Robison v. Atkinson et al

Filing 2

REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS re 1 Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus filed by Stephen Jeff Robison. Objections to R&R due by 12/15/2008. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on November 26, 2008. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit "A" docket sheet CR-97-572, # 2 Exhibit "B" docket sheet CR-08-168)(lw)

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IN TIIE LINITEDSTATESDISTRICTCOURT WE S T E RNDISTRICTOF ARKANSAS F O R T SMITTIDIVISION ST EPIIENJEFFRORISON PLAIN'TIFF- N o . 2:08-CV-02128-RTD and S H F . R I l . FRANKA'I'KINSON -lr CAP:I.CONCI,R . DEFENDANT MAGISTR./\TE JUDCE'S RLPORTAND RECOMML,NI]A1'ION Befo rethe courtis thePetitioner's Motion to Vacate, Aside,or Correcta lJenteflce Set P u r s u a n t 28 U.S.C. to Section 2254(Doc.1) filedNovember 14,2008.No seruice been has ordered, I . Background: Comp u teresearch r ofthe uebastian CountyCourtrecords showsthatthe Petitioncr guilty to Solicitation Commit appcarcd with his retained counsel Stephcn Taborandpleadcd to MurdcrandFclonin Posscssion Fircarmon Deccmbcr 1998.(Scbastian ofa 23, County,CR 97572)'l'hecourtwit$heldimpositionof sentence 10yearson the ClassA felonyandfor 6 for ycarson thc classD felonyconditioned goodbehavior.(SeelJxhibitA) on 12,200t1 criminalinformation wasfiled against Petitioner Sebastian in On Febtuary a the County, 08-168, CR charging Petitioner the with Possession Marijuana of with intentto deliver, Possession Oxycontinwith intentto deliver,Possession Felonin of of'f)rug Paraphemalia, Possession a Firearm, Maintaining Premises DrugActivity andSimultaneous for Possession of of Drugsanda lirearm. (SeeExhibit B) On February 2008a Petitionto Revoke 27, wasfiled against Petitioner case the in number 97-572(SeeExhibit A) andthe basis the petitionwerethe charges of madein case 23, (Doc. 1, p. 5) A hearing on 08-168. wasultimatclyconducted September 2008and numher ofhis suspended had thc courtfoundthatthe Petitioncr violatedthetermsantlconditions plus Departmcnt ofCorrections the to in sentencandserrtenced Petitioner 25 years the Arkansas e (Scc an additional yoatssuspended. ExhibitA) fivo 'llhe 14,2008contending thc court that Petitioner filed the instantpetitionon November scntcncc 97-5'72 in because the not violated suspended the should havefourd thatthe Petitioner washis attorney case in number 97the wanantin case 08-168 circuitjudgethatissued searoh thathe he to 572andthatconstituted conflict ofintcrestbecause disclosed his attomcy a also preferrcd mariiuana painmedication an existinginjury. (Doc. 1, p. 5) The Petitiouor to lbr propcrfor him to berevoked based uponirlleged criffiesthat hc had did not believethatit wa-s (Doc. I, p. 6) ofat thetimc of thc petitionto revokehearing, not beenoonvicted (Doc. that to the in T hePetitioner contends hetold his attorney appeal sentence 97-572. fot Courtof Appealat the 1, p. ? andp, 5)'l'hc courthasresearched couttrecords the Arkansas case.The lrttn://cquls.stedc that had no appeal beenfilcd in the above the CountyClerk'sreoords determined no noticcof and that oourtalsoresearched Sebastian appeahasbeenliled, (SeeExhibit ts) l indicatethatthc Pctitioner appear did before Sebastian the CountyCircuit T herecords a number 08-168on November 2008andentcred pleaof guilty to all ol the 5, courtin case with intentto deliver,which wasnolleprosequi. clrarges exoept courJ Possession Oxycontin 2, of plus was to in Department Corrcctions an of ThePetitioner sentcnccd 25 years the Arkansas Departmcnt of on additionafive yearssuspended the ClassY felony,l0 yearsin the Arkansas l Dcpartment Correotions all of on and in Conection all ClassC felonies, 6 years the Atkansas on with the D wereto fun concurrent with cachotherandconcurrent Class felonies.All charges imnosed in97-572. (SeeExhibitB) sentenoe I I . Discussion pursuant to in for corpus behalfofa person custody on An application a writ ofhabefls it thatcourtshallnot begranted unless appears thejudgment ol'a State in or (A) the applicant exhausted rernedies has the available the courtsofthe State; (B) process; or (i) thereis an absence ofavailubleState coffectivc (i i ) circumstanoes thatrcndcrsuchprocess thc ineffeotive protect rightsof to exist 2254(b) theapplicant. U.S.C,section 28 prisoner, prisoncr must reliefto a state the lJefo re federal a coutt ftay granthabeas prisoner mustgivethe state courtsan in exhaushis remedics statecourt.In otherwords,the state t courtin a habeas those claimsto a federal opportuni ty act on his claimsbeforehepresents to (U.S.111.,1999) petition. 1728,111t v. 526U.S. 838,842,119S.Ct. O'Sullivan Boerckcl "if'he hasthe right underthe law ofthe has his remedios A prisoner not cxhausted state presentcd." U.S.C.$ 2254(o)' procedure, question 28 An the State raise,by anyavailable to whcrc requirement exists, howevet, exceptiofto thc cxhaustion l "thereis an absenoe oLavailable process," IJ.S.C.$ 2254(bX1XBXD, "oiroumstanoe$ thatrcndcrsuch 28 or exist State coneotive I procesineffeotive protectthe rightsofthe applicant." U.S.C.$ 2254(hX XB)(ii); seealso s 28 to Parkerv. Kelchner,4zg F.3d 58, 62 (3d Cir.2005). couldnot his 5, Afie t entering guilty pleaon November 2008(Exhibit B). Petitioncr 'l6, tt. tuk. a p p e ahis conviction case f in nurnber 08-168..9eifrsSle,te,357 331,333,166S.W.3d 17(200a); Atk. R. App. P., Rule 1 'l'he CountyCircuit Pctitioner clearlycouldhaveBppealed findingby the Sebastian the sentence in97-572.(Ark, R,App,P,,Rule 1) lle had30 courtthathe hadviolatedhis suspended judgrnent (Ark, R.App.P,, Rulo2), which in tlriscase, was daysfrom the date wasentorod September 29,2008.(Exhibit A) As noted, appeal beenliled. no has T hePetitioner alsohasthe right to lile a Rule37 petitionifl the statecourtwhichallowsa petitioner oontend the sentenoe imposed violationofthe Constitution lawsof to that was in aud the tJnitedStates. ARCTP, Rulc 37.1(a)(i)'l'hc Pctitioncr 90 daysfrom thc dayofjudgrnent has Appellate Thatclaimwill notbe t o tilehis claimwith theArkansas Court,ARCTP, Rule37.2(c) e x h a u s t e d ljecember 2008. until 29, I l l . Conclusion petitionbe dismissed tsas c d thc abovc,I rccommend thc instaflt on that withoutprejudicc firr failureto exhaust state remedies. T hc partieshaveten daysfrom receiptofthe report and recommendation which in to lile written objectionspur$unnt to 28 U,S,C,$ 636(bxl), The failure to file timely objections may result in waiver of the right to appealquestions fact. The partiesnre of remindedthflt objectionsmust be both timely and specificto trigger de novo review by the di$trict court. IT IS SOORDER-ED November 2008. 26. / r / J. ftlarrchcwrkl HONORABLE JAMESR, MARSCHEWSKT MAGISTRATE UNITETJ STATES JI,JDGE

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