Xiaoning et al v. Yahoo! Inc, et al

Filing 65

MOTION to Dismiss Plaintiffs' Second Amended Complaint filed by Yahoo! Inc.. Motion Hearing set for 11/1/2007 02:00 PM in Courtroom 2, 4th Floor, Oakland. (Attachments: # 1 Appendix A# 2 Exhibit A# 3 Exhibit B-E# 4 Exhibit F-H# 5 Appendix B# 6 Exhibit 1# 7 Exhibit 2-3# 8 Exhibit 4-12)(Petrocelli, Daniel) (Filed on 8/27/2007)

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Xiaoning et al v. Yahoo! Inc, et al Doc. 65 Att. 1 Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-2 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 1 of 1 APPENDIX A Office of the Privacy Comm'r for Personal Data, Hong Kong, Report P^^blished under § 48(2} of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordir^anse (Cap. 486), Report No.: Rol-3619 (Mar. 14, 2007) Ex. A Judgment of the Beijing Municipal First Intermediate People's Court in Case N©. 2226 re: Wang Xáaor^^ng, obtained online from Human Rights ín China, tt ://w^vw^.hrichina. ^ r f ublíc/c^ ntents/ recc?revísáoTl%5lid-2780>&ítet^^%51:ßd-=27801, translate 7 by Nettivor Omni services. Ex. B Judgment ^ f the Changsha Interrr^edíate People's C ^ urt of Human Provise, Case No. 29 re: Shi Tao, obtained online f^^om Reporters Without Borders, 3`?i^ article-14S^4, trc^^slc t^ed hy NetworíC Orrni services. tt :f{^^^w ^-. · s ^ r^ ^ artícle. Ex. C Doe v. Unocal, Supp. Br. for the ^.5. as Amicus Curiae, Case No. 00-56603 (9th Cir. Aug. 25, 2ao4) Ex. D Stat e ment of Interest of the united States , Die v. Qi, Case No. C02 0672 CVV (EMC} (fled Jan. 16, ^ 2004) E x. E Letter from Hon. John B. Bellinger III to Han. Peter D. Keisler re: Li Weixum, et al, v. Bo Xilai, N©. 1:04000649 (DDC) (July 24, 2006) Tab F Matar v. Diaher, Case No. O5 Civ. 10270 (WHP), Statement of Interest of the ^.5. at 22 (S.D.N.Y. Nov. 29, 2006 Ex. G Order Granting Petition for Rehearing en bans, írß Sarei v. Rio Tinto, 487 F. 3d 1193 (9th Cir. 2007). Ex. H Dockets.Justia.com

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