Chamber of Industry and Commerce Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid v. Stewart et al

Filing 1

COMPLAINT against All Defendants. Filing fee $ 350.00 receipt number 113C-5050748, filed by Chamber of Industry and Commerce Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet, # 2 Summon(s) Summons - Martha Stewart, # 3 Summon(s) Summons - MSLO, # 4 Summon(s) Summons - Emeril Lagasse, # 5 Summon(s) Summons - HSNi LLC, # 6 Summon(s) Summons - SED International Holdings, # 7 Exhibit EX A, # 8 Exhibit EX B, # 9 Exhibit EX C, # 10 Exhibit EX D, # 11 Exhibit EX E, # 12 Exhibit EX F, # 13 Exhibit EX G, # 14 Exhibit EX H, # 15 Exhibit EX I, # 16 Exhibit EX J, # 17 Exhibit EX K)(Hoffman, Catherine)

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EXHIBIT D Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) search - e-Recordation Application Page 1 of 2 Date 1/14/2010 Agency tracking ID 06003094449 Payment Method Credit Card Amount $190.00 You uploaded 0 file(s) Email Mailing Address Department of Homeland Security U.S Customs and Border Protection Office of Regulations & Rulings Intellectual Property Rights Branch 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Mint Annex Building Washington DC 20229 Description of trademark registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Certification word mark Supplemental Information (1) TYPED DRAWING Name of trademark owner(s) INDUSTRIE-UND HANDLESKAMMER ZU SOLINGEN CORPORATION Address KOLNER STRASSE 8 City SOLINGEN State Germany Zip Code 5650 Is the applicant the trademark owner(s)? If not, what is the applicant’s name and relationship to the trademark owner? (e.g., Firm Name / Representative) Yes Point of contact first name Catherine Point of contact last name Hoffman Address 5722 S. Flamingo Rd. #232 City Ft. Lauderdale State Florida Zip Code 33330 Telephone Number (954)704 - 1599 Fax number (954) 704-1588 E-mail Address Is the trademark a standard character mark? YES U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Registration No. 0987576 International Class (IC) of goods covered by the PTO registration and the specific products entitled to protection IC A . US A . G & S: CUTLERY. FIRST USE: 18530000. FIRST USEIN COMMERCE: 18530000 For fee calculation purposes, please select those ICs (from above) which you are requesting CBP recordation A - Goods [Certification Marks] Total fee 190 Date of issuance of trademark registration 7/2/1974 Date of expiration of trademark registration 7/2/2014 Filing Date 7/16/1970 Country of manufacture of goods bearing the genuine trademark Germany Is the trademark owner a U.S. citizen (corporate or personal)? NO If not a U.S. citizen, provide the citizenship of trademark Germany owner 1/14/2010 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) search - e-Recordation Application Names of all parties authorized to apply the trademark and the nature of the relationship to the owner (e.g., licensee, subsidiary, manufacturer, etc.) (see pdf) The names of any persons or business entities, foreign or domestic, who use the trademark and a description as to those use(s) (see pdf) Is the subject trademark now, or has it ever been owned, used, or otherwise claimed by the trademark owner outside the United States (this may include a pending registration abroad)? YES If “Yes” provide the name of the foreign owner, user or claimant(s) INDUSTRIE-UND HANDLESKAMMER ZU Is the subject trademark owned, used, or otherwise claimed by any parent company, subsidiary, or other entity, foreign or domestic, that is under common control or common ownership with, or shares any common control or common ownership with, the U.S. trademark owner? Page 2 of 2 NO The name(s) of any parent companies, subsidiaries, or other entities, foreign or domestic, that are under common control with, or share any type of ownership interest or relationship with, the U.S. trademark owner 1/14/2010

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