJ A blended cement, made by com- bining either natural or portland cements with fattening materials such as hydrated lime and, sometimes, with ai-entraig mixtues; used in the mort of brick and block masonr. ( 'mas':ln"fë si,ment I masonry dam ( CIY ENG) A dam constrcted of stone or con- crete blocks set in mort. ('mäs'an"fë ,dam ) masonry dril (DES ENG) A drll tipped with cemented carbide for drlling in concrete or masonr. ('mäs':ln'rë ,drl ) masonry nail (DES ENG) Spiral-fluted nai designed to be drven into mort joints in masonr. ('mãs':ln'rë ,nal I. mason's hydrated lime (MATER) Any hydrated lime suitable for use in mortars, base-coat plasters, and concrete. ('mãs':lnz 'il dräd':ld 'lñn ) Ma~on's theorem (CONT SYS) A fonnula for the overall transmittance of a signal flow graph in tenns of transmittances of varous paths in the graph. ('mas';mz ,tl:lm ) mass (MECHI A quantitative measure of a body's resistance to being accelerated; equal to the inverse of the ratio of the body's acceleration to the acceleration of a stadard mass under otherwise identical conditions. (mas) mass absorption coefficient (PHYsI The linear absorption material contaning an open pattern, used to shield selected coeffcient divided by the density of the medium. ¡ 'mas portions of a semiconductor or other surace durg a deposition :lb'sörp'sh:ln ,kö'i,fish':lnt I mass absorption law (NUCLEO) The law that the absorption process. (ENGI A protective coverig for the face or head in electrons with speeds greater than one-fifth that of light de- the fonn of a wire screen, a metal shield, or a respirator. of (GRAPHlCsl 1. In color separation photography, an intennediate pends only on the mass of absorbing rnatter in the electron's l I

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