State of Hawaii v. Trump

Filing 237

MOTION to Intervene ("Tertius Interveniens Notice of Lack of Standing of State of Hawaii to Challenge President's Executive Order (Travel Ban)); (FRCVP Rule 20(a)(2)(B) & 28 USC 1397)" - by Intervenor Eric Richard Eleson. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D, # 5 Exhibit E, # 6 Exhibit F, # 7 Certificate of Service, # 8 Mailing Documentation) (emt, )

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EXHIBIT : I ERIC RICHARD ELESON s II 28 P.O. BOX 89697 Honolulu, HI 96830 Ph: (808) 942-0108 IN PROPRIA PERSONA eg ® i i' Of Ho'hoL'jII' ISI CIRCtifT CUuhSTATE Of HAWA!' FtLED tSS9 DEC 27 AH 10 5T B. TERAOKA IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE. FIRST STATE OF HAWAII Or.No. 89-1659 CITY & COUNTY OF HONOLULU, STATE OF HAWAII, . ADDED EXHIBIT TO NOTICE AND DEMAND FOR DISMISSAL: LACK OF JURISDICTION-GOVERNOR FAILED TO SIGN OATH OF OFFICE; EXHIBIT "Q"; CERTIFICATE OF Plaintiff, vs. "SERVICE ERIC RICHARD ELESON, Accused. ADDED EXHIBIT "Q" NOTICE AND DEMAND FOR DISMISSAL: LACK OF JURISDICTION - GOVERNOR FAILED TO SIGN OATH OF OFFICE EXHIBIT "0" OEPTTFICATE OF .SERVICE Dated: In Honolulu, Hawaii, ^7^ , 1989 Respectfully Submitted, Eric Richard Eleson, In Propria Persona STATE OF HAWAII department of accounting and general services SI ATE ARCHIVES lOLANI PALACE GROUNDS HONOLULU. HAWAII W813 November 2k , 1989 I, JOLYN G. TAMURA, Archivist of the State Archives, of the State of Hawaii, do hereby certify that: Oaths of Office signed by Governors and Lieutenant Governors, State of Hawaii, are not on file in the STATE ARCHIVES, at Honolulu, State of Hawaii► Joli/n G. Tamlfra, State Arcnivist li/n G. Tamkra, r; A M > i< 8 f: ® /J CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I, the undersigned, do hereby CERTIFY that a copy of the foregoing document was served upon the parties listed below by placing same in the ..United .States Mail, .postage prepaid, or by hand-delivering it, on 1989 addressed as follows: Mr. Keith Kaneshiro Honolulu Prosecutors Office 1164 Bishop Street, 3rd Floor Honolulu, HI 96813 (Attorney for Plaintiffs)' Eric R. El.eson STATE OF HAWAII OFFICIAL RECEIPT s' N? 19472 ' : DepL «f Awiiinting i tlene al Services, Slate Ar^'yes Department or Agency DATE: 19-...^-. A. RECEIVED from-DOLLARS ) t. ...i...^......:...,l - Authorized Si mature STATE ACCOUNTING FORM B-24 July 1, 1976 (Revised) ) STATE OF HAWAII STATE ARCMlvr-. loiani Palace Grey • '' BILL FOR COLLECTION BILL NO.. Henolui'j, I'l.-jwaii p'"': '■■ 132 GENERAL . FUND NOVEMBER 27 .19JL_ (Department or Agency) HONOLULU IN ACCOUNT WITH .HAWAII, NOTE n r THE AMOUNT DUE AS SHOWN BY THIS INVOICE SHOULD BE PAID TO THE DE PARTMENT OR ESTABLISHMENT INDI CATED. Eric R. Eleson P.O. Box 89697 Honolulu, HI UPON PAYMENT YOU WILL RECEIVE A RECEIPT FOR AMOUNT PAID. ANY FAIL URE TO RECEIVE SUCH RECEIPT SHOULD BE PROMPTLY REPORTED TO THE STATE 96830 J L DESCRIPTION DATE 11-24-89 COMPTROLLER. AMOUNT certified statement ($1 per 100 words, or fraction thereof) 00 certification TOTAL 50 50 Please make check payable to: Hawaii State Archives STATE <^CCOUNTING FORM B-1 slWLY 1,1976 (REVISED) ' CASE NUMBER STATE OF HAWAII SUBPOENA CIRCUIT COURT OF THE NOTICE TO APPEAR IN COURT □ SUBPOENA DUCESTECUM s FIRST CIRCUIT CR 89-1659 ATTORNEY (NAME and ADDRESS) STATE OF HAWAII VS (SSRBNOWJT) ACCUSed Eric Eric Richard Eleson Richard Eleson In Propria Persona P.O. Box Ronolnln 89697 RT QftRTn TIME DATE THE STATE OF HAWAII TO: ANY OFFICER AUTHORIZED BY La A* TO January 29, JUDGE SERVE SUBPOENAS IN THE STATE OF HAWAII Hon. YOU ARE COMMANDED to subpoena the individual 8:30 1990 Darryl LOCATION named below. AM Choy S; KAUIKEAOULI HALE COURTROOM 58 0 5C □ □ KAAHUMANU HALE 1111 Alakea Street 777 PUNCHBOWL STREET HONOLULU, HI 96813 HONOLULU. HI 96813 NAME AND ADDRESS OF WITNESS COMMENTS Your Oath of Office, signed 7/7/89; Signed Oaths of Office by all previous Governor John D. Governors of the VJaihee State of Hawaii State Capitol Building, 5th FloorHonolulu, Hawaii 96813 ATTACH CONTINUATION PAGE IF NEEDED WITNESS, YOU ARE COMMANDED to appear at the place, date, and time indicated and any date thereafter until discharged by the Court to testify as a witness on behalf of the □ STATE OF HAWAII KKDEFENDANT B You are further ordered to bring with you the items listed in the comments section above. DISOBEDIENCE of this subpoena may be punished!';as icoiitempt by this court. DATE ISSUED CLERK B. CHQ m ?F \m RETURN OF SERVICE SERVICE WAS MADE AT: Y-T'S'-fo PLACE TIME DATE f' 0 0 to Comments: □ I served the above named person. - , ==> cojr c ClLcd r" rr I 3 DATE ■■ cn ■o TYPE OR PRINT NAME OF SERVER i^y\A • CooOCiAyd ■ ■ ■ ■ SIGNATURE " • ' o 3^2 '=^f/y'a„yy'^M„/y *" JOHN WAIHEE /■^16 Ul6^ governor iL/^t^'^.jt^ Notary Public commiision expires: f^, /5S/ ?rebv certify that this I hereby cprrif,, n,,» .. , IS a true and correct copy t-^fw ?L nrr-'"'5'"3lthe Governor the Office of On file in State of Hawaii. C)iS:— EXHIBIT I "Mark Oto AcJrrlniatrntlvp A s s ■{ c r - Ig) '". " - • jS

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