Function Media, L.L.C. v. Google, Inc. et al

Filing 82

CLAIM CONSTRUCTION BRIEF filed by Function Media, L.L.C.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit B (continued), # 4 Exhibit C, # 5 Exhibit C (continued), # 6 Exhibit D, # 7 Exhibit E, # 8 Exhibit E (continued), # 9 Exhibit F, # 10 Exhibit G, # 11 Exhibit G (continued), # 12 Exhibit H, # 13 Exhibit I, # 14 Exhibit J, # 15 Exhibit K, # 16 Exhibit L, # 17 Exhibit M, # 18 Exhibit N)(Tribble, Max)

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EXHIBIT K D066753 STD.IEEE IOO-EN6L 111b cotrlroller conlors nanfacru̿as rcommndario's. (NEC/NESC) l86l conirollcr (l) {lectric ppe heling sJslms) A dcvicc rhar rcufats thc srat f a sysrcd bt compint a signfronr sensor lo.ard in rhe syrrcm with prcde(6m ed v.llue and djus[ng irs ourpur ro lchic! rhc pred{crmind valu. ConrrolleN, s (scd inclccric plpc hcafin8 sysrcns. rcglar tcm. pcrrurcs on h sys(en and can b rfeFcd ro as rernflcfrure c.rrollers or hrmosrsrs. Conlroll.scnsos can bc nha. I ir q80 5?D 05 q1h9 5l I cotrol mode 217 conlroller, f-opatcd (utomtic control) A conlrol devic i nl con(roling clccnr is dcrived from (he conlrollcd syrcm rhrough th primary sel Nhich all rh ncrgy ro opcmc rhe {PE) t3l conlrollcrs for slel.mill ccessorJ machinr Controllc tor mchines (har are nor used dirccrly in rh prccssing ofsrecl, a Dps, machioe rols, erc. Sr? to; clecrric con(l) [601 rrlcr. sch iczl (butb, bimcrallic)orelccrrical (ihcocouplc,resisrccrempfrurc dcreclor IRTD] rhcmrisro). (PE) 6224-1984r, 6228-988. {2) devicc r sroup of deviccs rhar srvcs to golcm, in some prcdclermined manner, lhe elcclric Powerdelverd ro rhc ppararus to /hch l s conncred. (NEC/NESC) f86l (3) (pac*agn mchnry) A dcvice orgroup ofdevices tht scrvcs ro conuoln some predclermited manncr thc pprurus (IA) 333-1980w !o which it is (4) The component of a syslem that tuncdors as he syslm controllcr. A conBollcr lypcally sends proSrtn messages to ard rccives response messags from dvies. controllers fo. $eel-mll orilres Conrrollc to. mchnts Ihar r used dir.crly in rheprocessing ofreel.such asscrcwdoerns and monipulrors bll nr cranes nd main rolling drives..le d߿r: ccclric conrroler, (lA) f60l controllr, tihe schdulc {pruces contlol) controllcr in ehich thc cmmnd (or rlrencc inpur sigal) lomadcally adhes ro a pre-dcermined ric schcdule. Vrr Thc tirc schdl mccharsm nay bc progrmmcd ro swich motors cornecrcd. (PE) t3) controllng lement, r.l That forward conrolling lemenr which dirctly changcs te value of tbc manipulsrcd vriab. (cs/PE) [3t con(fol: t31 M) 488.2-1992 {$ (A) A fuconl unr n a compurr syslcm a conols onc or mo.c unils flhe peripherl eqipenL Srtlrr Pc' rioherl conul nir.S alror dul-chnncl conollri irpu outpu! conroller. (B) In robolics, a processor lhat lcs s inur desircd nd mcsrrcd posidon, velocily or orher pri. ncnr vdbles d whose outpu is a driv si8nd lo conrrolling motor or aclivIor (C) A device thugh which onc crr inrroducc commands lo a corol systm. 10.10-1994 conFolting elements The funcrional componen of ling systm. -翿 lsi control syrem. feedback. (IM/PE) Il20l, controlling elementE forward Tle elemenrs ir thccortrolling systcm lhat chng variable n rcsponse ro e ctuting sisnal. Saa br conol syrem. feedbck. (rM/?E) fr20l. f3l controllng ms (of an utomatic conlJolEysrem) Consisrs of rhose elemens hl Ec involvcd in p.oducig a coftctivc (o crion. (PE) 94-l9l0w (6) Thc enriry lhal iniliates Ramlitrk lrtsacliots. Thcrc e,(acrly onc cntrollcron cch Ramljnt ringlct. s (c/MM) rs96.4r996 controlling sccton A lcrgrh of ack consisting ofone or more ck circuit seclions. by meas of which c roadwy clmcn or thc devicc thar govcms apprch (o or molamcnr (7) (CM,{C system) Se lr: CMACcmre. (BA/C) r491991 (8) S ߿i sBs conrrller. Contoller,ts. SBus Conrller. conlroller, ulomalic (process crlrol) A dcv'cc lhal oPrlcs tom4rielly !o rcgularc corrollcd vsble in resPonse lo a command and a fedbcksignal- rvots. Tfic tcm originclcd in process control usage. Feedack elceDls njd nalcorol elemcnls may also bc pad of lhc dcvicc..Sd ahr cotrcl (EEC/P) fl l9j within a block are corrolled. ctnlrolllng slstcm (l) (ulomtc conlrol syrm Rlhout feedbck)Thar porion of he conolsyslem rhar ms'rpulrs (IM/PE) fl20l, 13 controlld (2) {control system fcedbck) The porion thr comparcs func(ions ofa dicrly conrrolled ydiblc and commad nd adjusls a manpulted viblc rs t$ncrion ol lhe difcrcnc. Nor. lr incldcs rhe relerenc nput clcmenrsi summing poinrl forward ond finl conlrollng elerntsl and fcdback elmefits- .翿 .lr. conlrol syslem, tedback. system. (PE) I3l conl.roller chracterisliG (lhyristor) The eectrict chanctcF islics of an ac power controller mcsured or obseNed at ls (tA) 428-l98lw inprt or oulpur lminj. conlroller current (thyrstr) The cunenr nowing t̡gh lhc (IA) 428-l98lw lemnals of lhc conrrollcr. conlroler dgram (eleclrc-powe. devici) A diagɡn lhat shows rhe he (IM/PE) tl20l,13l controlling voltag, composte Sej composirc conrrolling volatc, mnua.y operared lcvers or orher devices for the control marhlne () (rllrod prctice) An assemb,8c of cortol of ldrric connccrions bcrwcn lhe ps comprising conollcr and rhal shows e exrcmal connecions. ofter units. wilhoul mechanicl inlc locling, usually incldnt trcir digrdm with indcrion signals. switches, or (1,{) f601,270-196w controlle equipmcnt (thFiror) An opsativc unir for c powcf conr.ol comprising on or morc rhyrisror assmbtis rogethef erh ny inp! or otprt ksfomers, fitc, olher swirching dcvices and uxl;arics requircd by the.bristorac power controlcr o funcdor, 0A) a28-l98lw controllr fults (lhyrislor) A fauft eondition exists if the cnducrior cyclcs ofsome semconducto r bnoral. igh$. S rr. cr rrder. (8) (rllroad practic) A gloup of levrs or equivalnt devices use lo opcrt vrious me.hanisms and signals thar coslirule cff rrder inslallaon- S Is: car relardci cnElizcd lrfc-conlrol (EEC/PE) tr )9i conlol, lrnul Thos elmen[s in lhc cxcta(ion control sysm which provide io manal adjustnenr of thc srchronous machinc rcrminl volrage bJ oDnloop conol. sysre- GA) a28'l98lw controller ON.stat tPEt 42t-t97zs control mcchnlsm (control systes for slem lurbine-geqerlor units) lcludes all systms, dcvias, and mcchanisms bctwc a controllcr and the conlrollcd valvs. itel (thyrlslor) Thc time inteNal in which thc conrroller conducls. Ni s as$med th e srlin8 insnr of rhe controller ON-st nlcrval is coinci dent wirh the saning insanl ofrhe tdgger pulse. (PE) 122-l98ss control ftetring poinl (l) (e line) The lcrcation oi rhe rncrcrirg cquipmenr Lht is uscd ro mcsDrc po'er on rhc re ine for the purposc of control. See /rri ccntcr ol dhribulioni (IA) 428-l98lw controller poEer trnsformer (thyistor) A tr⡡slormcr wilhin rhe conrrollr mploycd to trovide isotaon or lhe rransforfnarion of votgc or curcnr. or both. containng rhe baic control lcmcnts necessrry for contrl(IA) 428-l98tw ling rhc load vokagc. powersystem. (PE) t54l (lA) 428-l98lw controllcr scon (thyislor) Thal p ol Eortrollcr circuit (2) (elctric pove. system) The actul o cquivlcnr lcation of Douer flow measurencnr on an rci rie line (P) 9.-r991 control lnodc (hyrisror) Thc sranin8 i\stnt of e conrollcr ON-sratc inrcNal s Deriodic. Thc control mode is dcfned D066754 STD.IEEE It]O-EN6L intrconncled dell nterconecled ],I1b T 540 AE5?EE O55OO],5 ?A olinrlvcd mcrl I inlcrface connection connec,lion (por{er and dstribution del trnslormers) .A thrc-phase conncction usng six rvindings (rwo pr pha!) connealei in a six-sided cncuit ith sixbshings to provide a fixed phse-shir blwec two lhre'pha circuis wirho$t chte in voltage magnirude. Norr Thc interconnccted delta conncction is sometimcs dscib.d s a _squashed delt4. ''hxrgon uloFnsfomc..- or a (PE) C57.12.80n9?8r ntrcornctrl slr conrection of polyPhas clcuils Sei zBzrg connection of Poyphas circuits. nrerconncf.d system (A) {elGctric Powcr systm) A sysrcm consisdns f two or or idividud power syslems .omalty operring wirh connecting tic incs, S a. powcr sysl . (B) Two or mc power systehs nnccted by lr¡smission (PE) 94'1991 intercornccting.hannel (of a supervisory syscm) Thc rrasmission link. such 3s the di!E!! wk, crricr. or microwave chnrel (inclding lhe dirq cuent, toncs, elc.) by which supeNsory conrolor indicaton signals or sclectcd lelmetcr radings e nrsmified bcrwcn the msrer sation and thc femore slon of sllionst it a single supcwsory system. (PE/SWC) C37.100'1992 elclrodes (ngers) whose funclion is lo msform electrical crgy intocouslc encrgy orv'cc vcrst by ndrs of thc piczoclcctric cffccr. (UFFC) 1031'1992 ntrdigit ntervl (dil-puls ddress signalirg sJstms) (te_ lcphony) ln diel-pulse signling. an ortendd make inlerval scdlo sepaml nd disiinguish sccessiv dil-pttlse ddEss (coM) 753-l9E3w interdigir (inlerdigtl) time (EasudnB !h perioDnanc o{ ronc addrss sgnaling systcmt Th limc inlcrvl bclween succcssive sign prescn inGlvals during which no signal presenlcoodirion e,(slr. This time includes hc signl offcondiio) and fflnsirn inrcrvls bcrwcc si8nul off condition rd signal prcscnr condilin on bolh sre uansi(ons. (coM) ?52-198r digrs. fcilits, itrterclectrodc @pecitance (-r- ntcreleclrode ca ctnce crr cafrctancc drr' mincd om c shorr-crcur trsfer sdmi alce blween d jth ad the h rerminalt, ?{rr This qusndty is oftcn fencd ro as direr inrerclcctrod cpacince. Se hj lectron'ubc of n ,-trminal electrod tub.) Tlc nteconneM (1) Th physcl Planr dnd equipmenr rcqiEd ro faciliralc e trnsfe of elcric cncrgy bctw@n two r more cntitics. lt cd cnsisl of a sbrton nd a sociad msmissio inc ad communicrons facilitics or ony a sin- interelectlode lransdmtnc (r-l interel.trode rnsadttnce of n -leclrode electron tube) The shon-cifcit rrtnsfer sdmi!n frcm ei clccod !o the lth clccrrodc' S 1si eleclron-lube tdmilrces. (ED) 16l-197rw intercleclrod rnsonductDce (r- interlcctrode trns' inlrelecdc ftnsd' condrclce) Thc rcl pan of the mir!nce. Ste altor clcdron'bc adrntncs. admillnces. (ED) l6l-19?tv (PE/SUB) ll09'1990 ple elcctic powcr (2) The fciliries ۡat connecl lwo powcr sysrems or conuol rccdlr i-l (PE) 858-r993 (ED) I6l'19?lw intrconnclion dvce 3. adoplcr ntercoDneclio diagrm (Pckaging machnery) A diagrm sholving ic comcctions bcte,/een the lerminsls in lhc conol pane nd ouidc Poinls, such 4 connclios to Dotors and interelement naueces (potyphse wthetrs) The Percnl_ ago ohfiBe n the recordcd vu tht is cused soley by the ctio of he sEy Seld of one elemenl upon thc orh eleme . Ni This inflocnce is dct mincd tt lhe fr4uency and rated voltag in Phase of cdibalion wilh ratd oD brh olements or such lcsser vlc f cquol currn ilr both elccd a giv6 nd-scl deflcclion Bolh cuntnt ond volg in on lrnent shall then be rEved. dd, for rng p.rrposcs nc-hajflhcditr ren n lhe rcadings n Perccnt s lhc intclelmnl inilucnc'i Sc tuj accrtacy nting (IA) 333J980w riliary devices. lntcrconectior tie A fcdcr interconnecting lwo clc.trc supply systcms. /ot.'Thc nom now of enrgy il such fcrler v hc i cithcr dhctlion. S a6"j ccnrcr ofdsibulion. cue (PE/T&D) 001 nlcrconnect sPace the ddress sPace scn for bard identificdon. syslcm conguralion, and board sPtcic functions such as esdns and dignoscs. (C/nv 12961987s inrrconnecl template A dnition of thc contcnts of the in(C/MM) l29Gl987s rfconnl spacc ot n agnl intrdendrhlc corrosion Corosiv tack at plogresses pref_ .rcntilly long intqdendiic paths. /Voer This tyP of atlack resuks from local differences in compositiot, tha( is' coring' (lA) t59l commonly encornlercd in alloy ' (EEC) flo2l. fllll irterxchog crrier ln e Unid Sla(s, a common camer imird by lw lo cary rclcPlonc nfc bc(wn locl ex(C) 610 7-1995 changc nd transpor interrchangc chsnncl dirct chaincl orcircuit between ex- res. chrges. fomtion (C) 610 ?-1995 cast-lrgs nterfacc (t) (69'6 inlcrfce devics) A shared elccric5r boundry brwen Pfis of a compur systm rogh whicl n- interdiEitl nsgetron magnekon having axial nodc sgmenrs around lhe caode, kcrnatc scgmen bcing connecd rogclhf ar one end, Emaining segmerls conrctd logeer at the opposite cnd. A (ED) (451' I6l-l97lw (C/MM) 69e1983w s convyd. (2) (microprocssor op--ling systms) A shd boundary blwn rwo layc or moduls of softwarc. {C/MM) 855-1985s (3) (watrhor meters) T}e means lor lrnsmitting infoma_ lion btweenthc regislr nd periPhcrl equipmcnl. i rdlgilal lransducer (IDT) A comlikc conduclivc strucure rhat is fabriclcd on e sufac of a substrate and conssls ' (4) (snrtl)A shard boundary. (ELM (C) Cl2.l3-1985s {201, t85l fINGE/ELECIOO t lorwith 0oubl/Sl llut ton of transdqcer parnetols {[,Bl Eleclrcds D066755 STD.IEEE 100-EN6L 111h lnlerfac-CclTT E '105?0 055001,h 1,01 541 E interl!cc olne (5)(Cla$ lEquipmenl nd circuits) (nuclr po\rrgenertg stlon) A juncrion orjuncrions bctwcn a CIffs lE quipmcnr nd anorhcr eq!pmcnl ordcvic. (l(anplcs: conecrion boxes, splices, rcminal boirds, clcrrcl corncrions, Srommrs. goskcrs, cables. cndirs. cnclsurcs. tc.) (18) sh-rcd burdiy bctccn r,vo objcrs such \dc"i(.s, sysre^ s, orrtwollls. acrossulicl irrformation is lasscd.S m brr dar-rrnsfcr iIerfucei usc inlerfacc, (PE) lZ3-l9l4s, 380-lgl5w ll9l {c/PE/SUB) 10. 0.1994.999- 1991 Erher rl MA irrlcc or rhe iT inlcrfacc withoul dislincrior, or onc of rle rwo h pn'car. {!0) A juncron r juncrins bcrwen .1 Cjrss lE ,tiPmm 3nd rnorher equipmcnr or dvicc. (For morors.lypical in(crfrce. incldc. is plicble: mcchll ic I unIng conneclion ro rhe driven qilmcnt flnd lhc motr mounting lo ils bs, (6) {progrmmble slmcnttinl common boundy ,crwecn a considee/ syslem nd aroth syscm, or b4r weeo prrs of ! sy$rem, rhrough whch informarion is convycd. {c/PA) 22{.1-l991 (IM) 488.l-987r (?) (sl" mesument' nd diagnostic qutreni) A lharcd boundary involving rhc speifction of rlte inlrcr-the sPccifica' nccron bcwen rwo squipmcnrs or sysremsrion ircludes thc (ype. qunt(y and funcrion ofth inonncclion circu nd rhc type nd form of signals ro b inrerchsgcd via rhose circuis. Sce aroj dpter. 3ny torcc rrnsnirtȡj ro thc moror. lecrrical conn.clion, cooling sysrcm connecrons, and Iubricslion syrem conncc- rion.) {u (Pe) 134-1994 (E) () (da lmnsmision) common boundry: ir cxllmpl, physical connedion brwen wo systcms or lwo dvcs. T bondary my bc mchicl such s lhc physial surfacs rd spcin$ ir malin8 pans, modulet. componenrs, or subsystchs, r cledical, such s mlching signal levls, impcdces, or gowcr oi t,o o( morJ subsy$ rcms, {B) (dti trsnsmsson) concePt involvng thc spc' icrion of rhc intcrconncotion bct'*ccn two equipmnls or sysEms. Thc spcificarion ncludes lhe lype, quanlty, and (MrL) t2 sofr':/ar development. relarionship ahong two or fnoreenriries (such as sofrware rcm - sofrwre irn. softwrc itm - hardwarc cm, softwaft icm - user, orsoftware unit softwde Lrnit) in which lhc enllies shrc, Provdc, or ex.chge ds!. A interface s flol a softwde item. sohwaE Dir, or orher sysrm componenr: i is a rclationship among l) ln rhcm. (C,/SE) J-STD-016-1995 (22) A shaJcd boundary belwn two layc or modules of softwrrc. (c/MM) 855-1990 of sjgnals funcrion of rhc inrerconnection circuirs and thc typa and lolfn be intcrchangcd by these circuits itertce-CCITT (dta trnsmission) Thc prcsenl Eurcpcan, and possiblc world sndard, lor iolcdce qu'rcincn bc' Iween dat procssing rminl cquiPmcnl 3d dra commu' nicarion equipflenl. The CCITT slandard cscrnblet vcry coscy thc American EI, Standd RS-232.C. Th is rndard is cors,dered madsbry in Europe nd on lhe oher conri (PE) 599-1985w (PE) 599'1985w (9) () (softwre) A sharcd boundary across which i{ormalion s ޿sscd. (B) (softwre) h!.dwac or sofrwa'e coponenl lhal conncas lwo moIE olner comPonenls for rhc purpose of Pssng nformalion from one to lhe orhcr. (C) (sofiwa r) To connccr wo or morc componenrs for the purpose ofplssing ioformation fron one o lhe orhcr. (D) (software) To sene as a conneclinS or cone.ld com_ 610.r2-1990 ponenl s in dfrnition (B). {t0) (STEb'!s) A shared boudary betwecr rwo or mor systems. or btweer two or more elemenls wi١in a syslem, nen. inlerface coorrol (c) t}lfough which informlion s convycd. (C/MM) 1000-1987( 796-1983r (SBX bus) A shed boundry. berwecn two sysremsor ans olsyrcs, through which inlomralion i.njrfecd. (Il) (C/MM) 9591988r (12) (electromchsDc wtthou. meters) The means for communicionsbewecndevices. (ELM) Cl2.15-1990 (13) device place btqeen rheline orput ofa diSirllelDhone ser ard test cquipmenl. The dcvice perfoms at lersl onc of ftc following functions: simulaion of norml ne!lvork conncdion, conrcl of the relephonc set under lesL or accss for rle reference codc to e digibl voicc signal. {coM} 269-r992 (14) (MULTIBUS) A shatcd bondaty betwn modules or agenrs of a compurcr syse, through whch nlolmation is convcyed, (C/MM) 1296-l9E7s (15) A juncrion or junctons &w.cfl a Clsss tE cquipmenr nd eorhcr equipmcn! ordevicc. (For molors, typical irlcF fces inclvd, s pplicble: m<hical mouol ng connction ro rhc drivcn eqipmcnt nd rhe oror moulin8 lo ils base, nd loEc rnsmitrcd ro the motor, elecricl conncction, cooling system conncclns, nd lubricarior syslem connecrion. ,J tor dak-.lrsfcr incrfacq user inrc|f. (P 334-t994 (16) sharcd boundary bctwecn rwo funcrional enrirics. A stndard sp.cies the sewiccs in (crms of the fucrioa ch3rderirrics !d bhavior obse d ar rhc intcrfdce. The srandard is con.act in lhe snse lhal documenls a mu(ual otlgrion betwecn lhc srvice user and providcr and assurcs slllc de6nition of ht oblisarion. (l) (soflryare! configurslion mngement The proccss of idenrfyirg ll functonal ard physical chiac(erislics rcevam to lhe inlrfacng of lwo or more corfigurarion cms provided by onc or morc orgatizalions. rd cnsuring thar proposed cha8es to lhesc cherclcrislics arc evlulcd rd approved prior to mplemenlttion. Se lroi baseline coflguralio audili con8ralion cor'lrol; conl8umtion conrrol board: configoration idcnrificationi congura' tion ilcm: configurtion moagcmen! configuraro sttus accounringi softvc library. {C/S} 10.12-1990. 828"983s (2) (sofiwarc) (DoDusasc) In cofisur,ition managc .nr.rhe adjbinstrtvc and echnical pmccdres 3nd documcnlalion ncccssrq lo idnli lunclional nd Physicl chdaclerisrics s provided by diflercnl trerwen rndwithin configurtion dcvelopers. nd tosovc problms conccning lhe specind inrcrlccs. Se lsr corfi8umtion conlrol. (c) 610 12'1990 iote.lce-ElA lndard RS-2-C (dt lrtrsmisson) ^ $drdized merhod adopred by e Elccronic f nduslris ssoctio to cnsure nifonity of inlerface btNeen dta co rmunication equipmcnt nd da process;ng reminal qiP mnr. The sradard nlerace has ben Sencmlly cccpled by a erel mjority oflhe mnuflr of data tfnsmission tdd (PE) 599,1985w busincss cquipment. nterfce error n enorcofldtin causcd by h8rdw incomparibil$ sof!\v,lc inconparibiiry or rcr incompabliies betwen sny rwo items of cqupmenr. (C) 610.101994 nterfacc-ML STD l88B (dt trsnsmitsion) Th eadsrd merhod of inrerfce esBblishcd by rl Dpanmenl ofDclense nd is presently mandarory for usc by tle deparncnls nd agencies of rhe Deprtmcnt of Defense for lhc inslslllion of ill netv equipmcnt. This slandard povidcs e inlerfac tc_ quiremin for inlerconnection be$'een da(a communicalion s..riry deviccs, dara prossing equipmenl, or othr sptial (PE) 599-1985w mililry ieninal dcviccs. nlcrfce' opertig (connector) Thc sufccs l which a connccror is nomaUyscprard. (Se lhcconEsponding figu.) i (c/PA) 14252-1996 Hardwarc or sofiwr har provdc,! a poinl of communicarion btwen L9to or more Drccesses, persolls, or olncr (tt) 38.1977s physicalcnrides. (C)610,10-1994,610.7-199s i(erfc oprtion opcrtion. inlerfce plane An assigned plbeon lhcboltom srl3ce of the modulc coffiecror .om which the conncror's clcdricalis D066756

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