Xiaoning et al v. Yahoo! Inc, et al

Filing 65

MOTION to Dismiss Plaintiffs' Second Amended Complaint filed by Yahoo! Inc.. Motion Hearing set for 11/1/2007 02:00 PM in Courtroom 2, 4th Floor, Oakland. (Attachments: # 1 Appendix A# 2 Exhibit A# 3 Exhibit B-E# 4 Exhibit F-H# 5 Appendix B# 6 Exhibit 1# 7 Exhibit 2-3# 8 Exhibit 4-12)(Petrocelli, Daniel) (Filed on 8/27/2007)

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Xiaoning et al v. Yahoo! Inc, et al Doc. 65 Att. 7 Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-8 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 1 of 9 ^a ^ ^ Dockets.Justia.com Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-8 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 2 of 9 STATE SECURITY LAW (P.R.C.) Zh^n^ hua re^^ ^^^ín_g^n^ he guö ,,g^^ ^^^ a^^ quan fa Article 4: Any organization or individual that has committed any act endangering the State security of the People's Republic of China shall be prosecuted according to law. "Act endangering State security" as referred to írß this Law means any of the fallowing acts endangering the State security of the People's Republic of China committed by institutions, organizations ar individuals outside the territory of the People's Republic of China, ar, by other persons under the instigation ar fi^ar^cíal support of the afore-mentioned institutions, organizations or individuals, or, by organizations ar individuals within the territory in collusion with institutions, organízatíons or individuals outside the territory: (1) plotting to subvert the government, dismember the State or overthrow the socialist system; {2) joining an espionage organization or accepting a mission assigned by an espionage organization or by its agent; (^) stealing, secretly gathering, buffing, or unlawfully providing State secrets; (4) instigating, luring ar bribing a State functío^ary to turn traitor; or (S) corr^íttíng any other act of sabotage endangering State security. Article 18: Vi^hen a State security organ investigates and finds out any circumstances endangering State security and gathers related evidence, citizens and organizations concerned shall faithfully furnish it with relevant information and may not refuse to do so. SOURCE: THE CONGRESSIONAL-EXECUTIVÉ COMMITTEE ON CHINA Selected Legal Pra^isians of the People's Rep^^blie of Chi^^a Affecting Criminal Justice Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-8 Filed 08/27/2007 a Page 3 ofP9 ge 1 of 5 N4 1SS H ^a ^^^ S^^rC^ i^^- ^ ^ ä:^^ Frie^ dly 5ubscrì^ØJUnsubs íbe to Ømrv ^ issi^n 1E nail 8 News[eYter ' Abaut tt e Gumr^i^ssï n, Hea ^ lr gs B R u ^ dt^l^i}es ^^,^ i ^^tt^,^,5 State Secu rïty Law of the People`5 Republíc of China _ R ^^ss l^ eleases '1^^ # ua! Acádem^^ i( :^^^.^ ^-^GüLfet7lme ¡ ;CÍ11'eLt©t"^ C}^APTER GENE^ RAL PRGV1S ONS CFiAPT;^R Ek ; I^ VCI'1t^ NS Áf^Q POWERS üF TF^}1= STATE SECURITY O ^^GANS l THE WRK Oì='STAT^ SEGl.fR1TY CF- APTER 1 DtJTfES AN© RiGHTSOF CiT'1ZE ^VS AND QRGANI^AT1bN5 ^ N>SAPEGUARt7lNG STATE SECUR ^ TY CHAPTEfi lU L1 GAL I^tAB}L1TY ' CECC Prïsc ^^ er C at^bas ^ '^ ele+it^d P.R,C Legal. Provísíuns ^ternat^ó ^ al H ma ^ ;^ïghts Materials C^CC E ^ pl ^ yme ^t : '!^ ^ pu rt un ítíes ' Email Us }.' ^ : S^ l^ s ^ ril e¡Llr ^ ^ el^ s cri la^ t ' Cvm r^ ïssínn Em ^ ^1 t.':st CHAPTER V SIJPPLEMENTARY PR UIS ^ ONS Article 1 Thrs Law is fo ^ mt iated íh accordartce w th the Constitution of ff^ e Peop ^ e's Repub ic af C{i ina for the purpose of safeguarclirig State security; protecti ^g the State pó^ier of the peopìe's democrat[c d ctatorsh p and the 5OCialiSt-5y5tem;, and en5 nng the smoóth }^Og ess of reform, opening-U$^ ; a ^ d the s cia st modernizatio d ve:` Article 2 The State secur^t^ ^^gans . as stipulated by this Law, are the ^ornpete^t authorities ^h charge of State security. The State securi#y organs aid the public security asgans sf^all, ^n accacdance with the division óf functions and po^^ers as preser^bed by the State. a#tend to their respective dunes; and plosely cooperate with each otk^er s^ as to safeguard Staie,securty. Article 3 Citizens of the Pepp'e's Republic of China shaì^ have the duty to safégu^rd the securíty;`hon^ur and interests óf the State, and must not comma any act endangering the security, hanou^ ar inie^ests ^f the Stale. A1 State orgar,s, acmed forces, pt ^^ itieal paities, public o ^gani ^ ations, enterprises and inst^tutipns'shal^ have the duty ta safeguard the security of the átate. The :State security organs, ^n;the v^a^k of State secúriry.,^a^ust rely on the people's s^^ppo^k: and shall rno#^il^zE and organize the people to present a^d> check any act endangering the se^>u^ity of the State. Article 4 Any nrganizatio ^ cr ind vid ^a that has coniniitt^cl any act enaangéring the State security of the Peop ^ e's Republic ? f Ch na shal! be prosecuted ^ ca ^ ï g ta 1aiv. ` http://www.cecc.^ov/pages/newLaws/stateSecurïtyENG .php ß /24/2Q07 Selected Legal Pravisic^ns of tl^e People's Republic of Cl^tina Affecting Críir^al Jus^ee Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-8 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 4 of 9 Page 2 of S " ^ ct endan^ ering State seeúrity" as ^afe red to n this J_avv means any of the foll wíng acts endang^ ring ihe Stat^ sec >Erit ^í of the Peop[e's RepubJ c of Ch na commitied by ïnstitutíons. organi^atons ^ r individ ais a tside the territo^ of the Peope`s Republic of China, or, by other pegs©ns under t^^e r^st^gat^o^ o^ fï^ianc^a^ supp^^rt ^f the: afore-f^ent^oned instïtut^ons ocganizatinns o ^ individuals, r, J^y o^ganizatìons c,índ ^ víduals within the ien^ïtory,í ^ co ^ 6usian vr^ th nstit ti ^ ns: organizatio ^ s or i ^ dividua ^ s outsi ^ie the te ^ tory: (1; pJ ^ tt ^ng to subvert th governme ^ t, d smernber the Sfate o o erthra ^ the saciak st syste ri; ^j joinirig an espi ^ nage orgar ïzat ^ n ^ r accepting a m ^ ssïon assigned by a^ espïonage o ^ gani ^ atïan o^ by its age ^ t: ( ^ ì stea ï g, secretly gatherng: buyï^g. ^ r unJawfJJy P oviding State secrets: ` (4^ ïnstigating l^^ring o^ br b^rig a átate functionary ta turn#^a^tor; o 5} com ^nitt ng any other act of sabotage endangeríng 5tate sec r ty: ` A^tïcle 5 The State shaE^' protect arga^^izati^ns and ïr3d^viduals #hat J^ave sec r^ity; reridered supp^^rt or ass stance in safeg ^ ardïng State securify, and revard t ^ase ^ no nae maae s gntr cant contnaútons to t1^e mai^tenance ot State CF-#APT1^R ^^ FU 1 CT14N5 AN© POWERS OF 1'HE STATE S CEJRiTY' ORGANS 1N THE WORK OF STATE SECiJRITY Artïcke 6 The State secur ty organs s ^ia(1-exerc se. in #he war^< o, State secunty, the funei ons a^ d po^e s of invesiigat on, detent^ on, preJ ^ m ^ na exam nation and`»exec,ltion of arrest accord^ng to ^ a^v and ©ther nctians and povvers as stipudated by the la ^ ^r ^ icle ^ Any functï ^ nary af a State secur^ty'organ. wJ^en earnying aut accord ^ng ta 1aw a task far State secu tty aríd up ^ n prod cing ar^ appropríate certtf cate; sha11 have the right<t©'exam ne t^^e dentificatio certificate at any C ^ inese cit ^ e 'a ^ any person fran^t o ^ tside the terrït^ ry of the People's Republi ^'of Ch;^a: and snal( have the r ght to investigate ar inquire abou ^elevant rnatters from Gi^y o ga ^ ization ar ind vidúal concerned. Article $ Any fu ct onary of a State seeurity orga ^ rr ay, t hen ca rying out a; task for State security: enter a ^ y interested site up ^ n producing an app oprlate certificaie; and niay in accordance ^o^ith the relevant p o tsí ns of t ^ e State. wth a pra aÍ a ^ d ú^a ^ pr d^c ^ g a appropríat certificate. en#e ^ ïnterested restricted areas sites ^ r nits; and may have access i^ related files. ma#ënals and articles #o^ exa ^r irlat ^ : A ^t ^ cle 9 Any fi nctionarÿ of a Staie security organ may, when carry ng out an' urgent task according ta 1aw, have th^ p iotif^y n tak ng means of pu^^ic' #ransp ^ rt úpon prod ^ cing ar apprapriate ce ^if^ aate. and have the r ght ^f ^,^ay` in case of a t ^affic b ^ ock: As necess taied by the ma ^ nten ^ ^rice of 5tate ^ecurity, a State secunty,a gan ^7ay, v he ^ ^ necessary and in accordance rrith the ^ eJe ^ an# prcvis ^ons ^f'the ` Staie, have priority n se of a^y means of transpórt or ^ ©mmunicati n, s^te or buï^ dïng kaeko ^igi ^ig tá ^äny argan. organizati ^ n, e terpr se; instifttti^ n ^ r lzttp:/1www.cecc.g©v/pageslnewLawsi stateSecurit}rENG.php 8/24/2007 Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-8 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 5 of 9 TAB 3 Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-8 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 6 of 9 CRIMINAL LAVV P.R.C. 2h n hua ren mí ^ o 1 e uo xín fa A^^tícle 10^: Among those who organize, plot or carry out the scheme af subverting the Mate power ar overthrowing the so^ialíst system, the ringleaders and the others who commit major crir ^es shall be sentenced to life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years; the ones who take an active part in ít shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment af not less than three years but not more than 10 years; and the other participants shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of riot mare than three years, cri^ni^al detention, public surveillance or deprivation of political rights. Whoever incites others by spreading; rumors ar slanders or any other means to subvert the State power or overthrow the socialist systern shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal deter^tíon, publíc surveillance or deprivation of political rights; and the ringleaders and the others who commit major crimes shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years. ArtlcEe 277: Whoever by means of violence or threat, obstructs a functionary of a State organ fro n carrying out his functions according to law shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detent^an, or public surveillance or be fined. Whae^er by means of violence or threat, obstn^cts a deputy to the National People's Congress or a deputy to a local people's congress at any level from carrying out his functions as a deputy according to law shall be p^znished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph. Whoever during natural calamities or emergencies obstructs, by weans of violence or threat, the workers of the Red Cross Society from performing their functíozzs and duties according to law shall be punished ìn accordance with the provísíons of the first paragraph. Whoever intentionally obstructs officers o f a State security organ or a publíc security organ from maintaining State security ^n accordance wítl^ law and causes serious consequences, though without resort to violence or threat, shall be punished in accordance wíth^ the provísíons of the first paragraph. SOURCE: THE CONGRESSIONAL-EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ON CHINA Selected Legal Provisío^s of the People's Republic of China Affecting Criminal Justice Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-8 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 7 of 9 Page 1 of 9G H me Seaa ^^h P ^r^ ^te 1Fríe Øfy Sub cribe/Unsubscribe to ommíssíon maí! & Newsletter ^^^ o ^ ^ th^ Co nmiss^ ^ n Ftea ^ r,gs & R ndtabl^s ` P t^b ' ^ atia i^ e3^ss Re e^ses Yi t^aa ' Acaciem}+ : ! PRC ^-i:ciuem ^ x^ ent , ^Ï1Y ^ C^bY}+ , C^CC P ^ son^:· U^tal^^ase Se e ^t^ d PRG Lega ^t"4V1s 4 t15 Criminal Law of tf e Peopfe's Republic o^' Ch ^ na (Aáopt ^ á at the Second Sëss o ^ o the E^fth Nai^ona4 People's Ca ^ gress ^ n ^l ^J1}1 1; 1979, ReV15ed Øt the F1fth SeS5!CSt ^ Of iÍle Etg lt^t Nati0nal PB^p^E 5 C ^^ ngress on ívlarch 14, 1997^ CQNT(^ NTS PART aNE ^ENERA^ PROV^s^o^vs ^ GECG^ ^Em ^lv^m^ ^^k ^^ ^ C^ppa tur^ it ^s ^r a l Us Su h^scw`rbef Clnsu^ str ^^ e to Gam missio ^ Emaí1 Líst eHAPTER ^ ^ E A M: ^ AS C PRIN CIPLES AND SCOPt^ OE aPP c^T O ^ o^ THE cR ^^ ^ ^vA ^^ _ c ^AP ^ ER CR MES SECTION 1 CRfMES AN 3 CRIMINAL RESPONSÍBILITY SECT]ON 2 PREPARlT1©N EOR A'CR1ME. CR ( ^ NAL ^`,TTEMPT AND D[SCONT1Nl.1ATiON OF A CR1ME ;' SECTIQN 3 ^O NT CRIMES sE*CT o ^v ^ CR MES cOM^^a ^ ^ A JN1 ^ c ^A ^ ^ R PuN s ^^ ^ s SECTION 1 YPES OF P1J ^l1SHMENTS SECT"10N 2 PIJBLlC StJRVE1LlANCE SECTION 3 CR Ñ11NAL DETENTION sEC O ^v 4^ XED-TERM 1f1 E'R SONMENT AND L1EE lMPR1SONM^NT SECTION ^ THE DEA,Tt"-[ PENA1_ ^"Y SECTEON ^ F NES Sá=CT ON ^ DEPRtIfATIO ^t QF POLfT(CAL RfGN' ^ S http://www.cecc.bovlpages/newLawslerimi^alLawENG.php x/24/2007 Selected Legal Provísíons of the People's Republic of Cíaína Affecting Criminal Tustice Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-8 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 8 of 9 Page 20 of 96 part cipa ^ ts sha1: be<sentenced ta f xed-terriï ^ mprisnn ^erit af not rra^ ré thari three years, cr^ minal deten ^ inn, public surveillance or dep ivatinn of p^ l ^ tical ` nghts. _ !Vhaever ir cites others tn spl ^ t the State ör undern^ìne unity of the ccuntry sha11 be sente ^ ced t^;f^xed-term mprísnnment af n^t m ^ re than f ve > yeaes, cri ^ na, d ^ tention, p bl ^ c surve ^ lla^ce ^ r dpnvatian of pö[^t cal ^ ights, the ring[eaders ^,nd the ^ nes wh ^ corr mit matnr crimes sha11 be se ^ tended to f xed-terrr mprisn ^lrne ^ t nf not less than f e years. Article 104 Arraohg those who ^^rgani^e. plni or cagy aut armed ^^+^beÍl on n armed rigt. the ringleaders and the cthe^s wlo cön-i^-nit r^7ajor crimes shall be sentenced t l ^ fie imp^is ^ nment ar f^ xetl-te ^^ ìmprisonrrient öf nat ^ ess tha ^ 10 years; the nnes whn iake ah actrve part n ^ t shal!`be sentenced ta fixed-terr^i ìmp^isönme^t ^ f not dess nian three years b^^t not more than 1fl years Arid the other partrcìpar^ts snail be sentenced t ^ fixed terrx^ ^mpr^sönmen# of not more than three years c^imfiaFdetenti^n public súrveillance ar depnvatìon of political ^rghts. Wh ^ erer nstíaates. cáërces. Íures or bribes State fúnct ^ aries or me ^ïbers nf the arrned f^ rces ttie people's pal ^ ce nr the people's ^ ït tia tn cnrnmit armed rebellinn or arnied riot sha ^ l t^e g ven a heavier pur^ïshme ^7t accárd ng tn the präv ^ s ans in the preeeding paragraph'. suE^vert^r^g the State p^^rer ar a ^ erthr wing the socialist system, tÍ^^e ring^eaders and the ^ thers ^v#iö cnm^nit n^a^or crimes shalt be se^tenceá ta ^ ^ fe impr^snnrrient nr fixed-#errn ir^ip^isanment ^ f nct less than`1 q years the ones who take`an active part in it shall be sentenced to fixed-t^rtn rmp^ìson^r^ent of ; noi less than three years bu# not marE than 1Q y ^^a ^s; ard the ^ the ^ three y^ars, eriminal detentìa ^ , pub ^ ie s r eiÍlance,or depriat ^ n of p ^ 4iiical rights. Wh ^ ever tnctes others,%by spread ^ ng rumors ^ r slariders o ^ a ^ y ather means tn subvert the State pawer or overthrovr the snc alist system sha11 be sentenced tn fixed-te m ímpr^s^ r nerit af nct mnre than f ve years, er ^ minal dete^t ^ o ^^ ; put^ li surveillance or depri+ atinn'of p^ liticat r ghts: and the ringleaders ^ rld the ^ thers v, hQ cam ^ri # malor er mes s ^ia1Í be sentenced to fixed-term rmpris ^ nment ^ f ^ ^ot less than five years: ^ ^# ^ cle 106 Whoeuer cön^n^its the c ^ :^ e as>sprescribed in Articie 1fl3:``1fl4 or 105 af this Chapter n collus on ^vith any orpan o ^ganizatk ^ n nr ^ nd vìd al ^ uts de the territary nf Ch na sha11 be gï en a tleavi r pu shme t acc^ rd ^ ng tc the p ^ avisi ^ ns stipulated in these Artieles respect vely. Article T ^^7 Vtft ere an rga ^ nrgan at ^ n or ind vid ^ ai rrr5ide or autside of ihe ter ^ tary r^ f Chin ^^ pro ides fu'1ds t ^ ar^y crgan zat^ on ^ r i^ div d aÍ` ^^ th h the territnry o# Chi ^ a to ccrnm ^ t tiae cr me as p ^lescr bed in Arti le 1fl2, 1fl6> 1 ^)4 nr "05 the` ers ^ n ^^h ^ s d ^ rectly respöns bÍe tor the crime sha ^ l be santenced ta f4Xed-Íe n i ^^pns ^ nl^lent Of n ^ i möre than f ve years. C rnllTcìl de^eí'4tlark: ^Lll7l ^ C s ^ve llance nr depnva#ion of poI t cal ights; if the circumstances are sec ^ ^s, Eie sha11 be sentenced t^ f xed-term irnprisanment af not Íess tha ^ fi e years Article t ß ViFhnever defec#s to the e ^ erny and turns traitor shaÍÍ'be s ^^ ^ienced' J partic par ts sha11 be sentenced tö fxed-teriï irr^ pr^ sonment of nnt mnre'#han Article 1 tab Amohg those wt^n orga^^i^e. flat or carry ^ ^t the scheme of http:/1www.cece.gov/pages/newLaws/cri^zínalL.a^vENG.php ß/24f2007 Selested Legal Provísio^^s af the Pe©ple`s Republic of Chír^a Affecting Criminal Justice Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-8 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 9 of 9 Page 60 of ^^ Arliclø 2 6 A yone vho fr;purpses of giuing vent to spite or retal ating n ^^'> out f ether parso al ^iCtïues; destroys or da r ages machines ^ r equip ^r^en cr elly injures o ^ slaugkiters #a ^ m anirrals ^ r sab^tages pr^ duciïoh a ^ d business nperatio ^ by ^ther means; shakl be sentenced to fxed'term i ^^ pri^o ^ment ^ f not nore than three years,`cr mi ^ ^l deterton or public" surveilla ^ ae; rf the cireúmstai^c-es are ser oi.^ s. he sha11 be senter^ced t f^ xed terrr^ impr sn ^ ment of less tha ^ three years but not mare tha ^ saven years: r,at CHAP ER V1 CR1fv1ES ^ ^= OBSTRl1CT1NÚ TFfE ADMk'N1STR T10N OF Pí}BL1C,%GR©ER SECTION 1 Cf?I^A1=S`01= ^31STUR'Eilf^}G PElBLiG ßRDER A ticke 277 L^Vhoever by means ^ f violenae or threat, ^ bstr cts a funntinnary of a 5tate orga ^ f an^ carryìng Qt h s fincti ns accorling t^ 1aw s^ap be se ^ tenced t fixed-term r ^^ pris ^ nr ^ ent of nöt ^a^e'tha ^ three years, crriiinal d^t nt nr^ , or public su ^veillance or be fii ^ ed.' J1Th ^ eve ^ by ^^ea ^ s of v nlence ^ threat, ^^^ st^ ats a deputy te tle National ^eop!e's:C ^ ngress ^ r a deputy ta a oca[ p ople s c ngress at a^y kevet: fro ^ r carrying out his functions as a deputy. acaard^ng i ^ Íaw shall be p^^nished in accordance á'^íth the p^ov^sions of the preceding paragraph. Wh ^ ever d ring natural calarriit ^ es cr 2rtergencies ^ bstrúcts, by ^ ^eans of vialence' ^ r threat, the w rkers o# the Red Gross Gociety fro ^-r performirig the r f rncti ns and dutes according t^ 1aw sha11 be p nished ^n aceordance vvith the pravisions of the first paragraph. Wh^euer in^er^tìonally`c^bstructs officers of a State sec^iri^y ©rgan or a p^iblic .security organ from rr^ai^tarni^g State secúrit yy ^n acca^dance wit^^ law a^^d ca^ises serous ca^^sequences, though witha^i resort t ^ vinience" r threat, shall be punished in accn^dance with>the provis^ ^ ^ás ^# the first paragraph. , A ^ cle 2Z8 Whoever ïréites pe^ ple;to res st by v ^ cilence tt e impleme^ tat on'af the 1aw5 and adr^^ nisti-atsve r ^les ar d r^egulations of the Staté shal be sentenced to fixed-ter^^ imprisonrrie^t of nit ^^ore'than three years, c^lminak detent^o^, public surveillance nr deprivatinn`of political rights if the col:sequences are seröus, he.shakl be sentenced t^ fixed-term ir^^p ísáJnrr ent nit less tha^i three years but notsn ^ re than seven years Art c^e 2; 9 Whoever irrepersonates-a fu ^ ctïonary'of a State orgar t^ go about and deceïve peap!e shalk be sentenced ^^ fixed-terrr mpris©nrnent ^ f n ^ t m ^^e #han three years, c ^ minGk detent an, publ c s tr^ e ^ lla ^^ce r deprivation of pnlitinal rights; ïf the c rcu ^^ista ^ ces are serïous, he shali be sen#er^ced to fixed-terrái r ^ nprïs ^ n ^^ ^ rit f nat less than three years but h ^ # m^re than 1 Cr ^ ears W ^^oever impersonates a p ^ ople's,pal cema^ E go abo t ^nd dece v ^û people, sha11 be given a heavier puh ^shmerti in accnrdance w th the provis^ ns of the precedìr^g paragraph Artïcle 280 Whoever f rces alters: t^ ys sefls or steals, 'forc bl^^ se ^ es or destr ^ ys t#e ^ ffi ial d cuments; cer#ifcates or seals ^ f a State organ sha11 be se ^ tenced to fixed-term mp ^isonme^t of not. n^^re t'la t^^ee yea^s, cri ^^ naf deteni an; public súr^eillahce or deprivatinn of pnlitical rights; if the' ci cuntstances'ar seria s he sha1 ^ t^ e'senterlced t f xed-t rm iíriprisonmert af notiess thar threé years b ït nnt m^^e than 1ß years. http:l/uFww.recc.^ov/pages/newLawslc^íminalLawENG.pI^p 8/24/2007

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