Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. et al v. RDR Books et al

Filing 52

DECLARATION of Steven Jan Vander Ark in Opposition re: 22 MOTION for Preliminary Injunction.. Document filed by RDR Books. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Exhibit 3, # 4 Exhibit 4, # 5 Exhibit 5, # 6 Exhibit 6, # 7 Exhibit 7, # 8 Exhibit 8, # 9 Exhibit 9, # 10 Exhibit 10, # 11 Exhibit 11, # 12 Exhibit 12, # 13 Exhibit 13, # 14 Exhibit 14)(Ahrens, Julie)

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Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. et al v. RDR Books et al Doc. 52 Att. 8 EXHIBIT 8 Dockets.Justia.com Abbreviations list: PA - Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban Prisoner misspelled ----Other Canon sources: interview dates inconsistently formatted, some dd month year, some Month dd, year ----Campaign for Greater Freedom for Wizards (DP4) ----Deadmarsh (DP1) ----Defensive Charm (DP2) ----Deverill, Philbert (DP1,2) ----Dorkins, Ragmar (DP1,2,3,4) ________________________________________________________ THE FOLLOWING "D" LISTINGS ARE MISSING. WE WILL BE SENDING NEW TEXT FOR THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 1. Dr. Filibuster's Fabulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks 2. "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus" 3. dragons a. dragon feeder b. dragon hide gloves c. dragon keeper d. dragon parts i. Dragon Dung (GF64; OP263) ii. Dragon Egg (Potions Encyc) (JKR-Bel) iii. Dragon's Fire (DH57, 59-61) iv. Dragon Heartstring v. Dragon Manure (OP550) vi. Dragon Meat (OP422, 424, 436) e. Dragon Milk Cheese (JKR-Bel) 4. Dragon, Model (Devices Encyc) 5. dragon reservations 6. Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit 7. Dragon pox 8. Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau 9. Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland 10. dragon's blood 11. Drakul, Count Vlad 12. Dreadful Denizens of the Deep 13. Dream Oracle, The 14. Drear, Isle of (this is not under "I" either, so not a duplicate) 15. dress robes 16. driver of the Knight Bus 17. Drooble's Best Blowing Gum 18. Drought Charm _______________________________________________________ ----Dunstan, B. remove one instance of (QA) ----fountain of wine Olivander misspelled (should be Ollivander) ----Gardening Competition, Annual International Wizarding (DP1) ----goblins 5th paragraph wrought helmet which was described as "indestructable" (OP21). indestructible misspelled ----Gold Flames 2nd line actually Voldermort's own Voldemort's misspelled ----Gorgovitch, Dragomir move entry below Gordon, (alphabetical order) ----Grawp 5th line school year (June Y16) (OP). replace "Y16" with '1997', (OP30). ----Great Hall 10th line Here Molly Weasly Weasley misspelled ----Gregorovitch 2nd line and bragged about it, but Gindelwald Grindelwald misspelled ----Gudgeon, Galvin (DP1) ----Gumboil, Alastor (DP2) ----Hallowe'en (DP4) ----Hit Wizards (DP2) ----Hobday, Hilliard and Violetta, and Egmont Elvert (DP2) ----Holyhead Harpies last line after leaving Howarts Hogwarts misspelled ----Humberto, the Great repeated entry, see Great Humberto, the LOL>>(A character on a television) ----Hurtz, Grizel (DP3) ----Improper Use of Magic Office (DP2) ----Invisibility Charm/Spell (DP1) ----Knight Bus (PA3) (OP24) The Knight Bus ?fix ----Krum, Mr. and Mrs. remove URL ----Kwikspell last word chopped off (JK (JKR). ____ Lovegood, Luna next to last paragraph studying new species of cratures creatures misspelled ----Lovegood, Xenophilius 3rd paragraph wearing on his egg-yolk-colored cloak change the word "on" to 'with' (it was on a chain around his neck, not on his cloak) ----- Macdonald, Magnus "Dent-Head" remove URL ----MacFarlan, Hamis remove URL ----Madam Primpernelle's (DP2) ----Maddock, Alasdair remove URL (DP1,2,3) ----Magical Equipment Control (DP1) ----Maidenhead (DP4) ----Malfoy, Lucius 7th paragraph Death Eaters who had earned the Dark Lord's wrath, cause the Lucius and cause should be caused remove the word "the" before Lucius ----Mandrake (Mandragora) A plant used to make Mandrake Restorative Draught, a powerful restorative returns people insert the word "that" (or 'which') before the word 'returns' ----Marchbanks, Madam Griselda remove URL (OP31) and elder of the Wizengamot capitalize Elder ----Masking Fog (DP2) ----McBride, Dougal (DP3) ----McCormack, Catriona remove URL ----McCormack, Kirley using (QA7). remove the word "using" ----McCormack, Meghan remove URL ----McLaggen, Cormac remove URL ----McLeod, Cormack (DP2,3) ----Medical magic witch doctors (DP), change to witch-doctors (DP1) ----"Merlin's Beard!" An exclamation of surprise, referencing to the famous change "surprise, referencing" to "surprise; a reference" There are number There are a number ----Merpeople 5th line have greyish skin change greyish to grayish 2nd paragraph The houses often have gardens of week change "week" to 'weed' (canon says weed, but perhaps 'seaweed' would sound better?) ----Mersey River (DP2) ----Ministry Cars (PA5, HBP6). - should not be italic ----Mistletoe last line managed to put his Nargle change the word "put" to 'set' (put is used again in the sentence and its confusing) ----Mnemosyne Clinic for Memory Modification (DP4) ----Moaning Myrtle 2nd line She was been hiding remove the word "been" 4th line it was a boy, so remove the word "so" (doesn't work with the word 'realizing') last line, 2nd paragraph Ron seems particularly adept change word "particularly" to 'especially' (particular is repetitious) 3rd paragraph (CS17) and spying on him when as he bathed remove either the word "when" or "as" 3rd paragraph More recently been meeting Draco Malfoy, too, in the boys' bathroom. revise sentence, sounds odd ----- Mobiliarbus last line add "Christmas" to tree ----Moonshine, Regulus (DP4) ----Mordaunt, Ethelbard (DP1) ----Morgan, Valmai (DP3,4) ----Mostafa, Hassan remove URL ----motorcycle, flying to accomodate its rider (PS1)). Later accommodate misspelled, remove extra parenthesis ----Mrs. Scower's Magical Mess Remover Skower's misspelled ----Muggle-born Registration Commission Umbridge misspelled (with 2 r's) ----Muggle guard (DP2) ----Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee Acccidents misspelled ----Mysteries, Department of 2nd paragraph, last line Though nobody knows what is is, should say "it is" ----Noble Sport of Warlocks, The seventeeth is misspelled ----Nogtail foolhardy way rid the farm change to "foolproof way to" ----Norwegian Ridgeback 2nd line The horns of a Ridgenback Ridgeback misspelled ----Number twelve, Grimmauld Place after they died in 1981, the change 1981 - should be 1985 ----Nundu nundu's breath Nundu's should be capitalized ----Occamy Occamy should be capitalized (twice in the entry) ----Oddpick, Winkus (DP3) ----Orchideous boquet is misspelled ----Ordinary Wizarding Levels (O.W.L.s) potential career choices (DP). (DP2) ----orphanage last paragraph Harry, Ron, and Hermione visited the orphange briefly orphanage misspelled ----owls 4th line are locked into number four, Privet Drive change "locked into" to 'locked up in' ----Paddington Station a booth a MacDonalds... a booth "at" ----paper airplanes because of the mess the birds cost flying change the word "cost" to 'caused' actually, I'd change the wording of this whole line to say something more humorous like: "because paper airplanes don't leave droppings." ----Peasegood, Arnold (DP3) ----Penrose, Professor Phoebus (DP1) ----Pettigrew, Peter "Wormtail" 2nd paragraph, last line destroying Sirius' life as well as he was sent to Azkaban destroying Sirius' life and landing him in Azkaban 3rd paragraph, second line living as Percy living as Percy's ----Philpott, Arkie Probity Probe at after remove the word "at" ----- Pinkstone, Carlotta revealing the wizaring world wizarding is misspelled ----Pips, Dagbert (DP4) ----Plumpton Pass when Roderick Plumpton's did Plumpton (remove the apostrophe s) ----Pogrebin 3rd line pogrebin attempts to devour them. capitalize Pogrebin ----Poke, Royden (DP3) ----Pomfrey, Madam Poppy 1st paragraph, seventh line "SNEAK" tattooed on Marietta Edgecombe's forehead. change the word "forehead" to 'face'. (it was NOT her forehead- but her nose and cheeks) ----prefects 3rd line Ron and Hemrione were the Gryffindor Hermione misspelled ----Primpernelle, Madam (DP2) ----Prod, Demetrius J. (DP2) ----Prod, Elsie (DP2) ----Prophecy 1st line effect where a Seer give information change "give" to 'gives' ----Puddlemere United (DP2) ----Pumpkins R Us (DP4) ----Quigley, Finbar (DP1,2) ----Rabbit add the following: Billy Stubbs had a pet rabbit at the orphanage until it was found mysteriously hanging from the rafters. Young Tom Riddle denied involvement (HBP13). Yeah right. ----Ragnok (DP3) ----Ragnok the Pigeon-Toed (DP3) ----Re-Visibility Spectacles (DP1) ----Riddle family next to last line son, now beginning to call call himself Voldemort the word "call" is repeated ----ropes, magical 3rd line after `outing' him (GF36). Womtail also Wormtail misspelled ----St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries last paragraph Gilderoy is misspelled ----Scabbers A pet rat beloging to Ron Weasley belonging misspelled ----Scamander, Porpentina change the name "Miller" to 'Milly' ----Scandanavia misspelled (Scandinavia) ----shack A shack that the Daily Prophet described it as remove the word "it" ----Horace E. F. Slughorn 3rd paragraph, third line Harry is eventually able to play upon Slughorns Slughorn's 3rd paragraph, fifth line his plan to create seven horcruxes Horcruxes should be capitalized. ----`Study into Muggle Suspicions About Magic, A' (DP1) ----Sword of Gryffindor last line foiled his attempt keep the sword. insert the word "to": foiled his attempt keep to the sword. also add the following: Goblin king Ragnuk the First accused Godric Gryffindor of stealing this sword from him (DH25, JKR). ----Terrortours (DP3) ----Thomas, Mr. change entry title to "Thomas, Dean, father of" ----Time Room last line shattering every them change to "shattering every one of them" ----Toadstool Tales A series of childrens' books children's ----Todd, Sidney (DP3) ----Tonks, Nymphadora last line Tonk misspelled (should be Tonks) ----Ton-Tongue Toffees 3rd line OWLs should be O.W.L.s last line did have a rather enjoyable effect change to "did have a rather humorous effect" ----Travels With Trolls One of the many worthwhile change the word "worthwhile" to "not-so-worthwhile" ----Trelawney, Sibyll Patricia 5th paragraph, last line smashing them specatacularly spectacularly misspelled ----The Triwizard Tournament 2nd paragraph, last line Chistmas misspelled (Christmas) ----troll There are three types of trolls mountain add colon after trolls (There are three types of trolls: mountain) (DP2) ----Troll Rights Movement (DP2) ----Tutshill Tonados 3rd line Merwyn Finwick misspelled, change to Mervyn Fenwick 3rd line according the the Daily 'the' repeated, remove one 4th line (DP2) ----Twiddle, Mallory (DP1) ----Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon first line talons, the Ukranian Ukrainian misspelled ----vampire 4th line bystanders (HBP16, DP). DP4). ----veela 2nd paragraph tempermental wands temperamental misspelled ----wands change entry name to wand, wands (to preserve alphabetical order and plural form) ----Wanderings with Werewolves move entry between wand writing and War of the Roses entries (alphabetical order) ----missing entry for "wandlore" ----Wartcap powder 2nd line Gimmauld Place, Grimmauld misspelled ----Watkins, Fabius remove URL ----Weasley, Ginevra Molly "Ginny" 3rd paragraph, last line following after leaving remove the word "following" (redundant) ----Weasley, Percy Ignatius 3rd line (CS4), and getting a job (GF3) and then a two change to " (CS4), getting a job (GF3) and then two" ----Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-Bangs 6th line five Galleons for your Basic Blaise change the word "Blaise" to 'Blaze' ----Wigtown Wanderers last line italicize the title "The Wonder of Wigtown Wanderers" ----Wigworthy, Wilhelm italicize the title "Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles" -----Wingardium Leviosa UN-italicize the main sentence: A basic levitation spell, and one of the first spells learned by first-years in Charms; Ron used it to levitate a mountain troll's club, which then fell on its head and knocked it out (PS10). ----Worm, Whizzing replace entry with: See Whizzing Worm (duplicate entry) ----Yaxley next to last line After the lull while everyone though Harry change to " After the lull, while everyone thought Harry" ----Yorkshire Moors (DP1) ----"You Went and Stole my Cauldron but You Can't have My Heart" (DP4) ----- "You Stole My Cauldron but You Can't Have my Heart" Delete entire entry (misspelling of entry above) ----Yule Ball 5th line though both Crabe Crabbe misspelled ----Zombie Trail (DP3)

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