Viacom International, Inc. v. Youtube, Inc.

Filing 121

APPENDIX, on behalf of Appellant Black Entertainment Television, LLC, Comedy Partners, Country Music Television, Inc., Paramount Pictures Corporation and Viacom International, Inc., FILED. Service date 12/10/2010 by CM/ECF. [165091] [10-3270]

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Viacom International, Inc. v. Youtube, Inc. Doc. 121 Att. 8 A-775 REDACTED A-776 REDACTED A-777 REDACTED A-778 REDACTED A-779 REDACTED A-780 REDACTED A-781 REDACTED A-782 REDACTED A-783 REDACTED A-784 REDACTED A-785 REDACTED A-786 REDACTED A-787 REDACTED A-788 REDACTED A-789 REDACTED A-790 REDACTED A-791 REDACTED A-792 Case 1:07-cv-02103-LLS Document 209-14 Filed 03/18/10 Page 1 of 2 To: From: Cc: Bcc: Received Date: Subject: 'Tim Armstrong' <> Suzie Reider <> 2006-11-3005:03:00 GMT quick updates Tim, Quick update on random items: Offers in play this week: Jen Wax in LA - field sales Brian Cusack in Boston - field sales Both offers are lower than their current compo If these don't fly I'll shift strategy. And 2 PR Managers and 2 Program managers to support Jamie. A major decision in the works that you should be aware of - f o r legal reasons (that I don't fully understand what has changed, and our GC will be back in SF on Monday to articulate) all ads/monetization on the watch pages for user generated content will need to come down. This will have a tremendous impact on inventory. We'll need to use another mechanism (text links.) to drive traffic to the brand channels. It changes a lot as nearly every media plan has leaders as a large part of it and the inventory for YT resides on the watch pages. We'll figure this out - but good for you to be aware. I suggested to Chad that accepting 3rd party is important. If we're (you and I) consistent with this it'll help. Spent an hour to today with the Digitas team on Cingular. They aren't happy. Bottom line is that the timing of the Verizon mobile deal with the Underground promotion was poor. Not happy with the service from YT lately and the program in front of them for 2007. I left Greg Moore a message to loop him in. We'll recover, but it's a question of bodies/coverage and it was only a matter of time before something snapped. I'm at imedia MTW of next week. I'll dial in for Director's meeting. Over and out. EXHIBIT Highly Confidential 000001-02656593 A-793 Case 1:07-cv-02103-LLS Document 209-14 Filed 03/18/10 Page 2 of 2 H i g h l y Confidential 000001-02656594 A-794 Case 1:07-cv-02103-LLS Document 210-17 Filed 03/18/10 Page 1 of 2 To: From: Cc: Bcc: Received Date: Subject: "'Hurley Chad'" <> "heather gillette" <> 2006-07 -12 22:41 :56 GMT Need another person on the team to help with copyright. .. Chad, as more and more infringement notifications and copyright inquiries come in I am finding that I am not able to deal with the other 'big picture' things on my plate. We are losing Ryan to IT, and Steve has said I could hire a person to replace him, but we also need one more person to handle the increased copyright related load that is coming in. I am working to automate every facet possible in the department but barely have any time to work on larger projects like this with the notifications and new CVP accounts coming in. To give you an idea of what we copyright related tasks we are handling: 400 copyright inquiry emails a day Approx 23 infringement notifications per day (totaling 30,300 videos removed for the month of June), of which many do not give us the links to the content and we have to search for their content using keywords, etc. - this can take a full day alone and they never are left for the next day. I move fast on these. Approx 12 counter notifications (these are a huge time sink - they require research on the content involving multiple communications with the company claiming the initial infringement) Proactive scans for over 58 (and growing) different content owners are done daily and their content is removed (these are the content owners that have signed up for the Content Verification Program) I have Micah and the team help me all of the time, but basically when they help me, they have to let searching the site and answering emails and dealing with their specialized areas slide. If you would like a list of all of the things that the department as a whole works on, please let me know. I will compile this if it will help to justify this extra position. Thank you, Heather Highly Confidential GOOOOI-02768034 A-795 Case 1:07-cv-02103-LLS Document 210-17 Filed 03/18/10 Page 2 of 2 H i g h l y Confidential GOOOOI-02768035 A-796 Case 1:07-cv-02103-LLS Document 210-25 Filed 03/18/10 Page 1 of 2 H i g h l y Confidential GO0001-00561601 A-797 Case 1:07-cv-02103-LLS Document 210-25 Filed 03/18/10 Page 2 of 2 H i g h l y Confidential 000001-00561602

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