Kabbaj v. Google Inc. et al

Filing 2

COMPLAINT filed Pro Se with Jury Demand against Amazon Inc., Google Inc., John Does 1-10, Yahoo Inc. - filed by Younes Kabbaj. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit 1-4, #2 Exhibit 5-10, #3 Exhibit 11-20, #4 Exhibit 21-23, #5 Exhibit 24-25, #6 Exhibit 26-27, #7 Exhibit 28-29, #8 Exhibit 30-31, #9 Exhibit 32, #10 Exhibit 33-35, #11 Exhibit 36-37, #12 Exhibit 38-41, #13 Civil Cover Sheet)(mdb)

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Exhibit 30 54 Eliza's Orange Campbell George Cardeston 0 Reviews CreateSpace, Jun 3, 2012 - 300 pages Eliza's Orange unreels to cinematic life in genteel, affluent Riverside, California amid the Great Depression and the beginnings of a new California,the one dominated by the false glitter of Hollywood. With the highest per-capita income in California, thanks to Eliza Tibbet's famed seedless Bahia naval orange, Riverside dreamed magical dreams of a different Southern California than the one that Hollywood destroyed. The novel focuses on Mary Elizabeth, one troubled victim out of the many injured by that the demise of that sunshine magical dreaming. What people are saying - Write a review We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. About the author (2012) Campbell Cardeston is a New Yorker born and bred. He attended independent schools within the city, and went to college there as well. Clearly, as he puts it, "New York and I are in harmony." His family has lived in New York since the early 1800's, and he now lives with his beautiful cat Cabbage in the townhouse in which he was raised on New York's Upper East Side. The townhouse has been in his family for about 120 years. As he says, "The only redecoration I've done during my residence has been at the paws of Matilda, my cat; I don't believe my grandmother would approve, since Cabbie's efforts chiefly amount to what she terms 'removing clutter' and my grandmother would term 'ghastly breakage of heirlooms.'" I choose to remain neutral. Campbell told us, "I've always known I wanted to write and, like others before me, I want to grow into someone inventive, different, unique. At the moment, I'm just at the beginning of my career. Eliza's Orange is my first novel, and I love it. However, I can promise you that my next ... and my next ... and my next ... will be even better. Bibliographic information Title Author Publisher ISBN Length Subjects Eliza's Orange Campbell George Cardeston CreateSpace, 2012 1477471030, 9781477471036 300 pages Fiction › General Fiction / General Fiction / Literary Exhibit 31 55

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