Eolas Technologies Incorporated v. Adobe Systems Incorporated et al

Filing 1307

RESPONSIVE CLAIM CONSTRUCTION BRIEF IN OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANTS' CLAIM CONSTRUCTION REGARDING THE TERM "BROWSER APPLICATION" filed by Eolas Technologies Incorporated, The Regents of the University of California. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C)(McKool, Mike)

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EX. A 68 Broadband ISDN (B-1 SON) Broadband ISDN (B-ISDN) A high-bandwidth digital telephone standard for transnlitting up to 1 .5 Mbps over fib er-optic cables. See Basic Rate Inteiface (BRI) and ISDN. broadcast message In a network, a lllessage to all systelTl users that appears when you log on to the system. For example, broadcast lTlessages are used to inform users when the system will be shut down for ITlaintenance. brownout A period of low-voltage electrical power caused by unusually heavy demand. such as that created by sUffiITlertirne air conditioner use. Brownouts can cause COUlputers to operate erratically or to crash, either of which can result in data loss. If brownouts frequently cause your COlnputer to crash, you lTIay need to buy a line-interactive UPS to work with your lTlachine. bro,",se 1. To look for information by manually looking through a series of storage locations. 2. To look for information on the World Wide Web (WWvv,l by jumping from hyperlink to hyperlink. bro~se mode In a database management program, a ITlode in which data records are displayed in columns for quick, on-screen review. Generally, you cannot nlodify data while in the browse nl.ode. Synonynl.ous with list view or table view in some programs. See edit mode. broW"ser A progranl that e n a bles the user to navigate the World Wide Web (WWvv,l. The ruro leading browsers are Netscape Navigator; part of Netscape Cotnmunication's Netscape Communicator package, and Microsofi Internet Explorer. A browser serves as the client for Web and other types of Internet servers. Synonynlous with vveb browser. Increasingly, browsers are becan-ling the interface of c hoice for all the various types of data accessible by ITleans of n etworks based on Internet technology. See light client. brow-sing In a hypertext, an inforn1.ation-seeking m.ethod that involves manually searching through linked doculnenrs. In the World Wide Web (WWvv,l, browsing is rarely effective for finding information on a specific topic (it's much better to use subject trees and search engines), but it's lots of fun. Browsing, for no particular reason, is c alled swfi1'lg. See search engine and subject lree . brush script In tYPoJ?raphy, a typeface design that simulates script drawn with a brush or broad-pointed pen.

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