Xiaoning et al v. Yahoo! Inc, et al

Filing 65

MOTION to Dismiss Plaintiffs' Second Amended Complaint filed by Yahoo! Inc.. Motion Hearing set for 11/1/2007 02:00 PM in Courtroom 2, 4th Floor, Oakland. (Attachments: # 1 Appendix A# 2 Exhibit A# 3 Exhibit B-E# 4 Exhibit F-H# 5 Appendix B# 6 Exhibit 1# 7 Exhibit 2-3# 8 Exhibit 4-12)(Petrocelli, Daniel) (Filed on 8/27/2007)

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Xiaoning et al v. Yahoo! Inc, et al Doc. 65 Att. 6 Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-7 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 1 of 8 TAB 1 Dockets.Justia.com Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-7 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 2 of 8 CONSTITIITION OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA Zhon^ hua ren ^ ín ^©n^ he,^u© xían fa Artície 1: The People's Republic af China is a socialist state under the people's democratic dictatorship led by the working class anal based on the alliance of workers and peasants. The soeiahst systerr^ is the basic system of the People's Republic of China. Sabotage of the socialist systen by any organization or ír^dividual ís prohïbited. Artí^le 28 : The state maintains public order and suppresses treasonable and other counterrevolutíonary activities, it penalizes actions that endanger public security and disrupt the socialist economy and other criminal activities, and punishes and reforms criminals. Artí^íe 35: Cítizers of the People's Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration. Artí^[e 51: The exercise by citizens of the People's Republic of China of their freedoms and rights may not infringe upon the interests of the state, of society and of the collective, or upon the lawful iïreedoms and rights of other citizens. Artí le 53 : Citizens of the People's Republic of China must abide by the constitution and the law, keep state secrets, protect public property and observe labour discipline and public order and respect social ethics. SOüRCE: THE CONGRESSIONAL-EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ON CHINA Selected Legal Provisions ^f tl^e People's Republic ^f Chí^a Affecting Criminal Justice Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-7 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 3 of 8 Pagelof 26 Home Search Pr^r'^^r Fríe^dly Ab ^ tF^ e C ^ ^nm^ ssïan Heá ^^ ^ gls &.R ^dtat^ le^ Publicat ^ +u ^ s F^r^ss R^leases Yïrt al k a letny. : l ^RC E-Gov^*^r ë ^ ' . ßirectur^ GECC'Prís ^^ é i·.Detab^ se ^eleckéd PRC ^.^ga! .; ^* ^r u" sïc ^ ^ s ïnte rr^tí^ n^1 1i u nan # ^ g hts Msteeial^. . ^ EC^ Empl.om^ ^t Oppartunït" é^ Eímaï[ Us ', ^ bscrïb^;tUw^ su ^ sérib^ tc Cumrr ^ îs^ ' un :E^^aíl l..ís^ Subscribe / Unsuks^ríbe to Commissïon iEmall & Newsletter REPUBiL^C (.1 Ic t ^e ^ t 1) e ember^ ^#, t9li^j PREAMBI_^ China s one ^f the cauntr^es with the ungest h^stoties in the world. The people of a^Í nationalities in China gave 9aïnt[y created a splendid ^ulture`and have a to a ser^ii-colonaÍ and semi feudal counter The Chinese peaple waged wave upon ^aa^e af hertic struggles for national ìr^lependence and ^^beratíon and for aemocracy and freedom. Great and earth-shaking hist^rica^ charges have taken. place ^n China iri the 2Qth certury.;.The Revolution of 1911; led by Dr S^^ Yat- se^^, abolished the feudal monarchy and gane birth to the Republic af China. 13ut the Ch^^iese people. had yet to ^ulfi^ their h^sto^ìcal task cif ove^hrowing imperialism and feudaÍìsm. After v^faging hard protracted and tarkuaus struggles; glorious reval^rtiana^ trad^tfon. Fe^^da^ China was grad ra4 ^ y reduced after 184 armed and otheni^se, .the Chinese people of all nationalities led by the 194 ^^ , overthre^v the í-u1e of i^rtpe ^ ialism; fe ; da ^ ìs ^ rt and bureaucrat capita ^ s i; ' wön the great victory of the he^^^-demoera+^c revalut^an and founded the People's republic at China ThereuporS'the Chinese pe^p^e took state power into their u^^^h hanes and became ^^^asters ^f the count^; ' Cnm^^^ist Party of China with Chair ^nan Mao Zedong as its leader ultimately, After the fo . nd r- g of the Peaple's Républ c; the traris t an of Ch nese society sbc alïst trar^sfarmatian og th^ pr vate owne ^ ship af the maans af pr ^ d icti ^ n was compketed, 'the systerri óf ex^^tóitat^ori of mart by mart elir^^hated and the soc^al^st system established. The people's der^^acratïc dïatatarshp led ^y the v^rork ^ ng c ^ ass and t^ ased on t^ie a liar,ce af warkers and peasants. which is in ` ^óm a rievv- derriocratic to a sócial st soaie#y ^fras effeated step by step, Tte essencé ;he dìçtatos^ship of tt^é proletariat has beeri a ^ nsolidated and ' develaped. Thé Ch ^ riese péople ande'the Chinese People's Líberatb^ Ar^ny have thwarted aggress on; sabotage and a ^ med pr^voca ^ ons by tmper^alists'and hegemo ^ iists;safeguarded Chí ^ a"s ^ at ana, independence and seeurity,and strengthéned its'natia ^ ^al defence. Matar successes have been act evetl in econor ^ ic deek pment: An ndependent a ^ d fa ^ ly;c ^ mprehensive sacialist system of tndustry has ih the ta n been est^bl shed. There ha5 been a'ma^ked ^ ^^ c ^ ea^e in agrculturaÍ prod cti ^ n Sign ficartt pr ^ g ^ ess has been made-in ed cational. scïent ^ frc, cultural and other undertakìngs, a ^ d sacia3íst dedlagícal' of Chiria and #he guídartce af'Marxis ^-Leni ism and Mao Zedong Thaugh ^ , ar^ educatí^ti has yielded n^tewo^thy ^·es^^lts. Tf^e [suing standards of the people have improved ^^onside^ably. Øath the vícto^y af China's new-democratic ^eval^^tìon and the suteesses of its soc^a^ist cause have been aahïeved by the C^iinese,peaple of all ^^at^onalit^es udder the leadership of the C^^tmu^iist Pa^`ty by uph^lding t^uth c ^ rrect ng ^rrars and c^ verc ^ ming n mer ^ us tlïfficu ties and l^ttp://www.cece.govlpages/n ^La ^^rslconstítutíonENG.php $f24/2007 Seleetecl Legal Provisions of the People's Repu^líc of China A^feetzng Cri^^inal Justice Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-7 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 4 of 8 Page 2 of 26 The basic task of the nation n the yea^s to corrié is to eoncentrate its effort ^ n soe ^ a ist mode ^^ ^ization ^ tJnder the leaders ^^p af the Comn^un st Party of Chi ^ a and the guidance of Marxism- Leninism and-Maa Zed ^^gThaugh#; the Chinese peap^e of all national^t^es vr^l^ cantiriue to adhere to the people's democ^at,c dietatarship and fo4 ow the saaia3ist road, steadi y impro e socialist nstit tians, ahd se f-re ant ^ y;.to ^ t de ^ nize'i ^ dust . agricu ture:' ^ at anal defe^ Ce a d" develop s^^cia^isf clernc^cracy: improve t^^e socía^^st legal system aid work hardscïe ^ ce ahd techna ogy step by step to turn Ct^ na into a socialist count witt ^ ;a high eve ^ af c^ #ture a ^td' democracy. The exp oiting casses as such haue been ss` ^ i ^ i^a#ed ìn ou cau ^ k ^y. However; class strgg e wi continue to exist va thi ^ certai ^ li`·r its for a 3o ^ g time to come. The Chinese peapke rr ust fight against those f^^^es ande e^err^ents, both at hone à^d a^^^oad; that are hostile to China's socialist systeg;-and try to ^^ndermine it. Taiwan is pari of the sac^^ed tar^^tary a' the Peapte's Republic af Ch rta, ^t ^s the ^^fty>dut^,^ af the entire Chinese people. i ^ c uding ou ^ ccír^ patr ots n Ta wan, to acco ^rpl sh the g ^eat task af reun fying the matherand tn building s cialis ^ ^ ít is irnperative t ^ely, ^ the workers. peasants `and i^tellectua3s and``.unite ^^Jith ail the forces that can ^e united. lrt t^^e long years of revo^ut^on-a ^ d const^u^tian there has beep fcrmed? nder the q r pased of democ^at c parttes and peap es arqan ^ at ans and e ^ nbraces a st ^ cia ist ^' rki ^^g peopt^ , a1l?patriots ^vt^ a sup^ort sccia sm and a[l patriots ^ho stand for-reun ^ ficat ort of the ^iothe ^ land This : ìted fro ^it 6v l cCht ^ ue ta be " ca sa idated a^d deve4oped The Ctii ^ ese Peop e's Po ^^ tica Consu3tative leadersn^p of the Communist F^a>^y of;,China`a ^^road patrïot^c united front that. >has played a sigrificant ^ istari a ro e and vri[' can ^ inue to da so i the po tt ca and socia ^ fe of the coL nt ^,t, i ^ pram ^ t ng friendship witli the peop e of other co ^ t ^ es a ^ d in;the str^ gg e for sccia st möde ^ ni ^ ation aná for ttrte reunifiCatión a^d unity of the country. The 1'eaple`s Republ c o# Chína is a uni ^ a ^ y ^itt ^ aii nat state built ^ p jo ^ nt y by the peop e of a l ìts r^ atio ^ a ìt ^ es 5acialisi re at ^ ans of equa ty, unity and m tuaf assista ^ ce have bee ^ estab ishec4 amarg then^ a d ^; c© ^ t nue to ^ e stre ^?gthened n the struggle to safeguard the unitj ^ cf tihe national tïes. tt ís>necessar'y to ca ^ ^ baf b g- ^ ^t on chau n s , mainly Ha^ chau i ^ isr^ , and alsa necessary to car^ bat Ioca1-nat o ^ a chauvinism The state does ts utmos# to prom te the a mmon prosper ty of a13 nat ona ities ^ ihe cou ^ try. Chinas achievements n re^^ ut ^ n a ^ d construction are insepa ab e f ^o r support by`the peop e af th ^ vorld. T ie future>af China is ct ^ se y inked wtth that nf the wh 3 e ^ arld. Ch na adheres tc an ïndependent fore gn policy as ` v e s as to #he five p ^ incip es af tr,ut a respect fnr so eregnty a ^ d terr tnr al i ^ tegr ^ #^y, ^^ utual ^ an-aggres5io ^ . no ^ ï- n^erfe ^ence''^ ^ each ather`s internal affa rs equa t',^ and niutua berefit and peaceful çoex stence in de e[oping d plamat ^ c ^ elatlarES a ^d ecanOmlc á ^ d Cu turai eXCha ^ geS wlth other GounÍ les; Cliina consísten#fy apposes mpe ^ ia[isrn hegemo ^ ism a d COlo ^ ialísm; ^ orks #cí strengthen unity w th the people of ther co nt ^ es;'s ppor#s the>.oppressed nai ons and ihe de e4opi ^ g aoi. ntrìes ín their just strugg e ta w n and presørve natianal i ^ idependence a ^ d aevelap the r^ nat ^ nal economies, and stri es to säfeguard world peace an d pramote the aaúse of human pragress T1iís Consiitution affïr^r^ s the achie^ emen s of the str gg es of : he Ct^ i^ ese peop e af a ^ nat onal t es a ^ d defines the ^asic system a ^ d basic tas < s af tie state n legaf fó ^ m: it is the f^: ndamental lav^ f the state and has supreme lega author ty. The people'of a11 nationalities all state organs,,the ar med forces. a1 pol t cQl partìes and put^Jic araan ^ zations a^d a i e ^ terpr ses a ^ d uiidertakings r ihe aountry rr st take the Cc^ nststiitio ^ as the basic norixi of ConduCt, and the:,i have the duty> Confererïce s a k^ raad y represen#ati e organ zatia ^ of the united fro ^ t, which _ haÍd the dign ^ ty ^ f the Gonstit tian and e ^ sure its ìmp3e ^ e^tati ^^ GH,4PTE ^ 1. GENER L ^' ^1{^ C 'LES http: //www.cecc.govlpages /newLaws/constitutáanENG.php 8 /24/2007 Seleted Legal Provísíons of the People ' s Republí^ of China Affe ting Criminal J^^stie Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-7 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 5 of 8 Page 3 of 2^ Article 1. The Pé^p^e's Reput^lic of China ^s'a sacia3ist state under the p^opfe's dé^aocratic dictatorship fed bÿ the +rrark^ng class and based an the ail^ance o workers and peasants: The snci^^ist systém is the basic s}^stem of the,i'eople's f^ep ., biic af Ch,ha. Sabo:age ^ f the;sac alist sys#em by a ^y ^ rganïzai,on' ^ ^ '" iid v duaf' s pr;^hïbited. Art^cie 2: Aii power i^ the ^^eople's Rep^ab^ic ^f China ïae^^ngs to the people. Tf^e> .organs thro gh which the péopfe exe ^cise stat po4ver are the ^ationa ^ Pe ^ ple`s C ^ ngress and fihe 1ocal.people's cangresses at different leeïs. The pea¡^ e dn^inis #er state affia,rs and ma ^ age`ecano nic, cu^tara^ a ^d sociaf affa, ^ s thro , gh var,ous channels>a ^ d in vario s wa ^s in acc^ rda ^ ce w ^ #h the 1aw. Artide 3: The state organs of the Pe p e ' s Republic a# Ch^ha apply the principfe of ^em^ácratic central^s,^ The f^at^cnal People's Congress. and the loaalpe^^ ple's c^ gressas ai d fferer i Íeuels are inst tuted thr ^ ugh demoCratic' elect ^ on'They a^é respo ^ sible to ^ he people a ^ d s ^i^jeCt to their supe ^ ïsiori'A p^ople's Cang ^esses to `vhich #heu ^i'e r^sponsib]e and uhder whose super ^ ïsion they ope ^ a#e Thee divis^o ^ cf #u ^ c ^ or^s and,pawers betwee+^ Yhe central and ^ c ^^ i state organs is ^ú ded by the princ ^ ple af giv ^ ng f il pfay to ti,e initiative a d ` énthusías ^i of the 1oca1 autha ^ it es tnder the ^anified leadersh p of the cnt authorities adm nist ^at ve; jud c a ^ and procuratorial o ^ gans ^ f the s#ate are created;,b ^ the Article 4. All nat^o^al^ties ^n the People ` s Repúbfic of Ch^r^a are equal. rie state protects the lawfi, ^ rights and'iriterests of the minority nationa ^ it ^ es and uph ld^-' and ce^e^opsth^ refatio^sh^p^f eqúaJ^ty unity and mutúal assrsta+^ce among all of China`s natio ^ aí : es ^ C^iscrï^n^nati^i^ against and oppression af any ^ationai^ty ` ^^ r^e prohibited a ^ y acts tha, . ^ de^ ^ i ^ e the unity of the nat^ onalities ^ ^ ír3st^ga^ e" the ^ r secess on areepr^ h bited: Ttie state h lps the areas i hab ^ ted by rninorïty ^at anafities speed u the r economïc ar d c^ ltu ^af developme ^ t in acc rdan ^, with the'peculia it es and nee ^ s of tf^e different m n ^ r,ty nationa ^ tties f^egional autonarri ^ ^ s practised i ^ areas where'peopEe of ni ^ nor ty natï ^ al ^ties li ^ e ^ Con^paci cornmúnit es. ï^ these areas' ^ rgans nf self- g ^vernment are established far the exercise of the r ^ ght of autono ^^ y. A11 tl·re natïo^ak a to ^ a ^ ^io s areas are ina ^ e ^^ab ^ e eiarts afst^e Peöple`s f^ep ablic of Chir^a. Tti ^ pe^ipie of ail nationalities nave tf^e freedarn to use and deúel^p thaïr own spoken acid wr,tien !ari^s^iages, and fio preserve or reform their own ways and cus#oms. ^rtic ^ e 5: The state uphofds the u ^ iformitv and d ^ ar^ity af th^ sc^ Cia ïst legaf. organ ^ zatidns ar^d a11 +=nterprrses and untleriak ^ gs ^ nust abide by the being abo e the C ^ nstít tio ^ and th 'law. system: ^o 1aw or adrv inistrative o ^ facak ri^fes and` ^eg [ ations sha11 ^^ ntraver^e' tfle CO ^ St ^ tuti ^ n. ^,I1 state oCgarl5 tlie armed farCeS;,al1 po ^ Ít ^ Caf pa 't ^ eS and publ' c Constit ition and'the 1avr. A1l aéts irt vïolat,o of thé Constit^t^on and ttie` ^aw must be ïhvestigated. No argar^ zat ^ án or indiv duai r ay enfoy the"privilege cf A ^ tïcie 8. The basis of the socialist econorn;c sysiem of the Pe^ple's Republ,c of Ghina is sacia ^ i^t put^líc awné ^ ship cf thé ^°^ eans of praduction. ^ ameiy, of man by n^a^; it applies the pr^nc^n^e of'f^orn each according tn;his ability. tó each aceor^^ ^g>to h s work. ow ^ iérshïp by thé v^hole peop ^ e and coi ^ éct ^ ve o^^rtiersh ^ p by the working peop ^ e: The sy^ster^i af scC ái ^ st p ^ blíc o+h^ ersh p s . persedes the syster^i'of expioitatia^ ^ Article ï; ^he state econ ^ my is t^e sector of social ^ 5t ecorio t^y ^inder ownersfiip by the ^vho[e penple; it is thé léading force in the hationat,ecano y. The state ensures the c ^ nsolidation a ^ d growtt} af the state economy. Art ^ cle 8. i^ ^^ ral people's com ^^iunes, agricialturaf p ^oducers' co-operatives, and other f^ rms of ^^ - o erativz eeoo^y sueh as produCer ' s pply and marketing, l^ttp://www.c^ c.govlpages/newLaws/constitutionENG.pI^p 8/24/2007 Sei^eted Legal Provisions ©f the Pe©ple's Repubï^c of Chipa Affecting Criminal Justice Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-7 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 6 of 8 Page ^ of 26 soa^a ism, increasesthe number of î^^ieliectúals and creates ccndit^ons to give" f Í[ scope to their role fn socìali^t moder^izatan. A^#ic ^ e 24 The state strengtñe ^ts the ^ ldtttg of souia ^ ist sp r tuai civiiizat ^ on , thrdugh spreading ed acat on in h gh ídeals ahd m ^ ra ^ ity;`general-educati ^ and eauca o ^ n Q sc p ^ ne ane t^ e ega^>sys em;;ana n^aug pro o g ne forrr ulation and observance af ru ^ es af conduct and co r r^tQn p ^ edges b^ differentsec# o ^ s ßf the peop[s ïn ^ ba arid rura ^ areas. The sta ^ e advacates the aivic virtues of love for the mather and; for the peop e, for labour for science and for soc alïs ^n; it educa#es the people ïn patr^otis^r^. cß^lectivis^ri; í ter ^ dtíonalis ^n a ^ d commul ^ srn ar^ d' dia ^ ectica ^ and,historícal' ^^aterialisrn t eor bats the deeade t;; ^deas of cap ^ ta ^ srr and feudalïsr^ and othe ^ decadent idea^: Articie 25; The state prflmotes fami4y p ^ anning so t1^at pç^ p ^latio^>gro ^t ^i may fit, the pla s for ec ^ om c and s ^^ C a( deve ^ opme t. A^tic e 2Gs The state pro#ects end improves the ]ïvi^g environment and the ecolog caÍ envirónment:,and prevents and controls,.po t^tion and-other public házards Theestate o^gan^^es and encourages afforestat^o^ and the protection o forests. ^ t c ^ e 2 i: Ai ^ state org^ns ca ^ iy out the princ ^ ple ^ f s mp^ e a d eff c ent` functio iarìes and app ^aísïng the r w^rk i arder cansta ti µ to n^p o e quality of work and eff^ cie cv and combat bureaucratis^^^ ^^fl".state organs and furictíona^ïes must rely on the sup^o^t of the people. keep in close touch with admi stratian. the system of ^esponsibi ^ ity for work'a d the s;^sferr^ ^ f tra ^ ning them, heed their ap ^ n^ons and s >ggest^ons: accept their s ^ perv^sion ahd work ha ^d to serve the ^i: Artïcie 2á: The Siate ma ^ ntains;pubtic arder and s ppresses treaso able a d ïther ao nter- revol tiana ^y act vit es; t penalizec,actíons'that e ^ darïger publsc St^ GUr t·J and dÈS Upt the soci ^3115t eCO IO ^ TIy ^, d ot^leC cr ^ rrlïnal aGtíVït es, and n pun shes a d reforrns cri r rnaks:' Article 29 The a^rned feces of the People`s Repï:rb ìc of China be ong to the people Tt^e^r tasks are #o stréngthen'nat^o^a defence, resist agg^ess^od, defend the ^notherla^ci; safeguard the penpi^^s peacef^^l labour. r^artïcipate iii nationa# reconstruction; and work hard to serve the people. TMe state # ^engthe ^ is the revo ìatißnizaton. rnoder^i^atiön grid reguianzation of the ar ^^ ed f©^ces ï^^ örder to increase the>^ational defence ca^ab^iìty. Artïcle 30. The adrr i isk atïve division of the`Pe^pte's Republïc of Ct í a is as foil©ws 1 l The country is d vided ^ nto provi ^ ces, auto o ^ o as regio s ana mun c paÍit es directly ünder the Cehtral Go ernme ^ t. f2 Provi ces ar d aüt^ no ^ ous regions are d vided nto auton ^ r^ o s prefectures, c unties, autonomous counties and cities; 31 Courities and autö ^ mous counties are divided ìnto to^^^nsh ^ p5; natiohali±y to^arnsh ps ard tos^ ns Mun c pa ^ t es dìrectly urider the Central Goern ent and ather la qe cites are div ded"i to districts á ^id cour^t es ^;utona ^^noL s refe tures are d vided into ca nt es.`»a tor a ^ ^ us' co s tíes. and cities A31 a tariomous regíors, autonamous prefectures a d a to^a rto s cquntïes are nationai aubnomaus areas. Article 31: The state m^y estab ^ sh spec al adm ^^ strat ve ^egißns ^ahen' thë spec^fic co^dít^ans. necessary The,syster^is tß bé i ss_it ted in sp aat ^dministrat v ^? regians shal ^ bé nrescribed?t^ÿ lay+f enacted by the National People`s Congress ^^^ the lïghfi of http:llwww.cece.g©vlpages/^ewLaws/c©nstítutionENG.php 8/24/200 Selected Legal Provisions of tk e People's Republic of China Affecting Criminal Justice Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-7 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 7 of 8 Page 7 of 26 Artlcle J!. The Peapte`s f^epubl Gf.Chlna pC ^teCtStile la^ ful rlghts â11CÍ ^ nte ests of fore ^ gners ,.fith ^ Chinese terrìtory, ar d ^ h ^ [e or Chínese te^^itory fore gners ^^ ust abide by the la^n^ o# the Reo^^ie's R^publíc of China. T ^ e People's'FZepula ^ ic of Ch na ay grart asyku ^ r ta foreig^ efe who request ^ t 0 polít cak reasons: CHAF'T^R 11, THE^. FUNßAMEmmNTAL. RIGHTS AND DUTEE^ F C#T1Zk`NS Artícle 33: A pzrsons'h ^ lding,;;the natïonalit;^ of the Pecple's Republie of C}^ ^ a , are c t zens of the Peopie's Republic of Ghina. A!^ citizens of the P'eople's ^epi^bkic of China are equal befa.*e the law: Eve citizen e^}Gyp the r ghts ande. at#t^ e s^ ^r [aw. ^ rticle 34; A11 çítizens of the Peopke's Rep ^biic of China wh }^ ave reached the age of 18 have the right ta váte and stand fc ° electron, regardless ^ f nationality; race. sex; occupation; #amily backgro ^nd relig GUS belief, education, pr^ perty status. ^ r length;of residence, except persorrs deprïued of pol tical rigtlts a cord ^ ng to 1a ,^ ; Article 35 C^t^zens u f the Pe©p^e's'Republ^c of China enjoy freed^^m of speech; af`the press, Gf assembly, of assac^a^ion ^f pr^^cessìon and of de ^nanstratí ^ n. Article 3 ^ . C t, ^ e ^ s of the Peopke's Republ c af Ghi ^^^ enjöy freedort' Gf rek gous bekïef. Nö s#ate ^ rgan, put^ i ^ c argani ^ at on or ^ nd ^ idual x ^ ay compel c^tzens to' be ^ eve in; or ^ ot to believe , any religian, ngr ray they d ^ scrïm nate agai ^ st ; itízens v^h believe in; or do n t bel ^ eve in; any relig on The state protects n^ ^^^ af relígìaus actí ities Na öne may rr ake use f relìgic^n to ergage n activ ties that d srupt pubk orcler, impair the heaiih of citzens ©r interfere v^ th tfie educat anal systeni # the state: Rel ^ gioi. s badies and rekg ous affai s are g not subject to a ^^ y foreï n dari^ ination. a peoplé's procüratoraie or by dec sion af a peopie's court, and ai-rests m stbe` made by a public seci ^ ity or^än tJnlawful depri ation or restriction of cïtizens` ` freédom of person by deter ^ tion or ^ ^her means is prohibited; and'unlawf rl searct; ^^f the person of citizens is proh^b^ted: Artí^le 38, She persar^a^ ^^gniry;of cïtize^s of the People's epú^l^c of China ís>invio^abke tesult, I^bel false charge sor t^ a ^^ e-up ^ rectecl aga nst c t ^.ens by a ^ y means s p^^ p teá: ArtiGle 3g: The home of cïtizens of t#ie P?eG^^1^ s Repuk^lic t^f Chïria is ir^violable: lJrílawful search of; ar intrusi ^ n nto, ^ G t ^ en`s h ie s prohibited. r"-irticle 4û: The f ^ eedorr^ ar d'pr ^ vacy of co ^ r^sp ^ nilence o^ e ^ t ^ en^ of th2 Agt c e 3ï: The freedGm of persan fic t zens of the Peopke`s Republic af Ch ^a"ïs driv olahke: No ^^^^ zen ^^^ ay be árrested excepi vith the approvak oC ty decís ^ n,of F'ec^ ple s'Repub[ìG of China are protected by 1aw. No orga ^ zatiort or indiv dual ^^ay on'any gro r d infr nge üpo^ the freedom and pri acy of cïtizens' cörresponcience except ín cáses v^^here, to rr^eet Ilie needs of state secarity or of ínvestïgation íntc cr r^iinal offences; publ c security or procuratorial orgarts are. by ia^t pe ^ mitted tc censar carrespondence in accordance w th prc^ced res 'e^c ibed .Article ^1: Citizens Gf the People's Rep^^bl^c of China have the right to cr^t^ci^e' and niake suggest+ons to any staté o ^gan or fu ^^ctïonary_ C ^ ti ens l ^ ave tt^ e rights to make to relevant state Grga^s conplaïnts and charges against,: or exposures ot; v o at on orthe 1a^^ ar aereitct on,ot uty by any<state organ or Ta ^ ct ^ ona^; http:/1www.cece.gov/pages/newLa^vslco^stitutíonENG.php 8/24/207 Selected Legal Pro^ísíons of the People's Repu^líc of Chína Affecting Criminal 3ustice Case 4:07-cv-02151-CW Document 65-7 Filed 08/27/2007 Page 8 of 8 Page 9 of 26 prof^íbít^d:; Articie^;^0: The F'eoplé's Repüblc of Chiria p ^otects`the legitimate rights a ^d; í ^ terest^ of C ^ inese ationals'résidíng abro^d end'protects the {awful rights a ^ d interests nf retur^ed ovErseas Ch ^ nese and f the fiarn ly members f Chinese nationals res ding abraad. Article 51: The exercise by citizens of the People's Republic of Chi^^^a of tt^e^r #reedoms and rïgh^s may nat infringe upon the interests of the state of society and of the collective. o^ upcn the [a ^^fu ^ freedoms and rights of other citizens Article ^^. ft ís the duty of citizens of the People`s Republic cif Chink t safeguard the ^^ri^ty of the country Arid the unity of all its nationalities:: A ^tícle 53, Citize ^ s Of the Pe^p1e's Repub ^ e of Chï ^ a must ab ^ de by the ccristitutïon and the 1a^J, keep state secrets, protect; pul^ l c prope ^ty and bs rve labi^ u ^ disc pl na and p blic orJer a ^ d respect social ethics. Articfe 54. 1t s the duty f c iizens of the Peop[e's Republic af China to safeguard the secur ty,>hOnOUr and iriteresìs of the rnother ^ and, they must not cori- r^it acts detrimental t0 tt:e sec rity, honour and interests of ihe motherland. Artíc 1 e 5: lt ;s the sacred db[igation of every dtize i of the People's Rept^bfio of China to defend the rriotherland and resíst aggressïon 1t is the hc^ nourable d áty o# t ^ e ^ s of he>People`s Rep. ^ ^ ic of Chiria to perform riilítary serv ^ ce and join #ñe ^r^ litia 1n accordance i^ ith the ^a^: f' rt1Cl @ 51^ . it ìS the du ^^ Of Ctt12Bn5 Of the People s Republic ^f China ^a pay taxes ï ^ accordance with the ia^J. CHAPTER 111 THE STRUCTUR)= OF THE STATE SECTfON 1. THE>NATIßNAL ^'EOPLE'S CONGRI=SS` rticle 5 . -ihe Nat ^ ^ al Peo^1e's Conáress of the Pe ^ p ^ e's Rep bi c ^ f Gh ^ a iÇ ef the Nationa) People's`C ^ ngress, A.rtic ^ e 58. Thé Natiortai;Peúple's Cong ess and ts"Standing Cornm ttee exe ^cise the 1egiSlatíve pó^ver c^ f the state he highest organ of state po:^^er lts permanent body is the S#ancfng Committee, Art ^ cle ^g: The Natíonál Peop12`s Congress is c mposed of dep ties elected by G vernt^en ^ . and by the ar t^ed fOres. A11 the minority nationalities are enttled> ta appropriate represen#atiön. Elect ^ n f deputíes>to the National Peopie's C ngress is condt cted b} the 5ta ^ ding Ccmr ttee of the Natiortal Peopìe'^ the proi ^ ces: aütc^ o ^ iaus``reg ons and r^ ^ijc palit ^ es dírectly ur der the Cer^ tral Ca ^ gress. The number of deputiøs to the i+lat anal; Pe ple',s Cnngress and the manner of their election are prescr bed by Íaw A ^ iícle`^ . TheeNatiónal F'eo:;1e's Congress is eleetad for a term ofi ^ v ^ years. Two months before the expiration of the terrr of affice of a Natiaral Pe^^ ple's Congress, its Standing Co^r^^nittee must ensure that the >^election ^f dep^^ties to tñe succËedíng Na ^ á ^ al Pe^ pÍe's Congress is comp ^ ete+l: Sno iÍd exceptioha ci cumstarces pre^ent i3ucfR an e?ection, tt may be p stported by decision of a ^ na}ority vóte of ^ cre than twó- thïds af a11 thOSe on the Standing Cömmittee ^ f l ttp:llw-ww.ceec.g©v/pagesl ^ ewLaws/constítutior ENG.php $124/2007

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