Interserve, Inc. et al v. Fusion Garage PTE. LTD

Filing 175

Declaration of Patrick C. Doolittle in Support of Memorandum in Opposition to Motion for Preliminary Injunction (Re-filed pursuant to order dated 9/10/2010) filed byFusion Garage PTE. LTD. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D, # 5 Exhibit E, # 6 Exhibit F, # 7 Exhibit G)(Doolittle, Patrick) (Filed on 9/16/2010)

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Interserve, Inc. et al v. Fusion Garage PTE. LTD Doc. 175 Att. 3 Redacted From : Nik Cubrilovic <flgp iechcrunch.eom> Date : August 23, 2009 9:00:99 AM POT To: Michael Arringlrsr^·<edllo^techerunch.eorr[>, Heathgr harde <heather> _ .Subject : Updates Before I Leave- I am checking out, heading tv the airport and flying out in a couple of hours. I have over 40 pages of notes since getting here, and I have ^been spending today and last night punching it all into does - I have shared the folder it is in with'you guys. There is a lot that I will need to'fallow Upon when I get back there. General overview-of what i have detailed amongst all the does (spread'out aeyoss I4-15 diff does, more that i have to write up / update on when i get bac): ^,-· I 'Crunchpad * completed software audit ill, * software roadmap and a full understandidg of where we are-, what it will take from here and potential issues with FG * i.-know all the FG employees-well lift, :depending on.vrhat.we do with FG 1'am sure'we can take advantage ofsofrie.of the iritetial resentment to poach the'key guys away *financials on what the costs are with FG, and potentially. if we split out * working with the various gov departments on grants and funding (IDA, MDA, IIPL, Sprint etc) * short conclusion from a long series of meetings is that once i made-it up to the ministerial level, the-Sing government are offering a total initial grant of $2M into Crunchpad Singapore Pty Ltd. there are no restrictions on this other than we have some presence and a company registered in Singapore * gov would help us with. manufacturing, using one of the local ODM's or using their existing relationships with the Taiwan ODM's to get it to manufacture (almost all the ODM's have an existing relationship with Singapore) * once we work out the FG situation, there seems to be a clear path '.whereby the Sing gov finds the project and in returns gets-brand association - they are super enthusiastic about the project. they have assigned a person to follow up with us and to make sure we are all ok - everything from planning trips here for us, answeripg questions, doing intros "etc. ' ^ ^1 * -background due diligence on Chandra anil.F0 -some not good news on z CONFIDENTIAL this front. Seems to have a history of distortion and dodging ; worked out what FG have been doing this whole time - turns out that if we.probed .back last year we would have found - nothing'more than an off the shelf browser and some HTML. they only really started . working on the project 3 months ago Z Techcrunch in Asia * singapore is a hive of activity - feels like SV back itr 05106 * this place is def the hub for this half of the world * this place will def be the SV of Asia - 50% of startups here have. -moved from other parts of the region * the level of enthusiasm and support here for TC is *insane* - not capturing any of this atrn * looking for a way to ' bridge' asia with the usa via TC · tons of talented people and great tech .* overall quality of startups very high * tons of gov support including very liberal immigration laws (basically anyone can move here and work, from anywhere) established very good relations at upper gov levels for TC - lots of gov people here read TC daily and will do what they can to bring TC to singapore as a base for covering and expanding into Asia * grants available for events hosted in Singapore * the-gov want to fly in a group of TC people and/or other bioggers and give them a tour of singapore * TC strategy in Asia - we are popular here but can do a lot more-to cover local startups, expand here * on that note, found 4-5 potential bloggcrs to do Asia specific-content on either a new channel > eventually new bang * spreadsheet of 60+ startup companies, only 2.have been covered on TC. split this up-amQngst the writers to take the cream-offand profile them over tirne * at least 3 more potential tc50 companies - might be too late, haven't had a chance to follow up with them in detail * met a number of potential partners for a TC conference in the region. the 'uneonference' guys sold their eonf out in a few days and had 600+ people from asia reg show up * tots more here, in general tons of opottunity to do what we did with TC 4 years ago in Asia, except 'already an established brand to build from 3. Blog Posts One on singapore experience in general, being like SV etc. (ready :far today -a Sunday post for TC) * singapore censorship * go' mapping company - very interesting backgrdund story (checkout the post) * lndonesian market (v interesting, post still in paint form) .4. TC Dev ^a * the guys doing hte mobile version of TC - def adlrevenue 1`^ opportunity. they will launch with us and on TC with a post in 3-4 .2 CONFIDENTIAL week, in interim we do dev with them .. * admob want to do the mobile ads for us - can integrate with openx and fill inventory for the apps we do i generally need to do a better job of keeping you guys in the loop, and a better job of keeping up to date with TC internal issues. Its bard to share the experience here, but it has been extremely eye-opening, we have a ton of opportunity in aria in general, esp singapore - never expected it to be like this. I have been blaring a trail here and have been flat-out each day but haven't had a chance until today/yesterday to sit down , take stock and get it all down. . also a couple of days there where my oitstanding personal issues tore me apart, but generally i am very much back to 100% and looking forward to getting back and getting you guys in sync with everything. .if you get a chance to today, start going through the does i have been writing up ad we. can go from there , working out one thing at a time .based on the opportunity . main thing on C`ris tlxat the. Sing government-can be the way to getting this project out onibe market with very minimal risk from our end, we just act as a hub in tying all the Partners togethet·. Chaffdra is -still very. Ovgsive .-. -dii,ddt. get a chance ' fo'have a" Wrgp-Up.-conv$ksati'@n , with hini, he_ dgirig. ray requests td sit &WA. with hitit it lhe. past few.doys.. nik CONFIDENTIAL T000000201, '

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