O'Bannon, Jr. v. National Collegiate Athletic Association et al

Filing 197

NOTICE by Edward C. O'Bannon, Jr. Antitrust Plaintiffs' Evidentiary Bench Memorandum (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D)(Bojedla, Swathi) (Filed on 6/8/2014)

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Exhibit D Plaintiffs’ Exhibits with Other Objections Trial Description Exhibit No. 280 NCAAPROD00145246- NCAAPROD00145249 - 10/13/08 Email chain between David Berst and Beth Debauche Objection 403; 802 1133 NCAAPROD00083052- NCAAPROD00083109 - 06/09/04 Agent & Amateurism Subcommittee Meeting presentation slides 2025 NCAAPROD00237725- NCAAPROD00237731 - 11/16/07 Email from 2026 NCAAPROD00225381- NCAAPROD00225383 - 11/21/07 Email Chain among senior NCAA executives [from David Knopp to Kevin Lennon, Greg Shaheen, Wendy Walters, Leeland Zeller, Scott Bearby, David Berst and Jim Haynes] 2028 NCAAPROD00399959- NCAAPROD00400034 - 01/03/08 Email from Wendy Walters to David Berst, Kevin Lennon, Bill Saum, Dan Calandro, Rachel Newman, Steve Mallonee, Bernard Franklin, Beth Debauche and Greg Shaheen, attaching 08/16/07 Discussion of the Application of the Recommendations of the NCAA Study Group on the Use of Student- Athletes' Names and Likenesses and various other documents 2046 NCAAPROD00182941- NCAAPROD00182942 - 12/08/08 Email from Betsy Altmaier to Task Force on Commercial Activity [forwarded from Graham Spanier to David Berst] 802 802 802 802 802 1 2059 NCAAPROD00257370-NCAAPROD00257415 - 07/19/09 Email from Greg Shaheen to Brenda Butz, attaching Thought Equity Summit Powerpoint and Agenda 2069 NCAAPROD00602965-NCAAPROD00603111 - 06/24/10 NCAA Division I Amateurism Cabinet Meeting documents 802 802 2079 2080 WASHSTATE 006392-WASHSTATE 006395 - 05/01/11 Email from Larry Scott to Gene Block, Michael Crow, Phillip DiStefano, Elson Floyd, John Hennessy, Richard Lariviere, C.L. Max Nikias, Edward Ray, Robert Shelton, Phyllis Wise, Michael Young, Robert Birgeneau WASHINGTON000908-WASHINGTON000913 - 08/09/11 2011 NCAA Presidential Retreat Division 1 Financial Sustainability, August 9-10 2011 2 802; 901 802; 901

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