Function Media, L.L.C. v. Google, Inc. et al

Filing 160

Emergency MOTION To Set Deadline for Google to Complete Production and Relief from Meet and Confer by Function Media, L.L.C.. (Attachments: # 1 Text of Proposed Order, # 2 Exhibit A-D filed separately under seal, # 3 Exhibit E, # 4 Exhibit F, # 5 Exhibit G, # 6 Exhibit H, # 7 Exhibit I, # 8 Exhibit J, # 9 Exhibit K, # 10 Exhibit L)(Nelson, Justin)

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Exhibit J EVANS ROUGH ASCII. txt Rough Draft Deposi ti on of CHRISTOPHER EVANS oisclaimer proceedì ngs Realtime unedjted Transcrì pt The fol I owi ng transcrì Pt of , or any po rtì on the reof i n the , above-enti tl ed matter, taken on any date n i s bei ng del i ve red UNEDTTED and UNCERTIFIED b- the offj ci al cou rt repo rte r . y rhe purchaser agrees not to di scl ose thi s real ti me unedj ted transcri pt i n any form (wri tten o r el ect ron j c) to anyone who has no connecti on to thi s case. rhi s i s an unoffi ci al transcri pt whi ch shoul d Nor be rel i ed upon for purposes of verbatim ci tati on of test'i mony rhi s transcri pt has not been checked, proofread or corrected. rt is a draft transcrì pt, Nor a certi fi ed. i may , transcri pt. As such, t contai n computer-generated mi stransl ati ons of speech to Page 1- just wanted to I make su re EVANS ROUGH ASCII. txt that thj s subpoena was 2 1- r wasn' t mi sunderstandi ng not gi ven to the unti I I ast week. rs that 3 wj tness co r rect? MR. T,IIALKER: YCS thi nk that's correct. 4 5 .I r can't say that we1'l But r honestlY ve1 Y. I can't I rj ght. , I et me 6 7 I defi ni ti et me MR. sETH : Rl I unde go back to the wi tness here. dj rstand 9 a. (eyMr. seth) Si r, you r testì mony Page 1-5 dr EVANS ROUGH seen a copy of thi 11 1,0 txt correctly that you have not ASCII. subpoena unti s I I ast week? pol nt L2 A. l-3 Q. you to page 4 of the L4 That's correct. okay. r'm goì ng to docume nt 15 spec'i A. okay. fi c documents L7 1-6 a. wj which js a request for thi n the subpoena. uh-huh. 1-8 A. nnd r 'm goi ng to po'i nt You 1-9 Q. to the I ast category of documents, which r will read 20 read 2L that i nto the A. Q. reco rd shared with or 22 23 24 Yeah. that to woul d be fi ne. documents A. p rodu ced rt says , "41 1 Page 1-6

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