Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. et al

Filing 179

Declaration of SARA JENKINS IN SUPPORT OF SAMSUNG'S OPPOSITION TO APPLE'S MOTION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION filed bySamsung Electronics America, Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit A, #2 Exhibit B, #3 Exhibit C, #4 Exhibit D, #5 Exhibit E, #6 Exhibit F, #7 Exhibit G, #8 Exhibit H, #9 Exhibit I, #10 Exhibit J, #11 Exhibit K, #12 Exhibit L, #13 Exhibit M, #14 Exhibit N, #15 Exhibit O, #16 Exhibit P, #17 Exhibit Q, #18 Exhibit R, #19 Exhibit S, #20 Exhibit T, #21 Exhibit U, #22 Exhibit V, #23 Exhibit W, #24 Exhibit X, #25 Exhibit Y, #26 Exhibit Z, #27 Exhibit AA, #28 Exhibit BB, #29 Exhibit CC, #30 Exhibit DD, #31 Exhibit EE, #32 Exhibit FF, #33 Exhibit GG, #34 Exhibit HH, #35 Exhibit II, #36 Exhibit JJ, #37 Exhibit KK, #38 Exhibit LL, #39 Exhibit MM, #40 Exhibit NN, #41 Exhibit OO, #42 Exhibit PP, #43 Exhibit QQ, #44 Exhibit RR, #45 Exhibit SS, #46 Exhibit TT)(Maroulis, Victoria) (Filed on 8/23/2011) Modified on 8/29/2011 cannot link entry-opposition has not been efiled (dhm, COURT STAFF).

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EXHIBIT G Free Switched iPhone app - try it now! MAIL You might also like: Engadget HD, Engadget Mobile and More MACBOOK AIR HP TOUCHPAD MANGO PREVIEW WWDC 2011 E3 2011 GALAXY S II The LG KE850: touchable chocolate By Chris Ziegler posted December 15th 2006 5:50PM Editorial: tablets aren't the 'third device' I'd hoped for... from a productivity standpoint, anyway 49 minutes ago Griffin's Helo TC cleared for takeoff, we attempt to get airborne in a hands-on (video) 3 hours ago Little is known about the KE850 from LG, but the folks over at International Forum Design must know a thing or two about it, seeing how they just hooked it up with a Product Design Award for 2007. And hey, with those hot Chocolate-esque looks -- though we have no proof this one'll actually be branded as a Chocolate -- who can blame them? The big draw here, of course, is a 400 x 240 touchscreen that takes the place of virtually every hard button you might find on a more traditional handset, save for Send, End, and a handful of keys on the sides. The posterior reveals a cam, though its specs remain a mystery. Does someone at LG (or iF) want to spill the beans for us? Ask Engadget: best wireless keyboard for tablet use? 14 hours ago Mobile Miscellany: week of August 15, 2011 1 day ago [Via Slashphone] Read 36 0 1 0 0 candybar, if, international forum design, InternationalForumDesign, ke850, lg, mobile, product design award, ProductDesignAward, touch, touchscreen Comments: on | off Comments are currently turned off. You can enable them by clicking "on" above. The Engadget Show is live, here at 6:00PM ET! 1 day ago Login Caption Contest: No doubt, these two are definitely made for each other 2,246 people recommend this. Let the liquidation begin -- HP's 16GB TouchPad on sale for $99 6,801 people recommend this. Apple, Microsoft meet with Turkish minister, may bid to supply 15 million tablets to schools 835 people recommend this. Quantum entanglement could mean completely secure data transfer 207 people recommend this. The most commented posts on Engadget over the past 24 hours. Let the liquidation begin -- HP's 16GB TouchPad on sale for $99 5401 HP TouchPad fire sale spurs online 1034 sell out, brick-and-mortars may still carry stock (updated) Confirmed: Best Buy US begins selling TouchPads after all, good luck finding one Engadget's back to school guide 2011: fun stuff! 755 6221 Best Buy stops selling the 579 TouchPad, HP offers refunds to owners Trending posts from Engadget on Twitter, updated hourly. mean completely secure data transfer -- Engadget RIM to unleash redesigned BlackBerry App World 3.0 on August 22nd - Engadget Griffin's Helo TC cleared for takeoff, we attempt to get airborne in a hands-on (video) -- Engadget JOYSTIQ TUAW 282 220 TECHCRUNCH HUFFPOST TECH Facebook, Twitter Saw Record Numbers HP TouchPad Price Dramatically Slashed The Joystiq Show - Gamescom 2011 Day Adonit Writer for iPad 2: A smart keyboard Of U.S. Visitors In July Facebook Spam Program Catches 4 case Weekend Wacky Jumble Picture: What’s Innocent Users Class3 runs on CryEngine 3, has some Energizer travel charger powers your Mac, Wrong With This TouchPad Ad? Emergency Internet System Helps lazy zombies iPhone, and iPad ... all at once Time For A Decent Countdown Disaster Rescue Crews Stay Connected Gamescom 2011 welcomes 275,000 Australia fights with Apple on pricing attendees Tool TECH DESIGN NEWS LIFESTYLE ENVIRONMENTAL ENTERTAINMENT gdgt FFFFOUND! Politics Daily Lifehacker Inhabitat Massively Slashdot Core77 The Daily Beast Lemondrop Good The Onion MAKE Popcorn Shower AOL News StyleList Autoblog Green i09 Technology Review MoCo Loco GNN Luxist Green Daily PopEater Ars Technica Design*Sponge Taxes Personal finance TreeHugger Spinner TechMeme The Sartorialist Stock Quotes Gadling Phone Scoop DJIA LATEST NEWS HUBS GALLERIES VIDEO Cinematical Big Download PODCASTS TOPICS REVIEWS © 2011 AOL Inc. All rights Reserved. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Trademarks | AOL A-Z HELP | Advertise With Us

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