Kabbaj v. Google Inc. et al

Filing 2

COMPLAINT filed Pro Se with Jury Demand against Amazon Inc., Google Inc., John Does 1-10, Yahoo Inc. - filed by Younes Kabbaj. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit 1-4, #2 Exhibit 5-10, #3 Exhibit 11-20, #4 Exhibit 21-23, #5 Exhibit 24-25, #6 Exhibit 26-27, #7 Exhibit 28-29, #8 Exhibit 30-31, #9 Exhibit 32, #10 Exhibit 33-35, #11 Exhibit 36-37, #12 Exhibit 38-41, #13 Civil Cover Sheet)(mdb)

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Exhibit 33 57 M.S. Simpson Biography Page 1 of 1 M.S. Simpson Biography M. S. Simpson has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. He is a scholar, writer and the recipient of many academic, literary and philanthropic awards. A University Lecturer in the United Kingdom and a Fellow of the Library of Congress, he now lives in Paris where he writes full-time. "Literature is a living thing, continuously shape-shifting and subject to metamorphosis," Simpson maintains, "and it is always embedded within the broader social entity surrounding it." An ongoing victim of cruel and predatory internet attacks, including identity theft, impersonation, scandalous slander, libel and assault, watching himself caricatured on obscene and dishonest web pages, enduring co-option and hijacking of every personal account, seeing his blogs inundated with embarrassing hacked postings either made up or purloined from Simpson's private emails, having his social media compromised and people contacted under false pretenses, having his contact lists used to send out scurrilous, libelous and slanderous mass mailings, and watching helplessly as his computers were pirated, Simpson has eschewed the digital world and advises all writers to take great care and to report criminal activity immediately to the appropriate authorities. As Simpson says, "My life has been turned inside out and made into a living nightmare by the internet. If it can happen to me," he warns, "it can happen to anyone. Be forewarned: the internet is not your friend and once you are within the digital world privacy and security are illusions." http://www.amazon.com/M.-S.-Simpson/e/B0056TK2XU/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1 8/19/2013 Exhibit 34 58 Exhibit 35 59 If Rimbaud and Kerouac Were Lovers: Madison Cox, gay landscape architect If Rimbaud and Kerouac Were Lovers 10 décembre 2012 Madison Cox, gay landscape architect Perhaps the most well know and prolific landscape architect of the last few decades is Madison Cox, a sometimes New York, sometimes Parisian and sometimes resident of Tangier, Morocco. He is gay and was at one time a lover of Pierre Berge and others in the circle surrounding Berge and Yves St. Laurent. Cox is responsible for some magnificent landscape design, being one of the first to embrace the green movement ... and using walls as venues for green gardening, as in the facade of BHV Homme in Paris. Having studied horticulture and men in  Paris, Cox went on to become the first American to be chosen by England’s Royal Horticultural Society to design a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show. Among his most recent projects one finds Ian Schrager’s Gramercy Park Hotel and the New York Botanical Garden. The design feature for which Madison Cox is most famous is discerning a link between fine art and the garden. At one time, I was a very good friend of Mr. Cox ... but I'll leave it with saying that I felt betrayed by him in a fairly profound manner. He's a brilliant architect, and a lousy friend. But hey ... he's handsome as all outdoors. Trust me on that. He'd be a great catch ... for a week or two.   Eh bien j'ai le mis au blog pour votre lecture.: Mark Simpson à 13:41 Envoyer par e-mailBlogThis!Partager sur TwitterPartager sur Facebook Message plus récent Message plus ancien Accueil http://www.kerouacandrimbaud.com/2012/12/madison-cox-gay-landscape-architect.html  

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