State of Hawaii v. Trump

Filing 237

MOTION to Intervene ("Tertius Interveniens Notice of Lack of Standing of State of Hawaii to Challenge President's Executive Order (Travel Ban)); (FRCVP Rule 20(a)(2)(B) & 28 USC 1397)" - by Intervenor Eric Richard Eleson. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D, # 5 Exhibit E, # 6 Exhibit F, # 7 Certificate of Service, # 8 Mailing Documentation) (emt, )

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|-r s 1-1? k,U i 1 / i s I ., \ / / i Eric Richard; eieson®,Secured Party In Care Of: MULE CREEK-II'STATE PRISON Fac. D-16-A-I03-3Low [J~595641 U.S.P.S. Box 4090:89: lone, California Near[PZ: 95640-9089] N. America Authorized Representative for and via ERIC RICHARD ELESON®,Trust(J-59564) Certified Mail No HeCEIVg October term 2016/2017 Brie Richard; eieson®, Secured Party, Authorized Representative/Temw^ Interveniens, ex rel. ERIC RICHARD ELESON®,Trust, 1-59564 PETITIONER, Case No. y-ERK I'6-5981 ADDED EXHIBIT #3 TO THE CHALLENGE TO CONSTITllTXONALXTY OF JOINT REfSOLtfTTON OF 1897 TO ADOPT (FAILED) TREATY OF ANNEXATION OF REPUBLIC OF HAm'I [filed 9/30/15 in 15-166971 [F.O.I.A.'s to ATTORNEY GENERAL, LIBRARY OF CONGRE.B.S, JOHN KERRY SECRETARY OF .STATE, NATIONAL ARCHIVES vs. & RECORDS ADMINISTRATION). JOE A. LIZARRAGA, Warden CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE BY MAIL RESPONDENTS. JUDICIAL NOTICE REQUIRED COMES NOW, Eric Richard; eleaon®, Tertiu.? Interveniens/Authorized Rcprescn- tativa for Petitioner, and submitFhis "Added Exhibit #3 to the Challenge to the Constitutionality of .loint Resolution of 1897 to Adopt (Failed) Treaty of Annex ation of Republic of Hawai'i. filed on 9/30/2015 in 9th Circuit Case No, 15-16697. to wi t; 1. Petitioner has bean diligently sending F.O.T.A, RGciuGst.s («d as Exhibit ••3 to above Challenge.) to tlie following; a) the U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL (w/Non-Reaponsa); b) the LIBRARY OF CONGRES.S, (w/Mr. John Nave's Non-Refiponsa); a) the CUAIR?!AN, COMM. on RULES & ADMIN, of .SENATE, (No Reaponao); , d.) the SECRETARY OF .STATE, JIOHN KERRY, (w/No; Added Exhibit to Cballange Page 1 of 2 \ e) the NATIO^TAL AnCHIVES S RECORDS ADMIN, (w/Response) Petitioner feels that th^s Court should be made aware of the lenpths that the"Governmen.t" goes to protect and maintain an exposoKt FRAUD, of which this Court is Duty Bound to take Judicial Notiae in this instant Cfise, as Petitioner identified it and the Governor's lack of a signed Oath of Office making the use of the alleged Criminal Conviction in 19D/-I NUUL A VOID, aa well as the alleged ''current conviction" for S-Strikes! Petitioner hag been unable to find, and thhee is NO docup:ient authorizing, or process promulgated, that would allow the negation of a Constitutional Pro vision (Art. IT, Cl. 2, §?.), or allow the frauddlent use of a "Joint Pvesolution" to accomplish through the "Back-Door;" what was denied entrance through the "Front-Door." As stated on pg. 5 of U of Petition, 2 Maxims of Lawgftate; I) "Wiers form is not observed, a nullity of the act is inferred or follows." 52 Coke 7; A 2) "Tfliere the law prescribes a form, the non-observance of it is fatal to the proceeding, and the whole becomes a nullity." Best. Evidence Intro §59. Here, NO valid document/procedure exists to use a Joint Resolution to NEGATE a Constitutional Provi.sion; and even if so, law exists that requires a 51% (simple majority) of Senators present to pass the act. The Vote presented/recorded admifts and proves the Joint Resolution FAILED in the Senate, as 42/88 is NOT a "simple majority." Based upon all of the above and the district court's & 9th Circuit's NEGATION of FRCvP Rule 5.1/28 USC §2403, this Petitioner has proven this FRAUD and other Frauds (presumed Jurisdiction) which establishes the alleged Trial/Conviction is NULL & VOID, and this Petition should be GRANTED. ^ Respectfully sxibmitted, C:' f/1. /7 // Eric Richard; eieson©. Secured Party, Tertius interveniens/Auth. Rep., ex rel ERIC RICHARD ELESON© , Trust(J-59564) Exemption No. 559828464 Gurls et de jure) Holder-ln-Due-Course, Record Owner Trade Name Owner, Sovereign American BondNo. C-62971371 Added Exhxbit to Challenge Page 2 of 2 \. exhibit "3 " ^ ,s/' Eric Richard; eleson©;Secured Party In Care Of; MULE CREEK STATE PRISON Fac. C-ir-2101ow [J-59564] U.S.P.S. Box 409060 lone, California Near[PZ 95640-9060] N. America Authorized Representative for and via: ERIC RICHARD ELESON©,Trust(J-59564) December 9th/ 2015/ o.e. P'O.I.A. ElEQUEST MS. LORETTA LYNCH U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL ^50 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE/ N.W. WASHINGTON/ D.C. 5 USO §552/ FOR THE PRODUCTION OP DOCUMENTS 20530 RE. Challenge to Constitutionality of Joint Resolution of 1897 in 15-16697. DEAR MS. LYNCH: to S.ptemtec 27th, 2015, c.e., I sent you a oibpy of a challenae to the tonstxtutlonality of the alleged Joint Resplution to Adoot the Tteatv of Annexation of the Republic of Hawai'i. To date/ NO Resoonse has h^pn orthcoming. Therefore/ necessitating this F.O.I.a. Request/ to wit: S" Ufficxal Listduring theof allof the allegedHouse of Representatives Members present of Names Vote Senators and Joint Resolution of ifiQ? to Adopt tha Treaty of Annexation of the Republic St Srf 2. Votes: AYE, NAY, or NOT VOTING, by Each Member present of the Voting for the above-said Joint Resolution. 3. provision States, andstated in Article II «2 n 5 utilixe^g^^SjJSuS^J 4. bypass the Constitutional A s'tatea af''any)?T?hrc£ne::^e1r!'h'''o Joint Resolution of 1897 to Adopt the Treatv^'^f^T^"'^^^^^ Republic of Hawai'i. alleged °« the ■to. If NO such Response existe. Please so state in your written response. Requestor requests the fees for searching the Records add copyinq the same in hiTpetUion f:r\" «J^^„"\Ktture"? HlSas'c^rpus" Sincerely IVashiftgtoii, D.C 20530 December 28,2015 Eric Richard Eleson Reg. No. J59564 Mule Creek State Prison P.O. Box 409060 Ione,CA 95640 Dear Mr. Eleson: This is ill response to your request for records, Tracking Number, MRUF01A8-95. Your Freedom of Information Act and/or Privacy Act(FOIA/PA) request was received by this olfice which serves as the receipt and referral unit for FOIA/PA requests addressed to the Department of Justice(DOJ). Federal agencies are required to respond to a FOIA request within 20 business days. This period does not begin until the request is actually received by the component within the DOJ that maintains the records sought, or ten business days after the request is received in this office, whichever is earlier. We have referred your request to the DOJ component(s) you have designated or, based on descriptive information you have provided, to the coniponent(s) most likely to have the records. All future inquiries concerning the status of your request should be addressed to the office(s) listed below; FOIA/PA Office of Information Policy 1425 New York Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20530-0001 (202)514-FOIA Sincerely, Evie Sassok, Assistant Director Logistics Management Facilities and Administrative Services Staff Justice Management Division U.S. Department of Justice Office ofInformation Policy Suite 11050 1425 New York Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20520-0001 Telephone:(202)514-3642 January 27,2016 Mr. Eric Richard Eleson No. J-59564 Mule Creek State Prison POB 409060 lone.CA 95460-9060 Re: OIP/16-01380 VRB:VAV:CJOK Dear Mr. Eleson: We have received your letter requesting information regarding the Joint Resolution to Adopt the Treaty of the Annexation of the Republic of Hawaii ("Joint Resolution") including a list of names of all House members present during vote, the official tally of the votes, and a copy of the document authorizing the President and the legislature to bypass Constitutional procedure in adopting the Joint Resolution. Because your request was not specifically addressed to this Office, your letter was initially sent to the FOIA/PA Mail Referral Unit, Justice Management Division, for appropriate routing and was received by this Office on January 12, 2016. The Justice Management Division tracking number associated with this request is MRUFOIA8-95. This response is made on behalf of the Office of Information Policy. Your request has been directed to the Office of Information Policy(OIP) of the United States Department of Justice, which processes Freedom of Information Act(FOIA)and Privacy Act(PA)requests for records it maintains as well as records maintained by the Offices of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, Associate Attorney General, Public Affairs, Legislative Affairs, and Legal Policy. OIP also adjudicates administrative appeals of denials of FOIA/PA requests made to the Department. This Office maintains the case files for the initial requests and administrative appeals it processes. Please be advised that the FOIA provides a right of access to federal agency records that exist and can be located in federal agency files. The FOIA does not require agencies to conduct research for you, to analyze data, to answer questions, or to create new records in response to a FOIA request. Moreover, the FOIA does not apply to records that are maintained by states, counties, or cities, or by the legislative or judicial branches of the government. To the extent that you are seeking records from another component of the Department of Justice, please be advised that the Department has a decentralized system for processing FOIA requests and each component maintains and handles FOIA requests for its own records. Accordingly, you need to direct your letter to the Department component(s) you believe have records pertaining to the subject of your request. Additional information regarding the Department's administration ofthe FOIA, including a listing of Department of Justice -2- components, the types of records each maintains, and their FOIA contact information, is available at To be of assistance, I have enclosed a copy of the Department ofJustice Freedom of Information Act Reference Guide {Reference Guide), which provides guidance for making FOIA/PA requests to the Department of Justice. The Reference Guide, located on the Department website at 3.html. also contains a listing of the Department of Justice components, with a brief description of their functions and the records they maintain, as well as the addresses of their FOIA offices. For your information, the FOIA operation of the federal government is decentralized and each federal agency maintains and processes FOIA requests for its own records. Accordingly, you will need to direct your request to the federal agency or agencies you believe have records pertaining to the subject of your request. Additional information regarding all agencies' administration of the FOIA, including their contact information and online request forms, if applicable, is available at To the extent that you are seeking legal assistance regarding the Joint Resolution, I can only suggest that you contact the Library of Congress at: Chief, Office Systems Services (OSS), Library of Congress, 101 Independence Avenue, S.E., Washington, DC 20540-9440. If you are not satisfied with my response to this request, you may administratively appeal by writing to the Director, Office of Information Policy, United States Department of Justice, Suite 11050, 1425 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20530-0001, or you may submit an appeal through this Office's eFOIA portal at Please note that OIP is in the process of transitioning from its current eFOIA portal to the portal on FOIAonline. Please visit the link above for instructions for submitting an appeal electronically. Your appeal must be postmarked or electronically transmitted within 60 days of the date of my response to your request. If you submit your appeal by mail, both the letter and the envelope should be clearly marked Freedom of Information Act Appeal. Sincerely, Vanessa R. Brinkmann Senior Counsel Enclosure /-s V THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - . 101 INDEI'ENDENCE AVENUE, S.E. WASMNGTON,D.C. 20540-9440 LIBRARYOP CONGIUiSS OFFICE SYSTEMS SERVICES March 11, 2016 Dear Eric Richard Eieson, •This is in response to your letter dated February 7, 20 i 6 in wlrich you requested information. The Library of Congress, an agency in (he Legislative Branch of the Federal Government, is not subject to the FOIA (5 U.S.C. §552), Nevertheless, the Library provides the tuilest possible disclosure of its records under the policy on Availability of Library of Congress Records, 36 C.F.R Section 703. You requested the following information: • Official list of names of all Senators and House members present during the Vote of the alleged Joint Resolution of 1897 to Adopt the Treaty of Annexation of the Republic of Hawai'i; • Official tally of the votes: AYE, NAY, or NOT VOTING, by each member present of the voting for the above-said joint resolution; • A copy of the document authorizing the President, and the Full Legislature Congi'ess = Senators < House of Representatives to bypass the Constitutional provision stated in Alicle II, $2, Cl. 2 of the Constitution of the United States, and to utilize a Joint Resolution as an "alternative avenue" to the acquisition of and the annexation of the Republic of Hawai'i. The information you requested does not meet the criteria for a Librai7 record because if the Library has this information it would be considered part of the collections. We suggest you contact your institution's library for assistance in conducting your reference request. Sincerely, JjSfim A. Nave Cliief, Office Systems Services Records Officer The Library of Congress Eric Richard Elesou Mule Creek State Prison Fac. C-11-210 low [J-59S64] P.O. Box 409060 lone, CA 95640 Eric Richard; eleson® Secured Paity In Care Of: MULE CREEK STATE PRISON Fac. C-11-210 Low [J-59564] U.S.P.S. Box 409060 lone, California Near [PZ: 95640-9060] N. America ^5arch 24th/ 2016/ c.g. CHAIRMAN/ COMMITTEE ON RULES AND ADMINISTRATION OF THE SENATE HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON/ D.C. 20510 RE Senators present in 1097 Vote for Joint Resolution to Adopt Treatv that allegedly annexed the Republic of Hawai'i Dear Mr. Chairman: I have been endeavoring to obtain the Official List of names of Senators that <3uring the above-cited Vote/ and the YEAS & NAYS & ABSTENSIONS As you can see by the attached Letter from Mr. Nave of the Library of Congresme obtain the information I amInformation is Sacrosanct,direct mecannot helo requested seeking/ will you please if you to where ' e obtairi-h w-bH^2 f available? Does the U.S. SENATE have an "Archive- out: so fcL utUi!L ?t? ^ information and download/print- superior Court/ 265 Cal. App. 2d 67 P 2d 838 L? " citing.: STATE v. McGRATlL 490 Mont. 490/ ranches, ano citing C.J.S./ 1 Recoros §35/ Executive/ Legislative, and Judicial p. 133, 45 juc., do426-427 sLnchL " anfcitin^'p yor^^Si^r grback^L 1926^ '"Congress" is not subject to the F.O.I.A./ so'l aopeai to ^"scords only obtaining a copy of the List Senators present during the Vote on the "Nswlands Resolution," of I was only as names o^ the aoie to get a few numbers at http://w/, and I need the "Official" Vote Tally of Each Senator. /^cce/ao ^/s32.. Very Sincerely Yours, A / Eric Kichard'j eleson®. Secured Party cc: File Eric Richard; eieson®, Secured Party In Care Of: MULE CREEK-II STATE PRISON n^o'r. Cow U.S.P.S. Box 409089 lone, California [j-595641 ^ Near [PZ, 95640-9089] N. America •July 26th, 2016, c.e. (remailed: 9/12/16) E.O.I.A. Request «■ ®«CES (remaned. 11/27/2016 to. JOHN KERRY SECRETARY (W uSctaTOS 2201 - "C" STREET, A/Oib/iPS/RL ^^EPARTMENT OF STATE, SA-2 N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20522-8i(W WASHINGTON, D.C. 20530 of Annexation MR. KERRY: thf the including documents rLwding list of names of Senators oresenf rn the Office of Secretary of bv''the^/°'''™®?''p i^egarding the tLwOffiSai Z f Senate; prt^ed br^hetl. Selnf'^^ka'^L ^'-1^ 2. d. 2, §2. Congress to "pass" a Treaty. ' ^^°wing the President to utilize the wholeof necessary funds. Ihank^you? please inform me, and I will submit the Respectfully submitted. • . Vi ••'? X.,/' ' tX ^^icahrd; eieson^, Secured Party ^ oc: File IScic Richard; eleaon©, Scctirecl Party in Care Of:: MT7T.,R CI^RtCK-IT r/CATF: PR-TSOM Pac. P-lfi-A--1.03-3LoM (J-Sa56Al n.s.w.s. Box Aooono Tone, Cnliffoniia Near PZ; 05660-9080] m. America Authorized Represoatatlve for ft via KPTC RICHARD FLESON®, Tniat, J~50566 October Uth, ?.0l6, c.e. MATTOMAL ARCOTVKS & RECORDS ADMINTSTRATTON A601. ADELPHI ROAD COLLEGE PARK, MD 20760 (R60) 272-6272 ATTN: Gov't. .T.nformation Services F.O.I.A. to Secrot.ry of stata, jo„„ K,tty („et«ch«0 Psnr Sir/Madam: ?r ?'7th, 2106, C.0V, and again on September l?th roia /- /> receipt of the ^ SHuS e^™L"lciL':fT"™ "7^"' supreme coutt 1„ Ceoe »„. lA- ™e.«r'bn^e"«"it«; le Strifa'?l«;"f'r "^"e pto,h,etlo„ of cited yo^'VrLfL'.!!':" tW» "ette., Dotii T fto» •■Sincerely Youro, C End: FOT.A to Kerry ft, letter cc; File \ /; /y eleaon®, Sec7r^d*T«ry' OGIS OFHJCt •/GOVEIINMENT OFFICE o/GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICES INFORMATION SERVICES November 17,2016 — Sent via U.S. Mail Eric Richard Eleson^ Inmate No. J-59564 Mule Creek-II State Prison NATIONAL P.O. Box 409089 AllCHI VLS lone, CA 95640-9089 •ni./ ILHCOIU^S ADMINISTRATION 8601 ADFLPMl ROAD OGIS COI.i r.GE PARK. MD Dear Mr. Eleson: Thank you for contacting the Office of Government Information Services. Congress created OGIS to serve as the Federal FOIA Ombudsman and our jurisdiction is limited to assisting with the FOIA process. :^-0740-600l \\dK \m'w.o^is.tirchfvcs.^ov I' phone:202'7-fi-5^yo toll'free:i -877-684'6448 OGIS: • Advocates for neither the requester nor the agency, but for the FOIA process to work as intended • Provides mediation services to help resolve disputes between FOIA requesters and Federal agencies fox:zo2-74i'S769 • Strives to work in conjunction with the existing request and appeal process • May become involved at any point in the FOIA administrative process OGIS does not: • Compel agencies to release documents • Enforce FOIA • Process requests or review appeals • Provide assistance outside the realm of FOIA • Make determinations or dictate resolutions to disputes NATIONAL ARCHIVES Congress created OGIS to complement existing FOIA practice and procedure; we strive to work in conjunction with the existing request and appeal process. The goal is for OGIS to allow, whenever practical, the requester to exhaust his or her remedies within the agency, including the appeal process. OGIS has no investigatory or enforcement power, nor can we compel an agency to release documents. In your submission to OGIS you explained that you made two requests to the Department of State (State) but have not received a response for either. OGIS contacted State to learn about your requests. The State FOIA Public Liaison informed OGIS that the agency has not received either request. She noted that you should send your requests to the following address: Mr. Eric Richard Eieson ' November 17, 2016 Page 2 of 2 Office ofInformation Programs and Services A/GIS/IPS/RL U. S. Department of State, SA-2 Washington, D. C. 20522-8100 Please write "Freedom ofInformation Act/Privacy Act Request" on the envelope. I hope you find this information useful. Thank you for contacting OGIS. Sincerely, Kate Russ Facilitator United States Department of State Washington, D.C. 20520 DEC 9 2016 Dear Requester, RE:_6 'P This is in r^_ was received on . We have assigned Case Control Number and will begin the processing of your request based upon the information provided in your communication. The cut-off date is the date the search is initiated unless you have provided a specific timeframe. .. Unusual circumstances (including the number and location of Department components involved in responding to your request, the volume of requested records, etc.) may arise that would require additional time to process your request. We will notify you as soon as responsive material has been retrieved and reviewed. Should you have any questions, you may call our FOIA Requester Service Center at(202)261-8484 or send an email to Please refer to the Case Control Number in any communication. Sincerely, Requester Communications Branen u Office ofInformation Programs & Servi rvices Office ofInformation Programs and Services U.S. Department ofState, SA-l Washington, DC 20522-8100 Website: www.foia.state.2ov Inquiries: Phone: 1-202-26I-8484 FAX: 1-202-261-8579 E-mail: Fees: The Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) provides that agencies may assess fees to recover the direct costs of processing requests, unless a fee waiver has been granted. According to our regulations, by making a FOIA request, you have agreed to pay all applicable fees up to $25 unless a fee waiver has been granted. You may specify a willingness to pay a greater amount. Ifthe estimated fees exceed this limit, you will be notified. Please do send payment in advance. If there are fees incurred in the processing of your request, you will be notified of the amount owed in separate correspondence. You have stated your willingness to pay the fees incurred in the processing of this request up to $ . Please let us know if you are willing to pay the fees that will be incurred in the processing of your request. You may set a limit of the maximum amount that you wish to pay. Please be advised that, without an agreement to pay fees, your request will be processed without cost up to the required first 2 hours ofsearch time (for all other requester category only) and duplication ofthe first 100 pages(for all other, media, educational and non commercial scientific requester categories). Based upon the information that you have provided, we have placed you in the requester category checked below. This request will be processed in accordance with the fee schedule designated for that category (see 22 C.F.R. 171). Commercial Use Requesters - Charges may be assessed that recover the full direct costs ofsearching for, reviewing for release, and duplicating the record(s) sought. Educational Institution Requesters- Charges may be assessed that recover the cost of duplicating the record(s) sought only, after the first 100 pages of duplication. Non-commercial Scientific Institution Requesters - Charges may be assessed that recover the cost of duplicating the record(s)sought only, after the first 100 pages of duplication. Representatives of the News Media — Charges may be assessed that recover the cost of duplicating the record(s)sought only, after the first 100 pages of duplication. j/ All Other Requesters - Charges may be assessed that recover the full reasonable direct cost ofsearching for and duplicating the record(s)sought, after the first 100 pages of duplication, and the first two hours of search time. You have indicated your inclusion in a category different than the one indicated above. Please forward the information requested on the enclosed sheet titled "Requester Categories' to substantiate your inclusion in a particular category of requester. We will notify you ofthe costs incurred in processing your request as soon as the search for, and review of, any responsive documents have been completed. United States Department of State Washington, D.C. 20520 Case No.: F-2016-16892 JAM 2 7 2017 Mr. Eric R Eleson Mule Creek-II State Prison P.O.B0X 409099 lone, CA 95640 Dear Mr. Eleson: I refer to your letter dated October 11, 2016,requesting under the provisions of the Freedom ofInformation Act(Title 5 USC Section 552) and/or the Privacy Act(Title 5 USC Section 552a)the release of certain records maintained by the Department of State. The Department of State has a number ofrecord systems. Its Central Foreign Policy Record File is an automated centralized records system, containing substantive foreign policy documents. Additionally, offices within the Department and Foreign Service posts abroad maintain files specific to their operations. Information about the Department and the mission and functions of its individual bureaus and offices, as well as its posts abroad, may be found at our website, or in the U.S. Government Manual published by the Government Printing Office and available at most public libraries. Based on the subject matter of your request, we searched the record systems most likely to maintain responsive records: The Office ofthe Legal Adviser and The Office ofthe Historian. After a thorough search ofthese systems conducted by professional employees familiar with their contents and organization, no records responsive to your request were located. - 2 - The National Archives routinely accessions after 25 years those State Department records that it considers to be of historical interest. Once accessioned by the National Archives, such records are no longer in the custody ofthe Department of State. You may therefore wish to direct your request to the Archives at the following address: The National Archives at College Park Special Access & FOIA Staff 8601 Adelphi Road,Room 5500 College Park, MD 20740-6001 ATTN: Martha Murphy The above office can also be reached by telephone at(301)837-3190, or by e-mail at specialaccess I regret that the Department's response to your request is not more positive. Please direct questions concerning the processing of your case to the Office of Information Programs and Services, A/GIS/IPS, SA-2,Room 8100, U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20522-8100, or to telephone number (202)261-8484. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, in Oglesbv v. Department ofthe Army,920 F.2d 57(D.C. Cir. 1990), ruled that a "no record" response constitutes an adverse determination, thereby requiring an agency to give appeal rights to the requester. Our determination that the Department does not have any records responsive to your request may be appealed within 60 days of the date ofthis letter. Although I believe that our search effort has been thorough and complete, I want to be sure that you are aware ofthis court decision. - 3 - Appeals should be addressed to: Chairman, Appeals Review Panel, c/o Appeals Officer, A/RPS/IPS/PP/LA,Room 8100, SA-2, U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20522-8100. For further information on the Department's appeal procedures, see the Code of Federal Regulations, 22 CFR 171.13. In all correspondence concerning this case, please refer to the case number shown above. Sincerely, Eric F. Stein Director, Acting Office ofInformation Programs and Services Eric Richard; eleson,® Secured Party In Care Of: MULE CREEK-II STATE PRISON Fac. D-16-A103-3LOW [J-59564] U.S.P.S. Box 409089 lone, Califiomia Near[PZ: 95640-9089] N. America Authorized Representative for and via: ERIC RICHARD ELESON©, Trust(J-59564) ''-•''rch 3rol, 3017, c.e. The National .Archives at College Park Special Kt F.O.I.iA. Staff OfiOl Adelphi Road, Rm. 5500 College Park, MD 20740-6001 Attn: m. MARTOA MNRCTIY (301) 837-3190 speciala®::e.ss_^foia( RE; F.O.I.A. Request to SoS for names of U.8. .Senators Each's Vote jn Joint Resolution of 1897 (Ne^vland's Resolution) allegedly Adoptrlng the Treatf - . Annexat.uon of the Repiblic of Ha*>iai'i (.RoC Av-?016-16R92] attached. Pear MR. MORPT-IY; I do hope that the alleged Resolution of 1897 (Newland'.s Resolution) Adopting the Failed Treaty of Annexation of the Republic of Pav?ai') -jR of significant T-Tistoncal. importance to have Ijeen Included In this conntrv's National Archives. ' As yo" can see by the enclosed letters, T have lx?en endeavor!no to ob!-ain a copy of the above-cited Joint Resolution and a list of names of the Rpnators pre.sent and Each's Vote. • Hn.u.,or., I was given the "correct" address to send the P.O.I.A. Request to the M8. KATE RNSS, Tracllitator, of your 0CI8 Dept. (see encloid), and'i^ no; bv yo" 1" Dsp-artmBnt, them. ore than 9? year.s old, and you should te able to locate .in the RocorflB aw 25 X appreciate any assistance you can offer to help me obtain the names of the Senators present and their Votes for the J.R. of 1897. Thank you. Very Sincerely Yours, /■ ^ {( V End; Letters, Ltr. to Ahres., Response from SoS cc; File ■■ . A j ■/ A./. /■ y // !-<■ . Eric Richard; eleson®. Secured Party ^ Eric Richard; eleson®. Secured Party In Care Of: MULE CREEK-II STATE PRISON Fac. D-16-A-103-3 Low [j-59564] U.S.P.S. Box 409089 lone, California Near [PZ: 95640-9089] N. America Authorized Representative for & via ERIC RICHARD ELESON®, Trust, J-59564 March 2nd, 2017, c.e. MR. DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20500 RE: F.O.I.A. Reqv^st to U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE (attached) #F-2016-16892 (re: Failed Treaty of Annexation of the Republic of H^ai'i). MR. PRESIDENT: I am writing to you for your assistance, or as the next step. It aonears that since the SECRETARY OF STATE is an appointed Officer, you would be the logical person to send an "Appeal," (of a denied F.O.I.A.), so that I can exhLst anf Administrative Remedy before filing for "Judicial" enforcement. As you can see attached letters, I have been endeavoring for over a year to obtain "Official Records" of the names of the Senators p?eseSt Ind ^ch s Vote for the 1897 (alleged) Joint Resolution to Adopt the Treaty of Annexation of the Republic of Hawai'i. ("Newland's Resolution). "correction" 1^9/16 letter from the Secretary of State's "Information Services."toIthe am ^ getting the run-around, evaded, previous attempts to other more logical parties (ie: Congress) wereas all myeven a^I Lmq ioi/, citing STATE V. McGRATH. 490 Mont. 490, (^1 220; 1968 Cal. ..PP ^PP- 2d 216, v 9h qqq q/,i App. LKIS Wslative, and Judicial BrSes/''and*^itihg annlv to the Government (all 3 Branches!). ^26 - 427. The F.O.I.A. should p ' ?P apply It IS my intention to avoid Judicial action if at all possible, however, this So Hab^s Corpus Certiorari in the U.S. Supreme cSrtr the Sfn^b (9th) r® n '^^a-Uenge to the Constitutionality Ninth Jpi-M Circuit Court of Appeals No. 15-16697. of a Statute in vSu''for''vn,.i time and consideration in thisin obtaining the documents. Thank you tor your ting your assistance important Matter. Respectfully Yours, \ ,-'""1 V End: all of Exhibit "3" .. /\y // /■ //'■' r"/ ' Eric Richard; eieson"«'. Secured Party cc: File F.O.I.A. Appeal to Pres. t r Page 1 of 1 C-- r "^^i:iEIx:aTOmsirjam:rTir^^ 2 I, the Undersigned, hereby declare that I am over the age of 18 years, and I 3 4 5 a party to the forgoing cause of action, and that on this /^ day of October _, 2016; I placed the below-titles legal document(s) in the U.S. Mail, postage prepaid . ADDED EXHIBIT #3 TO THE CHALLEWN6E TO CONSTITUTIONALITY OF JOINT RESOLUTION OF 1897 TO ADOPT (FAILED) TREATY OF 6 • 7 ANNEXATION OF RBEUBLIC OF HAWAI'I (Filed in 15-16697) 8 9 10 11 which were addressed to the below-named persons: 12 CLERK OF-COURT 13 2. U.S. SUI^feME COURT 9"^ Circuit Court of Appeal 1 FIRST STREET N.E. 14 . Clerk of Court 95 Seventh St. WASHINGTON,D.C.20543 .San Francisco, CA 9411 G'3 -152,6 15 16 17 18 19 3. KAMALAHARRIS \ L ATTORNEY GENERAL' STATE OF CAL.IFORNIA 20 1300 "I" STREET 21 ATTNj MS TAMI M. KRENSIZ SACR2^OTQ.CA.95814 ' 22 23 24 I Eric Richai-d; eleson©- fv.... i j i false witness" (-Exodu-? 90.16^—TTT*!^ r u ™ penalty of "thou shall not bear JurirorofSSoL public, that the foiegoin^j^ tnie, correct and complete,so help me GOD. "T" Original Organic 25 P. Declarant: Eric Richard} eleson®, Secured Party l(»"S9?rf ~ Fot'At to ScS./M/m

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