State of Hawaii v. Trump

Filing 237

MOTION to Intervene ("Tertius Interveniens Notice of Lack of Standing of State of Hawaii to Challenge President's Executive Order (Travel Ban)); (FRCVP Rule 20(a)(2)(B) & 28 USC 1397)" - by Intervenor Eric Richard Eleson. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D, # 5 Exhibit E, # 6 Exhibit F, # 7 Certificate of Service, # 8 Mailing Documentation) (emt, )

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Eric Richard; eleson,®* Secured Party In Care Of: MULE CRBEK-II STATE PRISON Fac. D-16-A103-3Low [J-59564] U.S.P.S. Box 409089 lone, Califiomia Near[PZ: 95640-9089] N. America Authorized Representative for and via; ERIC RICHARD ELESONO,Trust(J-59564) OU/)^ OCTOBER TERM 2016/2017 Eric Richard; eleson®, Secured Party, Case No. 16-5987 Authorized Representative/7'er/zMS' Interveniens, ex rel. NOTICE OF VOID ORDER; ERIC RICHARD ELESON®,Tmst, J-59564, (ALLEGED NON-INCLUDED ORDER IS REFUSED FOR FRAUD - UCC 3-501); STATEMENT OF REQUIRED CERTIORARI; PETITIONER, CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE BY MAIL. vs. JOE A. LIZARRAGA, Warden RESPONDENTS. COffiS NOW, Eric Richard; eleson®, Secured Party, Tertius Interveniens/ Authorized Representative for Petitioner, ERIC RICHARD ELESON®, Trust, J-59564, and submits his NOTICE OF VOID ORDER; (Alleged)ORDER REFUSED FOR FRAUD - UCC 3-501, and STATEMENT OF REQUIRED CERTIORARI, to wit: 1. Petitioner received the "REFUSED" letter in the "Legal Mail" on March 2nd, 2017. The letter was (allegedly) mailed from Washington, D.C. on 11/07/2016, as it was dated November 7, 2016. This item of Legal Mail contained NO COURT ORDER "Filed" in the Court and signed by a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. This alleged action by the alleged Clerk of Court constitutes FRAUD, as Petitioner is a Party to the action and is entitled to a copy of the "Filed" (alleged) COURT ORDER. NOT. VOID ORDER Page 1 of 3 STATEMENT OF REQUIRED CERTIORARI 2. At the district court (2:15-CV-00008-LJO-SAB) and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (#15-16697), Petitioner filed (supported by documented Evidence) a Challenge to the Constitutionality of a Statute (CA's STATE BAR ACT), and a Challenge to the Constitutionality of a Statute/Act of Congress (Joint Resolu tion of 1897 to Adopt [Failed] Treaty of Annexation of Republic of Hawai'i). Ihe Court(s) IGNORED Petitioner's filings! NEGATED FRCvP Rule 5.1/28 USC §2403, and failed/refused to perform their Ministerial Duty. Therefore, Petitioner's valid Challenge(s) to the unconstitutional (alleged) Act of Congress, to which NO RESPONSE has been proffered by the U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL, and the Court is denied the "Statement of Interpretation," (34 Fed. Reg. 79 -1969) cited in Afroyim v. Rusk, 387 U.S. 253 (1967), IS REQUIRED to be adjudicated in this Forum. Petitioner has met (and surpassed) his "burden," proving there is NO set of circumstances that could construe the (alleged) Joint Resolution as Constitutional: as 1) A Joint Resolution cannot replace a Constitutional provision, & 2) The alleged Joint Resolution WAS NOT validly passed by 51% of the Senators present. Fairbank v. US. 181 US 283, 285-286. 41 L.E1. 862, 21 S. Ct. 648, (1901) citiiTg bhrbucy v. ^kiLsa:l. 1 Qcaixh 137, 177 (1801). Therefore, this Court is required to GRANT Certiorari, Order the Attorney General to file a Statement of Interpretation," and adjudicate the issue as it applies to Petitioner. (Petitioner would also request the California Attorney General file a "Statement of Interpretation" for the STATE BAR ACT/Art. Xll, (1927) Issue, as well as the unconstitutional Ex-Post Facto Issue). 3. Failure/Refusal to GRANT Certiorari (in this Case) establishes this Court's active participation (after the fact) in the (now exposed) FRAUD and COVER-UP of an unconstitutional (alleged) Act of Congress; Condination of the illegal NEGATION of its own Rules (FRCvP Rule 5.1/28 USC §2403); and effectively creates the indelible impression that the Judicial Branch'of Government is nothing more th®n a FARCE & SHAM! Further, the refusal to GRANT Certiorari and ORDER the "Statements of Inter pretation," (amongst other things) violates Each Justice's Oath of Office, the Canons & Ethics, and any semblance of Due Process; "wars against the very Con stitution that provides their Office"(Brookfield Constr. Co. v. Stewart. 234 F. Supp. 94, (19_4^(which causes Each to "cease to be an Agent of Government'.') ^destroys the very Tri-Parte System of Government our Founding Fathers so very painfully established for this Country* NOT. VOID ORDER 2 3 '•/ / (INCLUSION Hieirsfors, bassd. upon ths abovSj and tha U.S. Supirame Couirt decisionsj the alleged OEDER of November 7, 2016, IS VOID! [Said ^Order' did NOT appear in the D.A.R.'s from 11/01/2016 to present!] Petitioner has proven that Certiorari IS REQUIRED (in this Case), and that all 9 Justices must participate to resolve the Constitutional Issue(s). s/a/z; Fiat Justitia, Ruat Goelum "Let right be done, though the Heavens should fall." Respectfully Submitted, Eric Richard; eleson©, Secured Party, Tertius Interveniens/Auth. Rep., ex rel., ERIC RICHARD ELESON© , Trust(J-59564) Exemption No. 559828464 (juris et de jure) Holder-in-Due-Course, Record Owner Trade Name Owner, Sovereign American Bond No. 0-52971371 NOT. VOID ORDER Page 3 of 3 Supreme Court of the United States Office of the Clerk Washington, DC 20543-0001 Scott S. Harris Clerk of the Court November 7, 2016 Mr. Eric Richard Eleson leson Prisoner ID J-59564 Mule Creek -II State . -ePr/^WNi t p /' Paciii-t'jrOTB^AriQB-Sl/j^ s (202)479-3011 <l I A f) (iy u .i ;,A , \>^ i\ # iji. \\„i!s f rXiW ViV v\N^V P.O. Box 409089 lone, CA 95640-90^9 > 77 t\ ^ / \vf Re: Eric McharHjEleW\\ 17 y \, A\ j^i^^af"Cw^denW^l. cN i3t^ Dear L A V _ , .'7 7 F \J v; ,/ e Court today entered the following order in the above-entitled case: The petition for a writ of certiorari is denied. Sincerely, Scott Sj-Harris, ClGrk ( ( OFFICE OF THE CLERK WASHINGTON. DC 20543-OOOI November 7, 2016 SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OFFICIAL BUSINESS PENALTY FOR PRIVATE USE S300 Mr. Eric Richard Eleson Prisoner ID J-59564 Mule Creek -II State Prison'^ Facilit3rOT6-A-lD5::^fe^ s P.O. Box 409089:;^ —^ ' c-A- 95640-90BS . ^uUU.4^ CERTIFICATE OF SERVTrE BY MATT, I, the Undersigned, hereby declare that I am over the age of 18 years, and I [am][.Ma=«©t] paity to the foregoing action, and that on the O'' day of , March -> 203Z__> c.e.,I placed the below-listed legal document(s)in the U.S. Mail, postage prepaid. NOTICE OF VOID ORDER, STATEMENT OE REQUIRED CERTIORARI 10 which were addressed to the below-named persons. 11 1. CLERK OF IHE COURT 9 U.S. SUPREME COURT president of united states 1 FIRST STREET, NE 12 WASH-ING-T0Nr-Eh-&r-2O543.^~ MR. DONALD TRUMP 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,NW - WASHINGTON, D.C. 20500 13 14 15 3. MR., JEFF SESSIONS U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL 4. 950 PENNSYLVANIA AVE., NW 16 WASHINGTON, D.C. 20530 17 XAVIER BECERRA ATT0R14EY GENERAL STATE OF CALIFOKNIA 1300 "I" STREET SACRAMENTO, CA95814 18 19 20 5- GORSUCH, Judge, ' 10th CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS 1823 STOUT STREET DENVER, CO 80202 6- ROBERT KELLY, Editor, C/0 The American's Bulletin U,S.P.S. Box 3096 Central Point, Oregon 21 7. ClerK of Gourt Near [PZ: 97502] N. America 9"' Circuit Court of Appeal 22 95 Seventh St. San Francisco, CA 94103-1526 23 24 A L hereby declare under pain and penalty of"thou shalt not bear false ^ Republic, that the foregoing is true, correct and^.merica and the Original Organic Jurisdiction of complete, so help me God ot California ^ 25 Declarant rJy

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