Petroliam Nasional Berhad v., Inc.

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DECLARATION of Perry Clark in Opposition to 152 Opposition/Response to Motion, filed byPetroliam Nasional Berhad. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit 1, # 3 Exhibit 2, # 4 Exhibit 3, # 5 Exhibit 4, # 6 Exhibit 5, # 7 Exhibit 6, # 8 Exhibit 7, # 9 Exhibit 8, # 10 Exhibit 9, # 11 Exhibit 10, # 12 Exhibit 11, # 13 Exhibit 12, # 14 Exhibit 13, # 15 Exhibit 14, # 16 Exhibit 15, # 17 Exhibit 16, # 18 Exhibit 17, # 19 Exhibit 18, # 20 Exhibit 19, # 21 Exhibit 20 (Part 1 of 3), # 22 Exhibit 20 (Part 2 of 3), # 23 Exhibit 20 (Part 3 of 3))(Related document(s) 152 ) (Clark, Perry) (Filed on 12/9/2011)

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Ex. 9 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 CLARK DECL. ISO OPP. SUMMARY JUDGMENT Case No: 09-CV-5939 PJH Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/25l10Pagel of 43 PerryR. Clark, Esq. Law Officesof PerryR. Clark 1245Hantilton Avenue PaloAlto, CA 94301 Telephone:(650) 248-5817 Facsimile:(650)248-5816 perry I Attorney for Plaintiff PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD UNITED STATESDISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA OAKLAND DIVISION ) PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD, CASENO: 09-CV-5939 PJH ) ) Date:April 28,2010 Plaintiff. ) Time:9:00a.m. ) vs. Location:Courtroom3 ) Third Floor GODADDY.COM,fNC., Defendant. PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD. EMC CASENO: 10-CV-00431 Plaintiff. VS. PETRONASTOWER.NET. internetdomain an name, Defendant. NOTICE OF MOTION AI\D MOTION FOR ORDER TRANSFERRING DOMAIN NAME PURSUAT\TTO ls U.S.C.$ 112s(D)AND FOR ENTRY OF JUDGMENT UNOPPOSED MOTION FOR ENTRY OF STIPALATED ORDER REI-ATING CASES PENDING NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION FOR ORDER TRANSFERRING DOMAIN NAME PTJRSUANTTO 15 u.s.c. $ 1125(D) AND FORENTRYOFJUDGMENT Case Nos: 09-CV-5939 and10-CV00431 PJH EMC OPPAPP000136 -PJH DocumentT Filed03/25/1 Page2of 43 Case4:1 0-cv-00431 0 1 I. 2 a J NOTICE OF MOTION TO ALL PARTIESAND COUNSELOF RECORD:Please takenoticethatpursuant to Civil Local Rule 7-11 Plaintiff Petroliam hereby NasionalBerhad("Plaintiff'or "Petronas") motion for an ordertransferringthe domainname"" 4 makesthis unopposed to pursuant l5 U.S.C.$ 1125(D)andfor entryofjudgment. to 5 Plaintiff Petronas 6 It 7 STATEMENT OF RELIIEF REQUESTED Plaintiff Petronas requests this Court issuean orderdirectingGoDaddy.Com, to that Inc. the pursuant l5 U.S.C.$ 8 transfer domainname"" Plaintiff Petronas to to judgmentin Petronas's furtherrequests orderentering 9 1125(D). Plaintiff Petronas favor in an 1 0 this action. Counselfor GoDaddyhasinformed counselfor Petronas GoDaddyis not taking that ll anypositionwith respect this motion. On January to 25,2010,Plaintiff Petronas informedthe providedGoDaddyand t 2 registrantof the "" domainof this action atthe address by 1 3 asrequired 15U.S.C.$ 1125(D).Ex.A. Petronas previously had triedto contact the regardingthe "" t 4 registrantby mail, email, and telephone domainname.Ex. _ at 1 5 3:8-19 and26-30. Petronas not received communication has any from the registrant of the as t 6 dateof this motion. Plaintiff Petronas unawareof any otherpersonor entity that does,or is t 7 would, oppose motion. the t8 t9 III. MEMORANDUM OF POINTS AND AUTHORITIES IN SUPPORT OF MOTION The "" domainnameshouldbe transferred Plaintiff Petronas to under 20 the Anticyberpiracy sectionof the LanhamTrademark Act, 15U.S.C.$ 1125(D), because there 2l is no disputethat all threeof the requirements the Anticyberpiracysectionare met. First, the of 22 domainname'" infringesPlaintiff Petronas's federallyregistered trademark 23 for the mark "PETRONAS." Second, Plaintiff Petronas beenunableto find the person has who 24 registered "" the domainnameor obtain in personamjurisdictionover that 25 person. Third, the intemet registrar-GoDaddy-of the domainname"" has 26 27 28 NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION FOR ORDER TRANSFERRING DOMAIN NAME PURSUANT TO 15 u.s.c. lr25(D) $ AND FORENTRYOF ruDGMENT Case Nos: 09-CV-5939 and10-CV00431 PJH EMC OPPAPP000137 Page3of 43 DocumentT Filed03/25/10 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH I providedthe informationrequired 15 U.S.C.$ 1125(d)(2XDXi) which certifiesthat this Court by 2 hasthe control and authorityto transferthe domainname. ProceduralPostureand RelatedCase J A. 4 Plaintiff Petronas filed two actionsin the NorthernDistrict relatedto the 5 motionto relatethe two actionson domainnameandfiled an unopposed "" 6 (09-5939 PJH)wasfiled March24,2010. Ex. B (Docket No. 31). This actionagainst GoDaddy 7 Petronas's first andconcerns allegations that,amongotherthings,Defendant 8 indirectly infringes the "PETRONAS" mark by maintainingthe registrationof the 9 domainnamewith actualknowledgethat the domainnameinfringesthe "" 1 0 trademarkrights of Petronas. 11 l2 filed the second sectionof Petronas actionasan in rem actionunderthe Anticyberpiracy the LanhamTrademarkAct againstthe "" domainname. The relief Petronas to the 1 3 requested its complaintin the in rem actionis an transfer in t4 domainn€rme Petronas. "" 15 This Court hasnot yet had an opportunity rule on Petronas's unopposed motion to r6 relatingthe two actions. If the relatedcasemotionis granted, however, this Court canpromptly 1 7 consider motion,which Petronas this makesaspart of the in rem action. If the relatedcase 1 8 motionis denied, motionwill needto be re-filedfor consideration the Judgein the in rem this by t 9 action. 20 B. 6'" Shouldbe Transferredto Petronas trademarkandthe domain Where,as in this case,a domainnameinfringesa registered 21 the registrant eithercannotbe located is not subject in personqmjurisdiction, or to 22 Anticyberpiracysectionof the LanhamAct authorizes Court to orderthe domainname a 23 24 registrar transferthe domainnameto the trademark to owner. See15 U.S.C.$ 1125(d)(2XAXi) 25 26 27 DOMAIN NAME PURSUANTTO 15 28 NOTICEOF MOTION AND MOTION FORORDERTRANSFERzuNG u.s.c. $ 1125(D) AND FORENTRYOF ruDGMENT PJH Nos: 09-CV-5939 and10-CV00431 EMC Case OPPAPP000138 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/2 Page4 43 5110 of I and(ii).1 Because thereis no dispute that the requirements the Anticyberpiracy of sectionare 2 met in this case, Court is authorizedtoorderthe domainnameregistrarof this a J "" that domainnameto Petronas, ownerof the 4 the "PETRONAS" mark. 5 6 1. Infringesthe Trademark Rights of Petronas "" Therecan be no disputethat the first requirement the transferof the for 7 domainunderthe Anticyberpiracysectionof the LanhamAct-that the "" 8 domainnameinfringesthe trademark rights of Petronas-is met in this case. Specifically, the 9 Anticyberpiracysectionappliesto any domainname"that violatesany right of the owner of a l0 mark registered the Patentand TrademarkOffice, or protectedundersubsection [false in (a) 1 l designation originlor (c) ldilution]fof 15U.S.C.$ 1125]." 15U.S.C.$ 1125(d)(2XAXi). of l2 Here,the "" domainnameviolatesthe rightsof Petronas with respect to 1 3 its federallyregistered it "PETRONAS"markbecause infringesthat mark under 15 U.S.C.$ t4 1114andcreates falsedesignation originunder15U.S.C.$ 1125(a).As an initial matter, a of is 1 5 Petronas the owner of the duly registered federaltrademarkfor the mark "PETRONAS." Ex. r6 D at3:23-25and l0-1 1. In addition,the "" domainnameinfringesthe l 7 "PETRONAS"markunder15 U.S.C.$ 1114because domainnameis "a usein commerce" the l 8 of the "PETRONAS" markthat is "likely to cause confusion"amongconsumers to whether as websiteusingthe "" t 9 the pornographic domainnameis associated with 20 Petronas-which it is not. Au-Tomotive Gold,Inc. v. Vollcswagen America,lnc.,457 F.3d of 2I (9th Cir. 2006). Moreover,the" 1062,1075-76 domainnameviolatesthe 22 rightsof Petronas underl5 U.S.C.$ 1125(a) creating "falsedesignation origin" asto the by a of 23 pornographic websitefoundat the "" domainnamebecause sitedid not that 24 25 26 t For convenience, a complete copy of the Anticyberpiracy section(15 U.S.C.$ ll25(d)(2)(A)) is attached Ex. C atL of 7. as 27 28 NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION FOR ORDER TRANSFERRING DOMAIN NAME PI.]RSUANT TO 15 u.s.c. 1125(D) $ ANDFOR ENTRY ruDGMENT OF Case Nos: 09-CV-5939 PJH and l0-CV00431EMC OPPAPP000139 -PJH DocumentTFiled03/2511 of Case4:1 0-cv-00431 0 Page5 43 and, in fact, Petronas 1 "originate" with Petronas stronglyobjectsto the site and its useof (9thCir. F.2d 1194,1201 2 "PETRONAS."New West Corp.v. N.Y.M.Co.of California,595 a J of 1979)("Whetherwe call the violationinfringement, unfair competition, falsedesignation or 4 origin,the testis identical-is therea likelihoodof confusion?"). ) domain for Accordingly, the first requirement the transferof the "" 6 that nameto Petronas underthe Anticyberpiracysectionof the Lanhamis met because domain 7 nameinfringesthe trademarkrights of Petronas. 8 9 2. Is The Registrantof"Unknown for to underthe The secondrequirement the transferof "" Petronas 1 0 Anticyberpiracysectionis met because Petronas could not locate-despite due diligence-the ll registrantof the domainnamenor could this Court obtain in personamjurisdictionover the t 2 registrant. Where,ashere,the owner of a mark cannot"obtain in personamjurisdiction" or "was l 3 not ableto frnd" the personwho registered infringing domainnamewith the "bad faith intent" an for t 4 to profit from the useof the domainname,the secondrequirement the transferof the domain 1 5 underthe Anticyberpiracy section met. See15 U.S.C.$ 1125(d)(2)(A)(ii). is t6 domainnamewas Here,according GoDaddy'srecords, "" to the London, is l 7 registered "Heiko Schonenekess" by whoseaddress "BPM 195226,372Old Street, l 8 EclV 9AU, United Kingdom." Ex. A andE (detailingeffortsto contactregistrant).The internet t 9 registrantalso providedan email address: "ddjrivat@hotmaiLcom." Although Plaintiff 20 Petronas tried repeatedly locateand contactthe registrant,including by FederalExpress, to 2l the of it email,andtelephone, wasunableto do so. Id. Because registrant the 22 o'" domaincould not be locatedor subjected in personamjurisdiction,the to 23 24 25 26 27 28 NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION FOR ORDER TRANSFERRING DOMAIN NAME PURSUANT TO 15 u.s.c.$ l l2s(D) ANDFOR ENTRY ruDGMENT OF PJH and 10-CV00431 EMC CaseNos: 09-CV-5939 OPPAPP000140 Page6 43 Case4:1 0-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/25/10 of I second requirement the Anticyberpiracy of has section beenmet with respect the to 2 '" domain narrre.2 .| C. J 4 GoDaddyCertifiesThis Court's Authority to Transfer the ttpetronastower.nettt Domain Name and, GoDaddyis the registrarof the domainname"" as required the by 5 Anitcyberpiracysection,hasprovidedcertificationthat this Court hasthe "control and authority" 6 7 to transfer "" the domainnameto Petronas.Specifically,15 U.S.C.$ II25(d)(2XDXD providesthat, uponthe filing of an Anticyberpiracyaction,"the domainname 8 registrar. . . shall expeditiously depositwith the courtdocuments the sufficientto establish 9 court'scontroland authorityregarding disposition the registration useof the domain the and of 10 nameto the court." GoDaddyprovidedthis informationto Petronas it is beingfiled along and 11 with this motion. Ex. F. As a result,all of the requirements an orderdirectingGoDaddyto for t2 transferthe "" domainnameto Petronas underthe Anticyberpiracysection 13 t4 havebeenmet. D. Entry of Judgment l5 In this action,Plaintiff Petronas seeksan ordertransferringthe "" r6 relief to domainname. Upon the issuance suchan order,the Courtwill havegranted of complete t7 Petronas entryofjudgment will be properunderFed.R. Civ. P. 54. Accordingly,Plaintiff and t 8 Petronas requests that in additionto an ordertransferringthe "" domainname, l 9 the Court alsoissuefinal judgmentin favor of Petronas. 20 IV. 2l CONCLUSION For the foregoingreasons, Plaintiff Petronas respectfully requests orderdirecting an 22 transferthe "" to domainnameto Petronas the entry of and 23 2 .. Sectionll25(d)(2)(Axiix[Xbb) refersto 24 may direct" as a means locatinga registrant"publishingnoticeof the action.theasthe Court of in additionto providingnoticeat mail andemail addresses the registrant.This publication of requirement doesnot applyto the present case 25 because publicationrequirement irrelevantwherein personam jurisdictioncannotbe the is nameresistrant. 26 obtainedover the domain 27 DOMAIN NAME PURSUANTTO 15 28 NOTICEOF MOTION AND MOTION FORORDERTRANSFERzuNG u .s .c .$ 1 1 2 5 (D ) AND FORENTRYOF ruDGMENT Case Nos: 09-CV-5939 andl0-CV00431 PJH EMC OPPAPP000141 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH PageT DocumentT Filed03/25110 of43 I judgmentin favor of Petronas. proposed A final judgmentarebeingfiled orderandproposed 2 with this motion. ., J Dated: March 25-2010 LAW OFFICESOF PERRYR. CLARK 4 5 By: 6 /s/ PerryR. Clark PerryR. Clark 7 Attorney for Plaintiff PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD I 9 10 1l t2 13 t4 15 t6 t7 l8 T9 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION FOR ORDER TRANSFERRING DOMAIN NAME PURSUANT TO 15 u.s.c. r 12s(D) $ AND FORENTRYOF ruDGMENT EMC Case Nos: 09-CV-5939 and10-CV00431 PJH OPPAPP000142 PageS of43 DocumentT Filed03/25110 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH TO DOMAIN NAME PURSUANT 15 NOTICEOF MOTION AND MOTIONFORORDERTRANSFERRING AND FORENTRYOF JUDGMENT u.s.c. $ 1125(D) PJH EMC Nos: 09-CV-5939 and10-CV00431 Case OPPAPP000143 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/25110 Pageg 43 of L,ql'+ Grfl+h$,}F FEmnvffimRK m" ,#Ff;s'-'[n'*?ilf#,; *Jif#ffffiffi.1'ffi.* 144$ HAtuttl-TGN A\,rfi. Jernnary 2SI& 35HglksSchoeuekess EFM 19,22;6 3?.? Sh*et OId Lond+cECf\I'dk4rt:f tl-nit€d Kingd*nr ffiy Feder,wt @reor To Wfu*mtrtMay Csnsemr: gke sotisE&at yeunmglmmionsf th# d#ffielffi F'l*sse ft##ts -*F'ETRShIA$FSWEfl'I{FT, e visngti#rl i.5 U.$,C. I ffiS{tri sr*d&nt'+ris,is#nd is of t*r $ prae€d as.srunwlfff FstmlisffiIl[s$i,trsfit tssq'hed tfts*$rutiffiss s€tf,sf{fu ie ffiffiffin-tto pavid*d thiessti#€,[oyeuby ele@sic mail at ths#n*lesd +smpXaine hme e*so We ths ffiTrnil adfuss ffdd r,ivat@Fomail.from-) of $si$teisd by tneuegi*h,m, *PETRONASTO$f,EH-IilET,' So*cddy.ssry hnc. OPPAPP000144 -PJ 1 Case4:0-cv-00431 H DocumentT Filed03/25110 Page10 43 of 1 PERIIY R, CLAI{K, St*r* Bar No. 197101 L,awOffice-s PerryR. CI*rk of 2 1245Harniltor:Avg" PaloAlto, CA 943ii1 T'etrephone: } {65t})?48-58 7 Facsimile:(550i6188533 4 penyft),,prryc1 Iarv. om e ark c o J 5 s 7 Attorneylhr Plaintiff Pfi'|ROLIAM NASIONAL BER}IAI) (pH"rRoNAS) I I IO 1l T2 TINITED S'TATI1S R]CTCil}JRT NIST' 1,) } J hi{JRTI RI"l IEITNDISTRI(:'f OF'C.i\I-IFt-} i A 14 1 5 PETROLIAM NA S.ISNAL BERHAP" 16 Flaintiff. .TJf ^Rfi'.?}{ C#F€TIATNT FftR YtcLATrtlF[ *F r5 f].f,.C"$ 1135{I}} {CYSERfIRA'CY} t 4 L I 18 19 vs, FETRONAST*WER.NET, en internetdoruain nffine, ?0 Defend"trrt, 21 22 .,1 /-J 24 25 26 27 78 C()IYlPt.AIN"l CASIINO,: 09-CV- OPPAPP000145 PE}HA}iS F#R JIIRY TRIAL Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/25110 Pagel1 of 43 T t PlaingiffP*treli Ha*imealBerhed{'-F*#cnastTto,r it* -Im *.ter,rc fl+mptnint ageinrt Defbnda*t FETRONA$TfrTgtrft.FmT, an internet domain afirrus, alleges ns fnllnws: * 4 TIf,n r'ffiTIHS 1. p16ivfi:iff Fe{rmnas a norpss,eti#n fu r*ndsrltm trart*'x }vlntraysin rf with a #Etl}'orgaairond 5 s ,7 principel plaee *f" husine$fi !*eai** nt Tower 1, Feff*n*s Twin Tnw.*r*, ShmlaLuunpurtiqr Cem.tre, 5frS88,Kusla L,ur,npur, h{alaysia. Fegcnasix whelltrn-srilEed the Gcvernlnent rf kl*t*ysin ftnd by I I I is vestedwitlr ltre enti{e ow&ers}ripand sqntral of the peffo1eum rflssur*BscrfMalaysia. 2" Seftndent PET'RilNASTOHIruR.NHTis an internet d+nrainrtarnetha* sercs* as the Iil illtemet *ddresnfbr a websitedisptr,ayang *hs*enesnd fuigJ,ily affens,ive e.nrtent. Flaintiff Fetn:nas 11 hasnat aed}rcriroed usecf it* United $tatesTrademmk*['ET'R*NAfr" o,r'nryr the cther of its marks t?, in r;nnneqtiq:n the do*+ainnnnl* FETR*NA$TfiUflHR.]{FT +r the a*suc-inted witln wehsite. 13 14 3- and ffn infErrruatinn belief Veri$lgnoInc. is the dsnlein nanreregishy fur 1 5 FHTR#NA$TOS/ER.NET" 16 4" is fia$addy.csln, Ine. f*#oDadcly'o) the d*ruain n&meregi*trarfur 1 1 FETRfiNASTffWER.NHT" 1S 5. Acnardingt+ Goilnddy's "WHOXS" database {avsilatlle af I 9 -hnp://whn,g*,#tfhols"aspx? the d*nr*in.*pe#snfl$t*wer.nrt&prug_id*godaddyr'), 2il 21," 29, Schcenetrcess, BFhd tr95?26,3?2 #ld Str*et, rcgis*rant*f FETR#hIASTS\IIiER.NAT is *oHeiko Lond*sr,L*ndmnECIV 9AU, UrritedKirlgd.*m.o' ,r{r#r,ff mx,gTTp,F{sm,s,,Hs#lJffi 23 74 1E ?s 27 2S S- jwisdi+ti+n under?,fi This Court hassubjestrantter U.S.C. $$ 133I snd I33'S(h) hs+ause sns,e this arisssu*der 15 U-S.C.$ l12S(d). 7. juri*dictisrn ffffer the def*ndant d,qmain Tlds #surt has fn neru nffn.e FHTRONA,$TOWER.I{ET under15 U,$.f," $ } I75{d). C.OMPT,,-\.IN'f OPPAPP000146 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/2511} Pagel2 of 43 I ? 8. Venueis proper: thisjudicial disrrictpursnantto U.S"C.$ 1125(dX2XA) in 15 hecause domainnameregistryf'rrrPil"fIIONAS'I'{}!VI1R.NET VeriSlgn,Inc., which is the is 4 J located thisjudicia,l in tiistrict. 4 $T-F4PI.$Tffifi#H'JS$ilSIT{_il{ 4f3. 5 6 9. This is aru pryspcrfy intslXeq,tfial *afr,# and, as n resrrlt,tfuere no basisfur assignment is par'ti*ulardivi*im pr,lrsu*nf Civil L.R. g-?{+}. t+ T tn nny I I 10. Ftaintiff Fetr$uas, &6.r{}n}{rr1 Petr*liam htraslona,l thr the Bethad,we:sineorporated on 1fl 17 Arugust19?4und:er fiornpanienAst, 19d5" Il is wh*lly-owned hy th* fo{atrayri*n the 1l goverxtrnfirnt is veste.d aad with t$t+entire cwnership and con{rcl tlf the pe{roleurnr*sq}urses in 1? Malalnsia ttxough tra Fqtrol*um S*veXcprnent of 1974" Act l3 34 11" Fetrona*'scorpnrate missicn ce*terssn its re'spunsihility c*ntributs to ttr* wr*lJto i[ 1 5 being af th* pe*ple snd the *afiqmswh.ere *perates,in partiud*rothe well-heirrg$f ths raaticn, *lenr.el*ping safegruarding by and Malaynia's netional 1 6 Mnlay*ian pe+pleand ths F+{alaysiau tr? petroleum res{}ursffs" P*franss algo serv*s ffu*in*ere-tte *fthe }*'flnlnysim,n natiolr arrdits penpleas 1 8 one nf the leadingmulti-nationnl whnse$.rsces$ eflrned oitrnndgasoom,Fanies, itaranking as trns 19 qne sf fhe F*rfune Gl*bal 5flCI in lnrges€ CI*ryora{ie$s ths wcrld. As af ?fffiF, F*tr*aas has 20 ?1 22 4J operatione mcre tffitty thrne{33} **untri*s wnddwide a*d er*pl*ys fipnr*ximetety3G,$fiS in pecple. 12^ trn19P6,FlainriffPetr+nassosryletedn*nstrufiti*n nf,the Petsnas T$ninTswers 2:4 (the large*tfr,eesl*nding bwers imthe wodd) in Kuala l,ump$r, Malaysiatstrargert and its city ?5 cultural" csrrrfilfrfiicl, and edusetionalcsnter,-The PEtranssTwifl Towern s€rveas h*adque$ernfur zfi 27 PshCInas trrsuse offic-esof many cther rngjor f,*-r-eign d$rnentic*orpo;aficn$n tXffi and including +nd fBM, Micr*soft, Foeing, McHinssy & C*., andRei*t*rs. The Petralras Twi{} T+werssnd the ?8 LlO]rllFLAtNl' OPPAPP000147 -PJH DocumentT Filed03/25110 Pagel3 of 43 Case4:1 0-cv-00431 1 adj+ining Suria KICC mall c*r'nplc; hoaass $ffffi* of Mntnyaie's]+nding cultural fasitritisr, 3 itwltding an art rnus.etlr,n P*tronasfiellery}, a sy,rypho,ny {the Pet{*na$Fhilharm*misHell, hall {{hn J 4 lr+nte to the MalaysieelFhilharsr+ni* ilrchr*tm), a,*cien#sar'ld'techrol+gy discovery senter aquarium{AquasiaKLCC, lnsstsd in tfuefldjoining Kiffile l"rarnpur {Fetrosainsl,and a $dflr}d-ctrnss 5 6 Conventfion Cente*J,Arc.hit*c"*rally, the Fetrunfl$Twin Tcwers ernplCIy designun*tifs Srundin pla* ofths 7 Islrunic ar{ e$n reflection sf Mnlaynia'slargely Mmslim communlqy.The basic flpor I FetronasTwin Torru*rn erestsdfr+rn firycov*rtapprng $Euflre$ fl'crmun eight-point*d star, is that I tfustc,aq roug$y in ths slaape aftu& el l{izh, which is an lslff{nicsyrnfuol the nf beusedtn f--asi,titate 1 0 recit*ticn cf tJre Qurlan. 11 I2 13 I4 1$ tr6 13" w*rld and ane rlf the rnCIs{ vieited Ae alr iccnic lancfunsrlc is felnousarnundtfue that destination$ So*[heestAsip, tire lle{rnnasTwin Towersare widely arrdinsepnrably ir] id*rtifred urith Petrnnas, brfl$d, sfid the tradsmark *FffiTRflhiA$." its tr4. Tradem*rkN*. ?9$9?ff?fnr efue Petr+ngsolvn$all right and title tmUnited Sta{es *FETRONAS TWIF-{ mark ''FETR*NAS.'' Fetronasalsn is dle *rnr*er*f;tire tr,adeursrk 1 7 TOHFERS'"snd others. t8 19 20 21 15. rnsrk tooarnongotherthings, At flI} relevant'tirneso Petronas usesits -"FETRONAS"' it identify itself asthe saurceof the goodsand seruices pravides" 16. in Fetran*au$ecits rlark, for examplen its internr.tdo'rnainruffie$ ass*siat*d $,tittr usssn do,rnain by t}rat uwrned Fe{r+naa aa$n# P*tenas's webeifen, F+,m+nas'u offici*l,ite *clc 22 use$ PHTRSHAS rn:erk ths excl$sively,-trwvw.Ff;ffi$ilfl$"6#rr!.ruy,tr **$fffi*islFetrsn*,a dthe LJ elso surns*everal+ther donrai* nflrnestlrat opernte'*rnirr+t''websites Website"). Fetronas which 'Wsbsite:'*www"pstr#nfts.csffi.'t' ?4 redirect tr: the Sffici*I Feltrsnas {\mffr#-pstrsrias.*rgr"and 25 *www"Feffsfrfls.ilty." 36 17. Pstranas alm*usssthn PETR#NAS nenrkf*r tfte daru,ain with nsffire,as**ciated it* 2 7 *fficial Taucers website*sffiaining in*bnnaticnabaut tlre P*trmlra,* Twin Tourers, 2 8 ' ()wa$ with r.Jmy."A* C OMPI..A IN T' Tdshrits,Fetronas the Official Petronas OPPAPP000148 oth*r i DocumentT Filed03/2il14Pagel4 of 43 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH i I $tr*h as "petru,nat-twint*wers"s*fi1ot'whieh I dcmai* $affiss? rgdiret't web uf,s:rs the nfficinl t$ 2 .*psurw.p*tfsnastil,intorir$rs"cfr"twehn.ite. 4 J 4 18. Acsording to prrhticly availablerecsil4&, Daddy is the drlrnainr!flrnsregintrarfor frs the defrendaut dcrueain lffirns *14rWlry"FHTR*I{AST#1}$#R-hlET"*The dss,Hain nsnre 5 *WU/W"FETI"R#F$ASTO$fl,ER.3*IHT" ir,$enmt is the address fur,a ponwgrnphicnsh*ite thnt 6 *isplnys chscffireand.higldy cff,e--nsive eont*nt a$so#tra.$ s{Enputerufifl.rns f;r intennetb,rnw.ger Ft T arrivesat the sitp. I 19. Peffunashasnevsr authoriasdthe ueeof ils PHTRSNAS mffk, or sny ofilnr 9 Petstmnn trnark, the "WW ff -FETR{}NA-|i'il#WI1R.}rIE dnmaim in I"' fi&lne. tff 20- knCIv*'n *ffi{O'E$' {'{hmp;l/wh*.gcdacl*ly, Gn$addy's puhnicrecs:rdf,, ar 1 t *snlWlrcls.aspx? clomain*petrnna$ts'*g*i<tr*gudaddy"), tha{ the re,gisfrant cfthe $tate 1 ? *IIETRONASTfiWEfuI*IET" d*msin nnrrl& o-H*ik+Sch*snskesn, i,s BFfuf 1S52?S, 0[d $treet, 3?? 1'l IJ l4 Lond*n. Lcrnclon EC1V 9AU, tlnit€d Kingd"sm," 71" also #a tr*ddyns r-,es'*rds ffiatethat the *AdmilnietrutilreC*utact* zurdthe uoT*chnical 1 5 Contast"f*r the *FH'lTdilNAS'ffrWHR.l{b"I'' d*mnirl nfuaei* "$choenel*e$*o lteiko 1 6 ddd3rivat@hotrnail.eanr,FPfu{ 1952tS3?2 Old ${rest"L+ndcn,Londan fr*lV 9A1.I" United S t 7 Kingdsrrr,+44.?*76S3 6*6 "" t8 22. FlairrtiffFetrsnas hasbe*n unabletc lacatethe registrarrt the cf providedhy the 1 9 "WTf W.FET&+F$A$TOWER.hIHT*' d+main$am$basecl the infb'rnruntinn oe 20 .dc*rainmgi*ffir, $c iladdy. Fetr*x*ss e*sf s+tiee of lts iurest t* pro*eedu:der 15 IJ.S.C. has 2l t 125{d}{2XAi,as well fl$ s c6py of &st section,tn the r*gistrar$oftlre€t" 22 cl*mai,n fi&ffits!et th€ peirtml ;*ndemail addressm m shepr*vided, cr* informstisn and belief, t+ he ?t th* rogiatrant,#+ Saddy, as sst furlfr ab*ve. Fetr*lras alsa attemptedto prnvide ffich notlce hy ?4 telephoningthe teleph*ne nuwbers in the Gn traddy rec*rds but calls placedta thas* t*lepfunne 25 numberew€trennt an*wered. v6 27 28 ilON,l.PL,'\tNl" OPPAPP000149 i Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/2511A 5 of 43 Pagel q+#hIM FSI"IE$ I+QIB l}13}{#l 1f,, {:i.\Il}#F. tl,Sc#, }sfr 'Ll 1 I 7 Fl 23, Peff*nff"$ inctrrp+rates and re-alleg+sthe precedihgparagraphs if sst f*rth firlly as : 24- The damsin *ame o'pET'RONASTSl4/lnR.F{fiT'i'violatss rights nf Fstrnnnsfts the herein. 4 the uwrler *f ths r*gisieredsrar-k "FHTRQNAS'"nnd rnarlmprnp**fedundsr 15lJ" .C" $$ 1175{a} fi and {c). 7 25. peisonaljrnisdictinn nver} the Pe{rcnnshas heenunabletn find (nr ea,tablish s registrant*f the domain namn*PHTR#NAST'OWER,NET*by usingthe dilipnsE described 15 in I U.$.c. $fi ! 12${d}G}{A}{ii}{F}{aa}" ffisil.r$sfi#u#tfT 10 11 respactfr:llyr*qucststhe fnXl*wi:ng Ifi light $f ths foregoing,P*to'nnas. reliefi t2 1" Tlre Csurt issnean srclerthat Go iladdy, asttre damein.flsrns regi*trar,ar:d r*gisrry, immodiatelytransferalX 1 3 Veri$ign, asthe dornainnflxne right, titrle,snd ir-ttere*t tire lll "PETfiONAST#Wf;R"NST''tc l 4 domain$ar,ns Petrsnfl$;, t5 2" fts*Ite Atrteffifttivelyu C*ufl; issees*l: nrder f*rsver ssncslliilg ths dnmaira tir*. TS 1 6 -'PETRO TAS WER.hIET.* 1 7 Sated: J**unrry?4, SSlS 18 l9 Ilv: ?G 2L PeUoliaur NasianalBerhad ')? ?3 24 25 26 ?7 28 COMPLAIN'I' OPPAPP000150 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT #Jffi.g; 1- FleintiffPefronas respeet Sated: J.anuary 2010 ?4, Sttqnreys fcr Flaintiff F$rpliam Nasisnsl Bethnd CO M P l ,A IN ' I' OPPAPP000151 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentTFiled03/25114 Page17 43 of FedExExpress CustomerSupportTrace 3875 Airways Boulevard ModuleH,4th Floor M e m p h i sT N 3 8 1 1 6 , U . S .M a i l :P Q B o x 7 2 7 Memphis, 38194-4643 TN Telephone: -369-3600 901 February 8,2010 DearCustomer: Thefollowing the proof-of-deliverytracking is for number 871699934570. Delivery Information: Status: Delivered Delivery locatlon: london Signed by: for Service type: .S M IT H PriorityEnvelope date: Delivery Jan 29, 201009:19 871699934570 Shipdate: Weight: Jan27,2010 1.0l bs/O.5 kg Shipping Information: Tracking numben Recipient: london GB Shipper: PALO ALTO, US CA Reference petronal 00007 Thankyou for choosingFedExExpress. FedExWorldwide CustomerService 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 OPPAPP000152 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentTFiled03/25l10 Pagel of 43 I NOTICEOF MOTION AND MOTION FORORDERTRANSFERRING DOMAIN NAME PTJRSUANT 15 TO u.s.c. r 125(D) $ AND FORENTRY OF ruDGMENT Case Nos: 09-CV-5939 andl0-CV00431 PJH EMC OPPAPP000153 rn'munmntt3l Fildffi?,E[4mOP&ruPl cff4B Wffi PerryR. Clark, Esq. 1 Law Officesof PerryR. Clark 2 1245Hamilton Avenue a J 4 PaloAlto , CA 94301 Telephone:(650) 248-5817 Facsimile:(650)248-5816 perry com @perryclarklaw. 5 Attorney for Plaintiff 6 PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD 7 8 9 10 l1 UNITED STATESDISTRICT COURT NORTHERNDISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA ) l 3 PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD. CASENO: 09-CV-5939 PJH ) ) t4 Plaintiff. ) ) VS. 15 ) l2 l6 l7 GODADDY.COM.INC.. Defendant. UNOPPOSEDAMINISTRATIVE MOTION FOR ORDER RELATING CASES 18 t9 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 UNOPPOSEDAMIMSTRATIVE MOTION FOR ORDER RELATING CASES CaseNo: 09-CV-5939PJH OPPAPP000154 Wffi ntmunsrtt3l FildffiflilA$I4il0P@cff6 I NOTICE OF MOTION 2 TO ALL PARTIES AND COLTNSEL RCORD: Please OF take notice that pursuant to 3 Civil Local Rule 7-11 Plaintiff Petroliam NasionalBerhad("Plaintiff'or "Petronas") hereby 4 movesthis Court to consider whether this actionis related CaseNo. C10-00431 to EMC under 5 Civil L.R.3-12. 6 7 8 9 MOTTON FOR ORDER RELATNG CASES Plaintiff Petronas requests this Court issuean orderrelatingthis actionto Case that No. C10-00431 EMC. Defendant GoDaddy doesnot oppose motion. this Both of theseactionsconcemthe domainname'" concern and both of 1 0 the partiesin this action:Plaintiff Petronas DefendantGoDaddy. In this action-which was and ll filed first-Plaintiff Petronas alleges,amongotherthings,that the "" domain 1 2 nameinfringesits federallyregistered trademark"PETRONAS" and that DefendantGoDaddyis 1 3 liable as a contributoryinfringer for its role in maintainingthe registrationof the I4 l5 r6 "" domainname. In the later filed case, CaseNo. C10-00431 EMC, Plaintiff Petronas seeks jtdgment in a rem under15 U.S.C.$ I 125(D)transferring "" the domainnameto Plaintiff t 7 Petronas. Although GoDaddyis not a defendant that case, in GoDaddyis requiredunder 15 l 8 U.S.C.$ 1125(D)to depositcertaininformationwith the Court regarding controland its 1 9 authorityover the disposition the "" of domainnamedueto GoDaddy's 20 positionasthe domainnameregistrar the "" of domainname. GoDaddy 2l 22 providedthis informationto Plaintiff Petronas February on 9,2010 for filing with the Court. A proposed stipulated orderdeeming this caserelated CaseNo. Cl0-000431EMC has to 23 beenlodgedand filed concurrently with this motionasrequired Civil L.R.7-12. by 24 25 26 27 28 UNOPPOSED AMINISTRATIVE MOTION FOR ORDER RELATING CASES CaseNo: 09-CV-5939PJH OPPAPP000155 ktrffi I Dated: March24.2010 nrlm'rngrtftl1 Fildffit1El4il0P@Bcff6 LAW OFFICESOF PERRYR. CLARK ) a J 4 5 By: /s/ PerryR. Clark Perry R. Clark Attorney for Plaintiff PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD 6 7 8 9 10 ll t2 t3 l4 l5 t6 t7 l8 t9 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 UNOPPOSED AMINISTRATIVE MOTION FOR ORDER RELATING CASES CaseNo: 09-CV-5939PJH OPPAPP000156 PageZ2of 43 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentTFiled03/25/10 I 2 J 4 5 6 7 I 9 l0 1l 1,2 13 t4 15 t6 l7 18 19 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 DOMAIN NAME PIJRSUANT 15 TO 28 NOTICEOFMOTION AND MOTIONFORORDERTRANSFERRING u.s.c. 112s(D) $ AND FORENTRYOF ruDGMENT PJH Nos: 09-CV-5939 and10-CV00431 EMC Case OPPAPP000157 $ 1125. Falsedesignations origin,falsedescriptions, dilutionforbidden. US $ ... PageI of 7 and of Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH Page23of43 DocumentT Filed03/25110 U&,taws-l."Elawgs-,E$""l@tawgSeaco,rn ren" "l"Justja---. @lJustia> Law>USLaw>US Code> TITLE15- COMMERCE ANDTRADE> CHAPTER _ TRADEMARKS> 22 - GENERAL SUBCHAPTER ilt PROV|S|ON$S 1125. False designations origin, falsedescriptions, dilution forbidden. of and S 1125. Falsedesignations origin,false descriptions, of and dilutionforbidden. From the U.S. Code Online via GPOAccess fwais . access . gpo. gov] as of January 24, 2002) [Laws in effect by Public Laws enacted IDocument not affected January 24, 2002 and December L9, 20021 ICITE: 15USC1125] T]TLE between 1s--COMMERCEAND TRADE CTIAPTER 2 2-_TRADEMARKS SUBCHAPTERI]]--GENERAL Sec. Lt25. Fa1se designations dil-ution forbidden (a) Civil of origin, PROV]SIONS fal-se descriptions, and action (1) Any person who, on or in connection with any goods or services, or any container for goods, uses in commerce any word, term, narne, symbolr or devicer or any false designation or any combination thereof, of origin, fal-se or misleading description or false or of fact, misleading representation of fact, which-(A) is likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to ^^^^'i *-^ of such to the af fil-iation, connection, or association ^ a r e n n r ^ rri [ a n o t h e r p e r s o n , o r a s t o t h e o r i g i n , or sponsorship, by approval of his or her goods, services, or commercial activities another person, or (B) i-n commercial- advertising misrepresents the or promotion, qualities, nature, characteristics, or geographic origin of his or her or another personts goods, services, or commercial- activi-ties, U S U E J V E A ' t/v!Uvlr shal-l- be liabl-e in a civilaction by any person who bel-j-eves that he or she is or is likeIy to be damaged by such act. (2) As used in t.his subsection, incl-udes anv the term "any person" State, instrumentality of a State or employee of a State or instrumentality Any of a State acting in his or her officialcapacity. Qt-:t-a rnr{ '-y such instrumentality, officer, or employee, shall- be subject t.o the provisions of this chapter in the same manner and to the same extent as any nongovernmental entity. (3) In a civilaction for trade dress infringement under this chapter for trade dress not registered on the principal register, the person who asserts has the burden of proving that trade dress protection the matter sought. to be prot.ected is noL functional. (b) fmportation Any goods marked or labeled in contravention of the http:I llawj ustia. I 5/ OPPAPP000158 com/us/codes/title I 5usc1I 25.html provisions of 3lzsl20r0 $ 1125. False designations origin,falsedescriptions, dilutionforbidden. US $ ... Page of 7 of 2 and Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/25110 Page24of 43 this section shall not be imported int.o the United States or admitted to onfrrr af rnrr qs5lomhOUSe Of the United States. The owner, importer, Ot consignee of goods refused entry at any customhouse under this section may have any recourse by protest or appeal that is given under the customs revenue l-aws or may have the remedy gJ-ven by this chapter in goods refused entry or seized. cases involving J (c) * " Remedies for dil-ution of famous marks (1) The owner of a famous mark shal-l be entitl-ed, subject to the principles of equity and upon such terms as the court deems reasonable, to an injunction agai-nst another person's commercial- use in commerce of a mark or trade name, rf such use begins after the mark has become famous and causes dilution quality of the distinctive of the mark, and to obtain such other rel-ief as is provided in this subsection. fn determining whether a mark is distinctive and famous, a court may consider factors such as, but not limited to-(A) the degree of inherent or acquired distinctiveness of the mark; (B) the duration and extent of use of the mark in connection with the goods or services with which the mark is used; (C) the duration and extent of advertising and publicity of the mark; (D) the geographical extent of the trading area in which the mark is used; (E) the channe]s of trade for the qoods or services with which the mark is used; (F) the degree of recognition of t.he mark in the trading areas and channel-s of trade used by the marks' owner and the person against whom the injunction is sought; (G) the nature and extent of use of the same or similar marks bv third parties; and (H) whether the mark was registered under the Act of March 3, 1881, or the Act of February 20, 1905r or on the principal register. (2) In an action brought under this subsection, the owner of the famous mark shall- be entitled only to injunctive relief as set forth in sect.ion ILL6 of this titl-e unless the person against whom the injunction is sought willfutly intended to trade on the owner's reputation or Lo cause dil-ution of the famous mark. If such wil1ful intent is proven, the owner of the famous mark shall- al-so be entitl-ed to the remedies set forth in sections 1117 (a) and 1118 of this title. subject to the discretion of the court and t.he principles of equity. (3) The ownership by a person of a valid registration under t.he Act of March 3, 1881, or the Act of February 20, 1905r or on the principal register shal-l be a complete bar to an action against that person, with respect to that mark, that is brought by another person under the common l-aw or a statute of a State and that seeks to prevent dilut.ion of the distinctj-veness of a mark, label-, or form of advertisement. (4) The following shal-l- not be actionable under this section: (A) Fair use of a famous mark by another person in comparati-ve commercial- advertising or promotion to identify the competing goods or services of the owner of the famous mark. (B) Noncommercial- use of a mark. (C) A11 forms of news reporting and news commentary. (d) Cyberpiracy prevention (1) (A) A person shal-l- be l-iable in a civil- action by the owner of a mark, incl-uding a personal- name which is p r o t e c t e d as a mark under this section, rf, without regard to the goods or servi-ces of the parties, that person-(i) has a bad faith intent to profit from that mark, including http:II lawj ustia. com/us/c s/titleI 5/ 15OPPAPP000159 ode uscI | 25.htrnl 3/2512010 $ 1125. False designations origin,falsedescriptions, dilutionforbidden. US $ ... Page of 7 of and 3 Case4:1 0-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/2 5110 Page25of 43 r.'ar<^nrl (ii) name which is protected as a mark under this section; and registers, t.raffics in, or uses a domain name that-(I) in the case of a mark that is distinctive at the time of registration of the domain name, is identical or confusingly similar to that mark; (II) in t.he case of a famous mark that is famous at the time of registration of t.he domain name, is identicalor confusingly simil-ar to or dil-utive of t.hat mark; or (III) is a trademark, word, or name protected by reason of section 106 of title 18 or section 220505 of title 36. (B) (i) In determining whether a person has a bad faith intent (A), a court may consider described under subparagraph factors such as, but not limited to-(I) the t.rademark or other intell-ectualproperty rights of the person, if drry, in the domain name; (II) the extent to which the domain name consists of the legal name of the person or a name that is otherwise commonly used to identify that person; (III) the person's prior use, if dny, of the domain name in connection with the bona fide offering of any goods or services; (IV) the person's bona fide noncofirmercial or fair use of the mark in a site accessibl-e under the domain name; (V) the person's intent to divert consumers from the mark ownerrs onl-ine location to a site accessible under the domain name that. could harm the goodwill represented by the mark, either for commercial- gain or with the intent to tarnish or disparage the mark, by creating a likelihood of confusion as to the source, sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of the site; (VI) the person's offer to transfer, s e l - 1t o t o t h e r w i s e a s s i g n the domain name to the mark owner or any third party for financial nrin u,if1'r1sl having used, or having an intent to use, the domain name in the bona fide offering of any goods or services, or the person's prior conduct indicating a pat.t.ern of such conduct; (VII) the person's provision of material and misleading false contact information when applying for the registration of the domain name, the person's intentional fail-ure to maintain accurate contact information, or the person's prior conduct indicating a pattern of such conduct; (VIII) the person's registration or acquisition of multiple domain names which the person knows are identicalor confusingly similar to marks of others that are distinctive at the time of registrat.ion o f s u c h d o m a i n n a m e sr o r d i l - u t i v e of famous marks of others that are famous at the tj-me of registration of such domain names, without regard to the goods or services of the parties; and (IX) the extent to which the mark incorporated in the person's domain name registration is or is not distinctive and famous within (c) (l-) of this section. the meaning of subsection (fl) (A) shall Bad faith intent described under subparagraph not be found in any case in which the court determines that the person believed and had reasonabl-e grounds to believe that the use of t.he domain name was a fair use or otherwise ]awful-. (C) In any civil action invol-ving the registration, trafficking, or use of a domain name under this paragraph, a court may order the forfeit.ure or cancel-Iation of the domain name or the transfer of the domain name to the owner of the mark. (D) A person shall be l-iabl-e for using a domai-n name under (A) only if that person is the domain name registrant subparagraph or that registrant's authorized licensee. (E) As used in this paragraph, the term "traffics in" refers to transactions that include, but are not limited to, sal-es, purchases, l-oans, pledges, licenses, exchanges of currency, and any other transfer http:/ilawj ustia. com/us/codes/title I 5uscI I 25.html 15/ OPPAPP000160 3t25t20r0 designationsorigin, of false descriptions, dilution 4 and forbidden.US $ ... Page of 7 $ 1125. False Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/25110 Page26 of43 for consideration or receipt in exchange for consideration. (2) (A) The owner of a mark may file an in rem civil action against a domain name in the judicial district in which the domain name registrar, domain name registry, or other domain name authority that registered or assigned t.he domain name is l-ocated if-(i) the domain name violates any right of the owner of a mark rani ar-ored in the Pat.ent and Trademark Office, er protected under (a) or (c) of this section; subsection and (ii) the court finds that the owner-(I) is not able to obtain in personam jurisdiction over a person who woul-d have been a defendant in a civil action under paragraph (1); or (II) through due diligence was not able to find a person who would have been a defendant i-n a civil action under paraqraph (1) bY-(aa) sending a notice of the alleged viol-ation and intent to proceed under this paragraph to the registrant of the domain name at the postal and e-mail address provided by the registrant to the regist.rar; and (bb) publishing notice of the actj-on as the court may promptly after direct filing the action. (B) The actions (A) (ii) under subparagraph shal-l- constitute service of process. (C) In an in rem actj-on under this paragraph, a domain name shall be deemed to have its situs in the judicial district in which-(i) the domain name registrar, registry, or other domain name authority that registered or assigned the domain name is located; or (fi) documents sufficient to establ-ish contro.l- and authority v - a t r ar l i n g t h e d i s p o s i t i o n r j-on and use of the domain of the registrat name are deposited with the court. (D) (i) The remedies in an in rem action under this paragraph shal-lbe l-imited to a court order for the forfeiture or cance]]ation of t.he domain name or the transfer of the domain name to the owner of the mark. Upon receipt of written notification of a filed, stamped copy of a complaint filed by the owner of a mark in a United States district court rrnrlar thic caraqraph, the domain name registrar, domain name registry, I or other domain name authority shall-(I) expeditiously wit.h the court document.s suffj-cient deposit to establish the court's control- and authority regarding the disposition of the registration and use of the domain name to the court; and (II) not transfer, suspend, or otherwise modify the domain name during the pendency of the action, except upon order of the court. (ii) The domai-n name registrar or registry or other domain name authority shall not be liable for injunctive or monetary relief under this paragraph except in the case of bad faith or reckless disregard, which incl-udes a will-fulfailure to comply with any such court order. (3) The civil action establ-ished under paragraph (1) and the in rem (2), and any remedy available action establ-ished under paragraph under either such action, shall- be in addition to anv other civil action or remedy otherwise applicable. (4) The in rem jurisdiction established under paragraph (2) shal-I be in addition to any other jurisdiction that. otherwise exists, whether in rem or in personam. (Jul-y 5, L946, ch. 540, title VIII, Sec. 43, 60 Stat. 44I,' Pub. L. 10066'7, title T, Sec. I32, Nov. L6, 1988, L02 Stat. 3946; Pub. L. 102-542, Sec. 3(c), Oct. 27, L992, 105 Stat. 3568; Pub. L. 104-98, Sec. 3 (a), J a n . 1 6 , L 9 9 6 , 1 0 9 S t a t . 9 8 5 ; P u b . L . L 0 6 - 4 3 ,S e c s . 3 ( a ) ( 2 ) , 5 , A u g . 5 , 1 9 9 9 , l I 3 S t a t . 2 1 , 9 , 2 2 0 ; P u b . L . 1 0 5 - 1 1 3 , d i v . B , S e c . l - 0 0 0 ( a )( 9 ) http: llawj ustia. / com/us/codes/titl 5/15OPPAPP000161 e1 uscI 125.html 3lzsl20t0 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/25110 Page27of 43 Ex. D NOTICE MOTION OF ANDMOTION FOR ORDER TRANSFERRING DOMAIN NAMEPURSUANT 15 TO u.s.c.$ l125(D) AND FOR ENTRY OF JUDGMENT CaseNos: 09-CV-5939PJH and l0-CV00431 EMC OPPAPP000162 lltmefrn€srt?+ffilM)sAg{ID ruSffidf14B ktrffi I 2 J 4 5 6 I PerryR. Clark,State No. l97l0l Bar Zhuanjia Gu, StateBarNo. 244863 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Mill Road 950Page Alto, CA 94303 Palo (650)8597070 Telephone: Facsimile:(650)8597000 For Attorneys Plaintiff PETROLIAMNASIONAL BERI{AD I I l0 II UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SAN JOSE DIVISION t2 r3 l4 I5 PETROLIAM NASIONALBERHAD. r6 Plaintiff, t7 r8 v. NO.09-CVDECLARATION IN SUPPORTOF PLAINTIFF''S MOTION FOR TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER INC, GODADDY.COM, l9 Defendant. 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Declaration OPPAPP000163 Wffi t[trarrnusnt7l H'ldDlgffiltlD @ffidf%B I declare follows: l, PriyaManokaran, as 2 as by NasionalBerhad, also known as Petronas, the Legal l. I am employed Petroliam 3 and Services Technology, Property Unit of Corporate and Technology Officer in the Intellectual 4 Affairs Division. LegalandCorporate 5 and is amongthe FortuneGlobal 2. Petronas a fully-integrated and gascorporation is oil 6 the encompasses futl business in 500 listing of the largestcorporations the world. Petronas's 7 and oil in of of spectrum oil and gasoperations the areas upstream and gasexploration production, 8 gas products, trading, processing of and downstream refining,marketing distribution petroleum oil 9 of rnarketing liquefiednaturalgas, gas pipelinenetworkoperations, and liquefaction, transmission l0 investment. and petrochemical shipping, property and nranufacturing marketing, approximately worldwideandemploys has in 3. Petronas operations morethan33 countries ll t2 people. 16,000 l3 t4 ("Official Petronas official corporatewebsite is "" 4- Petronas's '\wwv.petronas.corn," Website"). There is an official U.S,-based"mirror" website at t5 my." and "," "www.petronas. of domainnamefbr the official website uses "petronastwintowers," the 5. Petronas l6 Petronas Twin Towers and uses ""to redirect to 17 the i8 headquarters, Twin Towers,which housePetronas's The "". Petronas 19 in are one of tlre rnostwell known landmarks Asia and are extremelycloselyidentifiedwith 20 visitorsfrom Malaysiaandthe restof the world for the Twin Towersattract The Petronas Petronas. 2l commercial, cultural, and other offerings housed at the Peffonas Twin Towers. 22 to websiteis intended provide informationto as many peopleas ",my" 23 possible Twin Towers. aboutthe Peffonas The 24 of the Websiteis perhaps most widely viewed manifestation the 6. The Official Petronas 25 Website[o, amongotherthings, usesthe Official Petronas identity. Petronas Petronas corporate 26 of management, shareholders and project corporate the of inrage rel'lects values theemployees, that a ?7 own a stake of the the of who, through Government Malaysia, Pctronas, including people Malaysia 28 to Website providenewsandinformation the also in the company,Petronas uses OfficialPetronas Declaration 2 OPPAPP000164 @mtrffi rrhrcrrngrt7l ffiIffiZ4fl/flD @SdffiB I recruitand potentialcustomers, ernployees, and with customers, communicate aboutits business, 2 and around world,advertise products, promoteits brand, its the for hire employees its locations J to or unknown learned that a person persons 7. On or aboutNovember26,2009, Petronas 4 a and the had Petronas registered domainname"" was operating website 5 knowledge consent. or withoutPetronas's narne usingthatdomain 6 website 26,2009,ths "w\arw"" hasdisplayed 8, Sinceat leastNovember 7 material. As a result,any persondirectinga web and pornographic highly offensiveobscene 8 to websitewill be exposed the accessing, o'" the browserto, or otherwise 9 displayed the "www,petronastower.nef'website. on material anrl highlyoffensive pornographic t0 il t2 9. On or about November 26, 2009, Petronas leamed that the domain name '" beenregistered Inc. with Go, had informed Go Daddy of the repeatedly 10.On or about November 26, 2009, Petronas r3 was rnaterial being domainnameandthat pornographic unauthorized of the "" use 14 that the websitebe with that domainnameand requested displayedon the websiteassociated l5 to were sentby Fetronas the Co Daddyemail addresses removed. Ex. A at l-2. Theserequests r6 Id. and "" "" l7 o'Spam and AbuseDepadment" 1,2009, the GoDaddy,com ll,On or aboutDecember l8 in involved domain from becoming thatit is "prohibited stating with responded an emailto Petronas t9 20 to dispules"and refusingto take any actionwith respect the "'n nameownership of with the 'owording the anyissues to name, Ex. A at l. According Go Daddy, website domain or 2l forumsuchas throughan arbitration domainnameitsetfwill needto be sentto eitherthe registrant, 22 Organization, the localcourtsystem.".ld. or Properfy the World Intellectual 23 owns all right, title, and interestin U,S. TrademarkNo" 2969707for 12.Petronas 24 "PETRONAS." Attachedheretoas Ex. B is a true and correct copy of the U.S. Patentand 25 No. U.S. Trademark Office'slistingof Petronas's Trademark 2969707. 26 27 with the the has 13.Petronas not authorized use of the PETRONASmark in connection domainnameor website. "" 28 Declaration 3 OPPAPP000165 @ftffi I rrlruilnrgrtfll ffi'ld)ffiflfllllD that the foregoingis true I declareunder penaltyof perjuryof the laws of the United States 2 3 4 RUgl dfKB 17,2009 Dated:December 5 6 I I 9 l0 il t2 r3 l4 l5 16 17 t8 t9 2Q 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Declaration OPPAPP000166 ent4 Filed02/L$tas Pase3o 43pageor2 of rradernarkBil?F#i,,9'es?h$'08iftHJdEsBgtut 1 United States Patent and Trademark Office H o m es i te rn d e x f e a rc h l rl q l G l ossaryl eui C esl C ontactsl eB usi nessf f eei zal ertsl tl ew sl uetp S > Trademarks Trademark Electronic SearchSystem(TESS) IESS was/asf updatedon TueDec 15 04:04:28EST 2009 @@rffisF@@ for allocated you. I Pleaselogoutwhen you are done to releasesystemresources TL-og"L,t on I lumpl to record: mListAt: :}ffis$Wffi ffif;W Record 1 out of 2 (IJsethe"Back"buttonof thetnternet Browser to return fo IESSJ -*r.6 Word Mark PETRONAS Goods and lC 001.US 001 005 006 010 026 046.G & S: Chemicals petrochemicals use in the for and $ervices packaging, and cableinstallation, wire manufacture pharmaceuticals, of cosmetics, detergents, paintsand coatings, rubber, adhesives, fuel cassette tapes,pipes, toys,films,floorings, synthetic parts, textiles, agriculture, and electronic automotive additives and lubricants, electrical components, plastics, foods,and diagnostic equipment; aerospace aviation, and building construction and materials, petrochemical the nature methanol, chemicaland in ethylene, methyltertiary butylether(MTBE), of polyvinyl polyethylene, polypropylene, propylene, vinylchloride ethylbenzene, monomer, and chloride, styrene all forestry, agricultural, horticultural, scientific and applications; monomer for use in industrial, photographic polymers artificial synthetic and for of chemicals; resins use in the manufacture fibers, plastic compounds use in plastic for extrusion and coatings, molding and compounds; molding plastic articles and plastic operations molding compounds usethe manufacture moldedplastic for of sheetsandfilms;composts; manures; fertilizers agriculturaland for domestic use;gluefor industrial gasesfor heating, purposes, adhesives general for industrial lighting, steam use,contact cennents; generating, for forms; cooking, refrigeration, drying and ventilating industrial in liquidand gaseous use for oils; fluidsfor general additives oil dispersants; chemicals separating hydraulic use;chemical for gasoline drilling mudsfor use in oil use in the manufacture fuels,lubricants, of and lubricants; drilling well drilling, engines, fluidsfor industrial fluidsfor coolants vehicle for heattransfer use,hydraulic general waterfor recharging and use,acidulated accumulators batteries; chemical additives use for for with internal catalysts use in the for combustion engineschemical additives fuel savingtreatments, oil processing industry, oilfor preservation masonry of lC 004.US 001 006 015.G & S: Transmission fluids,cutting metalworking, Crudeoil, oilfor industrial gasoline;fuel gasoline, oil and general purpose greases, purpose gas;fuel natural lubricants; fuel all gas;gasoline lubricant; oils;fuelalcohol; dieselfuel; as kerosene, unleaded fuel;oil gas;paraffin; petroleum; petroleum gaseous ether,fuelsin liquid, and solidform,dustlyingand absorbing http :// I eld?Fdoc&state:4006:9g5nt5.2. OPPAPP000167 t2/rs/2009 Filed0z/l1tasPage33 43pageor2 of rrademarkqqsfttiflSgU-r0fl$9$-rfiJt+E$gcument?fi 2 jelly compositions use on unpaved for roads;non-chemical additives oilsand fuels;petroleum for for purposes, petrochemicals use in fuel, industrial tallow,autornatic transmission fluids;nnethanol for petroleum baseddust suppressing compositions use in manufacture for gas and petrol lG 011. US 013 A21023031 034.G & S: Air conditioners, waterdistillation units,flares, purposes; regulators, gas burners industrial for heatexchangers, pumps,pasteurizers use in heat for industry; electricradiators for motorsor engines,solarcollectors heating food and beverage for not solarfurnaces, waterfilters Mark Drawing Gode Design Search Gode (3) DESIGN PLUSWORDS, LETTERS, AND/OR NUMBERS (a (a 01.15.08 Raindrop singledrop);Singledrop(rain, tear,etc.);Teardrop singledrop) 26.03.17 Concentric ovals;Concentric ovalsand ovalswithinovals;Ovalswithinovals;Ovals, concentric 26.03.21-Ovalsthat are completely partially or shaded 26.03.28 Miscellaneous designs withoverall amoeba-like ovalshape,including shapes and irregular ovals;Ovalshape(miscellaneous overall shape) s.erial 781oo1Bs Nurnber Filing Date December 2001 28, Crrrronf Filing't""i" 44E 1B:44E 3,lilflll3'""," Published for August 24,2OA4 Opposition 2eoszoz ft:ffitJlt'on Registration Owner Jury1g,2oos (REGISTRANT) Petroliam Nasional BerhadCORPORATION MALAYSIA Petronas TwinTowers, Tower 1 KualaLumpurCity Centre50088KualaLumpurMALAYSIA E. f;Hffit " Brian Banner Description The markconsistsof The designportionof the markto the rightof the word "PETRONAS" the is of Mark fancifulrepresentation a drop of oil in the colorgreenand greenis claimedas a part of the mark. of Trrna rr# *' TRADEMARK ;jjj n tftqt Register PRINCIPAL l;IiJSf#L'vE I.HOME I SITEINDEXI SEARCH I eBUSINE$SI HELP I PRIVACYPOLICY 1 :9g5nt5.2. OPPAPP000168 r211512A09 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentTFiled03/25110 Page34 43 of I 2 J 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 l2 13 l4 l5 t6 t7 l8 l9 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 DOMAIN NAME PURSUANTTO 15 28 NOTICEOF MOTION AND MOTION FORORDERTRANSFERRING u.s.c. l r2s(D) $ AND FORENTRY OF ruDGMENT Case Nos: 09-CV-5939 andl0-CV00431 PJH EMC OPPAPP000169 rrftrunrtsrtts HlffiffiZ4$/lD rug€6df3ffi Wffi I 2 3 4 5 PerryR. Clark l97l}l Jia Jia Gu 244863 perry. clark@kirkland. com zhuanj gu@kirkland. om ia. c KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP 950Page Mill Road PaloAlto, California 94304 (650)859-7000 Telephone: (650)859-7500 Facsimile: 6 7 I 9 10 ll SarahL Forney 2547 69 sarah. forney@kirkland. om c KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP 555CaliforniaStreet SanFrancisco, California 94104 (41 Telephone: 5) 439-1400 (41 Facsimile: 5) 439-1500 Attorneysfor Plaintiff UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT O]F' CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO DIVISION t2 l3 T 4 Petroliam NasionalBerhad, 15 16 l7 18 l9 20 Plaintiff, vs., Inc., Defendant. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) CASE NO. 09-CVCLARI( DECLARATION IN SUPPORT oF MOTION F',OR TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER HearingDate: 2t 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 OPPAPP000170 December 2009 18, Wffi ftmffinugrtts I 1. ruSffiadf3$ I, PerryClark, declare follows: as 2 H'lHlgAfl/IID J I am a lawyer at the law firm of Kirkland & Eltis LLP, 950 PageMill Road, PaloAlto, California,94304, ffid a memberin goodstanding the Bar of the Stateof California. I of 4 5 6 am admittedto practicein the United States District Court for the NorthernDistrict of California. Kirkland& Ellis LLP hasbeenretained counsel Petroliam as for NasionalBerhad(*PETRONAS") 7 in the presentaction. I arn making this declaration suioport Petronas'Motion for a Temporary in of 8 Restraining Order. 9 10 11 2. On December14,2A09, contacted I GoDaddyvia telephone inform it of to "" "Infringing DomainName") and associated (the offensivewebsite("Infringing Website") andto request that the InfringingDomainNarneandInfringing Website disabled. be 12 13 3. Specifically,Petronas's counbel calledthe telephone numberfor the "Abuse l4 (480 6242505)listedin GoDaddy's Department" public database informationrelated its of to l5 domainnames.Ex. A. t6 4. I informed the operatorin GoDaddy'sAbuseDepartment that the "" 1 7 domainnamethat GoDaddyhad registered infringedPetronas's United States trademark and 18 t9 requested the domain nutme disabled. that be 5. The operatorin GoDaddy'sAbuseDepartment statedthat GoDaddydid not respond 2A 2l 22 23 to allegations trademarkinfringementunlessthey were submittedin writing according of to GoDaddy' "Trademarkand/orCopyri Infringement ght s " Policy. 6. On December16,2009,I senta formalNotice of Trademark Infringement a and 24 request that,theInfringing Websitebe disabled requiredby GoDaddy's"Trademarkand/or as 25 Copyright Infringement Policy." Ex. B. This includeda signeddeclaration identiffing the address 26 of the offensiveInfringing Website, registrant the informationfor the Infringing Website obtained as 27 28 frornGoDaddy'sWHOIS database, information and regarding Petronas' frademark rights,including OPPAPP000171 nqnnurnertil3 ffilHlfiflAfl/llD @#df3{B Wffi 1 Petronas's registration U.S. Trademark 2969707 "PETRONAS Id. of No. for ." 2 J 4 5 7. GoDaddyresponded December 2009with an email statingthatit would not on 16, disable Infringing DomainNameor InfringingWebsiteandthat any disputes the overthe "ownershipor wording of the domainnameitself will needto be sentto eitherthe registrant, through 6 an arbitrationforum such as the World IntellectualProperfy Organization, the local court system.,' or 7 Ex. C. 8 9 l0 1t 8. On December16,2009,I aftempted contact registrant the InfringingDomain to the of Nameby usingthe email andtelephone numberprovidedby GoDaddy. Ex. D. The emailaddress providedfor the registrantby GoDaddyfor the Infringing Domain Name was " Id. ." 12 13 9. I informed the registrantvia email of the Infringing Domain Nameandthe offensive l4 Infringing Website, Ex. E. I requested the registrantimmediatelycease that and desist. from funher l5 useof the domainname,and alsorequested the registranttransferownershipof the dornain that t6 nelme Petronas. Petronas not receivea response its email. to Id. did to 17 l8 10. I calledthe telephone numberbut it was answerwith a recordedmessage askingfor a "l0-Digit YAK message be followedby the hashsign." to t9 11. 20 Pwsuantto Fed,R. Civ. P. 65(b),the undersigned counsel(PerryR. Clark)certifies z1 that he madethe following efforts to providenoticeof this motion for a tbmporaryrestraining order 22 to the Plaintiff. First, he calledthe GoDaddy AbuseDepartment December 2009at $B$ 6Za on 18, 23 2505andinformedthe operator this motion. The operator of directed that noticebe emailed to 24 "" Second, Clark sentan emailto "" Mr. providingnotice 25 26 27 28 of this motion andthe telephone numberandemailaddress which Mr. Clark couldbe reached. at Ex. F. Finally,Mr. Clark senta copy of this noticeof motion,motion, ffid supporting papers to "" OPPAPP000172 ffiffi DATED: December8, 2009 I 'Dlurnrrrrugrtts Hlffi@Aglm Ruffidf3tB Respectfully submitted, & ELLISLLP 950Page Mill Road PaloAlto, California 94304 (650)859-7000 Telephone: (650)859-7500 Facsimile: OPPAPP000173 DocumentS Filed02/26n9Page20of{10 Case4:09-cv-00039-PJH FeryGhdt Palo Ab/lGfdand-Ets 1211612009 AM 09:45 To ddd-privat@hotrnail-com cc bcc subjectPETRONASTOWER.NET We represent Petroliam Nasional Berhad, Petronas, connection theinfringement its or in with of trademarks the website"" by We havebeendirected youby Go Daddy, Inc.,the registrar the domain name, wellas Capital of for to as Grov*h who is affiliated thewebmaster GmbH, with haveidentified Bothof theseparties Heiko Schoenekess BPM195226,372 Street, London, London andregistrant Old EC1V 9AU,United Kingdom, the owner as nef of the "petronastower. ' website. The"" and itsuseas a website, of domain name, infringe the trademarks Petronas. on Accordingly, request we thatyou immediately ceaseanddesistfromanyuseof the "petronastower.nef' website.We furtherrequest thatyou contactme immediately discuss transfer the registration to the of of the"petronastower.nef' domain nameto Petronas. BestRegards, PerryClark KIRKI-ANDELLIS.LLP & 950PageMillRoad PaloAlto,CA 94{}03 Office: 859 7A7O 650 Mobile:650 5817 248 OPPAPP000174 DocumentSFiled02/28l0g Page{lO {10 Case4:09-cv-00039-PJH of PerryClarUPalo Alto/Kirkland-Ellis 1?/18t2009 AM 08:51 To cc bcc Subject NOTICEOF MOTIONFORTEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER Please take noticethat Petroliam Nasional Berhad,("Petronas") intendsto movefor a temporary restraining orderin UnitedStatesDistrictCourtof the NorthernDistrictof California today, December 18, 2009,as soonas the mattercan be heard. We willforwardthe fonnalmovingpapersas soonas theyare completed. PerryClark KIRKTAND ELLIS & LLP 950 PageMillRoad PaloAlto,CA 94303 Telephone: 248 5817 650 OPPAPP000175 Case4:10-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/25110 Page41 of43 I 2 J 4 5 6 7 8 9 l0 l1 l2 r3 t4 l5 16 l7 l8 t9 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 DOMAIN NAME PURSUANT 15 TO 28 NOTICEOF MONON AND MOTIONFORORDERTRANSFERRING u.s.c. $ 1125(D) AND FORENTRYOF ruDGMENT Case Nos: 09-CV-5939 and10-CV00431 PJH EMC OPPAPP000176 Case4:1 0-cv-00431-PJH DocumentT Filed03/25110 Page{Zof 43 I 2 3 LTNITED STATESDISTRICTCOURT FOR THE NORTHERNDISTRICTOF CALIFORNIA 4 5 6 PETROLIAMNASIONAL BERHAD, CIVIL ACTIONNO. C1O-OO43IEMC 7 Plaintiff 8 9 REGISTRAR.' CERTIFICATE S V. 1 0 PATRONASTOWER.NET, an internetdomainname ll Defendant. t2 l3 l4 15 I, LaurieAnderson, representative, (ooGo a Inc. of Daddy"),un ICANNregistrarof Internetdomainnamesunderthe top level, .org.and .net, accredited amongothers,herebydeclare: t6 l. l7 l8 I havepersonalknowledge the facts statedherein,and would testify to such of factsif so calledto testi$r. r9 2. of Go Daddyis the registrar the domainnameat issueinthis case, 20 "Domain Name"). (the 2l 22 3. 8, received On or aboutFebruary 2010,Go Dadtdy written notificationof a filed, copy of the Complaintin the instantcase. stamped 23 4. The Complaint alleges that the Domain Name infringes on the registered 24 25 trademark the plaintiff. of 26 I 5 U.S.C. I 12s(dX2XDXiXl) Declaration $ 2nn0l PageI ofZ OPPAPP000177 I 2 3 4 5 6 7 I 9 l0 il l2 t3 l4 l5 l6 t7 18 I9 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 OPPAPP000178

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