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EXHIBIT G Application of Doyle Application Num Filed December For 90/007858 22 Distributed 2005 Method Hypermedia for Automatically External Invoking Within and Display of Embedded Objects Interaction Providing Application al et Document Hypermedia Examiner Pokrzywa J.R Art unit 3992 Declaration Edward Felten declare and the Regents in the field Curriculum Vitae which Edward Felten follows as have been retained by Eolas serve as an expert of of computer of the University science my technical recites of California to My and Internet software expertise attached is hereto to as Exhibit Qualifications B.S am in degree Ph.D in Honors with graduated Science University where Affairs am Professor Professor Science in was Computer Science Computer appointed or co-author have been asked Office in 1993 in as Professor to 1991 and in Princeton at Princeton at promoted Professor of Computer 1985 with of Washington was 1999 and States Patent are unpatentable Patent Cohen issued respectfully disagree believe that patentability over to to publications These publications of Science Action in connection as being anticipated Cohen relating listed are the arguments presented No 5838906 the 906 United described Science of numerous address to the 2007 instead Science Computer in of and Internet software 30 M.S 1993 both from the University in in as to Computer and Public 2006 the author science July of of 2003 in an of Technology Institute Computer Science and Public Affairs have taught since 1993 was originally hired Professor currently Associate received Physics Computer an Assistant from the California For the reasons the claims of the the cited references 906 in computer my CV Action mailed the reexamination of that U.S the claims Patent described with the arguments presented to in the Office with Patent by in in this No of the 906 5367621 declaration the Office Action and meet the requirements for as those patentability arguments have been Patent fully me ATTACHMENT To familiarize myself with documents have reviewed numerous its the documents history file referenced or cited My discussion and teacher the issues involved also based Web and as and Action my on Patent and other documents all user and network software From developer of researcher science computer as experience have gained an independent understanding experience 906 the the following including cited in the Office declaration in this is of the claims in the rejection how this the browser art developed II Response the to have been told by patent be obtained told forth in the claim prior art reference is about silent may be present by the claims Microsoft level knows how how what but just an average do things to Web the Mosaic forms and skill ordinary in matter it is the in such that necessarily would be so recognized the claim construction using Circuit in the Eolas in the art in the skill One of browsers in ways but were just art ordinary browser worked helper person who is college or is just university person who has gained an or experience conventional at program student through means the industry This person does not exhibit an unusual thinking those of ordinary and that and Art of knowledge of innovative 1994 am Patent good computer science student equivalent Web for from star In 906 of the single when the art in of Skill in the My benchmark graduating 11 skill the missing descriptive and in such gap characteristic extrinsic evidence the reference in described litigation The Level level inherent to element as serve as an anticipation to by Judge Zagel and upheld by the Federal established not clear that of ordinary In reading 10 it prior art reference or inherently that may not patent each and every if only Action Office that by anticipated either expressly the asserted the thing described persons is anticipated with recourse filled evidence must make in is have further been told reference reference found is matter claim that in the and the Regents for Eolas counsel the patents subject if have further been set Arguments Raised Unpatentability skill becoming familiar with would have had general the idea of and would have been familiar with hyperlinks applications The 906 Patent 12 The to claims of the include within briefly that stated provides information on the client by providing embed text 906 Patent describe the boundaries in by including to identify computer and locate to display web browser format how to that use that allows web page authors web page interactive objects This is done web pages HTML text an embed text format of the about where information technology to get the objects an executable the data and to knows how type to information provide parse the to with data along application that will be invoked with interactivity HTML to it and extract the identify and locate the executable the client allow 13 how application and how computer the executable interface to with the user to interact My analysis invoke to it within on Claim of patentability will focus similar to Claim the only material computer program product and Claim very Accordingly of all my from the patentability of the underlying Prior Art Browsers 14 The Action Office discussion Actions most advanced 15 1994 In offered form to be only file very known as helper the browser For example i.e and have reviewed file The history on the Mosaic all Office was which browser relatively view another to submit the new technology page could contain page could page which when result would be button be the browser encountered in MPEG the that on format MPEG to link to file program and pass clicked was implemented applications the user clicked if movie an external MPEG-viewer The Patents allowed technology where in .mpeg format program Action follows page This cases click by did not understand launch product as well limited form of interactivity see another to browser in 906 the the user with out 16 Another technology program covers such the Office prior art young and browsers were was filled caused the user Mosaic admitted of this prior art focuses on which the user could hyperlinks in is prior art browser Web the Browsers in discussed Claim using Claim to Claim Mosaic Including referenced prior art references for independent Claims the applicants cites window Patent that being applies claims 906 method covers so as to application of the browser of the difference analysis of Claim of the other dependent Patentability the executable to the boundaries on to execute application whose format file to in to pointed the browser .mpeg ran program the the browser that hyperlink then the in an external would that separate window from the browser 17 Helper could program application within 19 These methods to link to an external the browser within interactivity Web allowed the confines are all ran on the that of Web page Web pages implemented program but that The helper window same computer in author to place fully interactive display in todays browsers and they are all in use today 906 Claim 20 the browser was just an external program of these methods objects the not provide window separate 18 None allowed applications Mosaic lacked Among the required automatic at least Elements Lacking in Mosaic three elements required elements lacking in Mosaic invocation and display of the object by the claims of the were an embed within 906 text the browser Patent format window on Mosaic Lacked 21 Mosaic lacked Mosaic used an ordinary with 22 helper Claim document Patent 23 said 906 claims link to to that distributed first format located text Text format of the text hyperlink Embed any data Format Instead was to be displayed document includes that application requires that embed embed the required Required the location first at the location specifies hypermedia in said of at least distributed first hypermedia 906 of an object portion an 1814-18 at were specified HTML the example Mosaic in Hyperlinks using an short for Anchor For tag element hrefhttpI/example.com/page.htmllink.czla would cause the user link the text and navigate Similarly the HTML URL the to link word on the underlined clicked hyperlink 24 be displayed typically in underlined to blue the browser would type follow If the httpllexample.com/page.html element hrefhttp//example.com/video.mpgvideoIa would cause on the underlined clicked the URL format lacked 906 underlined the browser blue If type would download and launch helper text immediately the user the file at to application Examiner references .. that states Mosaic that are not seen to hypermedia document object external Action at teach the that paragraph 27 Mosaic as text format embed Mosaic was significant allowed the browser it was 28 Claim includes browser to present to and special in Mosaic Lacked the required automatically which requires that invoke that is without location NCSA Mosaic of limitations requiring workstation having an embed the format the text combination specifies the limitation embed said client at 14 emphasis further lacked automatically the that parses text format first included in the portion of an of at least hypermedia document.. to the first distributed ii 1823-25 lacks hypermedia document distributed embed browser an embedded object browser application executing of an use special tag the should be included needed was processing The format the prior art Mosaic over used an embedded object that specify embed the recognize user in the browser instead system to improvement 26 The photo word http//example.com/video.mpg In the claimed text be displayed to it display 25 video the text Office original the automatic wherein invocation said embed said executable the executable requiring Automatic Required any text of the format application application action Invocation 906 claims is parsed 906 Patent by said at be invoked such as mouse click from the 29 In Mosaic All hyperlinks hyperlink launch helper the launching 30 Automatic to helping 31 Mosaic within 32 over 906 of the interactive 30 This object 33 Mosaic application allowed web page web page of the part claim element of displaying to the limitation within the thus Window the object interactive at 1826- of the processing window displayed separate new window launched Patent window in said at document hypermedia window 906 be displayed and to area created display of said first distributed and said object display an area in the browser within new window this 906 906 invocation Display within the Browser browser-controlled first applications was Therefore the enclosing be an integral of said object the portion said in helper Automatic the user visited includes requires the object application used Patent be enabled to click the claimed in improvement Required the required processing within being displayed the mouse such window the browser location first appear To by the user to be activated click make browser to via an ordinary not automatic an important Mosaic Lacked Claim was applications the object further lacked enable the user had to immediately when make iii mouse required was was launched application the prior art Mosaic appear to helper application of helper invocation technology object above stated as was created and The new window exclusively was entirely separate from any window When helper the helper application used by the helper used or controlled by the browser 34 The ability within processing Mosaic allowed display in 906 technology browser window was of the claimed browser the Enabling the object This more natural model of any descriptive text integral part of the for users allowing appearing over the prior art window the browser within interactivity interactive advance significant appear seamlessly as an to was the context display and display and enable to web pages the object to be placed on the web page The Cohen Reference 35 Cohen describes system that allows specific multimedia presentations the author accompanying Cohen Does Not Anticipate 36 The by Examiner Cohen argues that the claims respectfully disagree of the 906 this of the to specify book Claims 1-3 and 6-8 of the with book softcopy the text 906 Patent are anticipated the reasons conclusion for on Claim of the given below 37 As discussed above analysis of Claim Claims Claims and and my analysis will focus also applies to follows Claim Non-anticipation from non-anticipation 906 Patent My of the dependent of the underlying independent 38 Several of Claim elements elements of interactive browser identify and locate Claim an executable 906 of the the Patent 40 and enable interactive the requires that interactive sending by using the mouse discusses interactive the to object 259-60 describing how graphics 946-104 stereo fi high object 124-23 thereon the workstation 137-9 Audio displayed processing 42 The and the graphics does not point processing some aspects of the Examiner an object 43 Nor is this within interactive processing design when of that the main book external program to reader finish output to output the to object data from the ... presentation disk player is the at support the appropriate discuss .. and displayed the audio graphic 190 which .. as the graphics in Cohen discusses Cohen is interactive as for the element of single unit cites longer in support But none of the material discloses interactive portion Cohen for cited by processing of window Cohen with Displaying an object does not the object with interactive program invokes before to and the Examiner inherent in incompatible object 831-35 window the user can interact Cohen was to display coupled audio output for the audio of the claim that this ALT_OBJECT is any support portion the notion is browser browser-controlled necessarily require 44 The longer supports Cohen from the multimedia Nowhere does Cohen 32 at the 244-47 transferring on the display 208 generated The Examiner Action of the claim Office to is is at to ... fi picture 110 data in the object within the structure of the object from the compact the object 208 Examiner interactive high animation for the of the object the user that must occur within data from the audio presentation information on the display visible it displayed 846-56 displayed is the stereo data form The software support to means of the multimedia the audio of the resulting motion the presentation 1352-1410 transfer of the video p1aying 1321-51 the presentation to produce the audio stored nowhere See e.g Cohen an animation object to at enable also make can change processing the multimedia data device support device Patent processing but to is processing processing the object but of the object the multimedia output audio interactive display 906 of interactive said displayed is object display or similar input The displaying processing order to in the object Interactive does not expressly disclose interactive repeatedly to To invoke of said object the element lacks device or keyboard display area where workstation client system not only display said object of the object or presentation 41 Cohen Cohen an output to it automatically processing of the object processing e.g by to Processing on said execute emphasis added browser by the browser requires that application Claim format display of the object text Interactive Required said object to the application executable 1824-27 For example Cohen lacks Cohen and the use of type information Cohen Lacks 39 in an embed processing window within are absent In processing an external program it Cohen waits for the resuming the main book reader program While the external cannot accept e.g in description This input After Columns the completion started back proceeds step 420 to to program had external tried would have frozen switch Cohen 45 By book it to wait in contrast interactive the invention reader the option activate by the user of the external If for user interaction the user no giving the would have this processing program The way role of the external program in and then stop running of the 906 Patent in Claim defined and the external program can both be active so the user has to requested running waiting book the main pointer input from the user program can accept to continue is was the flow the completion after only page of the e-book different new page execution FIG mouse for another until to provide display the object to is is reader the external program required to Notably the main that program which 1122-27 at program whose handler link tag or alternatively to wait Cohen of Cohen and the accompanying of the flow diagram of of step 426 result as of the 110 and frozen is program For example and 11 10 reader from Fig evident is book the main running is program of seamlessly and accepting input the object with interacting the browser same time the at or navigating the browser 46 One of the main achievements with objects but cannot provide element of the invention 906 Web within an object seamlessly display of the defined page interactive in Claim 47 Claim of the document 906 includes an embed hypermedia document distributed of an object external wherein said embed said executable processing the portion the to of the is in application of said object at which can an important missing the location document at document in said of at least to .. first portion and invoke automatically and enable display said object area created hypermedia location first by said browser hypermedia Cohen Patent distributed hypermedia display distributed first parsed order to within first specifies distributed first format text that is Text Format format located text 906 interaction provide like processing of the said Patent requires that to system Embed Cohen Lacks the Required was inventors interactive said first location .. 906 Patent within at 1814-29 48 The in of an use Claim Mosaic states embed of the is that that the Patent they lacked NCSA parses format least an important executing format text references element of the invention of many prior browsers defined such as For example the examiner .. are not browser art seen application to at teach the combination said client workstation hypermedia document having an embed text hypermedia document that specifies the location distributed included in the portion of an object document.. 49 Cohen first is One drawback an embed Mosaic of limitations requiring that format text 906 Office Action external at to the paragraph first distributed 14 emphasis does not disclose the use of an embed text format in hypermedia original of at 50 The Examiner embed states format text respectfully 51 The LDESC Action Office with disagree link the that embed claim includes an embed text format document Patent 1814-28 at embedded e.g document format within The prologue invention to Cohen the The link book description with text fact in being in the The of the document la Figure in figures rather than in the files prologue the structure depicts in tags 102 also depicted 104 which is also depicted 54 The link embed the text external to format .. the the location specify document This embed appear ib See file from the are distinct Figure in the e.g it lacks of anything not that text but the required also Figs book is text 906 one claims cannot be the it claim element of an portion 906 the location external the of at least document specify is in format of the text book the location hypermedia Cohen does location at be the embed specifies distributed first tag of link that not appear either because format text Cohen does of tag embed The LDESC tag does LDESC tag cannot the that why reason 18 tags LDESC tag 58-li emphasis added at the with 8b 8a and 53 The the For example Figure text link description .. Cohen LDESC tags as text files in accordance upon embed location in the document tag appears document 906 the of the the required at tags are improved new multimedia provide processing hypermedia the location to the document in distributed first and enable interactive the distributed in the satisfy at said first location corresponds link description also depict book that appear BookMaster of the prologue in tag does not LDESC the Instead Web said in claim element requires that This location at page document the 52 The LDESC display location first said object emphasis added the below hypermedia document distributed at area created be displayed object are the format because they do not first located .. to display within Cohen of For the reasons described text element wherein said required of said object 31 at LDESC tags conclusion this tags cannot be the hypermedia description of an object Patent 1815- at of an object nor does to the first distributed it hypermedia format text 55 Cohens more design why that electronic Cohen was books often repeat in the document repeat in document where the object suited for use separately or inherently For solve Cohen was Web Cohen allowed an element the document each time at least described prologue was on the this in to Web to that By be used where to without there could pages single tag the be at files that the link tag and to having single link each place The claimed 906 design by individual larger given multi-page separating and one small link tag the for use with designed be repeated Instead refers makes sense are large pages reason the use of Cohen Cohen cannot be prologue elements on different pages the full link description description better trying to of tag small simple link tag These books unlike graphic link description the link of having strategy detailed link description problem is one reason is in the contrast are provided is not expressly found 56 Another reason Cohen and Mosaic that Cohen nor Mosaic had an embed Cohen Lacks 57 Claim 906 of the within Patent Patent 27-30 Cohen discloses displaying 59 The Examiner single unit Examiner of the object on screen but there to Cohen in Cohen in any support window some for discloses displaying of the object no disclosure of the is 32 at aspects of this longer Cohen of the portion the notion supports as discusses and the that display area in the browser- within window within within window The Examiner But none of the material cited by the Examiner Displaying 906 the object for the element of Action claim 60 take place element of displaying of the claim Office portion support controlled Window window browser-controlled first the browser-controlled longer cites said the required the object does not point within displaying the display an area of the browser-controlled within happening neither that window the browser-controlled display is Display within the Browser requires that lacks Claim format text Required within area .. display at 58 Cohen the do not anticipate In Cohen displaying place does not necessarily window controlled in window the browser-controlled The separate window as take place Cohen disclosure in Mosaic with is is inherent in not helper either the browser- within consistent Cohen with the display or on applications taking separate device 61 One reason Claim that Cohen and Mosaic display is lack Browser Claim 906 of the associated with it Patent utilized 1819-22 Cohen 63 The Examiners only Use of Type Information wherein by said browser lacks first this discussion the object and Locate an Executable requires that is both within window Required to Identify external to the application at element of displaying the require the by Cohen and Mosaic anticipated area in the browser-controlled Cohen Lacks 62 not to distributed said object the Application has type identify and locate hypermedia by information an executable 906 document Patent element of this element of Claim in relation to Cohen is as follows See Fig DATA graph.exe graph.exe Office Action reading the whereby at program disclosure 1-32 pp DATA being the executable of executable the browser is .. the external external to application application FORMAT line utilizing as being in is specified However the Examiner la of Cohen to the document the Examiner information as Fig la wherein is apparently the type information and graph.exe the type Nor does Fig seen the hypermedia In this discussion application browser executable \GOCA does not point identify depict to and locate as any the any steps performed by 64 Cohen In utilize the book reader type information the does with this information which invokes is to that it pass it follows to the operating reader system does not have any kind of reader identify and locate to not book All the anything on unexamined The book browser does to equates to identify and locate the application or procedure algorithm the Examiner which be to an application used 65 The identify and locate an important example as Web pages cause an executable of or modify the state that that defined his done by the browser is step Claim in of the come from that If choice Patent For to sources such untrusted of such the author site can be invoked on the users system to to gain access application 906 is Users often want security protection sites arbitrary application can use then the site author files that hypermedia documents come from that fact an important step provides distributed display of the invention aspect this step and the of the users computer to the users private for example to install spyware or virus 66 the browser Having executable application written properly protecting malicious application author References locate 67 The that is which the browser does not in importance of 68 because site is it identifying and locating the application utilize be run thereby cannot run the browser that will be type information claim element was reinforced of which the question to author to not the run identify and lack this protection application this litigation in which ifi problems security the the user from this danger hostile on the users computer the executable an important the browser protect browser will only allow trusted applications the user against site identify and locate program trusted by the user lets by the Eolas had references this Microsoft was claim element one Conclusion For the reasons given being is unpatentable anticipated declare by that statements the references all statements made on these statements the like Section so made conclude above incorrect The the rejection that claims cited in the Office made information herein of are punishable that such 27 by fine that 2007 statements to Edward Felten all be true and further false statements or both under 18 may jeopardize the patent Dated September as are true and that willful or imprisonment false and patent were not Action and belief are believed willful of claims my knowledge were made with the knowledge 1001 and 906 of the that and U.S.C the validity of Edward Dept Felten of Computer Princeton University 35 Olden Princeton Science Street NJ 08540 609258-5906 609 258-1771 fax felten@cs.princeton.edu Education Ph.D in B.S in title Physics Engineering University and with Honors Lazowska Engineering Communication and California Institute John for Zahorjan 1991 of Washington University 1993 of Washington Compilation High-Performance Advisors Edward Science Computer in and Protocol Programs Parallel M.S Science Computer Dissertation 1985 of Technology Employment Professor of Computer Associate Professor Assistant Professor Senior University Secure Director Princeton U.S Dept case 2003-present Science Princeton of Computer Science Princeton Computing Analyst Caltech Concurrent 1999-2003 University University 1993-99 Computing Project California Institute 1986-1989 of Technology Internet Programming Laboratory University of Computer Dept Science 1996-present of Justice Antitrust Division consulting and testimony in Microsoft antitrust 1998-2002 Robins Kaplan Miller Keker Princeton Science of Computer Van Nest Electronic Frontier Ciresi Consulting Foundation Consulting in intellectual Consulting and in patent testimony property in intellectual lawsuit speech lawsuit free property free 1998-2003 2002 speech lawsuits 2001-present Certus Ltd consultant Cigital Inc Technical Cloakware Propel.com Ltd Technical Technical LLC Java design and analysis 2000-2002 Board member 2000-present Advisory Advisory Scientific Sun Microsystems Finjan Software product Technical NetCertainty.com FullComm in Advisory Board member 2000-present Board member 2000-2002 Advisory Advisory Board member 1999-2002 Board member 1999-2001 Board member 1997-present Board member 1997-2002 Security Advisory Technical Advisory EXHIBIT Creative International consultant Technologies Bell Communications Research consultant in in product design and analysis computer security research 1997-98 1996-97 Honors and Awards America 50 Award 2003 Scientific Alfred Sloan Emerson Electric University NSF Best Paper ATT Lawrence Young Investigator 1995 award Ph.D ACM Computer security SIGMETRICS Systems Principles Conference 1991-93 Fellowship especially relating systems Operating and operating languages on Operating Interests software Internet Symposium 1991-93 Fellowship Mercury Seven Foundation Research Princeton award 1994 1997 award Award 1996 of Engineering Paper Advancement Keyes Faculty School National Outstanding 1997 Fellowship to consumer products of security Interaction systems Distributed computing Technology law and policy with programming Parallel computing architecture and software Professional Service Pro fessional Societies and Advisory Groups ACM Advisory DARPA ISAT Co-chair National USENIX IEEE Reconciling group 2002-present 2001-2002 Security with Privacy on Foundations on Foundations of Computer Science 2001-present on 2004 2003 2001 Management of Computer Digital Rights Security Communications Security 2001 Conference on Computer and Conference on Electronic Commerce 2001 on Security and Society on Technical USENIX Windows Society Privacy Symposium Symposium USEND Internet 2002-2003 JSAT advisory Committees Workshop Workshop Internet on study committee General Conference Workshop Privacy and Technology Science study committee Academy Program ACM ACM ACM Committee on Security and Information Security in Digital on Network and and Rights Management 2001 Distributed System Security 2001 Privacy 2000 Conference 2000 Systems Symposium Conference 2000 on Network and Distributed System Security 2000 IEEE Symposium on Security and ACM on Computer Conference USENIX USENIX 1998 Privacy and Communications Security 1998 Symposium 1998 Security Technical 1998 Conference Symposium on Operating Corporate and 1996 Advisory Boards Systems Design Sun Microsystems Java Security Advisory Cigital Inc Technical Ltd Cloakware Propetcom Fiujan Software Netcertainty FullComm LLC Faculty Advisory Board Service Committee on Policy of the Princeton University 2002-present Community Committee on Athletics Advisory Academic Science Computer Board Board and Departmental Advisory Council Advisory Advisory Scientific Board Board Advisory Technical University Faculty Advisory Technical Council Board Advisory Technical Technical Implementation Executive 2002-present Committee 1998-2000 Advisor B.S.E program of 1998 class approx 25 students Faculty-Student Committee on Discipline 1996-98 Faculty-Student Committee on Discipline Subcommittee on Sexual Assault and Harrassment 1996-98 Students Advised Ph.D Advisees Minwen Ji Ph.D 2001 Researcher Dirk at Ph.D 2000 Balfanz Researcher Dan at Wallach Robert Distribution File Ph.D expected Systems using Ad Hoc New Rice Science 2004 Control for Web Dynamic Content Collaboration Center Dissertation of Computer for Center Access Xerox Palo Alto Research Shillner Distributed Data Dissertation Ph.D 1998 Professor Assistant Dissertation Compaq Systems Research Approach to Mobile Code Security University Tentative dissertation Disk Shared Logical 2003 Dissertation title Technical Improving staff member at Google Michael Schneider Denial PhD of Service Significant Advisory Drew Dean Ph.D Stefanos Pei expected University Network Defenses against Role 1998 Damianakis Ph.D Cao Ph.D 1996 topic Attacks Advisor Andrew 1998 at SRI International Appel Researcher Advisor Kai Li President Netrics Inc Advisor Kai Li of Wisconsin On leave Assistant Professor at Cisco Systems of Computer Sciences Lujo Bauer Ph.D 2003 Advisor Andrew Postdoctoral Appel researcher at Carnegie- Mellon University Publications Books and Book Freedom to Securing Chapters Tinker Java Edward Java Edward Down Getting Felten John Web Security Felten Scofflaws Beyond Drew Dean Browsers and Dorothy Internet In and Denning Gary McGraw and Sons New York 1999 Wiley and and Dirk Balfanz Wallach Code Business with Mobile to 2004 Publication expected Edward Besieged Countering Peter eds Denning Dan Felten Cyberspace ACM New York Press 1997 Java Applets Holes Hostile Security Tree Dynamic Performance and Gary McGraw Antidotes and Edward Sons New York 1996 John Wiley and Felten Steve Searching Otto and Sabot Computing Gary Felten Edward ed In Addison Wesley High 1995 Journal Articles Mechanisms for Modular Programming Secure The illinois DRM Journal and ACM The Millennium Digital of Fair April Java Software Practice and and its Technology and Policy View Skeptical View Legacy Fall Edward from the Trenches 2002 Communications of Felten the 2003 Known Security Architecture Formerly Mechanism for Andrew Appel 94 Act Copyright Law Use in 2003 Experience 33461-480 Systems Dan Language-based ACM as Stack on Software Transactions Inspection Wallach Security Edward Engineering Felten and and Methodology 2000 October Statically Scanning Mutdosch Gary Java Code McGraw and Finding John Security Vulnerabilities Edward Felten IEEE Software Viega 175 Tom Sept/Oct 2000 Client-Server Computing on the Angelos Bilas Cezary Dubnicki February Fast RPC Bilas and SHRIMP and Multicomputer Stefanos Edward Felten IEEE Micro Damianakis 1718-18 1997 on the SHRIMP Edward Computing February Virtual Felten 1997 Memory Mapped Network IEEE Transactions on Parallel Interface and Angelos Distributed and Performance and Prefetching ACM Li Kai Transactions Edward Dubnicki Caching Karlin and Blumrich Cezary 15121- Malena Mesarina IEEE Micro and Articles Receiver via Anonymity ACM Felten Public Incomparable on Computer Conference Brent Keys Waters Edward and Communications Security and 2003 November Obfuscated an Attacking Edward and Designs Matthias Interface Li Kai Anna Felten Systems Nov 1996 on Computer Felten File Application-Controlled Cao Edward 1995 February Symposium 15 Pei Memory Mapped Network Virtual 28 of Integrated Disk Scheduling Implementation by Cipher Faults Injecting ACM Workshop Felten on Jacob Dan Boneh Management November Matthias Rights Digital 2002 Genera and Flexible Access-Control Edward Schneider and Sstem Web for the USENIX lIt Felten Michael Lujo Bauer Security Symposium August 2002 Informed Batya Consent Conference in the Mozilla Browser Howe Daniel Friedman on System Sciences Implementing and Edward January Value-Sensitive Felten 2002 Hawaii Design International Best Paper award organizational systems track Reading Between the Lines Lessons McGregor Mm Drew Dean John Wallach Wu Bede Liu Adam Edward and SDMI from the Ben Swartzlander Stubblefield USENIX Felten Craver Scott Challenge Dan Symposium Security August 2001 Cookies Browser Design Toward Millett Batya Attacks Timing ACM Conference An Archipelago Internet 6th ACM An Empirical Edward of the Windows Yuqun Chen Felten Douglas Liviu International Iftode for Systems Andrew SHRIMP Schneider and Communications Security System on Computer Study Online Consent Proc of CHI 2001 Felten and Michael Edward File Authentication Felten Computing Systems April 2001 on Computer USENIX Conference Proc of 25th in Privacy Island-Based Services Proof-Carrying Alpert Web on Realizing Informed Friedman and Edward on Human Factors Conference of 7th Web and Lynette and Highly Symposium August Nov 2000 Scalable 2000 Appel and Edward Felten Communications Security Nov System Matthias Clark Stefanos Margaret Symposium Available and Martonosi on Computer Proc Proc of 1999 Blumrich Richard Cezary Dubnicki Shiliner and Kai Dainianakis Robert Architecture June 1998 Li Performance Measurements and Felten Java Understanding of 1998 Li Proc Kai for Stack SIGMIETRICS Conference Dan Inspection Wallach and on Security and IEEE Symposium Dan Dean Oct Principles Web 1997 Outstanding Spoofing An Dean Dan and Drew Dirk Balfanz Symposium on Operating Dirk Felten National 20th Proc Felten Systems Award Paper Proc of Edward Wallach ACM Con Game Edward Internet Wallach Conference Oct Reducing Proc of 16th Felten 1998 June 1998 May Privacy Extensible Security Architectures for Java and Edward Programs Minwen Ji Edward Multithreaded of 1998 Information Balfanz Drew Systems Security 1997 Communication Costs in User-Level Waiting Yuqun Chen and Edward Symposium April Stefanos Damianakis 1997 Stream Sockets Edward on as Lecture Notes Bilas Angelos Damianakis 23rd Intl Symposium Dan and Felten Felten Wallach to Multicomputer Richard Netscape Proc of 1996 Iftode Prefetching Brian Karlin and and and Kai Li Proc of and 1996 Patterson Anna Architectural Proceedings Clark Stefanos Liviu for Parallel Hugo Systems Design From HotJava SHRIMP the Architecture Gibson Garth on Operating Security on Edward Tonikins and 1199 Blumrich Douglas on Computer Processing 1997 February Science Comparison of Algorithms Felten Symposium Java Matthias Kimbrel Andrew Edward Computing Computer in Parallel on Communication and Workshop Parallel Cezary Dubnicki Trace-Driven Tracy 1st Intl Intl Damianakis Cezary Dubnicki with Message-Passing Early Experience Alpert Stefanos Network-Based for available SHRIMP Proc of Felten Support Proc of 11th Felten and Caching Bershad Pei Cao Kai Li Proc of 1996 Implementation Beyond Drew Dean IEEE Symposium Edward on Security and Privacy Parallel Integrated Felten Anna Software Liviu Support Iftode Symposium Protected Prefetching Improving Liviu DMA Symposium for the High-Performance Cezary Dubnicki on SHRIMP Edward Release-Consistent Iftode Edward Conference 1996 Blumrich Cezary Dubnicki on Cao Memory-Mapped Communication Cezary Dubnicki Felten and Kai Li Proc of Intl Parallel Processing Edward April Pei SIGMETRICS for Virtual User-Level Symposium and Caching Tracy Kimbrel Karlin and Kai Li Proc of 1996 Edward High-Performance Felten Computer Shared Network Virtual Matthias and Kai Li Proc of 2nd Architecture Memory Felten Computer Interface and Feb using Automatic Kai Li Proc Architecture Feb Intl 1996 1996 Update of 2nd Intl Wei Multicomputer Bin Kai Li Parallel Felten Anna Gordon Clark Edward Stoll Douglas and Prefetching Caching Strategies Pci ACM Karlin and Kai Li Proc of 1995 Best Paper Multi-Port and Cao Edward SIGMETRICS Conference award Evaluating Felten Symposium Oct 1995 Rendering of Integrated Study Mesh-Connected Frame Buffer on Multi-Port for Synchronization and Implementation Edward and File Application-Controlled Li Proc Virtual USENIX of Technical Network Interface Blumrich Kai Li Richard and Jonathan Performance Issues in Juan Multiprocessors Non-Blocking and Felten and Kai Felten 171-182 1994 Multicomputer Dubnicki Edward on Computer Chess Parallel on Conference Symposium Applicatkns by Multithreading of Scalable Proceedings High-Performance 1992 Program Edward Generation Fifth of Proceedings 1992 McNamee SHPCC on Shared-Memory Felten of Messige-Passing Dylan Computing Conference Highly SHRIMP Cezary Synchronization Computing Performance the Edward Edward Symposium Intl Edward and Alemany of Distributed Principles Improving Cao for the Cao Systems 1994 Conference pages Alpert Proc of Sandberg Caching Pei 1994 Architecture on 1994 Pei File on Operating 165-178 November Caching Policies Summer Memory Mapped Matthias Felten of Application-Controlled pages Patrick Architecture Kai Li Proc of 1st Symposium Implementation Multicomputer Li and Kai Felten on Computer Symposium Performance and Felten Intl Mesh-Connected for Clark Edward Douglas Proc of 22nd Hanrahan Design Frame Buffer Designs Wei Gordon Stoll Bin Computer Felten and Otto 1988 Steve Systems Other Publications Freedom technology Secure Tinker to weblog law and policy Proofs Private for publication An Efficient using Route-Based Felten Written testimony Internet and Property on to to Brent 4000 Waters for Defense Against Felten of Service Packet publication Distributed Filtering January Submitted Michael Property and Edward Subcommittee on Courts the oversight hearing on Networks Schneider Attacks 2003 House Commerce Committee Peer Edward Denial and on per day readers 2003 for Intellectual Peer Approximately Distributed Submitted Commentary http//www.freedom-to-tinker.com of Location January Heuristic at September 2002 Piracy of Intellectual Written to testimony Protect Digital Informed Online Mechanisms for Appel Computer Java Filter Felten Princeton DirkBalfanz 404130 Distributed Contention Princeton File Results University Using Technical Department of 567-97 Dept Report 1997 Communications of the ACM technical report of NX Felten University Ph.D and TR-524-96 report and Margaret Felten and Martonosi TR-508-96 Message Passing Using Richard Alpert technical University SHRIMP Virtual Cezary Dubnicki Edward TR-507-96 report Communication Dept dissertation of Computer for Parallel Programs and Engineering Science August 1993 of Washington Counting Disk.Robert Logical technical Multicomputer Analytical Wenjia Fang Edward Compilation High-Performance Edward Shared University an Experimental and Kai Li Princeton LaMarca Dec 2000 Bauer Andrew CS-TR-603-99 Felten Princeton Memory 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