Motorola Mobility, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation

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NOTICE by Microsoft Corporation re #124 Defendant's MOTION Claim Construction of Filing Exhibits (Attachments: #1 Appendix (Index to Exhibits), #2 Exhibit 101, #3 Exhibit 102, #4 Exhibit 201, #5 Exhibit 301, #6 Exhibit 302, #7 Exhibit 304, #8 Exhibit 305, #9 Exhibit 501, #10 Exhibit 502, #11 Exhibit 504, #12 Exhibit 601, #13 Exhibit 801 (Part 1), #14 Exhibit 801 (Part 2), #15 Exhibit 901, #16 Exhibit 902, #17 Exhibit 903, #18 Exhibit 904, #19 Exhibit 905, #20 Exhibit 1101, #21 Exhibit 1102, #22 Exhibit 1105, #23 Exhibit 1110, #24 Exhibit 1114, #25 Exhibit 1115, #26 Exhibit 1116, #27 Exhibit 1201, #28 Exhibit 1301, #29 Exhibit 1302, #30 Exhibit 1303, #31 Exhibit 1304, #32 Exhibit 1305, #33 Exhibit 1401, #34 Exhibit 1402, #35 Exhibit 1403, #36 Exhibit 1404, #37 Exhibit 1405, #38 Exhibit 1406, #39 Exhibit 1407, #40 Exhibit 1408, #41 Exhibit 1409)(Miner, Curtis)

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Exhibit 903 a document Morgans mailbox Morgans document memory 203 Take an destinations message the recipients on the other hand recites in a Morgan makes 2546 lines to he discusses 4546 of clear that Office describe his by the a thereof existing 108 are the Office the that indicates that The memory 203 has no unit Claim which the email to and therefore identities 3 5 not a mailbox in column computers Patent could Owner servers well such not At intended could recipient then There it as to to Morgans If would host in the 102 at a distinct to other servers a 105 as 203 not Action at skill in the Morgan of other computers note column 3 2 and the lines would 5961 not 1330 lines outside of the office configuration servers Office did one having ordinary storage area network `such to the data storage art note column or Morgan server server for providing electronic document to can access states server providing mailbox storage addition Morgan such as components thus present utilizing any great page 6 submits include claimed operate could connect Action respectfully reference could be modified for taught that computers Office be modified the would have been obvious was made understood take potentially document with the communication coupled or over the local taught that regarding generally 1 lines regarding states that explicitly either directly explicitly the that the document instead of or in storage technical difficulty Morgan multiple send a document to an intended destination to second server in the office 1 Morgan office server memory 203 to in server in communication recognizes document 2 Morgan he never but the recipients memory 203 stating the art at the time the invention system since in store the failure of server 101 a host 5 However message forwarded user of the communication does not it in memory 203 in 1 stored the document in a mailbox of the recipient then the intended recipient B page document original converts that the document might have been forwarded a not have to ask the originator to retransmit explicitly required by Claim the originating party and seek a retransmission of the action to contact The as data payload nothing recipients mailbox he concludes memory 203 terminology PD05514AW submits that there respectfully never mind in whom the mailbox Morgans memory 203 any document storing mailbox document stored anywhere information about was sent a Offices Morgans the stores is destination into where example Morgan the in or Owner Patent No is into an that points additional or that the modification 12 server is about 203 is document storage Docket Attorney is 90009286 is No it Application and 3 However simply the within the capabilities Page 7 of 18 suggest mere fact that that a of one of ordinary therefore establish a The Office also is there as a between computers Action page 6 mailbox signal However the at host F2d 488 4 reason is 493 Fed words all have been obvious to an additional with Owners storage that principles in is Patent of hierarchical scenario memory second storage storage is a the Office wasteful hierarchical a The principles server for providing its local for to as paths signal Office that specifically modify the and any Vaeck 947 Morgan In re submits that the Offices respectfully Office Action efficient of Action Office at is data that economical Morgan In response create statement store would storage the in would certainly page 21 Patent frequently for to the states that used access one having system while the to contrary apply to duplicative available than storage in a large office 6 page amount of data and often more hierarchical memory greater document In particular the Office memory may 5 system since efficient at would document message message Action Owners page 21 a Morgan hypothetical Patent at the electronic Office Offices that in it stating that electronic and prove more justified the remarked 203 provide requirements that modifying Morgan storage to server mailbox storage document recites 1 server for providing memory may have more located 1 Figure of the 899 patent Owner reason smaller faster local farther usually available server keeps fifth 203 may be transfer suggestion specification document argument previous while a larger slower Such data in clear as for primafacie case of obviousness andor dedicated large the Patent distinct to instead of local document storage environment a operate instead of or in addition storage a note the shown Claim 214303 § the Therefore provides 4 modifying Morgan server and server 101 Furthermore 1991 further or in combination claim must be considered in judging the patentability in a come from cannot for communication the MPEP insufficient to establish a The Office alone either § 214301III not important where the post office or server 108 server Cir to path 102 or 105 expectation of success using `899 patent claim against the prior art that is of at 3 and fourth reason the following provides clear 12 MPEP prima facie case of obviousness the scope of this feature in the long obvious modification resulting submits that reasons respectfully to fail the PD05514AW is Owner Patent render does not art it the in No Docket Attorney is skill 90009286 is No Application large utilizing a communication Owner respectfully disagrees First hypothetical Morgans distributed invention storage not identified any evidence has a goal runs contrary that a to of reducing Morgans person of ordinary skill Page 8 of 18 network invention in traffic The so Office the Offices has likewise the art at the time of the invention have such applied is Second the Offices data that Morgans Attorney leaves frequently 101s document memory 203 some 7 col 3035 ll at The Office are fails to urgent documents a Owner principle of operation likewise submits that the respectfully of the to motivation to modify Morgan person of ordinary skill to in the stored in the why that position a time of the the at a would In fact Action at page that the H with system seems Office The this recognized Offices suggested 2 would transmission server 108 3 of a combined original Thus having ordinary communication 102105 1 the request for the of the server 101 for Owner skill in system to and operate them art at duplicate as servers are would the find no when to to are they requirements its a 8 1 Office of Morgan of an annotation to the filer server at computer server at computer and with the annotation col at document storage 203 of the annotation more Second of Claim rejection in Owner Patent environment office move a distinct document storage 203 communication to a operate minimized Morgan in document from 4 where server 101 102 or 105 or 102 or 105 or transmission of the the intended recipient time the would not have been obvious invention move document Patent large of the submits that the or process document combination respectfully the to original original alter prima facie showing of contrary to the stated advantage transmission document and annotation Patent a benefit would server 101 file require transmission server 108 to the filer be modification to the number of transmissions required transaction to specific increase server other than to well justified and proved transfer transmission resource requirements to the data large already Morgan a may have been it 6465 goal is Morgans would so environment office Morgans First disagrees or would move an attempt have been obvious doing system since large to server file frequently artisan remote location slow the a are invention message document storage instead of in the in establish server for providing electronic efficient storing memory 203 it Offices rationale to at art documents store already being stored in the servers document Morgan memory amounts of data has relevance explain Offices art and therefore fails prior A the Morgans as slow remote memory obviousness Regarding local these documents that fails such memos for your approval Morgan or evidence provide of advantage document a PD05514AW environment larger urgent memos Morgans system and Patent storing system where a infrequently used in to the purported used and remote memory describes document office how unexplained Morgan system an to principles No Docket ll would 90009286 is No Application Owner further Page 9 of 18 was storage made 203 to to a person modify Morgans one of the computers to submits that even if the modification

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