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AFFIDAVIT in Support re 108 MOTION for Summary Judgment DEFENDANT LEE ENTERPRISES INC'S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT ON REMAINING COUNTS FOUNDATIONAL AFFIDAVIT OF JEFFREY B SMITH IN SUPPORT OF DEFENDANT LEE ENTERPRISES INC'S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT ON REMAINING COUNTS filed by Lee Enterprises Incorporated. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D, # 5 Exhibit E, # 6 Exhibit F, # 7 Exhibit G, # 8 Exhibit H, # 9 Exhibit I, # 10 Exhibit J) (Smith, Jeffrey)

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EXHIBIT J Page 2 - Ravalli Republic, Tuesday, Algust 24, 2010 ravallirepublic.com RAVALLI REPUBLIC Since'l889 $ecretury $ebelius tdks heulth Grrc ut $t. some ti$e to get the iDformationoutl' said The federal sesetary of Her.lth and HuIrun Servicer said bad inJo!_ mation about health care refontr has hampered the effolt to ectually implement rcform. "Ttrere's been a lot spent oo comlllunity Sebelius, r',rho appeared et St. Patrick Hospital fo! a tol,l'Ir hall- style lrleetijrg that focused primalily on MICHAEL MOORE serv€ the uninsured com-n\rnity health care centeB like lefissoula's Prdnership Hedth CeDter. Baucu.6 sidestepped of misinfomation out there," s3id Kathleen Sebelius, who visited Missoula on Monday vrith Sen. Max Baucls, D-Mont-, b€fore traveling question about the a polti- calmachin tioDssullounding the health cate rcform bill, which passed in March without a singh or to Libby. Flom the so_called "death panels" to small employer \f,ho believe health care reform will cost them more iDstead Republic€n vote, "There's all kind obGtacles. ... We iust do the best with what we have," said Baucus afte! being asked about tie bil. opponents has beeD yet aDother barrietr between Americais and better, less expeosive health care. '\['e iusthave to of Republicanoppositionto of less, the mjsinfomation spread by rcform haie His comlnellt drew polite applaus€. Support was considei_ ebly higher as sebelius and Baucus tdked about more federal mon€y being ard under-insued. Partne$hip Heelth Cente!, $'hich saw nerrly u,ooo patieDts lalt of leceDtly moved palt '€5, its opeBtion hto the old Cre{riery Building, a move made possible by histor! frcmtl@iiges of RaoauColmtt naEpaWs. Phil CoftElIJ scairrq the orchiues at the Ralnlli CotrittJ Mr,le.nn tonohe this hoppen. This roee* ue take alooh at Aj,gjl'st 1910. Many perish in fires in the West Mercilessly and relent lessly the for€st fires in Westem MontaJra and Idaho are sre€ping o!€r a wst aree, &iving thou_ - been tr"ansported from Idaho by train. Ironicely, p€ople on bosrd the train were able to vism p€ople in their homes about the cornrnunity healtb care centeB, and Padnership is depeDding on some of that money to bolster its current s€rvices andoffer additional cere, 'We are bursting at the seemsi'said Bsbara Moffoe, who sefles on the Pertne$hip boad of directoN, "... we need ceDtral coming fue danger, Many were able to flee with only the clothes on theit back. Orc woman eiave btth in a boxcar iust alter her aEival in Missoula. Note: The I91o frre, also cdlbdtla Big Bbuup, co'lsu1'ual oltet J milliott aa're.s. est frre the larg in thehistory of the lt rctuina country. sands of tugiti!€s beforc them, destroying smsll settlements and wiping out of edstence millions of dollers of nroDertv. Fire at De€r Lodge A tue which did damaqe estineted at least Floren e Baucus and s€belius also touched oll arother is$e affectirlg MontaDans and hedth - the state's rural populstion and the gowing lack of primary clle doctors. That, ofcourse, i$ how America became the country that spends more of its income on herlth Rerytet Micha.I "We need to have Moorecanbereachpil I€imbu$ements on the become primary care docs in6te.d of specialists, ircluding forgivhg said. More pdmary cate and a better le,qs \taste_ ulbsEm APPIe - Missoula. Oct l(l.'ls this yer's show will b€ bigge!, gEnder, hte! London home. Sh€ csme to promi_ nence for her pioneering wDrk in lursing during the CrimeaD War, where she tended to wounded soldiers. She was dubbed "The Lady with the Lamp" after her habit of and more important than last year's show, The!€ wil b€ $3,t00 iD cash sltd special plemiums, FJeect to see myriads of led {pples, large grdin andvegetable e*hibits. Priz.r will be awErded fo! horcy, iellies, jams, bread, cakes, etc, Magnificent makirg roundr at night. Although she had been an invalid for a long tirne, rarely leaving her !oom, mansion r€novation comple{e her d€ath w8s somewhat wtion ofthe colorfel r|nexnected. Her nhv- rcsidence The massive reno - ofM$. Malcus possibilitiesl' every other developed nation. the hedth cele rciorm act Fovides incentiws formedic..lstuder sto shorfl Comrnunity Medic€l Center who quoted care than nearly basis of qudityi' Baucus AUGUST 1910 Nightingale, ir he€]th crle js Fovided western Moltenai' Fee said. The struggle to make the needed changes was summed up by lYank Reed, a doctot et call always count on the AmedcaDs to do the right thing, after they have exhausted allthe other fo€et we' the frmous nurse of tlte Crimeal war and the only woman to have received the Ofder of Merit, is dead at the age of 90 irl her tter- winston Churchill "we care rcform act geDer_ ally knowrl as the Patient Protectior and Affordable Care Act, are makhg more money available for Pass6 a|,ay carc providels support, said St. Patdck Hospital President Jeff Fee. "There is serious est in changing the way he said. doesD't Famous nurs€ - rcimtfi$emelrt mon€y, muchi Sebelius said with a laugh. "I inagine brought sys tem are steps that h€alth soonl' Othe! federal Fograms, tulcluding the hedth to Missoula, They had gees hav€ been hreryTlesdqrthe viders. "We have to spend our ful leirnbu$ement be checking into the Crermely building very Eedicrment. ,,He - Ioarls if they serve rural areas, Baucus said that's a positi!'e step in tefocusing heelth carc or petients instead of helth care pro - Hospitul hedth c€Ie dolla$ on the patient;' Baucus said. " .. We've Dot thought a lot about the patient." Instead, American heslth cire has focused on quntity, becarrse more patients meals more federe.l stimulus money. THIS WEEK IN HISTORY Ravalli Retublic tnhQs oloohboch at augzhin Baucus ptomised to look into the status of that money, then handed out his plhEte e -mail address to the crowd and urged them to get in touch with him difectly. He slso urged Sebelius to check oD Partnelship's fu nding he.lth cltltels, ntdch httick f$t floor ate oma_ mettal plaster and doors ale of mahogtany, Mrs. Daly pl,ans to spend most of her time in the newly completed mansion. of the at 523-t252 or W at iundJre@nissoulian.

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