Northeastern University et al v. Google, Inc.,

Filing 141

Joint MOTION for Agreed Jury Questionnaire by Google, Inc.,, Jarg Corporation, Northeastern University. (Attachments: # 1 Jury Questionnaire, # 2 Text of Proposed Order)(Ainsworth, Jennifer)

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Northeastern University et al v. Google, Inc., Doc. 141 Att. 1 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS MARSHALL DIVISION NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY and JARG CORPORATION Plaintiffs, v. GOOGLE INC. Defendant. Civil Action No. 2:07-cv-486-CE JURY TRIAL DEMANDED PROPOSED JOINT JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE TO PROSPECTIVE JURORS This questionnaire is designed to obtain information from you with respect to your qualifications to sit as a juror in this case. By the use of this questionnaire, the process of jury selection will be shortened. Please answer the questions as completely as possible. The information contained within the questionnaire will become part of the Court's permanent record, but it will not be distributed to anyone except the attorneys in the case and the judge. During the questioning by the Court or the attorneys, you will be given an opportunity to explain or expand any answers, if necessary. If for any reason you do not want to answer any of the questions asked, please write the word "PRIVATE" next to the question and we will take this matter up with you in private. This questionnaire is part of the jury selection process. The questions must be answered by you under penalty of perjury and you should fill out this questionnaire by yourself without consulting any other person. Please use the back of the questionnaire should you wish to make further comments regarding any of your answers, and please remember to indicate the corresponding question number. If you do not understand a question, please write "I DO NOT UNDERSTAND" and the question will be explained to you in Court. -2- CONFIDENTIAL JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE Name: Address: 1. Do you own or rent your current residence? Age: _____ Sex: ___Male ___Female ______Own ______Rent 2. How long have you lived at your address? ______Years 3. What is the last level of education you completed? _____ Some High School _____ High School Graduate _____ Technical or Business School _____ College Graduate ______Some College ______Post Graduate 4. Please list the degrees (if any) you have, the schools and colleges you attended and your major area of study: ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. Beginning with your current or most recent job, list the jobs you have held for the last 10 years. Indicate your job duties and the dates you held the job. Employer/Title Job Duties Years a. b. c. d. e. 6. Have you ever owned your own business? If yes, please describe the type of business. Yes______ No______ 7. What is your marital status? _____ Single _____ Divorced _____ Married _____ Widowed How long have you had this marital status? ________________________________________ If applicable, list the name of your spouse, and describe your spouse's occupation or employment, name of employer, and job duties. If your spouse is retired or unemployed, list his or her main occupation and employer when last employed. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 8. 9. List names and ages of your children and stepchildren, if any. As to any children over the age of 18, describe their employment or identify the school they are attending. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ -3- 10. Have you or a family member served in the Armed Forces? Yes______ No______ If yes, who? self: _______ family member: ________ both: ________ List: (a) total years served: ___________ (b) branch ____________ (c) last rank ____________ 11. Describe your leisure time activities: a. Hobbies: ___________________________________________________ _____________ b. Clubs, groups, or other organizations: c. Newspapers or magazines you read regularly: d. Favorite TV programs: 12. How many times have you served as a juror in a case? Were they civil or criminal cases? _________________________ Was a verdict reached? 13. Were you ever a foreperson on any of these jury panels? Yes______ No______ 14. Have you, or any family member or close friend, ever worked for a lawyer, a law firm or for the court system? If so, please provide details: 15. Have you or a family member ever been involved in a lawsuit? If so, please describe in general terms who was involved and what the lawsuit concerned. 16. Have you or a family member ever filed a grievance at your place of work? If so, please describe in general terms who was involved and what the grievance concerned. _____________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 17. Do you know how to use a computer? Yes______ No______ If yes, how long have you been using a computer? ______Years If yes, where do you use a computer? ______Home ______Work ______Both If yes, how many times a week do you use a computer? __________________________ How many hours a day?______________________________ Do you use the internet? _____________________________ 18. Have you ever worked for or owned a company that had patents, copyrights or trade secrets? ____ Yes ____No If yes, which company(ies?) 19. Have you or has anyone you know ever invented, patented or designed anything? ___________ If yes, who invented, patented or designed? __________________________________________ What was invented, patented or designed? ___________________________________________ -4- 20. Have you or has anyone you know had any dealings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office? Yes ______ No ______. If yes, please describe such dealings: 21. How do you feel about protecting inventions and discoveries with patents? Strongly favor ____ Somewhat favor _____ Oppose somewhat ____ Strongly oppose _____ 22. Have you ever been involved in any kind of dispute involving the development of a new product or technology? If so, please explain: 23. What are your main sources of news? Check those that apply and name the source: ___ Newspapers: ___ Television: ___ Radio: ___ Internet: 24. Check any of the following about which you have received any training, experience or have specialized knowledge: _______ Law _______ IT or computer technology _______ Patents _______ Computer programming _______ Internet search engines _______ Engineering 25. Please indicate your level of trust in the government (governmental agencies, regulatory agencies, etc.). Circle the appropriate item. (1) A great deal of trust (4) A slight amount of distrust (2) A fair amount of trust (5) A fair amount of distrust (3) A slight amount of trust (6) A great deal of distrust 26. Which of the following words would you use to describe yourself? [Check all that apply.] ______ Analytical ______ Creative ______ Detail-oriented ______ Inventor ______ Judgmental ______ Logical ______ Old-fashioned ______ Open-minded ______ Opinionated ______ Outspoken ______ Practical ______ Skeptical ______ Technical ______ Tinkerer ______ Visual-learner Other: ________________________________________________________________________ I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing information is true and correct: Date:___________________ Signature: -5-

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