Ceglia v. Zuckerberg et al

Filing 179

DECLARATION signed by Dean Boland re 176 Response in Opposition to Motion, 177 Memorandum in Opposition to Motion, 178 Affidavit in Support of Motion filed by Paul D. Ceglia. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B)(Boland, Dean)

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Gibson Dunn (Facebook) Relevant Materials Log - October 6, 2011 # Description of Relevant Materials Source File Path Folder Containing Item Privilege Log Confidential Log 319 June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia  with  five  attachments. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\... 319 Outside  Scope  of  Expedited   Discovery  Orders None 320 First  attachment  to  June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\...\DSC01010.JPG 320 Outside  Scope  of  Expedited   Discovery  Orders None 321 Second  attachment  to  June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\...\DSC01011.JPG 321 322 Third  attachment  to  June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\...\DSC01012.JPG 322 323 Fourth  attachment  to  June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\...\DSC01013.JPG 323 Fifth  attachment  to  June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia.    Photo  of  printed  March  3,  2004  email  from  Karin  Petersen  to   324 James  Kole. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\...\DSC01014.JPG 324 325 June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia  with  five  attachments. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\still  more… 325 Outside  Scope  of  Expedited   Discovery  Orders None 326 First  attachment  to  June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\still  more…\DSC01005.JPG 326 Outside  Scope  of  Expedited   Discovery  Orders None 327 Second  attachment  to  June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\still  more…\DSC01006.JPG 327 Outside  Scope  of  Expedited   Discovery  Orders None 328 Third  attachment  to  June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\still  more…\DSC01007.JPG 328 Fourth  attachment  to  June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia.    Photo  of  printed  March  5,  2004  email  from  Paul  Ceglia  to   329 James  Kole. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\still  more…\DSC01008.JPG 329 330 Fifth  attachment  to  June  30,  2011  email  from  Jessica  Ceglia  to  Paul  Ceglia. PaulCeglia@gmail.com\Inbox\still  more…\DSC01009.JPG 330 Outside  Scope  of  Expedited   Discovery  Orders Attorney-­‐client  privileged   pursuant  to  N.Y.  C.P.L.R.  4503;   Outside  Scope  of  Expedited   Discovery  Orders None None Outside  Scope  of  Expedited   Discovery  Orders None None Outside  Scope  of  Expedited   Discovery  Orders Attorney-­‐client  privileged   pursuant  to  N.Y.  C.P.L.R.  4503 Outside  Scope  of  Expedited   Discovery  Orders None Privileged.  (Please  see  below) None Pursuant Fed.R.Civ.P. 26(b)(5)(A)(ii) and Fed.R.Civ.P. 26(e)(1)(A) the description of this document for which a privilege is asserted above is as follows: 329 is an attachment to an email which is the image captured of a one page communication between Mr. Ceglia and an attorney. The nature of the communication is that Mr. Ceglia is seeking legal advice from that attorney. This supplements the other reasons supporting the assertion of privilege that are provided in Plaintiff’s memorandum that was served on Defendants and filed with the court on October 26, 2011. All items marked “None” in the Confidential Log column can be disclosed to Defendants and this privilege log supersedes the log designated as Doc. No. 156-4. EXHIBIT B

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