Elan Microelectronics Corporation v. Apple, Inc.

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Declaration of Sean P. DeBruine in Support Elan Microelectronics Corporation's Opening Claim Construction Brief (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D, # 5 Exhibit E, # 6 Exhibit F, # 7 Exhibit G, # 8 Exhibit H, # 9 Exhibit I, # 10 Exhibit J, # 11 Exhibit K, # 12 Exhibit L) filed by Elan Microelectronics Corporation. (DeBruine, Sean) (Filed on 5/7/2010) Modified on 5/10/2010 (bw, COURT STAFF).

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EXHIBIT B [ffi[mfi]m00f5i7642f1f8i4ffimffiilffiil fm us United States Patent Della Bona et al. ts4l METEOD AND PP-R.TUS TOR CONIACTTNG A TOUCE-SENSITIVE CURSOR.CONTROLLING TNHJT DEVICE TO GENERATE BUTON VLUES hveDto.s: Mrk . Della BoDA. I-os Altos; Jost llorfutn, Berkeley; Jay F. EIIDID. SaDta Cruz. a.ll of Calif. f'731 rrsr Number: t451 Date of Patentr tlil Patent 517641218 Jun.9, 1998 CITIIER PTJELICAflONS rcT Prelimiary Eamhtion Repon for Itrtemtional Applicatiotr No. rcfruS95/00116. Di.led Aug. l. 1997 (6 pages). Assigee Apple Compuer, Inc.. Cupertio. Calif. I!rDatio]ral Sech Repon. PCTruS!X/00116. Jul. 6. 1996, IIaEla. et aL. 'Nod at Your Compte: Switcbless Selection Tech.iques Ushg a HeadphoDe Device". ProceediDgs of the ADDal CoDferetrce of lhe Egierig in Medicie. Mecvodd. Feb. 1996. "Topads". pp. 68*9. Pinary E aminet-R^tttond As si scrll J. Bayerl Examine l21l AppL No.: 38U71 I22l t51l Aftomey Agent, z.^fmar ts71 .4 method and or r-ll F. Stxaci Fnr;-Blakely. Sokolofi, Tylo & BSTR.CT Filed: Itrt Ct JD- 31,19t95 ts2l ts81 u.s, cr. Fidrl ofser.th y5n'74. 3451145.1'73. 166. 163. 158. 157 t561 Refercncs Cited U.S. PTENT DOCTJMENTS 5,9r'1 5An53t 53n J6t 5.444,458 4,/t994 Crepbeide,,.-.......,...............-. 34511'l 4 T4994 'Eza et 1. ...,,..,-,..-.-..,........, 3451t57 411995 z.E ...-......,..................,,,..,..,., yst t't3 71995 Clde! et 911996 Cgl er ^1. 1. .......-....,....,..,-,.. A5tl45 s5s9943 ...,.,.,........................ uSI145 FOREIGN PATENT DOCIIMEI\TS a! apparaus fo contcting a touch-sensitive cursor-cotolliDg itrput dcvice to genrate butto values simulati[g the buon state of a mecha-dical button sitch. This metlod ad ppa-atus eoable an c4lelaor to utilize the touch-setrsitive o.rsor{onrolliDg input device to chage the value of Buttonstte vable (whi simulates lhe ButtoState of a me.fiatrical butto switc) by (1) detectiDg coDtact .trvls wheD e sff clnlacts the loch-sonstive iDpur devjcc. (2) detditrg gp itrtewls betwcen subsequent coDract itervals. and (3) moving the cursor oD tbe dsplay screen Dd dragig the value of the Buttonsrle variable based oD the durtio of lhe colact d gap itrvals. ID tum. this buttotr gelertio capability eDables a operator 10 perform v/ith a siDgle touc-sensitive input devic umerou s cotrol operatios. such s drsor 'niFulatiod. click mufticlick dg. click-anddag. aDd multi-click-aDd-dag opatioDs. O4glxnl lzlggo Ea'pan Par Of. .-..-. C06F 3|/033 2544tO3 tU198-4 Fce -...........,.-...-.,.,.. @6F 3/033 12 Clalms, 14 DnwiDg Shcels U.S. Patent Jun.9, 1998 Sheer 1 of 14 5,764,218 gr I U.S. Patent Jun.9, f8 Sheet 2 of 14 5,764,218 /.--2OO I FIG. 2 U.S. Patent Jun.9, 199E Sheet 3 of 14 5,7,218 U.S. Patent Jun. 9, 1998 Sheet 4 of 14 5,764,218 Srt/Reset BunofLstle UP fn > tsn,fAx N=1 Buttonstate G Down N=N+1 Is duation of tihe between the (W-: )th ur Nth cntaa intervals loge than TGMAX? Supply crsor kackng data to the coErputc! Buttonstat = Up Contct terirted FIG. Does the user rerontact lJte touh-sensitive inpul device in ess thar lsMAxl (t) CURSOR TRACKNG nNcER I DowN UP r __ I DOUBLE_CLICK \H FlG. I 'l lGr'h 1 f_l E;-' *""' hr ' <\x I I !9 tD ,rff* I .,'H*,rH*I FtG. BUrroN DowN 5A I r, FG, 58 f I f_l ll 5c fI 5 ff Hfdt'#J'""fl.- nrucEn up uP , , ,- o*" / """"'io--_.l n" euor -i,11d,*...---------.\zxrux t>bvx FIG, - \$mxhixtruaxu jttf"* f *__l r, ,n .:* _l I t> +,PF:.t',--= Fffi:."=j/= h,.ruJ* - cUqK &. DRAG | | DRAG & STICK ,// - t t">rx (,I bvx 5D FIG, 5E FIG. 5F o\ l-J 0 \ 6m e (t F,"g"ifil'""fij*:ii.**, C 9 ski/Rcsc, BurroSrxc=Up ;ls 605 FF3 s y' ;'o*;o*"0"'o'" tE-:,,*u',:ml , --Inrr.gapriner nn!*oovo tnrrDlin4 ' s.nd bu|to iF F (! down clkt ; rlli"l:,liT::9y-1",-p'" /" p lnraremuln 0'r aour'r ltr8r 6u 30 imr 5 610 ! q E-9 it Burronst.E (clkl), = Up nd rhcn BurlnsDE= hirr tap nrr2. ,l tnirirh p'!i L.Dr Dr.!r rDd doc! ror rin b.foEliDSc'hoB doi t5 6,0 Fin8r .^llS .-g .sro. "ili*#"lij,ijJi'"-" racrin8 ljp 6 Tosrcp rrcr pss rinq Dtor |rnger novcl c,piEs 6m 5 "-t f,"do h S.d bflon don 15 FIG. 6 FirgeruP& nor movng Ick (Dagin8) g'Hlr"',l;:ffn, Sricty disstB. belo rolhcr aor tr 40 nGr scly d68 n., {to.s o .rDtr! brtoE tr d! or .Dil! a'oLhr nBr down tf dEB \,,,.rrr::*'*-'"0"'"' ,tr slclY tnnjal. 5ticty diDBetrhcr :rrl,,!!.,l,u," r꡿DjB b.toc norcr fin8r uP ut -t\ bJ c ,r FTNGER v-l' BUTTON TRCKING CURSOR , "_.l llllllll f-1l.tEM*,I "-" -ftfiStnX tr2<\Mrx DOUBLE-CUCK (A tTl>tTMAx t1(\MAX DowN FIG, I UP 7A II FIG. 78 DRAG | I | L__Jl__JFtG. 7C DRAG (LA.TENT :- g FINGER DOWN uP t-----1 BUTTON tttt II trr ' tcr<tcux PRESS) 'l l---------------- | [pRESs TIMER s <trux tT2>trMx trep ruen + tLlEvf f -_l tsncr FIG. 7E ltsncr c'Jilt FIG, 7D tt -l t) FT ca AND REPOSmON GAP LLOWEO TO LIFT nNGER. o' UP FINGER DOWN -lU ' r tctcux tcz<hux CLICK & DRAG r [ I tcl<buax tcz<hncxulry _ . .' r DRAG & STICK irlcK | I C trr<-\rr* tT2(trvlx tt3>tltx I trs> brsrcleeuo< 5 !a UP BUTTON DOWN FIG. 7F DRAG & r tctshurx ST.ICK oISENGAGE -' rtsstsncKMx I j I FIG, 7G UP NNGER DOWN trllt1vx trttux M trg(brsEtlceEvx (, UP BUTTON DOW \\ o N) FIG. 7H @ U.S. Patent Jun.9, 1998 Sheet 9 of 14 5,,764,218 lo a ctange in the use/s contacl wilh lhe louchpad ? SampleTme = al lim6 ol lhe Irensitin srep 81010 step 820 OR Butlonstale with ac{ual bullon value FIG. I U.S. Patent Jun.9, 1998 Sheet 10 of 14 5,7ffi,218 FngerDown=false FIG. 9 U.S. Patent JuI. 9, ree8 5r764,218 a toE g E= -N /2 o ,g t) /F o lvr - o (D lr- il c," rJ I -(.' oqi L I I _t ir rl i , UP FINGER --' ooi, DOWN I Ix l--] .''*-' LJ-Li-tfi>tlptge ttt<trpux tTt<tTpvAX t12tt4py4 CURSOR 'TRACKING - (h CLICK o tD UP--------...-.."-...--..''.---------------'--.--.-.- BUTTON -t___JFIG. IIB OOUBLE CUCK --1_J-FrG. !:. FIG. IIA ilc UP FINGER DOWN BUTION ';;ff UP i--------r tt FIG. IID \ 1..) 0 (n e , DOUBLE CUCK (! nNcERuPru -ut t1ltpy4x trz<hpvx tuStrpvx "-o" DOWN -l FIG, IIE - m FIG. IIF EN.ER I l-l [-l Do'wttlt<ttpuax . L_J --" . -.t-.------.t UP DOWN uP trtpux I T I t't tltnpMex "o."* (,r BUTIoNIIII FIG, IIG * l\) c ,, n'rcen "' -J'gru^* f.I t--l DOWN I DRAG DRAG + SNCK + GP ALLOWED TO UFT REPOSMON FINGER e (A ʡ (D tl<trApMAx trz>tnpurx UP BUTTON DOWN --t_____I tsrriKM tlt<tTpM,x tTz>tlpMAx ttg>inpulx U kncxux FIG, IIH DRAG UP FINGER DOWN FIG. III + DISENGA,GE SECK BrmoN tttltrpux trtrpuex tr<trpux UP-.--.] "' I f- DOWN ut Ol - 5 FIG. IIJ t.J 0 5.7.218 1 2 raiDlidng dlis buttotr deFessed wbile movi[g the argeted objed ro a Dew loction by mogig the cursff via the lochpad- A user c filther drag a tageted objed abott the sseeE by pelf$ritrg a click-d{mg operatio. which ivolves (l) usig the orpad to positio the cuso over MEEOD AND A.PPARATT]S FOR COI{TCTING A TOUCE-SENSITIVE CTJRSOR.CONTR,OLLING INPTIT DEVICE TO GENER,TE BIJTTON VLIJFS BACKGROTJND OF TIIE INVENTION 5 l. Field of 1e lveDtio the t{geted object. (2) selectig the tgeted objcct by depssig ad relfsing lhe mechica.l buftoD (i,e.. by perfomig a click operatioD). (3) dapressing the nchicl buBo ad rDitrtiDg this buttotr dqrresse/ while moving e object to its Dew loclion by movig the cursor vi the touchpad. atrd (4) rcleasig the o,bject by relesitg the mechaicl buoi switdr. FiaUy. tlogh the touchpd d the mecfiatricl button. a use cD peform uerous olher multi-click and rulti-click-and-&ag cpatios (e.g-. iplewith the viral explosio[ i lhe rnbe of corputr 15 click double ciick-ad-drag. tiple click-ad+ag. erc.). systems. thffe hs beetr a coreq)oding increase i demd Cosequetly. iD oder to Ftrfotr click double{lid{. ad fo! iDput devices that facilitte te hultra itaction with drag operations. pio art toudtpds not only equie the use these computer systs, Orc type of pror at iDpu devices of a tochpad but also requre the se of a mehaDical burto siply cobsist of keyboards, These pior art iput devics switch- Prior art mechnical buor swit hos ae rDoutrted require the hurDa! opralors to eDler data by typig on either separalely as coDFol buttoDs or iDtegIated ito lhe a.lph-urDric. spcial fuctio. aDd row keys of te overll pad assemblies such that c depressioD of the f,d keyboads. The eDtered dat 6e theD usatly displayed on surfaces actuates these switches. either of these corDput sclees. irEpleme.ottiotrs. thre is the added elecromedraDicl conOther more sophisticad ad user-frietrdty pior dt itrput plexity ad cost. Moreovff. mecbadcl switches itegrated iotelfaces use cursor contollgrs ad mechatricl buttoD as lrdt of the touchpad rquie fe djusnents to plevetrt switces to p(folrl cotrol operatioDs (such s cursc iDadvrtent opertio though norml use of the ouchpad. ln.Eipulation, dickig. double-clickiDg. daggiDg. dickiDgAlso. as these adjustme s vdy betweD users (e.g.. difcret a-dl"aggiDg. etc.) i0 order o edit 6xt, select objecls users Ftrefer qleiatio of re swifches bsed on diferent displyed on the saree (e.g.. coDs. Eetrs. scrollbars. text, fiDg pessures). the clit'tioD of ihtegated ttrecatricl etc.). cf to iitiate a giveD coEmatrd (e.g., save or clos a 30 buto switches acoss a {ide poputatioD beoFes problemfle, etc.), Udr this prio. at appfoac, the user rDipulates atic. tl iDptl device order to cotrol the movemet of e Thus. thee is a eed in the ficld of colputr itrr(ffces for cursor on a display saeer aod to generate btton gals fcr a aparars and mDthod of impleteting the button geperformig thc dcsired editing. slectio. ctr cor¡d. Fcr eratiotr fnctiotr withott usg a mechaical bufloD switah. eralple. a use catr select a icon displayed otr the comprtcr -- ElimhtioE of rhe mectricl button switch trot ody results scrcetr by placig a cursor over the icoD ad by clickitrg oD h fe1rer pts trd sirylmes the ssembly plocess. but it also the mecltricl butto slvich (i.e.. by deressiDg rd thetr etrhDces quality d reliability as well, FlrtherrDore. such releasibg this mecba.nical buoD swital). a app:0s ad method {ould be ideIy suited for pThere are sevefal ditreeot tes of crEso cortollig .^ iDput devices fo! coDfollitrg the rov.mcot of the csq ru table eompulcrs as t'is nethod and appatrs reduces bolh size and weighl across display screeL These iput devices iclude a Ioorse. a tackball. joyticlc a writing peb. a stylus tblet. SIJMMRY OF TI{E INVENTION atrd a rouchpa Touchpaals ate oDe of lhe mofe promisig qftDtty csor coEolliDg itcrface devices The peset iDveDdon provides a meod ad apparans use- By sensbg the inherent cq)acitace associated vith a user's 5 for colctitrg a toudl-se[sitive curscr-cootsolliDg itrprt fgr, a toucpad ebles user to coqol fhc Fackiog of device to geete buon vlues silDtiDg te buttoD state the crlo (.e., to rove the clrsoi across the dispLry scrce) of a mccbnica.l buto0 swfd. Tbe oethod ad aplB:s of th preseDt inveDtiotr etrable an opsafor to utilize the widl his 6Dgd, I othe words, a user crrn smply tace his ftrgcr across the touchpad i order o cotr.h-od the comtouch-sesilive orsor-coDtolling iput device to chatrge the puter to move the cuso to any desired locatio on thc 50 vle of a BuotrStat variable (e/hid siulates te B1scree- A-ftff the userpositiotrs lhe qso ovs the rrget. tte to[State of a medraDicat buttoD switch) by (1) detlctin8 user catr deprss ad elease a me.haical bttoo ss'itch cotact ilervals wheD tle user cotacts the touch-seDsitive (i.e., catr perfoflE a click prtio) itr o(dq to edit text. io ihȡt device. (2) d,ete.tig gap jtervalr betweetr subscquet slect a object displayd o the s.reen (c.g., slecf a icon. cotrtact itervals. arld {3) ovig the cursor on the dlay an uenu. a s6ollba. etc.). of t itritiale a givetr comlad 55 ssee! d chogig the vlue of the ButtoStte variable (such ai save ar close a le)- ID additiotr, after usiDg e based on the duratio of the cortcl a.ud gp ilervals. Itr ochped to movc the cusor to tbe tagct, a ser c display htr, this bo geration capabiliry enables a operator to the cotrtets of the trgeed objed by dPlessitg ad the perfcrm with a sigle toudt-sensitive iDpur devic numrots releasg the meahoicl butloo twice i rapid successio c!tlol opcralios. sucl as cuso Dnipu.latior. click multi(ie., by perfming a doble-click ofrertioD). 60 click drag, click-adi8. aDd mlti-click-aDd-drag operatios. Futhermore, a usfr ca prforD dag oprations. such as groopitrg of objects cr texa, by usiDg thc roucttpad to 'ipe" BRIEF DBSCRIPITON OF THE DRAS,INGS ove the objects or te with the curso while deFessiDg te rnah-oical button switdl. Itr additioEr user crtr perform Tle objets ad advtages of the pese[t iovetrtion will additioDl drag opratioli such as '\learirg o" menus. (1) 65 becme Doe eadily appaent to tbosc ordiDarily stilled in by usig the tochpd 1o positio thc c!so over a tageled the n after reviesdg the folowiDg detiled description ad objecr ad (2) by drpssing le mechaical buttoD ad aoDpatryig dwirgs, werei: Tle presDt inveDtio prtais to tlle field of computer iterfaces. More paticulaly. the FeseDt itrveotioD elales to method ad a ppaatus for coDtactiEg a touch-sensitiv r0 crsor-cotsollg itrput device to geDerte bEo values simulating the buon sate of a meahatrical button swtch. 2- Backgloud Art I! i! .. i forth itr FIG. 4. :3:T:!?jjg, -tf-,t"-tioDrseritr-purdevic whicb Day be ' l1=::T^110.: f^.'9dttiooal Frc. 4 p,esenrs one embodirBent or re ilvenron #,litr_ii :Lii:5'il:i*:::"t:,tjl fo geerating butto vatues with a touch-sesit]: clrsor,. ;--tyl", t"bi;. "'iouch-sesitivc input devic (e.g.. a cootrolling inprt deyice. sucb as the touch-sensitive input '" ou"[*, *. Mioo*ot o]]o lSS llovides an ideface dEvice of FIG- 2. between cu-rsor cotrtolle 140 ad bus l0s. Aofhr device FIG 5 presents timig diagranJ which describe the whicb rny be corpled to bus 10S is hrd copy device l4S geragoD oj ihe emMimeot of the FeseDt ivetioD set which mat be usd for pitrtitrg a had copf oo paper. It utitizing rtre touci-Lnsitive iopot a""ice o-r'ffd EIG- 1 pesets a co[tFter system upon which oe CorDpute systern l0O my rthr iclude a disDtay enbodimebt of lhe Frsel iveDtioD is iDplemeDte device lIl. sudr as a cathod ray tube (CRT) or a liuia FIG. 2 shows an exalple of a toudr-sentive csor- crystal disply (l,CD) couptd to bus 105 fcE displayig cotrolliDg iDtrNt devioe Ort ay be utilrd to ipleme! iDfotioD lo coEprt user Alphanuric bpurdevice e presEi iEedoo. i 135 (e.9.. a keyboard) may also be cDtpled to bus 1ll5 for Dd coE'od slctiotrs to FlG. 3 shows a pe$pective view of a copurer system 34 5.7U.2t8 ffit irve Frc.6pesersaa,remariveem*r'etorthpreset ioD fo geuerti8 butotr values s::#,fd**rir":"'*r#.'.ii;:Hff:ir;'j ipul device of FIG. 2vrious as the user requircs, FIG. 7 Presents timiug diagrams which describe tbe 2q As meDtioed befcE. oDe eEbodilot ofcurscr cotrtrolqtration of the embodimeDt of the peseDt iveDtion set lr 1.10 of FIG. I is touch-seNiive ipt device. This forth i FIG- 6. PIGS. t ad 9 present yet Dother emMiment of Pesebt iveDtiotr sesitive ctEsor-codtollitrg cusor-cotrolliDg jq)ut device. sudr as the with a to.rch-sesitive ir cotrjun'tiotr with the pres itrvetio!. However. it is toch-setrsitive apriafed that aay tyre of coD.guatio of the systm ray ' be usd fcr ptrtoses louch-seDsitive iqxlt dcvice Day be a sqlartt pad which coutd be held i the hatrd. dced oD a dsktop. o built iDto the coltlpe keybord. A0 c,peratof utilizes this touch- sensitive input device by cortactiEg (e.g.. touctrig tfie dvice with his nngr), which iD trtr cuses crsor ro rtrove coss tbe display device based otr tfe iDfomtion pertaiing to te oprsfq's cobtacl (e.g,, tie di8plceme of the cpcrator's fg on i devicc) thatthis deviceprovids to lhe computer, ID additio. as metioDd below. the method d I?alatus of the preseDt ivention eable a[ ad 9 is ir[[eted. FIG. 11r{-1lJ prsent timing diagrs describig lhe opatot to geerate buo vles by cotactiDg this toucbq)etioD of te nbodiment ol the-feseDt invetioi set se-sitive_ilFlt levice..More specifrcly. r operato ca utiliz this touc_seositive ipr devic to chDge the value folth itr FIGS. g nd 9 35 of a ButtotrStato yiable (which simulates the buo0 stae DETAILED DESCRPTION of a techadc buEon switah) based o the tepoal The preset inventiob is a Detod and atr aE)aus fq dtion ofthe user's 6.oDtct6 with th touch-scnsitve itrput contactitrg a touch-sensitive osor-contollitrg i[put device device (i.e.. bsd oD the durEtiotr of the c$ntc{ iDtcwls) to gensrte btto values coespording to the bton stare atrd the lpse of timc hetwer subsequent cotact interval (i.e.. the t[, aDd dow states) of a mechaeical blto swich. ao (ie,. based otr the durtiotr of the gp htervals betwcetr the Itr the followiDg desoipion. fo l)졡poses of explation, cotact intrvls). numeros spcic detils are set forth i crder to Fovide a FIG. 2 prcseDts oDe eE boditet of the touch-seDsitive lhcrough uodrstditrg of the Fresetrt iDvetioD- However. itrtrut device dat y be tilizd to irDplemeDt the peseDt it will be uDdErstood by oDe of ditry skill i the at dlat iventio. Fo orc emboatiEent of rh xeseot iavintion. the Prcsent ivc[tio may be pctictd without thes specinc 45 torch-scositiv qrsor-coollig iput dvice 2lxt of FIG. details- ID othe! istaDces, weu-kown structrrs ard 2 is a tou.hpad. Touchpad 200 iludes viral electode pad devices are showtr in block diagar form iD ordcr Dot to 205. elecicl balace measuemet circuit 215. bh;ce obscle lhe desqiptiotr of the PrcsDt iDyeDtior 'rith umec- ratio dtmiatiotr circut 220. and misocotoller 22S. For essary detail. ooe eDbodimebt of the peseDt iDvetio. virtll elecode FIG' 1prseDts a conptel system upoD wlich one 50 pad 205 is i[ he shap of a recta-ngular shet Itis capable embodimnt of tle presetrf inveDtioD s irplemented. Con- offorrtrig 'r9irual elecfodes" at various positios otr its top Flter system lio icludes bus o! other coDrmutricatioE aDd bottom surfaces. The6e clcc.odes de denoed as .VirrDeas 105 for coltEicatig iDfornatioD. Ami.rolEoccs- tl elecEodes' sice senrate coDduc{ive strips oD the two sor ll0 couples with bus 105 for processing digitl data. sidcs ofpad )5 are used to forE sogle elenetrts deDoted as CorEputer sylm 100 foflhc icludes a radom 5s 55 "virtal electrodes." The virtral elecEodrs ar conected to memory (RAM) or sore olhe dyamic slorge device 115 elcctrotric circuiEy c4,able of meslEiDg the electricl bsl(ef6red [o i FIG. I as lai m9loory). which also couples aDce beree sleded top a.d bolom virh.al ele4trodcs. to bus 105- Main rneoory 115 stores digital data ald Balace ratio detemitation circuit o delemiDes the Fogram ibstudios fc( exeauto by processo 110. MaiD atio of oDe balaDce mesuemeha to aDoth. Midocotrolmemory ll5 also may be sed fcr stoing tenporry vi- 60 le 225 seleds qprofEare electrodes fcr balac mesmeables or othe iDtDedire infcrmatioo during exeautioD by met and atio-etminatio. MicrocoDtoller 22S also Focessor l10 Cooput systen 100 also icldes a rcd esponds to balcc ratios to clculate ?ositio ioDatio oby memory (ROM) ad/q other static stoge device Ϳ0 of the seDsed objed (e.g., nger 210). t'1is infonration may coupld o bus l(E for stoig sraric ic,rDaliod ad insEuc- iEclude positioml dat along ooe axis or two axes parlld t tios foProcessor ll0.I addition, mass dtstoragedevice 65 the etedrode pad surface {e.g.. along e x an y atesLl5 such as a ngetic disk or aD optical disk d its Additio!.l ';r.iEity' ifoniatio aiong aD axs'peryencorespodiDg disk &ive Eay .lso be itrcludeddiorar to rhe srface of elechode pao zos 1e.g.. alng oe tle f(E geoeratig boo va-lues with a tochiput devic, such a6 tle sestive iDput dev.e of FIG. Z wheritr th srp of ebodirneDt of the prcseDt ivetrtiotr are irylemeled by touch-sesitive ioput driver sted in the coml)ltrr FIG. l0 presebts a cor{ruter system upon which embodimeDt of the [reset bvetrrio sets foth in FIGS. 8 30 this a syster tbe touch- zl z-axis) nay also be dEterEiDed oI a.o approprle 405 a detrEiDatioD is made whether tfie lbst cotrtct iiterval lasts loDger th a use seleclable predeterrneslement- Positioh iDfortioD dterEhed by med nximum tp iDtrval (t{x). Also. at step t05 aD conrolle Z5 s Fovided to utili"etio meas 230. ray be ay of vriety of decEotric or aoDplter devices ioteger variable N. rqrresetiDg lhe umbcr of cotct (sch as computI syst 5 itervals for perfofmig a pg-ticul o1 opetatiol Guch 56 5.7&.21,8 balace microwhich (t) 100). cosequetrrly. rouchpad )0 geoerres x. y. perahirg to thc user's coltct rtrt A FIG' 5' f the rst coact iDterval lochpad) ov., some region iD the -, y ;i;'"ooJ , lt:Ii.t-15 "f verocities. ac.elertions. timing ditreren;als. ;-rr*.1Pt-919-tl9i:*:tt.t-"-taPibval(ie'iftlr>Lr)' o{,1",t*ch-sensitive cusortotroLlig ipt stregrhs co be deterd'ed ftom this "J"*- L- 9:.9po*9o the sr coDtcl inlervl is idetrtied as a - :-'::- '; -device dudtrs ton{ elow. wneo lDese pa.rnlele afe consroereo aloEg : (i'e" a orsor ackg q'ratiotr)' nftt prior evets. iris poosible ro lT-*-i"".:1^ry"Tu* *lalitrg to the user's cotct with te miputatio!. clck mutri-ctick r"e, T:-tJ f-1d-9-".3,9P device is supplied to the corDputer . touch-seEsrhve !Dut --.. :. taw mulu-chcf,-tlto-org oprdoos. Ad(uuo6llv. -- x. v. illo r '. effclute otr the tr ctr be fitered to opriDze .,".:'--'- -' t" comDuterTscreetr. Lo additio!. oocecusor moveenttrackng "ri."'ii _- :lljlll- lg.lt lhis initial cursor ucb.senstEve put devrce as percervod y Ine user. sibce reedback to the sr that peflaidog to lhe position of the oprator's frgs oo the z dara i:^1"Til:,-l-"d"D' click multi-click dag' click-aDdd8 and Eulti-click-ad{ag opatios)' is set equal o ^nd ,rt""ri,'ii|gl or"*ii"*1"r.i dr;t-"r.*i fust coulactinterval does not last longer thao the uximum .,p infl,l (i.e. if ta1ta). theprss transitios !o step 4i0. durig which iis s-l,o io irts B_F of FIG. S) rhi video sigals (e.g.. a cbatrge i! shape. color. o! highlighring Suftonsrar variad is ser .qual to a Down value (i.e.. a of te cso' oD-sen stbls itrdicator' e.). ,< se4oDd prletmied lerel) nd Dumbs of cotacts variFIG. 3 shows a perspctve view of a computer syscrD - ble N is itrcremeDted by ore. 300 haviDg toudtped 200 of FIG. 2 Pc.sonal coEputrr 300 FrorD step 410 tbe pocess tsitiotrs !o step 41S. where tucludes keyboard 310. palmrests 315. display scree.o 320. a detmi;doD is mde whether tbe user iitias a N aDd tolcbpad 3l)5' Touchpad 305 enables a-use o coDtrol contct after thc (N- 1)th coDlac.t in less haD a predetemined e moveme s of curso 32S oD sceetr 320 by coldiDg 30 rarituD gap tiD (i.e.. tx). I other,ro:s, at step 415. rhe ouchpad (e.g-. by ovig his foge across the -- 3 o1!6 e werer ttrc time iteval between touchpad), I additiotr, based otr lhe dratio of a opf- the lN-l)lh contact iterval aod the Nt contact interva.l is tor's contcts vith this toch-seDsitive ibpu! device ad the longe th a Fedetenfued mxiEum gap otef,vl (trr{x)duration of gp iDtervals between subseque contat ,q.s itrow i at B of FIG. S. if rhe g:aiDtrv"t i" iif;r intervals. touchPad 305 eDables a us< to geerte butloo 35 -- than the pedeeDDed jll ; idrerva.t (i.e. if values which simulate tle butto slre (i.e.._ the up o dow tpto- r). the process idntifes the usr's cotrtact with dr position) ofa hecha-nicl butlotr switch. AIIough conputer tuclinsirive ipur evice as a click opetioD, d thee_ 300 catr be sy of a variety of coryuts, for obe embod- foe tsansitions b;k to reset step /mO loset the vlue of the ment of the prescnt itrvetio[ it is a laptop compter which ButtoState variable equal o lbe Up valueis sigle itrtegrated uEit (i.e.. has ll of itr elemb-t_s pllced 40 OD lhe other h!d. if e gq ti:ne betrveen the (N_ l)', ' withi o case) ad whidr is srDll enough ro frt onlo r" t ; ;a "t .rrl oot *l usr's initiaicdorcompletedisiDprtLfeedbackotle.userca-.^ be iDco4rorted into the peseut iveEtiob through the yT 9f dio sigIs (e.g.. various bcp6. clicks. or custonizable sounds issued 6ougb the comptr's sound_ system)- o( - "[**". *" ffii"J' ,iffi""lfl.ft; i**",l :-'ii; aos aeiermination is tiur te Alratively. if ar step a nade laP FIG. 4 pese on embodimeDt of the FeseDt iDveDtio trtMrn). As showtr i-tr Prt D of FIG, 5, if rle N contact fo gerer-ating bttoh values by co actibg a touch-seNitive itcval does lst longer tl thc nari m tap intefval. the cursor-coDhollitrg ipt device such a the touch-sesitive pocess idrDtifres the user's cotars with te touch-sesidve ioPut device of FIG. 2. This embodident of te preset iput dvice 6 a dag opraio ad thus bDsitiobs to step fuvedion can b irDplehcnted by buto genetio circuitry 50 42S. At stet 425. he pocess suI{rlies to tbe corDputs the itr the touch-snsitive itrpt dvice or itr rhe coEputer positioDal dt correspoDditrg lo the user's coDtact wilh e sysleD.AlterDatively. this embodineDt of the presetrt louch-seDsitive iput dcvic (i.e.. spplies curs6 tackig tiotr can be iplemeted as a sofrwae code (i.e.. a daf m thc conl)Utc system). whi long with the brtton rhe RAM) or firmwde code (i.e.. a rcsidi-ng dov,n value fo the BuBoDstate variable eDables lhe coltrresiditrg in lhe ROM) in either lhe compuaer syste or the 5j puter to perfcn the requesfed draB opefatioouch-seDsitive iFt Once lhe user tcEates h& N* coDtaat with the tochThe operatioD ofthis elihodimeDt of the preset ivebtioD seDsitive ip! devicc (e.g.. olce the user eEoves his frngr will Dow be described by eferetrcc to FIG. 4 nd FIG. from lhe touch-seDsitive inprt devic for the N' timc). the (ehich pesens one embodimeDt of the timig diagrDs process t-sitioDs to stelr 435. Durig rhis step. a delrrdthe cperatioo of this enHimenl of the prcseDt iventioD). @ natio is rde whelher ftff tle N coDtct ier\ .1. e The idtal rep i! the f,owart of FIG. 4 is the stareset c'prato ecorrads tbe touc-seDsitive itrput device i! less step 100. Dltrig this step, a Buttols'tate vadble, simolatiDg thatr a ptrcdtemiod mximm sticky drag timc (i,c,. the bolo statc of a mechaicl buEoD switch. is set to equa.l ts=t$.x). ff so, te process hatrsitioos bck to stp 425 d aD Up valuc (i.e., a fIst pledr*trmied buttotr value). resules its dag opratio by rsmig to supply to the usca cotacts the touch-seositive iput device fo frrst time 65 computer cts tmc}rDg dta while Buolstatc is set to e (c.g.. if the user touches the input dcvice with his flnger Down vale. In .ithe words. as showo iD Pat F of FIG. 5. f.rst te). the process thed a.[sitios to step 405. At stq) rll5 embles a user 10 coDtire a dag olratio even Iside computer sysrcE well ktrow! lecEoic cirdriry (sch as the conrlrobents deteitio is ae if tte No otact iterv las's tooger shown itr FIG. 1) for the co[xgt'I's opmtioD, than the prederc"'oined Dxium tap itervl (i.e..-if " "oor.i a.o rc Eximum gp " time (i,. if totc). the procss 300 reside all thc esscntia.l ad Ealsitions ftom stei atS to step 420. tid;g sti420. a i ivecode code 5 for dcvice. Iftbe for st4p touch- The opeatio of this mbodimet oflhe prestrt inveDtioE FeseDt will notrr be described by rcfereDce to FIG. 6 and FIC. 7 turveno! llows a use to quickly repositio his coutact (which preseDts oDe emMimeot of the timiDg diagraDs fo (e.9.. his frDge) without drolitrg a solected iteE" This tbis chbodihebt of the pteseot itrvgntioD). Itr te followig fatue is advatageous when. for cxrq)le. the usr's frEger 5 dcscriptioa. cotactintervals a hitialed by e userplcig rcaches the edge of the pad nd bas o bc relDsitioed i his gd dowr oD the toucl-sesitive trput device (ie,. by order lo cotiNe dragging o iteE- ID oDe embodimet of a [ge dowo opratio) ad contcts ae teriated by the lhc presel invefiotr, at stcp 435. bcfoe the sticlT dag user removig his figcr from the iDput dvice (e,g.. by the dtermintioD is nde a ilitial dfterlimtioD is lade uscr perfoig a Dger up operto). Howevr. it is tobe efle momentdily rcrEiDatiDg a coEtaaf with the seDsitive iEpul deeic, This sticky dag feature ofthe undrstood that the user cn cqrloy alterDative EeaDs (such as a mechacal objecr) for iitiatig atrd temiDating his losrs e sticlry coDtcts with the touch-sesitive iput devce. sitratios where Iie user rechcs lhe edge of lle pa As sho',r iD FIG. 6. this emhdirert of the p(eset AltrDatively. as shorD Parri C aDd E of FIG. 5. if itrveDtiotr itritiates t shrt/rest stp 600. At this stp. the stp 420 a deremiatioa is Dade ha lhe N clbtact intcrval 15 value of a Bulolslte vaiable. simulting the bo; state is a N tap inerval whose dratio is ot loDger than of a hechaical butob swich. is set !o equal an Up value (e.g.. a frst pedeterIrd vlue). Once the user places his maximm tp fue (t |r). dre .process ideDtifres contacts with the toudr-sesitive itrput devicc as a possible fDger o the touch-sensitive iDput dvice (ie,. oce the user mulli-click. click-and-drag or muli-click-and-drg perfos a frDger dow cperation fo{ fist tiee). the operaliotr. and thus sers the value ofthe ButtoStte varible 20 process rrsitiotrs to step 6l5 itr ods to itia.re a tp timr equl to the Up value by tallsitiotrig to step 430. From (i,e-. ir oder to crsc a tap tilDq !o strt corbti-og). tle tp 130. the prooess Eansitioos back to sep 410. durig tirber cxpies pior o ss removiDg his ngr. a laten! f'ess the ButtoDstte variable is agaiE set equal to the Dowtr timer is initiled at step 10. s show in Pan E of FIG. 7. (as show i Pas C aDd E of FIG, aDd N is idemeted if lhe sr does ot rove his f-gff oD the touch-sesitive by 25 iput device for the dutiou of the latetrt press timer. the pocess (1) trasitios to stqt 635 where lhe ButtoDstate Then at strp 415. if lhe g time (tc/) betwee the contact interval ad the (N-l)th coDtct iDterva.l is greater variablc is se equl to a DoqD value (e,g., a secod ta the ExiruE gap timc (tc{r.tx). the Focess ideties predeemied bu$oD value). ad (2) the 'ansitios to sl,ep 635 where drsor tackiog dla is srpplied to the computq the user's coolacts with lhe toch-setrsilive hput device a multi-ctick opsratioo aDd tbus ta$tios back to reset step 30 in ord to cuse a dreg oprtioD to be pfqd- Howevcr. 40 ,hee the BuftotrState variable is ser eAual to the if the us6 moves his fig(r fdor lo lhe exprtio of e laeDt pressed tms. thc Focss d!cs tle usfr's conlact value (as sbow! for double-click operalior i Pd1 C as a qEsor tackig opefatotr (as shoD i PartA of FIG.7) FIC. 5). Altrnativcly. the gp time betwee the and thus tr-d.trsitios to step 620, At stfp 620. the pocess cotl itrtrrvl ad the (N-1)th coDtct iDterval i less or c4ual to e xihuD gp tire (i.e.. if tctcir,r). steps 35 perfors lhe orso backing c'pertion by supplyitrg positioal d.tarelathg to the us6's cDtct (e.9., data pqtaiDiDg 42{L435 ar theD psforEed i crder to f,rfo to the tser's fnger positiotr) to th coDputer systel. Oce ctick-atrd{g. ad multidic&-ad-drag opeatioDs, the cursor tracking ation is terrtriratd. tbe process le! exaple. tbe user cn perforE a click-ad{rag (as show 78 5,7@,218 whether the usr \,as cobtactiDg the pad at its edg prior o the termitration of tbc contacl This detsmination i turtr dag feae to o.ly bc activaled for i! ar the us4's lo step which value N'; oDe. as if Up of N thao multi-click For i rens to start/eset step 100. Pat E of FIG. 5) or mutt-click-atrd-dag opeBtioD by causitrg tle process of FIG. 4 to lrstio fiom step 415 ro 40 AttqDtively. a shown in s B-D atrd F-H of FIG, 7. sleps 42O.425. trd 435. if at step 605 the ap tier does ot expire prio{ ro tie FIG. presenls a aletuative embodimeDt of the Fresent itryeDto for geDeretig buEoD values by co actitrg a touch-sesitive curscr-cotollig iput device. sc} as the touch-scsitive iFrt devioe of FIG. 2, This ertrbodimet of a5 the prescDt ventiotr can be implemeted by bunoD generatiotr circuity in the toch-selsitive itrput dnce or iD tbe cmptr syslrr- Altcrtatively, this elMimeDt of the present invenlioD c.n be iDplemeted as a software code (r a firrtrwae code i either the corput sysem or the io ouch-sensitive iput devic. Futhennore. this ehbodimeDt enoyal of the fst gf dowD, the BtotrSe vaaiable is set equal to the Dow vale (ie., a sccotrd prdeertrined value) nd a f.rst gap tilrrcr is itritialed at sep 615. ffrhe gap timer expires Fior to lhe uscr plciDg his frgc dowtr agaitr (i,e., prjor to a secoDd trgff dow). the Irocss ideDtifies that rhe fst 6Dger dowD (which carscd the ta$iriotr frortr slp 00 lo stp 05) !d the tust nger p (which caused the trasitio ftom step 605 to slp 61 as a sigle click operatiotr. Thus. rs show in Prt B ofFIG.7. the Foccss FDsitioDs back to step 60,0. whre tlre ButtoStare vible is st qol to aE Up vle. of the preseDt ivetio geDerates buo values bsed o terDlroral drtion of lhc use's coDtcts witb the OD the other had, if the first gp timer does not expire seDsitive itrpt device (i.e.. bsed o the datio of before the s puts his 69r back down o the toudtcontct itrvals) and tbe lapse oftirlle bctwceD subscquet 55 seDsitive ipt device (i.c., if the gp t!e[ does Dot expire contot intervls (i.e., based ob lhe duratioE of the befoe a secoDd Dger dowr oprafioD). a ml.lti-click limr itervals betweeE subsequet cotact intervals). is iitiated at step 625. If fhe ulti-click timr does trot speaicaUy. this emMimet of the lreset invontotr exe bfore the usc movs his gef (i-e.. before anothf ates by (1) itritiatig tiEets t the ihatioD or tflniatoD Dger up operados). lhe Ixocess bnsitoos to step 630 a contact itcval. trd (2) the de&rEfuing whether the s 60 whcre a sccotrd gap tiEer it itritiated- Itr dditiotr. s shog; lermiates his coDtsct cr hitiates aoths cotactpricr to Pats C aEd F of FIG. ?. the process at step 630 expiratio of these times. These timers cn be ier moEetarily set the yalue of the BuotrSlate variable equal up or court dow! tirDrs, which espectively expire ro te Up vlue (.which threby poduces a dick opearioD) lhey redr a pledeterDitred expirtio value by conti[g and theD sets the value of the Buttonstle vadable equal to (E by courtiEg dowD.ID additioD, fo the eEbodimetrt ofth 65 r Dow! value. Furthmde. lhe second gap timer p{:eset iventioD show in FIG. - the vlue of each of expires before he ser reconacts thc toudlpad. the pocess timers cn be adjused by tbe user. ecogizes the pst f-ogex up and finger dow operatiobs as thc tochthe gap More cpeof e i cou wheE up e if perfoniDg a Eulti-lick oprtio atrd thus tra[sitios lo eset scp 00 to set e value of the BuEonslte vriable to the Up valre (as sbov/n for a double-click operatio Part C ofFIG, . However. if the scod gap time does expire bfore aDother ngr dowtr optrtion is perfated 5 the process ttrsitioDs bsck 625 itr ords o allow the use 9r0 5;l@,218 pforD hulti-click ard mutti-click-ad-drag A-ltrDatively. Nlti-click time expires prio to the lse removig his gr (ic.. pio to atrolier Eouse driver l(80, Tbe cpeadoDs. back in Dot to if at step 25 the toporl durtiotr of the ser's contact t'ith the lo{chpad (i,e,. bsed ou tbe drtio of the cotrtact itf,vls) atrd tbe la?se of time betqeen subsequeEt coDtact itervals (ie.. based otr the duatioD of lbe gp irrvals berceu sub6eque contactintevals). Consequently, oce lhe touchpd diver hs exa̡id a data packet comig ftoh torchpad 1025 iD order to detedDe vhethr to drage the vlue of a Buonstae vaabe, touchpad diver 1045 initializes basd oD the rouse div6 e exames positional data comitrg fiom the rorchpd and 'lhe BunoStte viable. iD arder to prfoE colrol opcratioDs (such as cusqnnipulatio. click. Eulti-click ag. cck-nd-drag. fgq the value of th Buonstate vaiable eql to the Up touchpad 104 whi stores ifofiDatioa about the x ad y by bsitionibg back to stdttreset stqr 00. However. if displceEerts loDg the toudllld. If ths data packer does user reconlactJ the louc-se$itive ipt device prio to Dot indicale a change thc pociliooal data reltig to a expiatio of the sticky dmg tie, a disclgage slicky drg 30 us6's cotrtct witb thc toucpad. thcD the louchpad driver timer is initiatd at step 645. As showtr in Pan H of FIG. Ρ'aBsitioos to step 890 which iDitits the Eose iv6. As if rc sr reEoves his fge before the disegage rDeroned befoe. .fte the touchpad &iver perfos tle &g dmer expies. the process tra.EsitioDs back to stzrt&eset dcessary aalysis for itr buttor geDeraion frndion, the srqr 600. Therefole. tbe discngage sticky drag tilDtf louchpad devioe eDbtres ihcmorse Liver toperfonr coDol vides atr opratcr vitb the abilily to cicumv t the sticky 35 oprtioDs by exmitritrg the positio!.al dala frtitrig to the &ag febre of this eoHimDt of thc presenl toucbpad and ɡe value of the BuoState vaiable. Almtively. as show! i Pan G of FIG- 7, if rhe user O0 the other had. if the data packet that the touchpad rot rlDove his fger pri ro e esPiratioD of rle tasrls to the coEpute ivolves dt pertainfug ro a drg disengage timer. the process fansitioDs back to charge iD the user's cotrtct with the louchpad. steps 635 iD order to allow the user to colrtiDue his dlag. a E2Ht0 e eeated- I step 820, a variable SarDpteTine dick-Dd-dlag, c'r multi-ctick-ad-drag is ser equal to the vatue of a clock uDit at e time whe the FIGS. E ad 9 preseDt yet amthe! eEbodimetrt of pro.es tratrsitioned om step E10 to step 8Z). Sice tbe present hveDtio fcr geDeraitrg buttoD vles with a process trnsitios fom step 810 to stp 820 when dta sellsitive cursor-cobolliDg iput device. such as torch- pertiiD8 to cha.oge itr the s's contct witb rhe tochsensitive ipt devic of FIG. 2. This embodiet of the 45 pd rrives ftom te loudrped. Sq eTime corrsponds to plesent ivetio is ilpleeted upon corqputer systern e tft of aival of the last data packet fto the touchpad. 1010 of FIG. 10. As shown in this grre- copuler system r one eEbodihet of the !f,esen ivsntion. the clock is 1010 corEmu crts wth mouse 1015, ke'oad 1020, Ticlcot, which is a MaciDtosb low lDerory gtobat dock touchpad 1025 though deslfop bus 1035. whosc operafioD co[taioiDg ]e numbr of "ticb" (where eac tick is one is coDEolled by lhe micoco(trolles of deslfop tra[sceivd 50 sixtieth of sccod) sice lhe comFrter wes tuaed otr. As lfi)S and of e iut devices (i.e.. mouse 1015, kc)oard mentioncd below. the variable SampleTiEe is used to detq1020. and toclr|)ad 1025). Thse microconollerE se mie the tirne that elpses betweeE th time that the usr itritiates a cotrtact with the touchpad (e.g.. aces his 6rgr ecic Fotocol (e.9.. th AFpleO desllop bus protocol) dow os the tdrchpad) aDd the tiEe the user temi-0ates fis ^coEmudcte to ech othe throgh the deshop bs- ID (e.8.. removes his finger fiom the "cmbodirnent of theprcsent ivenion. compttersystem 1010 is cootct u,irh the tchpad is oDe of lhe Macitosh@ faDily of pesoDal o1 touchpad.) comput(s such as thc Mcintosh@ Quadao). At sl,ep E3{l. a detsrdatiob is mde Whether a Boole Powerbook@, PoweMac@ blatrd personal computers vaiable, FigerDow. has a value of TTue or False.If this maufactured by Appleo Computer. Ic. of CupertiDo. Booletr vadble js tro'frue. lhe to,lrchpd dive ext Calif. (Apple. Macitosh. Qudr. Pef.fi Powrbook 60 antios ro srep M0, while it is Tle the process ad multi-click-adlg opertioDs). FIG.7). Once the user removeJ his figf. lhe process theD The opration of this touhpad driver will now b trDsitions oln step 635, back to stt&eset stcP 0{ if the 15 descritd wirh efeeDce o FIGS. I atrd 9, At step 800. a drag opatio did ot ivolvc Eovemet of aD objecl Drg deternintioD is m.ade whetr inforrDtiotr transmined to qremtions do trot ivolve movemet of objects ib sevrral desktop bus aDsceivef t005 via deshop bus 1035 oigiiDstaces. sch as whetr dtag operatioDs are prforrned o nated ol touchpd l0?-5. If so, st stp E10. the detsmi'\,)" ove text to sqoll dst, aDd to sele4t objec{s ftorD tiotr is lade Whetber ahis comuicalion ftom the touchmenus. pad pttis to positioml data reltibg to a chaDge itr the Howevcr, if the drag opralion involved ovemeDt of usef,'s cootact with the touchpd (e.g,. whethcr the dr object, tbe process tsitioDs from step 636 to step 40 iDdicates a charge iD the se/s ger postioD on the oce the usr removes his fi.Dger. At $p 40. a sticky drag touchpad i the x aDd y axes). I o! embodirDet of rhe timr is itritited. As sbowD i Pats D-F of FIG. 7. if prior pesert irve[io. rhis detellitrario of stp Elo ivolves to the expimtio! of this sticky drag timer e user dos nol zj ascertaidng whethcr the comEuDicatior fiom touchf,ad rccontct lhe lcuch-sesitive iput device, lhe pocess sets 1025 origi!ted ftomthe egister itr lhi.rocontrolter 1030 (of u. lhe process ttrsitio[s to stEp 35. At this step. l0 iD ordfr to allo\r thc user to perforE dag. click-ad-dag. ad multi-click-atrd+g opqatios, cusor maDipulatiob dl is supplied to e coryuter (as showtr i Pars D-H of value the the il 7, sticky pIo- ivetiotr, dos sticky step the todF opratio. ad a to oDe laptop Prfol'Dae. ad Po\terMac ae registered trademks of Apple Coryute. Itrc.). Fo oe embodimet of the preseut iDvcDtioE. the stqts t .d 9 are prfoned by a touchpad driver residing itr eory rDil 1(H0 of compute sysem 65 1010. Touchpad divd 1045 geqaes bon values. reslroDditrg to the btto positiotr of a hecbatrical switch. tho dow charts of FIGS. of to step t90. At stp t40. the value of th FigerDowtr varible ir set to True. a.nd a vriable DowtrFDsitioDs if TiEe is set equal to SmpleTime. Thus. wheD te usr itritiares the frrsa contct with the touchpd (i.e.. whe corDputer syste 1010 receives the st dta packet from the to̡chpad after eir stel' 935 o 950 of FIG. has set the value of the FigeDowtr vdiable 1o Fa-lse), the process of c- t 5.7&218 11 Dechatrical bulto switch vl. This allov/s lhe nechDicl drag operatioDs. b.tloD switch to override the todtped At step t90, the F exarDple. s sho\r[ itr Patt A of FIC, 11. a operato value of tle Bonslat geftraftd at stqr 880 nd vlue of cn pefm o.rscr rDipultior opratioo by coaditrg y. nd z toclpad infctrmtioD i thetr supped to the the x. re touch-sesitive input device ad mitrtafuin g this contad sldrd mouse diver. which thetr pedoras the cqestd fo rore tha a ser-seleatahle brihum tap ileval (i.e., coDtrol opratiotr Lnxrr,y, *\,In othef u/ords, ,he thc cotct intrval is FIG, 9 pr.eseDts oe erDbodimeDt of the tirEer proaedure 30 lobger a the D.iEum tp iDierval. tls eDbodiDet of lhat opf,ates in conjuDc.ioD Ei the stq)s of FIG. 8 lo the preset inve ioD does Dot produce a buon dowtr sigal glxl. thfu timer pocedue s hd ooly iDitializs tbe mose driver iD older to cuse lhis Eoduce buttoD values. At stp itritilizod every TimerPriod by the TicrManager drive to exmie the positiol daa comiog fro drc prograrD. which is iDstalld by the pIocess of FIG- 8. A step touchpad to Fefom the equed drso! tackihg olremtiotr. 905. the coputer reds the z-axis itrfontion from the 35 However. as show i Pdt B of FlG. 11. a opratcr ca touchpad i odr to dtreie if the user has trEitei his pelform a click opentiob h,y (1) naintadng his fst coqact coDtact u,ilh thc touchpad. The. al ste 910. a dotefmiatio with the torch-seNitjve ipt device for less tha the is made as to whethe tlte z-axis dta rd fiom tbe toucbpad lD.Rimun tap iterval. end (2) Dot inititilg a secoDd clntac! is lcss th¡ a pedetemined tkshold value (, .,r޿). The intrval with the loudr-sesitiv inpt device until the z-axis dta is compacd to a theshold value at step 910 itr ao ma'.imum stick) tirEe bas elapsed. I addition. as shorv4 in dr to q)timize the op!:tion of the touch-seDsitive iput Part C of FIG. 11. a-o opsator ca pform a cck oprtion devic by pdformig a Itrig operaior. If thc z- aris dta by twice quickly tppidg lhe toudl-seDsitive ipt dvice. is ot less thn the z,r,-""d valu. tie Frocess of FIG. 9 theD where each tap toggles the Buttobstale vaible oDce. exectes step 940. which rcsets the TmMa!ger pogrm Morcovcr, an showtr itr Parts D--4 of FIG. ths fo cllig tbe tiEor pocdure at rhe Dext TimerPcriod 45 embodoet of the f{eseol ivetiotr eables a opflaaor to itsrval. prfc,rlD a double-cck opertioo by pcrfcrDiag two click Otherwise, if he z-a:ds data is geate o equal !o the opqatioDs i a row' It shold b troed that i ths eltrbodimetr of thepreseDt iDventio[. the mouse dive! meses the lredeteried r !,,-, value (whidr idictes tha the usef is tro loger colactirg the toucbpd). a deterEitration is gap tiltre betwe subscqueDt click olq-atios- i der to nrde as to tle ealue of the FigefDowD ooleD variable, 50 ascertaD vlelher lhe sbsequelt click operatios ae part of If lhis variable is True, a llp'fime vaiable is created aod its a dlti-click opeatior. Furthermore. as showD i Pdts H-J va.lue is set equl to the clock value at the InomeDt that the i FIG. 11, a user ca prfom a dag cpation (i.e.. geDerate timfr procedre harsitiotred from stcp 915 o stap 920. a bttoo down value aDd aitai this buotr dowtr valuc for Sic the pocess of FIG- 9 tr'DsitioDs om stp 915 to step the duration of the conlct i[trrval dlrig which the usq' 92{ o!.ly orce fo ech coact itrtrval (s step 935 sets e 55 trrctr across the toudpad) if ( I ) a fisr coDtct intdval is not value of FingsDown o fls) nd oly fter the sr lotrger thatr the lDaimun tp iervj" (2) the gp intrval erites his contact (s the pocess caD otrly -nsitioD betweeo the 6fst mttct iDtcvt atrd the secoDd cotad Aom sl@s 910 to 920 if a step 910 dere[ilatio is de iErval is ot gEate tD the u*r-selectblc Earrul thal the z-axis df is less h^ ,,r-,ur). UpT ime coresticky ti. atrd (3) e second tap tutvat lasts loDge rhan spoods o e tiln that the user tefmiiates bis co act pith 60 the maximItr tap hterval. As sholr,D i Part I of FIG. 11, lhis the louchpa Ar step 925, a dcterDlatioD is theD lDde aJ elbodiment of e prescnt itrveDtioD also allows a user to to whfte UpTime mitrus DowtrTljtre is less tha[ us reposition his nger duritrg a drag opralioD. FiDay, as selectble Eximum tap time (t,rp{^x). If this is Cue. re sbou'o io Part J of FIG. 11, this embodiment of the preseot at step 930 the ButtotrStatc varible is caused to togge (i,.. ivention enables atr cpelator to caDcel lle sticky dag to dlallge om Up to Dow oto dlge or Dow to Up). 65 featEe by quickly lappig tle touc-seDsitive input device Othfrwise. st? 93{l is skipped. ,c.t srrp 935. $e FiDgerDow! at the end of a dg operatio. order lo toggle the cotrditiotr is set to false, As tDeDtioEed before. at step 9.40. ButtotrStte variable. t has been O rhc othr bad. if at step 915 a detmintio is mde iitialized- If so, the toucad diver 'lstioDs (o step E80, thal tlrc FingrDoro vaiable is false. stp 945 is perfoDedOlberwioe. stq)s E6O aDd 870 are erecuted Ib slcp 860. 5 Itr slEp 945. a dtrEintion is made as to wbethe the clock the ti6 rubiDg coDditio is set o be Tre d thc value mius UpT:rme vaiable is getr aD a stf selecred of a TimerPeriod vaiable s se to equal a Irederelmined tnaximum stic time, If lhe esult is egatiye. tbeD step 940 user scleclble vale. I oe emhodimeDt of the present is xected. Otlrcnvise. at step 9S0. the FigerDowtr aDd iDvetion. tbe TlnrP6iod variablc is set equal to o[e hlf TjEfrRntriEg coditiotrs set to be false. the TimcrMaof DoubleTim. wbidr is a Mactutosh low ]uemory global 10 ager is caoceled. and lfie BuoState viable is set equal to vafible epreseting the Eximum number of ticks alowed the uP va.l̡e ar step 950. betweetr two cliks itr a double-click operatio. The use of As dentiorcd before. the embodiret of te lreseot DoubleTfure is coDvDie becase it is use-adjustable ad iDvetio set forth i FIGS. t ad 9 Fovidcs a method for co actiDB a touchpd to chrge the vlue of a btto it !lates to how fast atr operator might dpss ard elease c ltrechaical btton switch, ,- variable, which simulats the bu o state (e.g.. the up or . Next. at stp 870. a TimerMaage pog.ar is itridred ' dol' positioD) of a mecbaicl butto switch. More specifrcaly. tbs embodimet of the psebt itrvertioh whose sol pupose is to start tho tiEe procedure of FIG. 9 eEables an operator to generte buttoD vlues based on the otce every TimelPerlod. Moe specically. this T:rrMaDdtiotr of the cotrtact itervals ad the fiequeDcy of 6e ager FograD repetedly cls the timr procedure once contct ilcrvals, h m. as showD itr FIG. 11. is button every TierPeiod until it is cceld at step 950 of FIG. 9. gencrtiob cpability enbles a! oprrato to prform with a Fally. at step 8E0. the rouchpad diver program pedos single touch-seDsitive cusor-coEtolIg ilput device a OR qratioD oD the Buo$tate variable (whose v.le js ourDerous contol opfatios. such as cutsol tDiplato!. coDtsolled by the timef Focedure of FIG, 9) with aD cllal clck Dulti-click. &ag, click-ad-dag. Dd mulri-click-ardis Ede whelhe the timr pocedue of FIG. FIG. E tratrsitoos oE stp E30 to 840 ad sets Ihe FigerDotr D variable to Tle. At st4p &l), detrrDiDrioo tz the Timea ProcedDe esets the time procss aDd the process exits. fcr aDothe pass 25 ll. i 5.7&,218 13 It will be ecognized tat the above-dscibd i[ventiotr Ey be eDHied in oer specific fofms withot departiDg from the spirit ot the esstial chdactcistics of the iDven- 14 ot follow said rst coDrct iDtcrval iD less tha sad seaoDd predetetuied lDaxim time itcrvali g) determinhg if said secoDd cotrtact iterval lasts loogfr tbaD a third edtemiDed Dximlm tire itrteval if said secoDd cotct iDerval does follow said nrst cobtec ilervl itr less thar sid secotrdprcdeteEiDed EaxiEum time iDkr,/al; h) sudyitrg positioal dta relalig to the scoDd c!tact intval to said colptef system to cause the curso to move aoss said display sceen if said secod confact tio. F6 example. elthogh rhe above-metiooed embodi- b uDdarstood by oue skilled iD rfie at lhat alterative embodimels of the preseDt ivetiotr gerate a buo dowo sigDal at differe0t tibes. For example. a butto dow trents genrate a ButtoDDowD value attheteDinatioD ofthe user's cotct with re ouc-sesitive itrIIt device. it will 5 contact with the louc-sesitive itrIxtt device. or (3) a pedeterhid Dotrr of dln ffe tbe use t@iates his cotct tith lhe toch-seDsitive iq)t device. Howeve. it sigal can b gerated (1) when tfie usridtiates a cotact. t0 (2) predetemied aouDl of tie aef re sq hitites a inttrval lass lotrger thaD said thid predt<mined secoDd contct i) maximum time inerval; dereating whether d ad acccleratio of the co act it oder !o funhe discem betwee opeatios. Zaxis sensitit) D.ay also be used o 20 discEo @cratios by indicariDg hor{, fr lhe fng ws lified of the toucpad durig the q)eratio. Thus. while ctfti! exemplary embodiments bave bccD described aDd sbo{n iD the accoEtpaying drwigs. it is to be udrstood that tle itrvetrtiotr is Bor limired by the foregoiog illustsatve details. t5 but rter is defed by the ppeDded cliDs. Wht is clairDed is: 1. A method of opsatig a ouc{- seEsitive .iDput devic a cohputer system cotqprisig the stel s of: should be notd tlat sele.tiotr upotr liftbg hs the advahtage t5 of llowig the ser to move of of a mistakebly selccld object withot activtig it I ddirion. ltertive embodime of thepresetrt ivetio detffEhe te z-axis vlocify cottrct interval follows said iterval in less than a fofh pedeterthe j) miDed loaxim time iDtervali seeing tle velue of the BuoDstate vaiable to seod button vale if sd thid cotact iDtrvs.l does ot follow said secoDd coDlaat interval i.o less tha said lhe cursoi movemen iDitiated by suplrlyhg positioDl dat reltig lo the secoDd contct intcfvl to the compuier system a) detedig contad hterval wheD a user contacts lhe 30 said third co ct iDtervl lasls touch-sensitive iput device; IoDger tha said fth predetemioed D,aximum dme itcrval. b) detectig gap iDtevals bctlve subsequet contact 3, The mthod of clil 2 .8e crpfisig the srp of itrtervas; aDd seEitrg the value of the ButtoSޡe vible to lhe secotrd c) disti Dguishig betwee s first atsor cotol operatio. ". buo value if said third cotad itervl dos not lst loEg a secood orsor conEol opereliotr ad a thid cuso lh! said frh Fcdetfrmied l!xirEum time interva.l. colrol opemtioD based o the datiotr of said coDtad 4. A rDthod of using a toch-selrsitive input device ad gap iDteyals; Ed copled to coqputer system to move a cuso oD a disply d) rponig oe of said frst. secod or rhid cursor scree of the comprtr system d 1o chaDge Ihe value of control opefations iD accddance with said stcp of aO ButtoDsate variable to otre of a first bttotr vale ahd distiguish9, secoDd butto vIue. sid Bifio0state variable srulatiDg 2. A hethod of usiDg a toudt-sensitive iput device buon $ale of a nhatricl brttotr swih, said me;d coupled to_a comFtE system to Dor a cursor oD a display cohprisitrg lhc srps of: scree of fhe computff system and to cbaoge the value-of a) detecting a fst coDtacl erval whe a use fust ButtoState viable to oDe of a fus btto value ad a 45 coDtcts said touch-setrsitive input devioe; secotrd btto vlue. sid uoState vr.iable simulating a b) defmitriry if said frst coDtct iteval lasts lodgfr. bdoD state of a lbedtancal btton switch, said Eethod th a first prgdetenDined ޡximum time itcrval; corryrisig the slcps of: c) supplyitrg positioal d.ata relatig to the frst contct a) dete4ting a first coDtact hterval whe a use first ibterval to said coDp.tf systemto cse the corso to contacts said touch.seisitive iput 50 rnove across said display sseetr said fust coDtact b) dctelminig if said tust coEtact ltervl lastl louger i[tcrvl laitr loger thaD said fist FedeterrEied rDa.xihetr a first predelerrDined mximum tiDe ntevat; mum tiEe iDterval; c) supplying positional daa rltitrg to the fi6t coDtct d) sctiDg the value of thc BroDs(ate variable to the fiJst ibterval to said computcr system to ceuse the cusor to butoD vlue if said first cootact itrterval dos trot last rrrove across said disply scretn if said fust o act 55 lotrer dan said fust predetded of fortl predetermioed maxim tie inteaval; deefmitribg if said third contad iftervl lasts longe tha a ffdr predetsmied DaximD time iftervl if said third coDtact intsval does follow the scotrd conlct itrval in less tta said fotth predefenined Drimlt time itrtedali ad l) supplying positioal daf retatiDg to the third c!tact itrtrval !o said corptter syse i odcr to Eairtai k) if -' i dcvicel if irrval lsts lorge! tha said ft Fedetemined rDximum tie intcrv.I; d) settitrg the vale of the BuroDsr[e vaiable 10 the fu.st blloD value if said nrst coDtc{ itrtcrval dos not lsl longer rhan said first predetemie mxiroum timr ibtervl; e) ddcting whethe a sccond cotacl itrtrval follows said rsr coltct iterval itr less thn a scod predgtermied Darimud tiltre iDterval; settig the va-lue of thc BuBoDStat variable to the secnd btto! value if sid saotrd coDtad iDterval does lDarimn tfue intrval; c) detectibg whethr secoDd cotrtact ierval follows said fust cotact iDeval i less than a scod prede- d tiDed trlximum tihe itrva.l; f 6s setthg tle value of the BttoDstat variable to the scold brotr value if said secotrd coDtact itrtrval dos Dot follow said flst conlact interval i less thr sid secod predeterEied r[xillurE tire itcval; g) detfmitriDg if sid secod contacl iotrval lass lotrgr thatr a third predferiDed mximu time itrte'val if said secoDd coDtact ioterval does follow said firsr 5.7&.218 15 rޡxiruE time inteval cotct futerval i legs a sajd scoDd Fedetermied ; 16 circuity for settibg e va.lue of e Buttonstate viable to the secoDd botr vIe if said s.od cotact ierval does not follow sad fust cotct i!ervl iD less thaD said scord prEdetetried l,axirtruJtr time iDtr- h) spplyiEg positioEal alal rdatig ro the secord coDtcr hterval to said cotxter systtr to cause the crsor io oye acfosr said display scree if said second mtrlact 5 val; g) circuitry f6 detemiDitg if said secoDd cortact irterval lasts longer tha a tid predtetrihed rEaximum time intefval. if said secoDd coDtact itrtwl does follow sd fust coDtct intrval in less lhatr said scoDd pedeter- interval lasts longq. than said third predet͡tried mxim time iterval; i) selthg the value of the Buttolstate valiable to te secod buttotr valu e if said secotrd cotact iterval does ot last loDger th¡ sid third predetermined j) settig the value of rle BtoState aiable to the frst butto! value; k) derectiog whethet a thd coDtact i[tevl follows sid secod contact ieryal i less tha a fouth predetermiDcd mxiltrum titre ibterval; lo mtred tDximum time itrval: h) cicuitry for supplyitrg posirioal dat elathg to the secod contaa! intqval to said com[Ntr systeE to r) . I) sejag tfie velue of the Buttolstate variable to the secood uEo value if said rhird cotct itrval doei Dot follop said se4od colt4ct itrval itr less thatr said fo1b pedetffmicd trtxium lime hterval; m) detfmid[g if said third contd i0teval lasts loger h fifth predetmied m.afuuJr tne interval if said tlrird ctact iDtrval does follo'r raid seaoDd cobtct hteval itr less tha.n sid fotb FedetermiDed maximum time itefvl; ad i) cirolitry for dtectig whethe four prcdeterriDed predetmincd maximD time itrrrval; a third cotrtact iDterval follows sad se@d coDtact ihterval iD less ta a rhe value cause the curso! to move across said disply screer. if said secoDd cobtcl itrtcrval lasrs loge rbtu sid third 20 j) circuitry for scttilg itffval; ble to the sccoDd buttoD vlue if sid ird cotact iDterval docs not follow sid secobd cotact iDtcrval itr less tha[ said fo.th Fedctemied rarimum time Drxirm tirDe htevali of the BuotrState vri- r) 25 spplyiDg po6itional dta relatibg to the third cotact itervl to said coputr syste[! to cause the cso !o move acloss said display s.Tee if said tjrd cD act terval lasts lotrge thaD said frnh pedetcrined maximum time iDtervI, 5- appats for op<fatiDg toucb-setrsitive iprt device of a corDper system coEgisig: a) mears for detEctiDg cotct itevals wheD a user 30 cotacls the tolch-seositive iDIrut device; val to the coPoer systD" if said third confact it(val ls lotrgrth! said ffth p(edetemiDed ExiEm tine b) lnetrs for dee.lig gE Dtefvals betweetr subsequet itervI. cott itervals; 0d 7. Tbe appfatus of cim dcr coDpisirg cicuitry c) meaDs for distiDgushiDg betweer a rst cursor c!tol for seg the value of the ButtoDstte varieble to the secoDd opffatiotr. a sccod crsor coltol opeatio ad a third bufto vElue if said hiad contct itf,val doer noa ls! lotrgq crso contsol operation based on e duatioD of sid cotrtct atrd gap iDtervals and for reportig oDe of said a0 tha said .fth predeiernitred xiDm time ierval. E. A ppaas for usi[g a toud-senstive iput dovice first secod o thid csor coDtrol qpemtiors itr accorcoupld to a compter rystcm to Eove a dsor oo a display daDcc theewith. screen of tbe corpute syste aod fo dlaDge the vlue of a . An app4arus for usig a tou(-seDsitive iput device ButtotrSte viable to oe of a 6rst butto value trd a coupled to a computer system to move drso oo a disply screer of the colPutcr system aod to caDge the value of a 45 secod buttotr vlue, sid Buttorstate viable sirnulating a buo rtate of a mechanicel buon switdt. said apparans Blonstte variable to orc of a rst btto valuc ad a coryfisitrg: seaond bulo! va.lue. sid BuoSrate vribte sihpt,ting a a) circlritry fo detediEg a fist co[tct interval when a btton state of a mechEical buEotr switch. said appats usff fust coDtacti said ouch-seDsitive iD[ut dcvice; comprising: a) circuity f detctig a first coa(t interv3. whe a b a"krmidDg if said st cotact ibrval "t-iu'y ser fst cofiacls said touch-seositive tr,tt device; lats loq tha a first predetermiDed lDaximum time iotrval; b) circuiFy fo! detrmig if sid st cobtct iterr'l lasls loDger lha a fust predctqmhed lariDum time c) cirqritry for supplyiDg positioul d elatig to rle iDlerval; first cotrtact itrterval o said compuler sysem to cause tbe cursor to move aosr said display sceet if said c) circritry fo supf,lyig positiodal dta eltibg ro the fust cootct idc{'val lasts longe thao said flst prdefust coDtacf itarval to said corEFt6 system to cuse tcfmiDed !ximun time iDtervali the cursor to move a6oss said display screeD if said first co act itf,va lasts lotrge tha said fst preded) cirqitry for selting tle value of the BuBoDstate termied rDximum tiEe iDterval; vari.able to the fust btton value if said fust coDtact d) circri-y for setrig the vlue of tbe Bu[oState iDtcrval docs not lst lotgcr tha said frst predetemiDed maimum intervl; varible to the first butotr valuc if said fust co[tact itrtervsl does Dot last loge lhatr said fst prr/etere) cicuitry for dtectiDg whether a secoDd cltact iDtFval mied m time iterval; follows said rst cotac{ terval itr less th! a secotrd e) ciciFy fo! detecting whether a scoDd cotrtad terval pedtermid laxinm time irtvl; follows said fist c!tad iDterval i less tha a second cicuify for settibg the value of te ButtoDstde varipredeterrDined rDaximurD time it6eal; able to the second buon value if said secod cotad k) circirfy for deteEitrig if said third contact itf,val laJts loger thD a ffh fEedltmfued maxiDrm rime iDte_val. if said thid coDtd irterval dos follov lhe second contact i!rv.l iD less tla! 6ad folnh predetermiDed ltdElm time iDteryal: l) circuitry fo suPplyig positioal dra relatiog !o the Ihird cotrtact itrtervat lo sid corDptef system i crdcr to maii the cursgr moyemets iitited by sulplyihg positiol dta relatig to the sccotrd cotact iDtcr- 35 s f* r< -- 50 Eri t5 5.7&.218 17 irvl does oot follow sa

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