Petroliam Nasional Berhad v., Inc.

Filing 153

DECLARATION of Perry Clark in Opposition to 152 Opposition/Response to Motion, filed byPetroliam Nasional Berhad. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit 1, # 3 Exhibit 2, # 4 Exhibit 3, # 5 Exhibit 4, # 6 Exhibit 5, # 7 Exhibit 6, # 8 Exhibit 7, # 9 Exhibit 8, # 10 Exhibit 9, # 11 Exhibit 10, # 12 Exhibit 11, # 13 Exhibit 12, # 14 Exhibit 13, # 15 Exhibit 14, # 16 Exhibit 15, # 17 Exhibit 16, # 18 Exhibit 17, # 19 Exhibit 18, # 20 Exhibit 19, # 21 Exhibit 20 (Part 1 of 3), # 22 Exhibit 20 (Part 2 of 3), # 23 Exhibit 20 (Part 3 of 3))(Related document(s) 152 ) (Clark, Perry) (Filed on 12/9/2011)

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Ex. 4 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 CLARK DECL. ISO OPP. SUMMARY JUDGMENT Case No: 09-CV-5939 PJH PERRYR. CLARK, StateBar No. l97l0l LAW OFFICESOF PERRYR. CLARK 825 SanAntonio Road PaloAlto, CA 94303 Telephone:(650) 248-5817 Facsimile:(650)248-5816 perry c @perry Attorneyfor Plaintiff PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS) LTNITED STATESDISTRICT COURT NORTHERNDISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA OAKLAND DIVISION PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS), CASENO: 09-CV-5939 PJH Plaintiff. NOTICE OF'FED. R. CIV. P. 30(BX6)DEPOSTTTON TO DEFENDANT VS. GODADDY.COM,INC., Defendant. TO ALL PARTIES AND TO THEIR ATTORNEYS OF'RECORD: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that pursuant Fed.R. Civ. P. 30(bX6),Plaintiff Petroliam to Nasional ("Plaintiff'or "Petronas") Berhad(Petronas) will takethe deposition uponoral examination Defendant of, ("Defendant" "Go Daddy") on October18, Inc. or 2011,commencing at9:30a.m. attheLaw Officesof PerryR. Clark,825SanAntonioRoad, PaloAlto, CA94303, which deposition shallcontinue thereafter, Saturdays, Sundays and holidaysexcepted, until completed.The deposition will be takenbeforea certifiedcourtreporter NOTICE OF FED. R. CrV. p. 30(B)(6)DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT TO Case No: 09-CV-5939 PJH OPPAPP000045 1 authorized administer to oathsandmay be videotaped. 2 a J 4 5 Pursuant Fed.R. Civ. P. 30(bX6),GoDaddyshalldesignate produce the to and at deposition moreof its officers,directors, or managing agents, most employees, agents or qualifiedto testi$i on its behalfasto the matters described Exhibit 1. in Dated:Septemb2I, 20Ll er LAW OFFICES PERRY CLARK OF R. 6 7 By: lsl Perw R. Clark PerryR. Clark 8 9 l0 Attorney for Plaintiff PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS) l1 t2 13 t4 l5 16 I7 18 t9 20 2T 22 23 24 NOTTCE FED. R. CrV. P. 30(B)(6)DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT OF TO Case No: 09-CV-5939 PJH OPPAPP000046 EXHIBIT 1 I. GENERAL DEFINITIONS 1. The terms"document"and"documents" meanandreferto a writing, recording, o'electronically and/orall informationthat falls within the meaning the phrase of stored information" Fed.R. Civ. P.26,33, and 34,thephrase in and things"in "documents tangible Fed.R. Civ. P. 26,33, and34, phrase the in records" Fed.R. Civ. P.34, andtheterms "business 6 "writingsandrecordings," in "photographs," "original,"and"duplicate" Fed.R. Evid. 1001, 7 (in including,without limitation, dflVprinted,written,recorded any audio,video,digital or any or medium),graphic,or othertangiblematterfrom whatever 8 otherelectronic electromagnetic 9 10 source, howeverproduced reproduced, or whethersent,received, neither,including,without or limitation,the original,all drafts,andany non-identical copies(whetherdifferentfrom the originalbecause notesmadeon or attached the copy or otherwise) of thereof. to ll 2. The terms"you," "your," "Defendant," "Go Daddy" meanandreferto Defendant and T2, Inc., and includeall of its affiliates,subsidiaries, parents, any person and and 1 3 actingunderthe controlor on behalfof GoDaddyand/orits affiliates,subsidiaries, andlor I 4 parents, includingtheir directors, representativeso officers,partners, employees, agents, attorneys 1 5 andinvestigators. I6 t7 3. The terms"Plaintiff'and "Petronas" meanandreferto Plaintiff Petroliam Nasional Berhad(Petronas), includeall of its affiliates,subsidiaries, parents, any person and and and actingunderthe controlor on behalfof Petronas and/orparents, and/orits affiliates,subsidiaries, l8 includingtheir directors, representatives, attorneys and officers,p&rtners, employees, agents, 19 20 investigators. 4. The term "party" means refersto Petronas GoDaddy,conjunctively and and or 2 l disjunctively. raised 5. The term "subjectmatters"refersto all allegations the complaint[or defenses of 23 24 in the answer]andto all factualand legalassertions claimsmadein the complaint. or 6. The terms"describe," to mean or "description," "describing"with respect documents andrefer sufficientdetailto enable Plaintiff to locatedocuments relevant the parties'claims to NOTTCE FED. R. CrV. P. 30(BX6)DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT TO OF PJH Case No: 09-CV-5939 OPPAPP000047 anddefenses readilyasDefendant as could. 7. Please includewithin the definitionof the phrases "the domainnames"and"disputed domainnames"the domainnames and "" "" II. TECHMCAL DEFINITIONS 1. The term "active file" means refersto any file of electronically and storedinformation that canbe utilizedby a computer any manner in without modificationandlorre-construction. An activefile is any file of electronically storedinformation that hasnot beenerased or otherwise destroyed andlordamaged which is readilyvisibleto the operating and systemandlor the software with which it was created. 2. The terms"archive"and/or"backup"meanandreferto any processes copyingand for l0 n storage, whethertemporary permanent, electronically or of storedinformationin a computer a or network,otherthan activefiles in on-linestorage. term "backup"means The andrefersto all processes usedwith the purpose maintaining copy of electronically of a storedinformationso T2 l3 that such datacanbe restored the primarycopiesof it arelost or damaged, with the purpose if or of keepinga recordof electronically storedinformationon a computer a networkat a given or t 4 point or several given pointsin time. The terms"archive"and"archiving" meanandreferto any for electronically storedinformationoff-line, whetherreferred asan to 1 5 process maintaining or for of t 6 archive,dump,purgeor any otherterms,andalsoto any process procedure storage l7 electronic mediawhich is not in currentuseon a computer a network. or (alsoknown as 3. The term "computer"includes, is not limited to, microcomputers but 18 personal computers), laptopcomputers, portablecomputers, palmtop notebook computers, t9 20 2l personal computers, digital assistants, minicomputers mainframe and computers. 4. The term o'configuration" means refersto the elements relationships and which and makeup a computer a network. or 22 5. The term *data"is equivalent the term "electronically to storedinformation." 23 6. The term "deletedfile" means refersto any file of electronically and stored 24 information that hasbeenerased deleted or from the electronic mediaon which it resided. A deleted includesany file of electronicallv file storedinformation whoseFile AllocationTable -4NOTICE OF FED. R. CrV. P. 30(BX6)DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT TO Case No: 09-CV-5939 PJH OPPAPP000048 (FAT) entryhasbeenmodifiedto indicatesuchinformationasbeingdeletedandlorthat is not readilyvisibleto the operating systemandlorthe software with which it was created. 7. The term "documentation," whenusedin reference computers, to operating systems andutilities,application softwareandlorhardware devices, shallmeanandreferto all documents andfiles of electronically storedinformationcontaining written andloron-lineinformation providedby the manufacturer sellerof the item andlorby in-house or includingall sources, guides,instructions, programming protocols, policies,procedures other manuals, and notes, 7 sources informationabouttechnicalspecifications, of installation, usage andfunctioningof the operating systems utilities,application and devices. softwarcandlorhardware 8 computer, 8. The term "slectronicallystoredinformation"means informationof all kindscreated, 10 11 maintained and/orutilizedby computers andlornetworks, includingall non-identical copiesof (whether suchinformation. electronically informationincludes, is not limited to, software but private,commercial work-in-progress), programming or notesor instructions, input andlor and l2 outputusedor produced any software utility (includingelectronic by mail messages all or and 13 informationreferencing relatingto suchmessages or anywhere a computer a network, on or T4 word processing documents all informationstoredin connection and with suchdocuments, l5 spreadsheets, databases includingall records information, electronic andfields and structural graphs andoutlines,arraysof informationandall otherinformationusedor produced by t 6 charts, t7 any software), operating languages, linkersand systems, source codeof all types,programming peripheral compilers, drivers,batchfiles, any andall ASCII files, andany andall miscellaneous 18 files andlorfile fragments, regardless the mediaon which they resideandregardless of of t9 whethersuchelectronically storedinformationconsists an activefile, deleted or file of file 20 fragment. electronically storedinformationincludes any andall informationstoredon computer 2 l memories, harddisks,floppy disks,CD-ROM drives,BernoulliBox drivesandtheir equivalent, punched tapeof all types,microfiche,punched cards, tape,computer chips,including, 22 magnetic 23 24 but not limited to, EPROM,PROM,RAM andROM, or on or in any othervehiclefor digital datastorage andlortransmiffal. Electronically the storedinformationalsoincludes file, folder tabsandlorcontainers labelsappended or associated and to, with, any physicalstorage device NOTTCE FED. R. CrV. P. 30(8)(6)DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT OF TO Case No: 09-CV-5939 PJH OPPAPP000049 associated the informationdescribed with above. 9. The terms"electronicmedia" and"media" meanandreferto any magnetic, opticalor otherstorage deviceusedto recordelectronically storedinformation. Electronicmediastorage devices may include,but arenot limitedto, computer memories, harddisk drives,floppy diskettes, CD-ROM disks,BernoulliBox drivesandtheir equivalent, magnetic tapeof all types, punched microfiche,punched cards, tape,computer chips,including,but not limited to, EPROM, PROM,RAM andROM, or on or in any othervehiclefor digital datastorageandlortransmittal. 10. The terms"file fragment"and"fragmentary file" meanandreferto any file of storedinformationexistingasa subset an original activefile. A file fragment of 8 electronically 9 10 may be an activefile or deleted file. The cause fragmentation of resultingin the fragmentary file caninclude,but is not limited to, manualintervention, electronic surges, and/orphysicaldefects on electronic media. 11 I 1. "Identifo," whenusedin reference any electronically to storedinformation, means to t2 l3 provideinformationspecifuing softwareandloroperating the system underwhich the electronically storedinformationwascreated; type of electronically the storedinformation(for t 4 example, word processing program.); all other document, spreadsheet, database, application and of it to for 1 5 means describing with sufficientparticularity meetthe requirements its inclusionin a pursuant the [rules]. for to t 6 request productionof documents t7 12. The term "layout" means refersto the interconnections relationships and and between computers electronic and mediain a computer system. l8 13. The term "network" means refersto any hardware and and/orsoftware combination r9 that connects or morecomputers fwo together which allowssuchcomputers shareand/or and to 20 transferdigital signalsbetween them.For the purposes this definition,the connection of between 2l or amongthe computers neednot be eitherphysicalor direct.In addition,thereneednot be a system place(i.e. peer-to-peer in 22 centralfile or dataserveror a centralnetworkoperating 23 24 networksandnetworksutilizing a mainframe hostto facility transferof electronically stored information). The abilify to share electronically storedinformationis the key factor. 14. The term "rotation" means refersto any plan,policy, or scheme and involvingthe -6NOTICE OF FED. R. CrV. P. 30(BX6)DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT TO Case No: 09-CV-5939 PJH OPPAPP000050 reuse electronic of media afterit hasbeenusedfor backup,archive,or otherelectronically stored purposes, particularlyif suchuseresultsin the alternationandlordestruction informationstorage of electronically storedinformationresidingon suchdevicebeforeor in connection with its reuse. 15. The term "support"means refersto anyhelp or assistance providedto a userof a and computer anotherindividual,whetherasan official job functionor not. Suchhelp or by assistance takethe form of, but is not limited to, answering may questions, whetherin personor by mechanical means, directintervention, training,software troubleshooting, hardware programming, troubleshooting, systems consulting, maintenance, repair and/or userforums. Providers supportmay be employees, of contractors, and/orthird-partyproviders. 10 l1 16. The term o'encryption" means refersto any system programor deviceutilizedto and obtain,impartor maintainsecurityto electronically storedinformationtransmitted storedin or or by means your computers. of T2 13 III. MATTERS ON WHICH EXAMINATION IS REQUESTED 1. The "trademark policy andhowiwhether domainnames the weretreated within it" and t 4 the "generalpoliciesandprocedures, volumeof incomingtrademark the complaints well as as domainnames"to which GoDaddyreferredin thejoint 1 5 the specifichandlingof the two disputed er policies trademark t 6 letterto the CourtdatedSeptemb 2, 20ll (Doc.No. 107)and"GoDaddy's t7 relatingto the disputed domainnames; application GoDaddy's of trademark complaint/dispute practices relatingthe disputed domainnames"to which GoDaddyrefersin its supplemental 18 initial disclosures datedJune29,201I. t9 provided GoDaddy 2.The services by related the disputed to domainnames, including 20 technical aspects routinglforwarding disputed of the domainnames. 2l 3. David Daashandthe "registration useof the disputed and domainnames; hostingof website;destination websitecontent,"to which GoDaddyrefersin its supplemental 22 destination 23 24 initial disclosures datedJune29, 2011, includingwhen GoDaddybecame awarethat David Daash wasthe registrant oneor both of the disputed of domainnames andany changes the to Whoisrecordrelatedthereto. NOTTCE FED. R. CrV. p. 30(BX6)DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT OF TO Case No: 09-CV-5939 PJH OPPAPP000051 4. GoDaddy'sservices "ExternalDomains"to which GoDaddyrefersin the for produced document with production PET GD 2469(attached heretoasExhibit A), includingthe technical aspects suchservices the differences, any,between of and if thoseservices the and "routing/forwarding disputed the domainnames"to which GoDaddyrefersin its supplemental initial disclosures dated June29,2011. 5. The domainnameforwardingservice which GoDaddyrefersin Paragraph2g its to of 6 7 Amended AnswerJune20,201l, includingwhen GoDaddybeganto providethat service any to customer. 6. Bruno Zehnder the "hostingof destination and websiteanddestination website 8 9 content'o which GoDaddyrefersin its supplemental to initial disclosures datedJune29,2011. 7. Heiko Schoenekess, providedto him andcommunications includingservices with 10 him. 11 8. Registration useof the disputed and domainnames. l2 9. Hostingof the destination website which GoDaddyrefersin its supplemental to initial 1 3 disclosures datedJune29,20II. I4 10. Destination websitecontent which GoDaddyrefersin its supplemental to initial disclosures datedJune29,20IL 11. Any trademark Petronas, of includingwhen GoDaddyfirst became awareof the t7 foregoingandwho at GoDaddybecame awareof the foregoing. 12. GoDaddy'scommunications Petronas, with includingcounsel Petronas. for 18 13. GoDaddy'sdomainnameregistration process relatingto the disputed domainnames, T9 includingthe process transferring GoDaddyan existingdomainnamefrom another of to 20 registrar. 21 governing services 14. Agreements the GoDaddyprovidedwith respect the disputed to 22 domainnames. 23 24 15. Records relatingto domainnameregistrations which GoDaddyrefersin its initial to disclosures July 15,2010. dated 16. Operation GoDaddy'swebsiteto which GoDaddyrefersin its initial disclosures of -8NOTICE OF FED. R. CrV. P. 30(8)(6)DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT TO No: 09-CV-5939 Case PJH OPPAPP000052 dated July 15,2010. practices which GoDaddyrefersin its initial 17. GoDaddy'strademark dispute to disclosures dated July 15,2010. 18. GoDaddy'sbusiness operations financialinformationto which GoDaddyrefers and in its initial disclosures dated July 15,2010. 19. Documents which GoDaddy to refersin its initial disclosures dated July 15,2010 relatingto registration disputed of domainname,contentandhostingof disputed website, customer accounts registration domainnames, and of GoDaddycontracts agreements, and GoDaddy's websiteand domainnameregistration process, communications between Plaintiff s counsel GoDaddy. and 10 t1 20. The insurance agreement which GoDaddyrefersin its initial disclosures to dated July15,2010. 21. Documents which GoDaddyrefersin its supplemental to initial disclosures dated t2 June29,2011 relatingto customer accounts disputed for domainnames, GoDaddycontracts and 13 agreements relatingto the disputed process domainnames, GoDaddy'sdomainnameregistration t 4 relatingto the disputed domainnames, plaintiff s counsel communications between and providedby GoDaddyto the registrant the disputed of domainnames, 1 5 GoDaddy,services domainnames a pre-existing to website. t 6 includingforwardingof the disputed 17 22. What GoDaddydid regarding domainname"" it was the after contacted November on 26,2009,December 14,2009, andDecember 1,6,2009 concerning the l8 domainname"," includingthe identityall persons involvedin the foregoing T9 20 andall documents relatedto the foregoing. 23. What GoDaddydid afterit was contacted July 7,2010 concerning domain on the 2 I name"," includingthe identityof all persons with knowledge the foregoing of andall documents related the foregoing. to 24. GoDaddy'sintentregarding registration maintenance the domainnames the or of 24 "" "" anytrademark Petronas, and and of includingthe identityof all persons with knowledge the foregoingandall documents of related the to NOTTCE FED.R. CrV.p. 30(BX6) OF DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT TO Case 09-CV-5939 No: PJH OPPAPP000053 foregoing. 25. Any stepsGoDaddyhadtakenasof December 2009to removeor otherwise 18, disable connection affiliation between "" "" the and the and domainnames the pomographic and websitewith which theywere associated, includingidentity of all persons with knowledge the foregoingandall documents of relatedto the foregoing. 26. GoDaddy'seffortsto preserve information, includingelechonicallystored 6 information, relatedto this case, with knowledge the includingthe identityof all persons of 7 foregoingandall documents relatedto the foregoing. 27. The configuration documentation layoutof the computers and andlornetworksused process by GoDaddyto create, andlorstoreelectronically storedinformationreferencing or l0 relatingto the subjectmatters. 28. Archiving andbackupsystems procedures and and/or availableon computers l1 networksusedby GoDaddyto create, process, andlorstoreelectronically storedinformation t2 l3 referencing relatingto the subject or matters. plans,policiesandprocedures GoDaddyapplicable 29. Recordretention to of t 4 electronically storedinformationreferencing relatingto the subject matters. or l5 30. All steps takenby you to preserve electronically storedinformationasevidence in with this action,includingall steps takento preventor stopdeletion,overwritingor t 6 connection t7 modificationof electronically storedinformation that may be relevant this action. to and/ordestruction storage mediaincludingbackupand/or 3 1. Deletion,erasure of l8 archivesetsof electronically storedinformation referencing relatingto the subject or matters; t9 damage andlordestruction mediacontaining to and of suchelectronically storedinformation, 20 logsandrecords suchactivity. of 2l programs 32. The system utilities andapplication software available computers on and retrieving,copying,writing, 22 networksusedby GoDaddythat havethe capabilityof searching, 23 24 offloading,andlorexportingelectronically or storedinformationreferencing relatingto the subject maffers. 33. The email and/ormessaging systems usedby GoDaddyto transmitor receive l0NOTTCE FED. R. CrV. P. 30(B)(6)DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT OF TO No: 09-CV-5939 PJH Case OPPAPP000054 electronically storedinformationor otherinformationreferencing relatingto the subject or matters, including,but not limited to, internalemailandexternal (For email communications. the purpose this item, o'messaging of groupware, other systems" includepagingsystems, and systems which one of the primarypurposes transmission documents messages for is of or among users your computers of and/ornetworkor between usersof your computer and/ornetworkand othersuchsystems). procedures, guidelines, 34. Policies, rules,standards, protocols and relating the to functioninganduseof personal computers local areanetworks and which mayhavebeenusedto create process or electronically storedinformation referencing relatingto the subject: or matters. 35. Systems storingandretrievingrecordings telephone for of calls. 10 36. Any otherinformationneeded identiff, access, to copy andreadelectronically stored information referred in the aboveitems. to 11 37. Any otherinformationneeded identiff, access, to copy andreadelectronically stored 12 information reflectingelectronically-facilitated (via communications emailor otherwise) among 13 GoDaddypersonnel concerning Petronas, Heiko Schoenekess, David Daash, andBrunoZehnder t 4 or any of them,or the eventsandtransactions encompassed within the allegations the of or in 1 5 complaints answers this action. er t 6 Dated: Septemb 21, 20ll LAW OF'FICES PERRYR. CLARK OF t7 18 t9 20 Byl /s/ Perrv R. Clark PerryR. Clark Attorney for Plaintiff PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS) 21 22 23 24 NOTTCE FED.R. CrV.p. 30(BX6) OF DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT TO Case 09-CV-5939 No: PJH OPPAPP000055 I 2 a J CERTIFICATEOF SERVICE On September 21,2011, servedthe I foregoingNOTICE FED.R. CIV. P.30(BX6) OF DEPOSITIONTO DEFENDANT by Federal Express electronic and mail on: 4 JohnL. Slafsky, Esq. 5 David Lansky,Esq. 6 WILSON, SONSINI, GOODRICH& ROSATI,P.C. 7 650Page Mill Road 8 PaloAlto, CA 94304-1 050 9 650 4939300 l0 l1 T2 t 3 Dated: Septemb 21, 20ll er By: lslPenvClark PerryClark T4 l5 t6 t7 18 t9 20 2l 22 23 24 NOTICE OF FED. R. CrV. P. 30(BX6)DEPOSTTTON DEFENDANT TO Case No: 09-CV-5939 PJH OPPAPP000056 I 2 ,' J 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1l t2 13 T4 15 t6 l7 l8 T9 20 2l 22 23 24 NOTTCE FED. R. 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