Rockstar Consortium US LP et al v. Google Inc

Filing 18

MOTION to Change Venue by Google Inc. (Attachments: # 1 Text of Proposed Order Google Inc's Motion to Transfer Venue, # 2 Index, # 3 Declaration of Abeer Dubey, # 4 Declaration of Sam Stake, # 5 Exhibit 1, # 6 Exhibit 2, # 7 Exhibit 3, # 8 Exhibit 4, # 9 Exhibit 5, # 10 Exhibit 6, # 11 Exhibit 7, # 12 Exhibit 8, # 13 Exhibit 9, # 14 Exhibit 10, # 15 Exhibit 11, # 16 Exhibit 12, # 17 Exhibit 13, # 18 Exhibit 14, # 19 Exhibit 15, # 20 Exhibit 16, # 21 Exhibit 17, # 22 Exhibit 18, # 23 Exhibit 19, # 24 Exhibit 20, # 25 Exhibit 21, # 26 Exhibit 22, # 27 Exhibit 23, # 28 Exhibit 24)(Mann, James)

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EXHIBIT 22 In . PREMIUM Home Profile -- Network o.. . Jobs Interests Evernote Can Do That?- Lawyers You Won't Believe What This Tool Can Do For You I Louis Monier I Read More» 3 rd Founder and CEO at Kyron San Francisco Bay Area Current Internet Proximic, Kyron, Inc., Fotoped ia Previous Proximic, Clearwell Systems, Qwiki Educat1on Universite Paris Sud (Paris XI) [Send Louis 1m lnM~ 500+ connections Background ~ Summary Specialties: Web search engines. e-commerce. Architecture of large systems. (I] Experience (I] Experience Ei prox1m1c Technical Advisor Proximic July 2013- Present (6 months) 1 Palo Alto 1 Palo Alto, California Founder and CEO Kyron, Inc. July 2013- Present (6 months) Big data meets health care to generate new medical knowledge. Technical Advisor Fotopedia October 2008- Present (5 years 3 months) 1 Paris, France Investor and Technical Advisor Five Apes Five Apes March 2007- Present (6 years 10 months) 1 San Mateo, CA Chief Scientist Proximic April2011 - July 2013 (2 years 4 months) 1 Palo Alto, CA Making sense of a Google-size stream of data. In 20 languages. Technical Advisor Clearwell Systems _ Cleorwell Now a ~n: ot S)"'\anttc UCt.JlCIIIUCI L U U U - .JUIIC LUI I \""t ycal~ IU IIIUIIUI~) Technical Advisor ~ Cieorwell Clearwell Systems Now 1 ~rt ot $ym1nttc September 2006- June 2011 (4 years 10 months) Acquired by Symantec. CTO and Co-Founder \Owiki Qwiki December 2009- April 2011 (1 year 5 months) 1 Palo Alto Art meets Science, and I built the Science. Qwiki won the TechCrunch Disrupt competition in November 2010. VP of Products Guill August 2007- September 2008 (1 year 2 months) Consultant 23andMe ~3andMe 2006- 2007 (1 year) Member of Technical Staff Google Coogle June 2005- August 2007 (2 years 3 months) Designed a faceted search engine for Google internal needs. Board Member Beatware July 2003- December 2006 (3 years 6 months) Acquired by Hyperion. eBay Fellow, Director of the Advanced Technology Group eBay ebay inc June 2001 -June 2005 (4 years 1 month) Created and led a research group now known as eBay Labs. Redesigned the search back-end of eBay. Designed the search experience for eBay Express. CTO and VP of Engineering Big V ine April1999- June 2000 (1 year 3 months) Kleiner-Perkins backed start-up exploring online barter. CTO and Founder AltaV ista December 1995- April1999 (3 years 5 months) Started as a research project by two people (Mike Burrows and myself), AltaVista was the #1 search engine for several years. My initial contribution was the crawler, page processing and front-end code. As CTO I introduced many innovations: unicode index, query suggestions, the Babel Fish translation service. I also served as the public spokesperson for AltaVista. Member of Research Staff Digital Equipment Corporation February 1989- December 1995 (6 years 11 months) Research on VLSI, CAD tools, software tools, and finally the prototype for the AltaVista search engine. Member of Research Staff Xerox PARC June 1983- February 1989 (5 years 9 months) Research on VLSI design and CAD tools. Post-Doc Carnegie Mellon University 1980 - 1983 (3 years) Worked with H.T. Kung on VLSI design. A II fl II Ill II II II IJiJ Skills & Expertise E-commerce Start-ups Search C++ Research Machine Learning Algorithms Patents Dynamic query expansion United States 6,411 ,950 Issued June 25, 2002 A dynamic search result refinement for refining a general search query into a more specific search query. For a general search query, a user is presented with a list of more specific queries. The entries in the list selected from a log-file of queries according to the index frequency of each query. The user can choose a new query from the list of more specific queries and run a database search ... more 3 inventors: Louis Monier Michael Moricz Founder and CEO at Kyron Data Mining Architect Jean-Claude Michelou Method and apparatus for checking validity of memory operations United States 5 ,613,063 Issued March 18, 1997 A memory monitoring system equips a computer program for monitoring its own memory accesses. The system employs special values, called "VALUEA" and "VALUES," stored in the memory locations and a table of write tags, each preferably a single-bit flag corresponding to a different one of the memory's locations. If the write tag is not set for a particular memory location, VALUEA within that location .. more 2 inventors: Louis Monier Robert Alan Eustace Founder and CEO at Kyron Method and system to display and search in a language independent manner United States 1083 1421 Filed April 23, 2004 A method to facilitate a language independent search includes displaying a search attribute, including an attribute name and a selection of attribute values, to a user and receiving from the user a search attribute value selection corresponding to the attribute name. Then, the attribute name and attribute value selection are translated into language independent symbols, such as numbers. The .. more 3 inventors: - I - · ·:- •• --:- - ..._, "'-- n -:•-&..-..-. LUUI:S IVIUIII~I Founder and CEO at Kyron Udll r"IIU;II~Ll Director of Engineering at Google W Bart Munro Apparatus and Method for Displaying Search Results using Tabs United States 179,467 Filed July 24, 2008 A graphical user interface includes tabs representative of different classes of search results. The tabs are derived in response to the processing of a query. The different classes of search results group content by meaning, such that a query term with different meanings produces different classes of search results with different meanings. 2 inventors: Louis Monier Tomas Costello Founder and CEO at Kyron Method and system to locate a storage device United States 8 ,051 ,26 1 Issued November 1, 2011 A method of locating a storage device of a number of storage devices is provided. A request for a data item is received. The request includes a globally unique identifier (GUID) that is associated with a user. A start number is generated based on the GUID, and the storage device that stores the data item is located based on the start number. The data item is then read from the located storage .. more 2 inventors: Louis Monier Jean-Michel Leon Founder and CEO at Kyron Byte Wrangler Method and system to analyze rules United States 8 ,046,321 Issued October 25, 2011 A method and system to analyze rules is described. The system receives a query and applies a first or rUles appuea to me query ana runner coums me second p1uraury or. .. more ~ 7 inventors, including: Louis Monier Josh Loftus Founder and CEO at Kyron Venkat Sundaranatha Jean-Michel Leon Byte Wrangler

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